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Agree with you there. They aren't the most talented team in the conference by far, but they've brought it every time out this season, which is more than I can say for my team.
I'd be pretty happy to see my Cowboys draft Calvin Ridley at #19, because that means overrated thug, Dez Bryant is officially history.
Oh, Gee, got me there. No I don't feel so great about our 5 national championships in the last 9 seasons, and ten consecutive seasons of 10+ wins. FYI, Alabama has never gone 0 and 8 in the SEC. They may have had a winless conference record at some point, but never one in which they had 8 attempts to claim a victory.
Yes, I'm sure the lure of going 0-8 in the SEC will be too much for him to resist, rather than playing for the National Champions and going to NFL as a high first round pick in 3 years.
Jemele is a good-for-nothing b*tch that has to gripe about SJW issues on social media non-stop, so that no one will notice how inept the is as a broadcaster. I recall watching a segment in which they were discussing the possible reunion of a player (name escapes me) with his former team, which was an interesting possibility. Hill hijacked the conversation to declare that she was hoping for a reunion of some rap group, as though anyone watching a sport channel cares. She's been kicked off sport center for now, and is relegated to writing for whatever the hell "The Undefeated" is, so hopefully her 15 minutes are nearly up.
Those same 5 guys upfront were outplayed by the same offensive lineman that Alabama returns this year. Scary to think how one-sided that playoff first round game would have been with Tua at the helm of the Tide offense.
Get back to us when Georgia moves to the SEC west.
How many 30 year olds are playing in Single A? How many of those that hit .226 last season return to organized baseball the next year? None.All of SEC country respects you, Tim. You've got a great ESPN gig that will only get better over time.
He said Fitzgerald is more athletic than Prescott. I don't buy it.
Please stop trying to compare Nick Fitzgerald favorably to the guy that was good enough to send Tony Romo into retirement, and earn one of the biggest jobs in American sports. You're simply embarrassing yourselves. Fitzgerald can't throw the ball into the ocean from the pier, and everything you've ever read about Jalen Hurt's inability to beat a top defense applies even more so to Fitzgerald.
Do you really think a kid from East Carolina is all that worried about building his NFL resume? Alabama isn't looking to land a Russell Wilson-type here. They just want someone with some game experience that can step in and play in the event of emergency. Alabama would be attractive to this type of player for the same reason the likes of Richard Mullaney and Gehrig Dieter chose to spend their final year of organized football in Tuscaloosa. You are GOING to win, and there will always be job opportunities in this state for a guy that can say "I played for Nick Saban" long after football. I wouldn't think it would be that much of a mystery, Connor.
Auburn has been the Western thorn in Alabama's side; without Auburn, Alabama would certainly have won the past 6 Western titles, and likely the past 6 SEC championships. However, Alabama and Auburn don't go head to head in recruiting as often as you think. It used to be Florida, then LSU, and now Georgia.
They get compensation based on where he was drafted, but ONLY if they don't sign other free agents. He was a 4th or 5th round pick, so it isn't going to be of much value.
Excellent. Get the hell away from the eternally dysfunctional Bengals and never look back.
I had not heard how poor Sutton's health had become. He had to be in his 50's, an awfully young age to pass. So sad...
So, he's got a 2 loss season and a 5 loss season on his head coaching resume. Explain how that tops 6 national championships.
If say, South Carolina or Ole Miss had Kentucky's resume, would they be anywhere close to the tournament this year?
Georgia has had one standout season in the last 5. Remember that they lost games in 2016 (Vanderbilt, for example) that they had no business losing. Let's see them string together several more seasons of excellence (say, 2 or fewer losses) before we proclaim them #1a to Alabama's #1. People seemed ready to do that with LSU after 2011, but they went the other direction instead.
Hunter Henry was simply amazing, my favorite non-Alabama player in the conference during his time at Arkansas. I was really hoping Jerry Jones (with his affinity for Arkansas) would draft him for my Cowboys, but obviously that didn't happen. His brother is an even bigger prospect, and Nick needs to roll out the red carpet for this guy with all the bells and whistles.
Keep that in mind next November, when Tua is lighting up Barn's new secondary.
To win championships, something that you'd need to be mid 40's to know anything about.
Minkah is perhaps the very best player of this dynasty. Alabama fans won't stop pulling for him simply because he's playing on Sunday.
I wish the NCAA would cease the policy of retroactively stripping wins. Most of the players on those teams were legitimate, and earned those victories.
Precisely. Nothing would have changed. I'd rather have thumped Notre Dame than Florida though.
Welcome to February, the worst month on the sports calendar.
And this is why you fell to the end of the first round, instead of top 10, where your talent dictated.
Isn't this the same bunch of idiots that had Ohio State #1 even after their loss to Oklahoma last year?If it is a 5 year history component, then how are they #1 to begin with?
True, and your new governor is going to raise even more hell if LSU adds Orgeron to the list of coaches being paid not to work.
Honest question for you: Do you think Orgeron is LSU's coach one year from today? I do not. I think next season will be the worst season LSU has had since before Saban's arrival, and it will become painfully obvious that he simply isn't up to the job. I ask you, because you are consistently objective here.