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2017. They beat Auburn before falling to Alabama in the championship game. Fromm played extremely well against Alabama last year in the SECCG. I'm not sorry to see him depart early.
You'll see it soon. If some team from a blue-state were in position to take him first (Say NY or California), you know the media would cry about this. If the President wants to meet you, you show up, and respect the office. Alabama met with President Obama multiple times, and I would have been horrified if any of our guys disrespected him, even though I voted against him twice.
It is really nice to see President Trump so well-received in both Tuscaloosa (in November) and New Orleans, on Monday night. Congrats again to LSU on one of the greatest seasons in college football history, and for not following the example of various pro teams and refusing to visit a Republican president.
The only place that anyone is "3 deep with 5 star players at every position" is on the Xbox or playstation, in a 6 year old NCAA football game. That doesn't happen in the real world. And as for winning or playing for the national championship...I guess 6 times in 10 years isn't enough for a fan of a program with such a *great tradition*?
You're right about that. Tennessee is trash lately, but LSU, Georgia, Auburn are all very successful programs when you look around the nation. They may rate 2-5 or so in the SEC, but which other conference is that deep with tradition? None.
I see his record here and ATM, and I saw what his record was his final year at Florida State. He apparently didn't know that you're supposed to recruit offensive lineman, among the list of felons that you bring onto campus every year.
Are you really this stupid? Dan Mullen had the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback at Miss State, and still couldn't beat one of our weaker teams in 2014. Be real careful about putting the word dynasty in "" "" unless you want remind everyone how biased and ignorant you are. Florida isn't anywhere near a match for the western heavyweights.
If the NCAA lets this scumbag play next season...Well, my opinion of them will be even lower, which I didn't think possible, after they let Justin Fields play for Ohio State this year. Alfano is a quitter and a malcontent. Look for him soon on "Last Chance U." after he washes out of Colorado.
When is the Chiasson shoe going to drop? Hard to imagine they have two LB's leaving early for the draft and he hasn't moved with them.
These final polls make me wonder if anyone (that voted) actually saw Georgia play this season. I've never seen a less-impressive team finish #4 in my lifetime. Lose to a 4 win USC team at home. Scoreless tie with Kentucky midway through 3rd quarter. 6 point home win over Texas A&M. Then skull-dragged by LSU in the SECCG.
How has Coach O. done against Georgia lately? Seems like I can recall a couple of 20+ point wins.
I am the last guy you can ever accuse of being an Auburn fan, but feel free to explain why Leach and Stoops belong ahead of him, and particularly Jimbo Fisher. Fisher has done absolutely nothing in his two years in the SEC, and left Florida State in shambles. Malzahn has gone 3-3 vs Alabama and Georgia in the last 3 seasons, with one SEC West championship, so he is obviously doing something right.
I really believe Clemson beat our best team last year in the championship game. It was Clemson's best team as well, certainly better than this year, or the two Watson teams.
Alabama is better than Georgia, Oregon and Florida as well.
McClain didn't play this decade. Ingram and Dareus played in only 2010, which would explain their omission if he didn't have Julio Jones so high.
Trent Richardson at #25 is nothing short of a mortal insult. Why can't you focus on what he did at Alabama, and ignore his NFL failures? Trent is no worse than the third best RB in school history. He carried the 2011 team to the National championship, playing for the least-talented Alabama offense of the entire Saban era.
I've got to think Jefferson is gone. His stock cannot get any higher than it already is. Playing without Burrow and splitting catches with two other first round picks isn't going to help him much next year. I've seen Chiasson in the first round of several recent mocks, and Delpit is obviously a goner. Have seen him mocked to the Cowboys a lot lately. God knows they need help at safety.
You're exactly right about that. They have to be tired of the Sooners taking it on the chin from the SEC champ every season, playing only one competitive game in 3 attempts.
Enjoy your season in the sun. LSU truly had a dominant season for the ages this year. By all means, think that Alabama is dead and buried. As for contacts with the Saints, what are those worth these days? I'll ask the Minnesota Vikings.
The only way that Alabama doesn't open at #4 next year is if they open at #3, #2 or #1. Every team has holes to fill, and Alabama has a quarterback that has shown he can play at a high level in the SEC. LSU doesn't have that. Georgia doesn't have that. LSU is defending champion and may rank ahead of Alabama, but you're fooling yourself if you think anyone outside of Clemson and Ohio State will as well.
"Big question mark"... Are you going to say the same thing about Georgia, or LSU, if Edwards-Helaire leaves? Alabama is absolutely stacked at running back, even if Najee had departed.
Bengal fans would burn down the city if they pass him up for Chase Young, or anyone else.
I've never in my life, in any sport, seen a guy improve more in one season than Joe Burrow. He was solid last year, but he somehow morphed into the best quarterback in college football history this season. LSU truly dominated this season. The best team in school history has to rank among the true immortals of the sport.
Are you insane? Or just another delusional Dawg fan, that has yet to realize that your window has closed.
I can name 3 teams and 3 teams only that would be favored over Alabama at a neutral site next week.
Michigan is a big win, especially by 19 points at a neutral site. Maybe you disagree, but it sure beats losing to Minnesota.
No, Auburn has had back to back 10 win seasons ***ONE TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THEIR PROGRAM: 1988-1989***