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Junior Chemical Engineering Major at Mississippi State.

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You said pretty much the same exact thing last year for the Peach Bowl. It's bowl season. Whichever team cares more will win these bleh games.
I detest Jameis as much as the next person, but seriously. This was a (scarily becoming more common) Saturday night consensual sex, Sunday morning rape. The woman regretted the sex the morning after or just wasn't happy with how Winston treated her afterwards. The evidence in the case shows this. The ruling was in line with this theory of events.
What's funnier is MSU is in a rebuilding year and is 8-3...
QB-MSU HB-Push (Both are too terrible to really even matter.) WR/TE- Push (Sure Treadwell may be the most talented WR, but right now, these two cores are a push. Anyone who has watched us play know that our WR core is on par with anyone in the nation) OL- Ole Miss DL- Push LB- MSU DB- Push (injuries have hampered what was an advantage for OM) There you have 2-2-3. So everyone calling this game to be a 3 point game seem to be spot on. Me. I'll go a couple steps further. MSU 51 - Arkansas 50 Arkansas 53 - OM 52 MSU 52- OM 49 is my guess in 2OT. Kelly gets picked off in the first part of 2OT.
Cleveland is solid? Do you even watch sec ****WEST**** football? Cleveland has been burnt toast for two full seasons now. He is "the bad pass defense" that MSU has. It's literally him. He's the bad egg that gives up all the touchdowns.
I go to State. I know going to a college is a foreign concept to you, but there are people who do that. They're those ones that use them big words that you can't understand.
So you shop for apparel at Dollar General instead?
Oh that's cool. I buy my apparel from the bookstore on campus because I actually attend my school.
That game was more about Bo Wallace imploding to begin with. But we don't win without Dak coming into the game. Him coming into the 4th quarter made the whole stadium go bonkers and there was an air of "We aren't losing this game". Of course, Bo Wallace went on to solidify that even more in OT.
Tough times? Did they raise the t-shirt prices at Wal-mart?
Errors never matter for SDS. They average 3 an article.
By your metric that you used, Luke Falk is #1 in the nation because he throws for the most yards. That simply is not a true measure of a QB. Dak has a higher completion percentage (66.2) to Kelly (64.8). Dak has a better TD/INT ratio (23+9rush TD to 3 INT) than Kelly (25+9rush TD to 12 INT). Simply outyarding Dak is nothing. Especially considering Dak was sick for the Troy game and played half of the first quarter. He missed out on garbage yards to pad the stats. In no world is Kelly a better quarterback than Prescott. On the field or off the field.
I predict that you'll go buy another t-shirt from Walmart to show your support to the gumps.
I took a week hiatus as to not spew any anger I still had from the game. Maybe one day you'll understand how infuriating it is to watch your team get out-talented at one position group and have no way to answer. There really was no answer to not having 2-3 seconds to pass. Congratulations on recruiting a better DLine than us and making us miss 4 tackles. That's enough to beat us. Don't go classic bama fan like some of your peers. Enjoy the win. Alabama made me accept how terrible the OLine was. That's that. Hopefully, MSU will get more talent at the position ready for next year to compete. We seemed step-for-step in every area except that one.
Yea, and Dak did better against Arkansas. Kelly had better line play against Bama than Dak did. Kelly has had better luck this season, but Dak is by far the better QB. You can't deny that.
That's the second SEC West game this year that a team scored 50+ points and lost.
Who's Hot? Arkansas and Mississippi State Offense. Who's Not? Arkansas and Mississippi State Defense.
He did do it without an offensive line and scored 7 TDs on them. Something that all-world Henry has not done yet. 5 Pass TDs, 2 Rush TDs, 550+ total yds. Hard-pressed to find someone who has had a better performance in any game period, regardless of opponent.
Uhh, he was saying that Dak didn't have an oline. Did you watch the Bama-MSU game? That was the deciding factor all game. Bama's NFL Dlineman killed our oline. Just straight out-talented us.
His first season in the league means nothing. Bama crushed Dak's Oline, not Dak. Dak got over 300 yds passing somehow with 0 time to throw. To act like it was Dak who was crushed shows you didn't watch the game. Bama's Dline showed why they're the best in the nation.
Dak just threw for 5 TDs, ran for two more, threw for 500 yds. Dak is clearly #1. (Sorry Brandon, you're #2 by 1 point.) How long they've been in the SEC is irrelevant.
I don't know if insantly as good, but definitely has tremendous upside. From the little we've seen of Nick (in the spring game and spare playing-time) he seems to have tools comparable to Dak. Fitzgerald is 6'5" and 230. He runs FASTER than Dak. He's not afraid of hits even though he isn't built as strong as Dak. His arm is just as good. The falloff is going to come mentally. (The same thing people were missing with Jeremy Johnson in the offseason). Dak has been so good because of his outstanding decision making and read-making this year. He can go through his progressions exceptionally well. If Fitzgerald can mimic that, then watch out. If not then he might fall into a hyped up Jeremy Johnson category.
Funny that SDS reports on someone else making mistakes.
Has an Alabama team beaten a Mississippi team this season?
Not my fault the state of Alabama is behind the state of Mississippi in football. It's okay little brother.
The A&M game has been largely the fluke of this year. MSU just played absolutely flat for whatever reason. And 4 TDs, 300 yds. Only need 1 possession a quarter to do that. No amount of hogging the ball keeps MSU off the field for an entire quarter.
Lol... Dak Prescott all of a sudden loses his mind? Here's you a bold prediction. Dak throws 4 TDs and 300+ yds in an MSU win this weekend. Even after allowing 200 yds and 2 TDs to Derrick Henry on the ground.
Well, I also claim our two wins over the state of Alabama as well this year. And the point is, we have a comparable offense to Ole Miss. It's the best comparison to make compared to who all Bama has played. And again... what happened? Bama lost.
The Vols can't throw the ball near as well as state. We've seen Bama face one team this year that I'd say has a comparable passing offense. Bama lost. That's all that needs to be said.
Dude... If you think LSU is a pass heavy offense, with 19 pass attempts... Just lol. Got another thing coming. I wish you were the DC that's for sure. Kirby's nowhere near as stupid as you. And State's WR Core is top 3, if not the best, in the SEC. The online is meh, but... Dak is mobile enough to make it work. That's been the key for him. I mean seriously, next you will say State is more run centric than LSU. Do you even watch the games?