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To be fair, how many people had Vandy and Miss State winning? Certainly not me.
"Cats haven't played badly against the Tide". They lost at home by 20 points. They lost in Tuscaloosa by 11 points.
This is the son of Cooper Manning, who was set to play WR for Ole Miss before a health condition ended his career even before it started. Peyton has said many times that he would have gone to Ole Miss to play with his brother otherwise. Ole Miss is hands down the team to beat here. Peyton picked UT because they were an ascending program and Ole Miss was down in 1994. UT is a toxic waste dump of a program now, and shouldn't be in the picture, just because this kid's uncle played there.
Even if he somehow chose ATM, he'd just transfer out. They couldn't see the value of a future #1 pick in the NFL draft, so it is a good bet they wouldn't handle Manning well either. Stick with Kellen Mond types.
I honestly feel bad for decent fans like you, LSUSMC. It is one thing to cheat, but this is just vile. Derius Guice is a disgraceful human being. Reminds me of another former LSU RB, Cecil Collins, from many many years ago.
Funny that you don't mention the leading returning receiver in the SEC, a guy that plays for the national champions, on an offense that will again be top 5 nationally.
Will Clark was the best hitter in the NL for a few seasons. He's definitely my pick, even if Palmiero's final stats look better.
Why on earth would anyone want to play for the lowly Viles? It will be a thrilling battle for the SEC east basement for years, between Vandy and the nation's biggest dumpster fire. UT will be lucky to win a single conference game next year. Gilbert didn't like the beating Alabama put on LSU, and quit after the game. I seriously doubt he wants to sign up for that kind of loss every week at a program as worthless as UT.
LOL, LSU and QB development. They haven't recruited and developed a quality quarterback in eons. That trend isn't about to change either, with Coach Moron at the helm.
I cannot wait until the hammer is dropped on the crew of cheats and rapists in Baton Rouge. Idiots like you will crawl back under a rock where you belong. 55-17. I just wish Saban wouldn't have applied the brakes. 70 points was entirely possible against that defense.
Lane Kiffin has a much better job right now. Why would he even pick up the phone?
Tennessee won't win a conference game for at least 2 years. Possibly 3. No one should want this job, because it is a career killer.
Best facilities and fan base...You mean mediocre (by sec standards) facilities, and a delusional dimwitted fanbase that thinks that they are just a few breaks away from glory once again. Funny how all of these advantages (that you think you have) haven't resulted in anything close to a great season well over a decade now.
Get back in the discussion? Discussion for WHAT? You are just one of those delusional dreamers that thinks a switch can be flipped, and UT will start magically recruiting in states that have infinitely better football programs. The state of Tennessee will never have enough prospects to elevate this program anywhere near the top. You people have been claiming you're "back" for more than a decade now, and you are right back in the abyss, staring at a 1-7 or 0-8 in the SEC record next year.
I wonder how many more Alabama could have scored on LSU about 6 weeks ago. That is the real question. No one I know was really satisfied with hanging only 55 on them. We all wanted 70+.
So, if you objectively look at LSU's last 9 seasons, are you saying that 2019 doesn't definitively stand out as the aberration, among all those 3-5 loss seasons? I'm not talking about ancient history in 2003 or 2007, so no need to go back that far.
LOL, at least he didn't hold people at gunpoint and get cut one year after being the Giants' first round pick.
Linehan was run out of Dallas for good reason. Meyer should have noticed that.
Imagine that: Some LSU honk, trying to make his fanbase feel better after 55-17 and a misery-inducing 5-5 season, drums up this bit of propaganda. Here's the bottom line: It is 2021 and Alabama is champion. Alabama will be right back in the mix for the championship next year, while LSU continues to wait for the NCAA hammer to drop, and more quitters to "opt out" and others to jump into the transfer portal to escape a program in decline. LSU fans want to believe that 2019 was the "normal" but it is the only season since 2012 that didn't involve at least 3 losses. Aberration. Flash in the pan.
2001 Miami, playing by today's rules, wouldn't come close to scoring enough to beat either of these teams. Elite offense beats elite defense, and 2001 Miami's defense wasn't best in college football history.
Stingley was embarrassed both years by Devonta Smith. Pretending that Alabama wouldn't have a massive coaching advantage in this game is wishful thinking. As is pretending that LSU's OL (which featured no 1st round picks) could hold a candle to Alabama's 2020 OL. The only advantage LSU would have is Joe Burrow's mobility. They beat the weakest Alabama team in 5 years by 5 points. They wouldn't come within 14 of the best Saban team.
Barton evidently forgot everything he knew about college football, if he really believes in the potential of Vanderbilt football, because there is none in the SEC.
Will these people ever learn with Oklahoma? They are the same team each and every year. I cannot understand why everyone is so bullish on a team that loses to Kansas State every year.
I cannot imagine anyone wanting to coach a bad team in the city of Philadelphia. Their fans are worse than Euro soccer hooligans.
Alabama won't open the real poll behind Clemson. Any returning champion (that isn't a guaranteed disaster, like 2020 LSU and 2011 Auburn) is going to be #1 by default.
You may not call Evan Neal a superstar now, but he is probably a top 5 pick in the draft next season. He missed the Arkansas game with COVID.
Wish Florida hadn't mailed in their bowl game. The Florida team that Alabama beat in the SECCG was far more dangerous than either playoff opponent, and would have beaten them both.
I have seen a picture of Lane Kiffin with a bunch of Alabama players at the game last night, but Tua wasn't in the shot.
Oh, Imagine this, coming from a Barner. Never mind that 2019 LSU only beat your team by 10, and Alabama won by 29, and could have won by at least two TD's more, if they'd kept foot on gas entire game, the way Orgeron did last year. Of course it came back to bite him in the a$$ this season, when none of his backups had any playing experience, and were one of the worst defenses in SEC history.
Shouldn't you be watching the transfer portal, to make sure none of your other 5 stars are jumping that sinking ship?