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They have for some parts of the season. First half the bama game looked great..sadly arande adjustments arent very good. Like the article says though the talent is there and there have been glimpses of a good defense. With a month out and time to prepare in playoffs LSU is still very dangerous especially if the defense plays lights out down the road.
So with Tua playing against the best d (although not great) he has seen all year will put up the most he has against a P5 this year and the highest power offense they will see ole miss and a&m will score more.. ok. Spread isnt that high with or without tua so you should be your life savings on it.
A year or so ? you think lsu will be more confident with myles brennan or the other qbs with no experience than with joe burrow this year? Bama defense isnt very disciplined this year and they have a ton of big injuries especially at LB....this year is the best shot LSU will get for a long time coming
Still technically trap game coming off a big win and playing away to a physical team and looking ahead....which i doubt. Only advantage miss state has is at home.....Joe brady knows moorehead well
I think they are all pretty busy playing football and not sure if its a good luck for a coach for kansas at college gameday for his old team lol
Its not like Duke is our rival...Drew brees was the guest picker once. Zion has atleast been on the field for games cheering for LSU
I believe they will use emory jones in alot of plays..mullen has done well against us making big plays when the qb can run. Having zuniga back is huge for FL and hopefully we can get some protection. I dont think marshal is ready after only having surgery 2 weeks ago...if he did that would be huge. my prediction is 31-24 LSU
Derrick brown is very very good. their d line is very good. Secondary is not good..they have given up almost 1500 yards passing 10 tds.
Deeper ya maybe but FL top 3 receviers that are on the field are not better than LSU top 3 receivers on the field.
You calling Auburns defense elite shows how loosely we use the word elite now also. No doubt FL defense is good but what offense have they really played just as much what defense has lsu really played. 4 of the 6 games FL has faced a first year QB. Have also only played in one away game
We won't turn the ball over 4 times and i don't think FL will turn the ball over 4 times but FL and AU has to be somewhat worried 4 turn overs each and 17-13 game going into the 4th. You can say LSU hasn't played an elite defense rightfully so but they wont hold this offense to 13 points... 31-24 LSU
He won't be back till alabama...hes a huge part of the offense. most teams like florida can cover two top 2 receivers but 3 is unlikely. Its what makes alabama so dangerous right now.
Marshall still isn't ready, which also helps yall.
Should be a great game...Zuniga back is huge for yall. Flask will have more time in pocket than he did against auburn. Not sure how you figure your receivers are better though, more experienced yes but no way they are better. You can say they haven't played any defenses but neither has florida and i think yall maybe have one receiver with 1 100 yard game in swain. Auburn secondary isnt good
Burrow hasnt played a full game besides Texas?
Sort of misleading...LSU is 13 in its class right now...By adding terrace marshall 5* #1 wr in the nation and Patrick surtain 5* #1 corner in the nation it will move into top 10..not to mention the long shots like cook, rogers, etc. As far as QB goes brennan and Narcisse is probably the best talent LSU has ever had at QB in years...Only reason for concern is the prediction is Narcisse tranferring when Brennan becomes the starter.