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LOL...tossup. At home, where Alabama has lost 1 time in all the years since Johnny Manziel got them, right before a guy named Barack won a second term.
This is a guy that clearly doesn't have a clue about his future. Every opportunity in the world to play 3 years and leave Alabama as a top 5 draft pick, instead he acts like a child and is now considering a 5th rate Pac 12 team.
I really don't think Arkansas is equipped to ever compete in the SEC west. They will just never be able to recruit well enough to keep up with Auburn and Texas A&M, let alone Alabama and LSU.
Rakeem Boyd is a quality running back. He hurt us last year as well.
Gosh, why hadn't anyone else been as clever as the Hogs? Don't want to honor a contract? Just stop paying it! I hope the courts stick Arkansas with additional penalties and Bielema gets paid even more. Those occasional 8-5 seasons that he brought to the school look awfully good in comparison to a guy that is going 0-8 in the SEC yet again this season.
Where's your team on the list? And in the rankings. That probably tells the whole story.
It amazes me that people just take it for granted that Mac Jones is some no-talent stiff, that has no skills and really doesn't belong on the roster. He wouldn't be the #2 quarterback at Alabama if he brought nothing to the table.
Humphrey is looking more and more like a pro bowl corner this season.
If Alabama plays in the National championship game (and Oklahoma does not, meaning Hurt's playing career is over) look for Jalen to be back on the Alabama sideline for the game, standing with his brothers one final time.
Agreed. No offense to Auburn, but I'm far more worried about Nov 9 than Nov 30. I do not believe Auburn can score enough to stay in a game with Alabama or LSU, but we'll see.
Don't try to reason with LSU fans. They lead the country in delusion each and every season.
You guys don't hold much regard for Ohio State, do you?
That has to be a misprint, unless he thinks their 2018 defense is going to come back and play the game.
And you base this on what? Especially in a league that has had so many freshman QB's come right in and succeed. Jalen Hurts was SEC player of the year as a freshman. Jake Frohm won the SEC. Tua came off the bench to win the national championship game. Bo Nix should be redshirting. He isn't ready to play. Auburn fans were desperate to run Jarret Stidham off (Stidham is one of the classiest guys I've ever seen in college football, and I wish him nothing but success, mind you) and this is the result.
Do you mean had a better QB suspended for theft, while Tebow was there?
He also said that Florida's stable of WR's doesn't "have to take a back seat to anyone", apparently forgetting what Alabama has at WR, a group he called "a generational set of talent" just last week.
I simply do not understand pass efficiency rating. Hurts has 9 fewer touchdowns and 2 int to Tua's zero, but he's more "efficient". It seems to heavy weight passing yards per attempt, much more so than it rewards TD passes and penalizes INT's. The total QBR is an even greater mystery.
I can't recall a SEC weekend in which every underdog covered.
I'd give the 13 if I had to play this game.
LOL, typical delusional Auburn fan. All 3 of those teams will wipe the field with Auburn, a team hamstrung by starting one of the least effective quarterbacks in the conference.
The same moron that predicted they'd win by two touchdowns last year. He better stick to baseball.
We've seen for a solid decade how good Alabama is, each and every season. If you need a reminder, take a look at Tua (and the same WR's) carving up this Barn defense (that you are so proud of) to the tune of 52 points, before taking foot off gas to prepare for SECCG. Auburn isn't remotely capable of winning a shootout with Tua and his track stores, and you're downright delusional if you think otherwise.
When is the last time Auburn developed their own QB? Brandon Cox? All the successful ones they've had for more than a decade now have been transfers.
Maybe Dez has already forgotten that Alabama had no trouble with OU last season, racing to a 28-0 lead before Oklahoma mounted a serious drive. I love Jalen Hurts as much as the next guy, but Kyler Murray didn't torch Alabama's defense, and it isn't likely that Hurts would either.
They haven't played the two teams that have combined to win the 4 national championships. Any more questions?
Jerry Jeudy is #1 on Mel Kiper's big board, yet you have him #7 in the SEC. Jeudy was No. 1 on my preseason Big Board, and he has lived up to his ranking, catching 30 passes for 404 yards with six touchdowns this season. He's unguardable at the college level, and he should immediately become a No. 1 NFL receiver after he gets drafted. I said in May that he's the most talented receiver to enter the NFL since the duo of Julio Jones and A.J. Green went in Round 1 in 2011. Jeudy can run every route and has elite ball skills, and he runs by SEC defensive backs every week. He's the best wideout in what could be a special 2020 class.
Typical Barner... Tua vs the Barn last year: 25-32 324 yards 5 TD 0 INT. Is that "slightly above average" in your book, genius? Tua vs LSU: 25-42 295 yards 2 TD 1 INT is clearly not "lost", but if it is, how would you describe the performances of Bo Nix this year?
LOL, numbers are better? Such as his pair of picks? There isn't one team on the planet that would rather have Burrow than Tua.
Jerry Jeudy would start immediately for 20+ NFL teams. He is the best WR in college football, and there aren't that many better players in the country than him, let alone the SEC.