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I wonder if this guy realizes that Tua will be starting for Alabama this fall.
As long as Auburn has Stidham, they are going to be a tough out. They'll find someone to run the football, and the defense isn't going to fall off a cliff simply because of a few juniors departing. Their DL could be the best in the country, outside of Clemson (a place where first round picks are held at gunpoint by Dabo until the deadline to enter the draft early passes).
The difference between 2017/2018 MSU and the 2013/2014 Ole Miss teams is that Ole Miss had a QB that could really sling it, which is mandatory if you want a chance at beating Alabama. Nick Fitzgerald simply doesn't fit that mold.
"Being a yearly top-10 team and being a November competitor for a conference/national title is “winning big” for those two programs."Since when has that ever been the case at ATM? Florida, definitely. ATM, never.
I bet Obama would invite them. It seems like the sort of thing a liberal would do.
Bunker, you might want to migrate to ESPN, where they push their leftist agenda and bash President Trump every chance they get.
Ugh...Duke? To this day I still wonder what Alabama was doing playing them on the road in 2010.
Yes, too bad for you there is no chance of it happening. ATM gets a little worse each and every year since 2012. Alabama and Clemson haven't won the last 3 national championships by accident.
I had the same kind of response to that article, one written by noted barner, Joseph Goodman. This isn't the Alabama football team, that simply reloads with the next 5 star guy. This is merely Alabama basketball, a program that hasn't had a player anywhere near Sexton's talent, since Gerald Wallace (and likely dating back to Antonio McDyess, if truth be told).
It sure would be a fun rematch, because Alabama would beat the brakes off them again. The Pac 12 is a joke, and USC is no exception.
This is inconsistent. Putting Simmons on the team, based on one year is fine, if you've been doing that all along, but he's omitted NBA stars from other lineups, in favor of 3 and 4 year players that weren't nearly as talented.
Why the laughs? Just means that Butch is certain to enjoy football season more next year than any Viles fan will.
Blake is 3 years removed from playing college ball, and hasn't even spent significant time on a scout team. It is time to move on with his life.
Apparently they are only going by stats. McDyess is easily the most talented player Alabama has ever had. He didn't go #2 in a strong draft (one that included Kevin Garnett at #5) by accident.
What about them? No championships in 37 years, last time I checked.
There is far too much talent on that team to have a record anywhere near that bad. Football starts with quarterback, and Malzahn has a winner there for sure. You can't count on the defense to resemble a 3 stooges skit (when it comes to tackling) now days, after years of Kevin Steele running the show either.
Charles is right: He's been saying exactly what he wants for decades now, even when it isn't the popular thing to say. I wish Charles would give football broadcasting a try. It would be hysterical to hear him talk during games.
I truly hope you aren't this stupid. Georgia has a returning star QB, and the top rated dual purpose QB from the last signing class. There isn't one position on the field where UT is stronger than Georgia. UT's program is an utter train wreck, and bringing in some mediocre talent (that couldn't win the job at 5 loss Stanford) isn't going to change a thing.
Who's going to be eating crow? By all means, tell us how many games you expect to win in SEC play next year.
**Shameless plug alert**Connor should be required to state this any time he discusses Georgia.
Yeah, if they aren't, Alabama will only win by 30. ATM hasn't scared anyone since Manziel was playing. That isn't going to change next year.
Agree with you there. They aren't the most talented team in the conference by far, but they've brought it every time out this season, which is more than I can say for my team.
I'd be pretty happy to see my Cowboys draft Calvin Ridley at #19, because that means overrated thug, Dez Bryant is officially history.
Oh, Gee, got me there. No I don't feel so great about our 5 national championships in the last 9 seasons, and ten consecutive seasons of 10+ wins. FYI, Alabama has never gone 0 and 8 in the SEC. They may have had a winless conference record at some point, but never one in which they had 8 attempts to claim a victory.
Yes, I'm sure the lure of going 0-8 in the SEC will be too much for him to resist, rather than playing for the National Champions and going to NFL as a high first round pick in 3 years.
Jemele is a good-for-nothing b*tch that has to gripe about SJW issues on social media non-stop, so that no one will notice how inept the is as a broadcaster. I recall watching a segment in which they were discussing the possible reunion of a player (name escapes me) with his former team, which was an interesting possibility. Hill hijacked the conversation to declare that she was hoping for a reunion of some rap group, as though anyone watching a sport channel cares. She's been kicked off sport center for now, and is relegated to writing for whatever the hell "The Undefeated" is, so hopefully her 15 minutes are nearly up.