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LOL, you seem like a child, so I'm guessing you weren't alive the last time the Dawgs really scared anyone in the SEC. Get back to us when you string together two great seasons, let alone the ten season streak of excellence that Alabama is working on.
You're right about Kamara. I remember worrying the week leading into the 2016 game, worried that Kamara would be fully featured in the game, and could really hurt Alabama's defense. Instead, it was as though Butch had forgotten how badly he'd torched ATM the week before, and went back to trying to man up against Alabama.
Oh, so EVERY spread offense Alabama faces, gives them fits, huh? If that is true, then why is Alabama ALWAYS ranked at the very top of the defensive rankings? That includes pass defense. Go look up the rankings and stop shooting off your idiot mouth. If this Ohio State kid was half as good as you think he is, he wouldn't have been playing last year, and at the very least, won the job at OSU this coming season. No one in Columbus is losing sleep over his departure. But of course, you will now claim that he's better than Tua Tagovailoa. Are you completely oblivious to the fact that this is the worst LSU team in quite a long time, that experts haven't been this bearish on LSU's team since the 1990's? You have a complete imbecile as a coach. He ran off one of the brightest offensive minds in the nation, and replaced him with the same old unimaginative clown that the league has been shutting down for years. You say he "broke records"? The bar must be pretty low at LSU, considering they didn't come close to scoring on Alabama in 2016. LSU's "very talented receiver corps". LOL. That is a good one. Transfer from mighty Texas Tech (fyi, you don't come close to winning the Biletnikoff with 69 catches) going to make up for the fact that you lose every recruit (in the state of Louisiana) that Nick Saban wants? The name Devonta Smith ring a bell? Coach No wanted him badly, a Louisiana kid. He caught the winning pass in the national championship game. LSU will have 4 or 5 losses by the time Alabama gets to town, and Coach No will probably have been fired by that point.
LOL, Florida State put two key linebackers out in week one, so I guess they too should take credit for the game Auburn won, since those guys had missed months of playing time before the Iron Bowl. What a joke you are.
Cite your source, because you won't find one that labels Alabama as greatest cheater. Just sounds like typical moronic cajun nonsense to me. Your football program has always (in completely delusional fashion) considered itself to be Alabama's equal, but the problem is that it never has been, and the facts are overwhelmingly conclusive on that front. Ancient history, you say? I don't need ancient history. Alabama is 2 seconds and a bad ref's no-call away from 3 consecutive national championships, which sure beats the crap out of a couple of 4 loss seasons and finishing unranked.
A mobile quarterback that wasn't in the running for the starting job at OSU, and he's your savior. A bunch of WR's and RB's that no one has ever heard of. The same old OC that hasn't been effective in the SEC in eons. Yeah, that really sounds like an excellent chance to knock off the nation's best team.
More than anything, you've got to have a quarterback who can make the throws. Stidham did that last year. Watson did it in 2016. The Ole Miss QB's the two years prior. LSU's return to Ensminger means that they must be planning to start playing Alabama in a phone booth again, which will work about as well as it has for the last 7 seasons.
Umm...When your coach stated as such today? He also came out and said that it was a mistake to hire Matt Canada. Who's going to take the podium and declare that it was a mistake to hire Ed Oregeron?
Bielema was always a good interview. I really enjoyed his contribution to the 2016 National Championship game, sitting in with Paul Finnebaum and Greg McElroy. I hope he does well in the future. He always seemed to be a good sport.
Charles Woodson's numbers in his Heisman winning season were inferior to what Champ Bailey posted the very next season, and Bailey got no love. Make no mistake about it, the Yankee media (full of Michigan lovers) cost Peyton that Heisman.
So, if the measuring stick for coaching at LSU is beating Alabama, I guess we can then say that only one Coach in LSU history has met that goal: Nick Saban. Remove the results of 2000-2007, and this "rivalry" is 51-18-5, which is a .722 winning percentage. Aside from those years, LSU's longest winning streak over Alabama is two games.
Battlecry of the Barner. They never change.
Probably not, but if they do, you can bet that will be the end of Coach O. much as when Alabama had Shula as coach, I was willing to deal with a 4-8 season just to get rid of him. I do not believe he will be coach next time LSU is a national power.
Florida was the team to beat in the SEC seemingly every season from 1991 through 2001, and then again after Meyer showed up. I remember watching Alabama play against them and wondering if my school would ever have that kind of talent again. They didn't win the SEC every single season, but it was an upset when they didn't, just like it has been with Alabama every year since 2010.
The only difference is that your school has a really good football team and his doesn't. Just ignore him.
Are we really? Harris is gone after this year. Najee is certainly talented enough to go pro after his junior season, and Jacobs will be done then as well. Alabama didn't sign a big time RB last class, but its time to line up the next superstar in the class of 2019.
Are you trying to deny that Florida dominated the 1990's and the 2000's?
It is pretty amazing all the love that Nick Fitzgerald receives these days, considering he was Jalen Hurts lite the last two years. Hurts, meanwhile, is reviled, for his passing deficiencies. I guess people just ignore how truly awful Fitzgerald is at slinging the rock.
I'd rather ship out the two Big 12 refugees we already have, rather than add two more. It is the SouthEASTERN conference, and adding a school as far away as Kansas makes zero sense. The SEC was doing just fine with 12 teams and a geographical alignment that made sense.
Stidham is an excellent quarterback, and I agree with the article that calls him the MVP of the league. He won the Iron Bowl last year and I have nothing but respect for him. Davis, on the other hand, is nothing but a gimmick.
Ryan Davis, who's ypc average would shame a tight end, has no business being called part of the best duo in the SEC.
Of course not. If you asked him who the best SEC team in any of the past 10 seasons was, he'd unhesitatingly pick 2017 Georgia, and then make a case for 2012 Georgia as #2.
These teams (that are currently awful) aren't going to flip the switch and win 10 games just two years from now, simply because they haven't done it in a while. Explain to me how Arkansas is ever going to win that many again, when their recruiting is awful every year? Kentucky, Missouri AND Tennessee are all winning 10 games in 2020? Is Georgia leaving the conference? Do you not expect better days for Florida? There are only 4 wins available in the non-conference schedule. The other 5 (minimum) have to be earned in SEC play. None of these teams are good enough to go 5-3 in the SEC two years from now, particularly Arkansas.
No, I don't struggle with reading comprehension. He also clearly states that his ultimate goal is to pitch in MLB. As I said earlier, when one of the best organizations in the sport makes you their first round pick, one that has an unparalleled reputation for developing pitching talent, you generally want to take advantage of the situation, as well as the money. He's making a poor career choice, but it is his to make.
And what if he develops arm trouble, which is extremely common in young pitchers.
Goal is to play Major League Baseball. You're just drafted by one of the best organizations in baseball. Yeah, turn all that down PLUS millions of dollars to go live in Starkville for years. Makes perfect sense.