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You mean that is the game that SEC haters want to see. You aren't going to get it. Cincinnati's resume doesn't come close to surpassing Georgia's, and the Dawgs will be the third seed, and likely whip Michigan by multiple scores.
Sounds really familiar: Stetson Bennett has a couple of mistakes against Alabama, Georgia loses, and suddenly, JT Daniels is the savior again. You really think Daniels is better than 29/48 for 340 and 3 TD, having sat on the bench all year?
Georgia's schedule was not a joke. They opened with Clemson, a team that has been in dynasty mode for 6 seasons now. It isn't their fault that Clemson fell off this year. You play the schedule you have. A 12-1 team (that dominated everyone all year) doesn't deserve to be mocked because of one loss to the greatest coach in the history of American sports.
I hope you are joking, if you think LSU is contending for the national championship in 2022.
Notre Dame is well behind Alabama right now, and is too cowardly to join a conference. Why should the committee punish Alabama for losing to a Georgia team that would be a 17-20 point favorite over Notre Dame?
He'd be the #1 overall draft pick now. It is great to see that he cares so much about winning and his team that he won't pull a Jadaveon Clowney in his final year, or a Jamar Chase and "opt out".
Please stop talking like Florida can hire some coach that can keep Nick Saban away from IMG Academy. Lane Kiffin isn't recruiting terribly well at Ole Miss (not like Hugh Freeze did). Mel Tucker or James Franklin don't begin to compare with Kirby Smart. Franklin is the most overrated coach in the nation to begin with, and just what did Tucker accomplish at Colorado, and what shape did he leave them in?
Good thing for college football fans is that since Will Anderson plays for Alabama, not LSU, that he'll actually play next year, instead of quitting/opting out, like all their 3rd year guys do.
The stripes did everything in their power to keep Miss State in the game tonight. That overturned Bolden catch was downright inexcusable.
Is S&P the one that started the season with Miss State ranked about 12th in the country?
I think every day this week, we've been told that a new LSU player is out for the year. LSU is starting to make the Derrick Dooley era Tennessee teams look stable and prosperous in comparison, and obvious UT never had a season like LSU 2019.
I never thought Stingley would give much of an effort this season. Is Ricks just following in his footsteps, or is he legitimately hurt? Boutte was certainly giving everything he had, and hopefully won't see his draft stock slip.
You really can't. SEC's best WR gone for the year at midseason. Starting QB gone before season ever started.
With the news that the SEC's best WR is out for the season, I officially feel sorry for Coach O. now.
If Penn State and Iowa were in the SEC, they'd each have a loss or two, and the game wouldn't be that big to begin with.
Of course it is Bo Pix. Didn't you see how he handled mighty Akron?
No one (other than Akron) worries about a game against the Barn. 6 wins may be a stretch.
How did your pitiful team do? Going to be a 4th losing season in a row?
To be fair, how many people had Vandy and Miss State winning? Certainly not me.
"Cats haven't played badly against the Tide". They lost at home by 20 points. They lost in Tuscaloosa by 11 points.
This is the son of Cooper Manning, who was set to play WR for Ole Miss before a health condition ended his career even before it started. Peyton has said many times that he would have gone to Ole Miss to play with his brother otherwise. Ole Miss is hands down the team to beat here. Peyton picked UT because they were an ascending program and Ole Miss was down in 1994. UT is a toxic waste dump of a program now, and shouldn't be in the picture, just because this kid's uncle played there.
Even if he somehow chose ATM, he'd just transfer out. They couldn't see the value of a future #1 pick in the NFL draft, so it is a good bet they wouldn't handle Manning well either. Stick with Kellen Mond types.
I honestly feel bad for decent fans like you, LSUSMC. It is one thing to cheat, but this is just vile. Derius Guice is a disgraceful human being. Reminds me of another former LSU RB, Cecil Collins, from many many years ago.
Funny that you don't mention the leading returning receiver in the SEC, a guy that plays for the national champions, on an offense that will again be top 5 nationally.
Will Clark was the best hitter in the NL for a few seasons. He's definitely my pick, even if Palmiero's final stats look better.
Why on earth would anyone want to play for the lowly Viles? It will be a thrilling battle for the SEC east basement for years, between Vandy and the nation's biggest dumpster fire. UT will be lucky to win a single conference game next year. Gilbert didn't like the beating Alabama put on LSU, and quit after the game. I seriously doubt he wants to sign up for that kind of loss every week at a program as worthless as UT.
LOL, LSU and QB development. They haven't recruited and developed a quality quarterback in eons. That trend isn't about to change either, with Coach Moron at the helm.
I cannot wait until the hammer is dropped on the crew of cheats and rapists in Baton Rouge. Idiots like you will crawl back under a rock where you belong. 55-17. I just wish Saban wouldn't have applied the brakes. 70 points was entirely possible against that defense.