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B+ is awfully high for a guy that has:Lost by 30 to Miss State Lost to Troy Has an offense that looks suspiciously like the same kind of offense that got a legitimate B+ grade coach fired last season.
So, Chubb's 63 extra yards (on 39 additional carries, for a 1.6 ypc average) justify him at #2 ahead of Harris?What a joke.Harris easily tops this list. Know of any other guys averaging 11 ypc in conference play?
Losing to Swinney, Clemson and DeShaun Watson (the best player the dynasty has ever faced) sure beats the hell out of losing to the likes of Ohio State and no-class Urban Meyer. No Alabama fan should have anything but the upmost respect for Swinney and what he has done at Clemson.
Oklahoma blows a big lead, and beats a horrible Texas team by 5, and they are on the list?
Amazing how Ralph Webb is on the list for 163 yards rushing (7 ypc) but Damien Harris isn't for 124 yards (13.7 ypc). McClure, you do realize that the best team in football played Saturday, and was far more impressive in victory than Georgia, or anyone else?
Don't see Kerryon Johnson on that list, but didn't this very site tout him as best back in conference last week?
Going to do something that I hardly ever do: Take up for Auburn. I'm wondering why they plunged 11 spots for a 4 point road loss to LSU, while Washington State fell only 7 spots for a 34 point loss to Cal.
Yeah, Auburn is so....last week. There were so many puff pieces for the Barn, that I thought maybe they were having 2010 throwback week.
I can give you 15 million reasons why Bielema won't be out of a job after this year.
Says who? Alabama's 3rd-6th string come in and put up big numbers in blowouts, while Auburn continues to feed carries to whichever of their two backs that can be bothered to suit up for a game that week.
LOL, typical Georgia moron. Chubb was so great that he had to come back for his Senior season. If he's truly better, then why don't the stats prove it? Chubb is one of the most overrated backs in recent memory, which makes him perfect for Georgia.
Funny, last week there were articles here about what an improvement Daboll has been to the offense, now after scoring only 27 points, its suddenly a "mixed bag". Alabama is saving jet sweeps and other plays for when they really need them, I'm sure.
I'm thrilled that he's attending this game. Why would anyone bear a grudge against a guy that coached and recruited well enough to beat them, when that guy is the likely next head coach in Tuscaloosa? Give him a warm welcome, and remind him what home feels like.
Arkansas simply cannot recruit well enough to contend in the SEC West.
Pointless to redshirt a 5 star recruit anyway. They aren't staying 5 years for any reason.
Does this site do anything lately other than honk Barn?
Math not your strong suit, huh? 24-12 isn't "extraordinarily close to losing". ATM's final drive burned the entire clock, and Alabama's defense was happy to let them, the desperation heave not withstanding. ATM seems to have a knack for hitting those against Alabama's defense, when the game is already decided.
I wish it were possible to follow SEC football without ESPN, because I'd be happy to cancel it otherwise.
Fire both of these morons and let them go beg BET for a job crying about BLM. Neither one has any business commenting on sports.
This site just can't get enough of honking Kerryon Johnson, and ignoring the best running back in the SEC, one who averages about 3 ypc better than Johnson and plays for the best team in college football.
LOL, the guy has 4 more yards than Damien Harris on 26 extra carries. Harris is by far the best back in the SEC this year, and doesn't have games like 2.7 YPC against pitiful Missouri on his resume. Auburn doesn't have any depth at RB, so they run whichever of their 2 RB's (that can be bothered to play that week) into the ground each game.
It is the same Clemson that was tied with Boston College in the third quarter as well.
Wasn't he higher on Barn's OC hire? The same one that can't figure out how to do better than 3.5 YPC against Mercer.
Yapping dawgs getting too big for their britches again. Remember two years ago what happened when you last faced Alabama?
Yeah, what a great job that would be. Try to make the hire to revive a floundering football program positioned in the middle of nowhere. Fail? You're fired in 4 years.
He'll be getting a break for probably...10 years. It will take at least that long for that program to dig itself out of the rubble. Those wins from their precious 2014-2015 seasons will soon be wiped away.
They'll need to make sure none of these people have the wrong (i.e. conservative) political views first. ESPN is only interested in hiring leftist propaganda mouthpieces.
Yeah, who is, that clown you have running your inept offense?
Sorry, Damien, 8 YPC for the top football team in the country isn't good enough for this list.
Alabama will no doubt hang 50+ on Miss State. Anyone believe Miss State can score in the 50's against Alabama? Didn't think so.