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These schools owe these kids nothing. If it wasn’t for these schools no one would even know who these kids are....No college football player is a reason why people buy season tickets. If they didn’t play the seats will still be full just as they always have been. I don’t have any issue with any student transferring to another school. However I have a big issue with kids that don’t wanna uphold their part of an agreement and leaving early for the NFL. Staying at a school for 4 years should be required for many reasons. The biggest being if you make an agreement with someone you should honor it. It’s no reason justifiable for not coming back for your final year. Please don’t try and justify it by a career ending injury. I have only known 2 people to ever get paralyzed while playing football. You have a better chance of getting in a fatal car accident than by receiving an injury that will end a career playing football.
I would watch my children around this Farner dude, I have heard he is a youth leader @ his church and tends to get too touchy with younger people especially girls...
Rockyflop I think instead of worrying about what other teams are doing you might wanna instead worry about not losing again to Florida....Lane Kiffin wasn't any good also per Tennessee fans and look what he has done as OC at Bammer. Georgia was up 20 on you last year and that was probably the most pathetic offense I had ever seen @ Georgia....From the looks of 7-5. 5-7 6-6 no one had any success at Tennessee under Derrick Dooley.....Georgia will be just fine and I would take Kirby Smart over Butch Jones anyday of the week....Difference tween coaching at Georgia and coaching at Tennessee is Georgia is able to land the #1 prospect on the wish list for head coaches where Tennessee had to go down their list before they finally found someone who wanted to be there....Butch Jones was not even in their top 5 list when they decided to seek a replacement for Derrick Dooley...To Rocky Flop you will always be home sweet home to me..."Haynes is keeping the ball, Haynes is running off the field....We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose...We just crushed their face....Classic Munson!!!!!! :)
Saban is a prick and he did as he usually does when the pressure is on with the media, he cracked under pressure....There are a hundred better ways Saban could have handled the situation and instead he threw up all over himself...If his coaching skills were like his media skills he would have been fired along time ago....The man is clueless on how to answer a tough question which is why he blows up everytime...
Bottom line is if you wanna win 9-10 games a year, win the east every now and then and win the conference once in a blue moon, then CMR is your man. It wasn't like he had to compete with top 10 recruiting classes in the West and with Florida and Tennesse both being down he had opportunity after opportunity to win titles and failed miserably. To be a double digit favorite in a must win situation and get stomped by Florida along with getting blown out again at home by Bammer and hand deliver on a silver platter a win to GT @ the end, after the team had rallied back, by playing scared and pooch kicking a ball, Instead of having confidence in your team and kicking the ball off, were all signs that it was time for a change in Athens. I appreciate what he did for the program. He is a good guy, a decent coach, a half azz motivator and below average on coaching hires...Leta face it Martinez, Grantham, Schotenheimer were terrible hires for key positions.
Im Darriel from Columbus and I support this message. Nailed it...Go Dawgs