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The good news is that I'm virtually certain that ATM and Auburn don't have a better QB than USCe has, and we'll have to see if the 2018 Joe Burrow resurfaces at some point, before declaring him better than this Hilinski guy as well.
Seems to me that guys (that cannot be bothered to attend class) don't deserve to have the NCAA help them out by allowing them to utilize the transfer portal.
Your both correct. The media isn't going to let him fall too far behind, even if the bad interceptions continue.
2010 Alabama was not 2011 or 2012 Alabama. Both won the national championship. USCe would not have beaten either of those two teams.
Bill Snyder didn't coach in the SEC, and I wouldn't call his return to K-State a real success story either. Fulmer was well-past his expiration date a decade ago, and the thought of him trying to step back into coaching now is absurd.
You don't have 3 first round picks on your defensive line, by any stretch of the imagination. Derrick Brown and that is it.
Some voters are simply not going to hand it to the OU QB a third season in a row. If Tua puts up numbers similar to last season, and Alabama wins the SEC, Tua will bring home the hardware.
Peyton was smart enough to stay away from Ole Miss. Hopefully his nephew is smart enough to do the same, and Tennessee as well.
You can forget about beating Clemson as long as Dabo Swinney is there.
What do we know about Texas? What if they are their usual 8-5 type team? Putting LSU, a team that hasn't been anywhere near championship quality since 2011, at #1 (ahead of the two teams that have won the last 4 national championships) is lunacy.
I saw Alabama at #2 and LSU at #3 and thought "Ok, maybe Kanell is on hid meds" this season. Then I found Georgia at #8, behind a joke of a Michigan team, and that notion was quickly dispelled.
You're ready to start dropping Georgia and Oklahoma, but woeful Michigan isn't sent down in the rankings? There isn't a more overrated coach in America (in any sport) than Jim Harbaugh, the snake oil salesman that gets recruits to keep buying into this sham of a program. Apparently he's got a good portion of the sports media fooled as well.
Jake Fromm over Tua is the biggest joke I've seen in quite some time. Lawrence may have put up bigger stats in the championship game last year, but he didn't put up bigger stats overall. Obviously you've forgotten how good Tua is.
Great news. I've never liked an Auburn player more than Stidham, who is a true class act.
Pruitt made such a dreadful mistake taking this job at that toxic waste dump. To call UT football a dumpster fire is a disservice to dumpster fire programs around the nation. They are worse.
I wouldn't hold my breath. He's 3 years removed, 30 years old, and has used up all his chances.
Democraps are pathetic. His father is ridiculously wealthy and also happens to be the most powerful man on the planet. He can lord that over anyone he chooses to.
Like Auburn, they will now tell you that they are a basketball school.
Alabama fans don't care in the slightest about your little Viles. I just wish Nick Saban had not taken foot off the gas and hung 90 points on you last year.
They've forgotten all of those 0-8 in the SEC seasons, at least until the next year actually starts, and they get skull dragged a few times.
I knew Steve Prohm in the mid 1990's at Alabama and have been hoping he'd get this job for a while now. He has been successful everywhere he's gone. The only bad thing about him is that he's a Washington Redskins fan.
This guy was the weakest link in the secondary all year. I don't see how in the world he deems himself NFL ready. He'll be a day 3 pick if he is lucky. Alabama players usually make better draft entry decisions than this, but one that was part of the program only one year apparently didn't pay attention.
Jennings has no business going pro early. He's not even a day 2 draft pick.
Yeah, I guess we're breaking rules, just like Dexter Lawrence. Funny how Renfro had nothing to say last year, when First round pick, Minkah Fitzpatrick, erased him from the game entirely, until their last garbage drive, when he caught a few meaningless passes.
He'll be moving on after next year as well. No one likes working long for the most abrasive and overrated coach in all of football.
Trayvon Mullen declared for the draft yesterday, as did Tre Lamar. I've never seen any team lose their top 5 defensive lineman and not miss a beat the following season. Plus their two top linebackers and their top corner. Alabama didn't lose as much off their 2017 champs, and it bit them square in the butt this year. Stop talking like Clemson is immune.
Clemson has always belonged in the SEC, but was too craven to sign up for the big leagues each and every time the offer was extended. Ditto for Florida State. Those two are in football-starved states, and simply should not be competing against eternal losers from Maryland, Massachusetts, and the basketball powers. Dabo Swinney is without a doubt the man solely responsible for preventing 4 consecutive national championships at Alabama, and if he'd been more successful at commercial real estate (or accepted Saban's offer to join the staff years ago) we wouldn't be having this conversation. Alabama looked horrible other night because the defense was totally inept. Let's wait and see how Dabo rebuilds his entire D next year before calling them the new dynasty.