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Gee, Golly, we've got a guy that hasn't COACHED a single game ranked well ahead of a dude that won 145 games (Richt) and a guy that has his team in the playoffs in year 2, as SEC champions. What could possibly be wrong with this picture? Then you toss in Mullen, the best Coach in Miss State history, and it goes from absurd to downright insulting.Richt should have won the SEC more often than he did, after the departure of Tim Tebow, but his Georgia teams simply weren't good enough to do any more.
Agreed. On paper, 11-1 is certainly worse than the 13-0 record the team boasted a year ago today, but you can hardly say this a program trending down, when it is two wins away from a National championship.
He certainly wasn't on par with Johnathan Allen, but he also didn't play late into most games. Hopefully you are 100% correct, and he returns for his senior season.
The truth is that the Viles are the worst football program in the conference, and won't be heard from for at least 5 years.
Really? I guess that is why Payne is starting to appear in the 20's of mock drafts then. I guess Mel Kiper knows less than these guys in your rolodex too.Defensive tackles1. *Christian Wilkins, Clemson 2. *Vita Vea, Washington 3. Maurice Hurst, Michigan 4. Da'Ron Payne, Alabama 5. *Harrison Phillips, Stanford 6. *Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame 7. **Dre'Mont Jones, Ohio State 8. Derrick Nnadi, Florida State 9. *Taven Bryan, Florida 10. Josh Fatu, USC
Don't quit your day job and try to make it as an NFL scout. This isn't BASEBALL and stats don't tell the whole story. I guarantee you that Saban and company are plenty happy with Darron Payne's performance.
Ridley turns 23 years old this month. There was never a chance of him returning after this season. Don't think that Alabama didn't promise Jerry Jeudy and company that the #1 receiver job is there for the taking in 2018.
Do you know many 66 year old guys that up and change jobs (taking a pay cut in the process?)The Giants are absolute filth, and play in a division with the Eagles and Cowboys. No one in their right mind wants anything to do with that job, least of all the best Coach in College football.
How's that prediction working out for you, chief?Piss State playing in the...bowel movement bowl, was it? Alabama headed for the playoffs yet again.
This is the clown that believes that Alabama and Georgia will "soon be eating crow" when his beloved Viles (Head Coach: TBD) will rise up and strike down two playoff teams.Like Crist said, if the Viles couldn't win the SEC Least in 2016, you have to wonder if they will EVER win it again.
No, he's made that Ohio State didn't make it. I can't wait to see what the shameless Big 10 shill Colin Cowherd has to say tomorrow. He claimed he was voting Ohio State #1 even though they had just lost to Iowa by 31 points.
The only thing ESPN has done right lately was to fire this POS.
If this committee puts Ohio State in, they are in effect saying "Alabama has to be perfect, but we'll pretend we didn't notice Ohio State being blown out twice". Alabama was beaten by Auburn last week. It was Alabama's worst loss (12 points) since the mail-in Sugar Bowl of 2013. Alabama has still won 36 of their last 38 games, and are (depending on how you look at it) 2 seconds or a blown official's call away from being 2 time defending national champions. This committee has twice given Ohio State a break (2014 over TCU and last year over Penn State, who had BEATEN THEM in the regular season). Ohio State was so grateful last year that they went out and got violated by the same Clemson team that is waiting with the #1 seed this year. Ohio State has no prayer in hell of beating Clemson, and any objective person knows that. Any objective person also knows that they aren't one of the 4 best teams in the country, and haven't been so all season. This is not a tough choice, especially with the precedent that this committee set last year. Alabama-Clemson #3 will be the best first round game the playoffs have had yet. We've seen a lot of one-sided opening round playoff games, and the Big 10 champ has been outscored 69-0 in the last two years. Why do we need to see a repeat of that?
The idiot that thinks USC belongs in the field has obviously forgotten their 35 point loss to Notre Dame.
The best football program in the Nation gets what they earn. Disagree who's best? Know of anyone else that has won 36 of their last 38 games? Didn't think so.
Shouldn't you be worried about getting tickets to the big Outback bowl, or whatever cesspit LSU is headed to this season?
Let's flip this around a bit. Let's say Alabama lost by 15 points in the season opener to Florida State (who goes on to have the kind of season everyone expected, since they don't lose their QB in the final moments), then by 31 points to Texas A&M, but beat Auburn and Georgia. Are we having this discussion if Ohio State is again a non-conference champion sitting on the outside? No. Ohio State is in, just like last year. The precedent was set last year. Alabama has won 36 of their last 38 games and played in the playoff finals two years in a row. They don't deserve to be excluded this year simply because they lost a tough road game to the nation's hottest team. As Gary Danielson said today, no team in America would have gone into Jordan Hare and beaten Auburn. Certainly not deeply flawed Ohio State.
Likely the type of vermin that support Miami's football program.
No one in their right mind expected TCU to beat Oklahoma. It has always been the Big 10 championship or bust.
Curb stomped? Alabama lost by 12 points. That is not a curb stomping by any definition of the word. If you want to check out a curb stomping, dial up the replay of Alabama 45 Viles 7 or Georgia 41 Viles 0, although those may be more of the "skull dragging" variety, since you didn't manage an offensive score in either.Tennessee's chances of surpassing Alabama's football program for at least 20 years are absolutely nil. You're an absolute laughing stock without a great recruiting base and a national brand that is right down there with Nebraska in the dumpster. Alabama has 10 years of absolute dominance, so much so that a 12-1 season will be considered a grave disappointment.
Level of respect for an old has-been that was fired a decade ago and hasn't done anything next: Pretty minimal.Level of respect for a Viles program that just went 0-8 in the SEC: Less than zero.I cannot believe that any of you are so delusional as to think this is some sort of coup. You can't even hire a coach from Purdue or NC State, and you think Fat Foolmer is going to change anything?
LOL, you sound like Ed Oregeron, but in his case, at least he has a viable football program backing him up. You, have the worst football program in the conference, maybe the nation. By the way, you won't need to "come after" my team next year, because Alabama will be coming to Knoxville next October, to put another merciless beating on the Viles. That will be #12 in a row, just in case you've forgotten.
LOL, you just went 0-8 in the SEC. No one wants your coaching job. You just trotted out an old retread as AD, after he stabbed your previous one in the back. Yet, you think anyone is going to be eating crow anytime soon? To call Tennessee's football program a dumpster fire is an insult to dumpster fire programs everywhere. It is more like a pit of...radioactive fallout. The talent level is dismal. This recruiting class will be ...worse than dismal, whomever they hire as head coach. Get used to losing to Vanderbilt (and everyone else) every season, because that isn't going to change.
You miss out on the fact that Alabama had lost 1st and 2nd string at several different linebacker positions, genius?
He planning on proposing to one of his new players? Because that's the only kind of ring anyone that plays for Miss State will be getting.
Precisely. Ohio State has zero business in the playoffs, regardless. You lose by 31 to a lousy team on top of another HOME loss, that's just it. The committee did them a favor last year by allowing them into the field ahead of a 2 loss champion (that had BEATEN THEM) and they returned the favor by getting beaten 31-0 by Clemson.
Sick of hearing about the "weak schedule". Alabama played in the ONLY opening game matchup against another Top 5 team. It isn't Alabama's fault that Florida State fell apart after their QB went down. Fresno State and Colorado State are QUALITY non conference games. The only weak team on Alabama's schedule (outside of conference games against the likes of Vandy) was Mercer. Go look at Ohio State's non-conference games outside of Oklahoma.
Auburn has the most valuable player in the SEC, but it isn't Johnson. It is Stidham.