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Still waiting for an explanation as to why Johnathan Allen's 2016 season didn't even merit a #16 seed.
Dallas' defense has been a thing of nightmares for a decade now. It just amazes me that the team never has a cent to spend to really improve it. The playoff loss to Green Bay was just typical of this team: If the other team has the ball last, Dallas will lose the big game.
He just can't stay healthy. Dallas' corner back situation could hardly be more dire, and I'm surprised the team didn't make more of an effort to retain him.
Agreed. LSU's passing game in general is their question mark most years. Definitely a tough schedule, with an unprecedented 5 conference road games, but they are probably favored in 6 SEC games this year anyhow.
These brackets claim to be based on "great individual seasons", but that clearly applies only where they want it to. Otherwise, seasons such as Emmitt Smith's 1989 campaign wouldn't be on the list. 1500 yards and 15 touchdowns is a nice year, but it pales in comparison to not only the 5 RB's rated behind him in the brackets, but countless others that we see every year. It is certainly harder to compare defensive players from various positions, but RB and QB is an easy grade, and guys with 2000 yard seasons, 20+ touchdowns and national championship game MVP trophies certainly rate ahead of anything Smith did in college.
Still waiting to hear why Johnathan Allen, who won EVERY award shot of Heisman is not on this list. He even scored touchdowns as a D-lineman. He not only belongs on list, but should be the #2 overall seed.
You mean the school that is 3-time defending SEC champion and has won 40 of last 44 games?
Your website seemed to think otherwise on signing day, 2014.
There is no way in hell that Dallas is going to spend the 28th pick in the draft on Evan Engram. They need immediate help at all 3 levels on defense, and just lost their starting right tackle to surprise retirement. Engram isn't a first round pick anywhere else.
Most of the people here don't remember Josh Reed, who was never a household name from being an NFL star. Notice that Dak Prescott is trouncing Danny Wuerffel. All of the recent guys are winning.
Talk to Auburn fans about losing legacy recruits. They are experts in that field.
Agreed. I can't even remember the last season in which LSU didn't have a strong defensive backfield, and Florida has been almost as consistent over the last decade. ATM ? Their defense is always like a sieve, even with the #1 pick in the NFL draft playing.
In 5 years people are still going to be wondering why Alabama ignored this guy in every game that didn't feature Clemson as the opponent.
I would not include Florida on a list of teams capable of beating Alabama in the next 4 years. Mediocre recruiting (compared to an SEC west power), lack of game-breaking talent on offense seemingly every season since Tebow left...their uniforms still say Florida, but these aren't the Gators of Spurrier and Meyer. LSU always plays Alabama tough, and is the one team in the conference that consistently fields the kind of defensive players that play at Alabama. Auburn has a knack of pulling a rabbit out of a hat every 5 years. Georgia just turned in an Alabama-type recruiting season. Florida just doesn't rank with those 3 as threats in my book.
I'd really like to hear an explanation as to why Johnathan Allen's 2016 season isn't listed here, given that he won every award that he was up to, was SEC defensive player of the year, played in the National Championship game, and is a a top 5 draft pick. I'd like to hear how David Pollack is a #2 seed, yet Allen isn't even the #16. You can say he didn't put up huge stats, but you've got Tracy Rocker on this list, so that explanation is out the door.
I suppose I should have checked how the brackets were divided. A guy could rush for 3000 yards this coming season and still be ranked behind Walker and Jackson.
Is this a joke? The holder of every rushing record in the SEC, a National Champion and Heisman trophy winner is a #3 seed, behind the likes of Josh Reed and David Pollack???
He sure blew up your team, or have you forgotten his superman hit already?
Too bad he's not going to the Last Chance U. school. They will need some new characters.
Today? No, he just won a championship. Let's see how he does without the best QB and the best WR in college football next year. Florida State will soon be back to winning the ACC and the crimson-tinged grass will start looking a lot greener once more.