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Recent Comments
This guy needs to get a clue. There is one spot in the SEC where the media is likely to care about November basketball, and he's several states removed from it.
I think we all know why you're disappointed not to see LSU again.
Of course none of these people were complaining last week, when Grant Delpit should have been ejected in the first quarter, and LSU's OL, which was beaten senseless all night, was never called for a single holding penalty.
Hurts doesn't look like he'll be playing against anyone in November.
LOL, Alabama doesn't need to "learn how to beat" anyone, including your overrated team. Maybe you pups might want to learn how to handle the same LSU team that Alabama skull dragged.
Georgia had the better day? By beating the same Barn team (by 17) that Miss State whipped up on? That even Tennessee was able to beat on the road? Miss State has a very one dimensional offense. I get that. But their defense is 100% legitimate. Championship caliber, to be honest. What does Auburn have going for it? Alabama never trailed against Miss State, taking complete control of the game in the first two drives. Georgia trailed in their game for a while. Anyone that calls Georgia's win better is simply judging Alabama against a different standard. Georgia didn't record a single sack against Auburn's 5 turnstile offensive line, and allowed Auburn (same team that totaled 19 yards against ATM) to rush for 5 yards a carry.
The real question is "Who from Clemson has been nominated?" since they find a way to give it to someone from that staff every year.
Can't see the video now. I'm guessing it worked earlier.
Be reasonable. LSU has a big win over #5 Georgia. What do the other top 10 teams have? I'm pretty sure you agree that Alabama would wipe the field with Washington State or Ohio State, much less some of the dregs that come after them. LSU was in the game until the last few minutes of the first half, when it reached 16-0, and I personally didn't feel comfortable until 22-0.
I guess you didn't see the Arkansas game. It was 58-17 in the 4th quarter, and 65-24 until Arkansas scored a TD with 13 seconds left to cut it to 34. Alabama would absolutely wipe the field with no-talent Washington State, and not be as prone to letting up, since it would be a playoff game. Alabama beat LSU 29-0, but at no point did Alabama lose respect for LSU the same way they just let up against inferior opponents, such as Arkansas or Tennessee. Washington State would take a beating of epic proportions. They needed a last second field goal to beat a bad Cal team.
I love them crying foul about Ohio State's ranking. A team that lost by the same margin to a horrid Purdue team, and had to struggle with a one win Nebraska. I find it hard to believe that anyone really believes that Washington State is a legitimate #8 as well.
I thought Wolfman had retired from this board, after telling us that Tua would go undrafted some day and wasn't an NFL prospect, but Drew Lock was the #1 pick.
I've never once seen LSUSMC talk smack. The LSU backers that do that sort of thing won't be seen around here for a while. Head over to Tiger droppings if you want to kick some teeth in that truly deserve it.
Even if ATM stones your running game (which they probably will), the dimwit duo of Jimbo Fisher and Kellen Mond will find a way to hand you the game. I really thought the poorest coaching job I'd seen this year was Gus Malzahn against LSU and UT, but watching ATM blow the game today against a completely one dimensional AU team takes that prize.
Did he decide not to scream "We're coming!" the whole interview this year?
What is he doing these days? Attending class? As a freshman for the Buckeyes, he tweeted, "Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS."
Keep woofing, cur. Your team is going to get its teeth kicked in about a month from now, but maybe you'll get invited to the also-ran bowl to play UCF and represent the SEC better than Barn did last year.
Que the Alabama haters claiming LSU is a terrible team with no offense, and Alabama still haven't played anyone.
Cowherd acts as though you don't/can't consider what Saban has done at Alabama.
Brown is in the first round of every mock, and as good as gone.
Here's a few "weaknesses" for LSU, for those interested: Yards per play - Last in the SEC Passing efficiency - 13th in the SEC Passing yards per attempt - 12th in the SEC Completion Percentage - 13th in the SEC Touchdown passes - Last in the SEC Rushing YPC - 13th in the SEC Third Down conversion % - 11th in the SEC 10+ yard plays - Last in the SEC 20+ yard plays 11th in SEC Sacks Allowed: 11th in the SEC This looks suspiciously like the sort of offense Alabama chokes to death, doesn't it?
Will you say the same thing when George Pickens realizes that he can do better than playing for the lowly barn next season? It is coming, rest assured.
Of course he is. You would be too if your team had been curb stomped by a combined score of 128-10 in the last two meetings of the "rivalry". Never mind that no one in their right mind wishes injuries on a player from any time, so just why doesn't the word "Thankfully" work there for you, Archie Bunker?
Don't provide any stats that are contrary to the notion that this Alabama team (despite all the big game experience that everyone in year 2 or more has) is anything but simply a babe in the woods stumbling into big bad Tiger stadium at night. We're not supposed to discuss the shortcomings of LSU's opponents, only point out that Alabama hasn't "played anyone". Never mind that we really haven't played any FCS opponents this year (much less totaled a whopping 309 yards of total offense against one) and have in fact played teams with better offenses. It simply doesn't fit the narrative, and is to be ignored.
Wrong, He could have picked LSU, and given reasons that actually make sense. Instead he made the spurious claim that Alabama can no longer run at will and has trouble stopping the run. Statistics disprove both of those notions. The description fits LSU FAR BETTER than it does Alabama. Claiming that LSU's receivers match up with Alabama's secondary is another example of pointing out a perceived shortcoming that is better off used to describe LSU. Alabama has a far superior pass rush to LSU, and their pass defense has in fact been more effective this season. Claiming that LSU's bad group of receivers matches up well with Alabama's DB's well makes no sense, given the talent in Alabama's DB's and the fact that LSU's wr's are one of the least productive groups in the conference. Never mind that Joe Burrow is one of the least accurate quarterbacks in the league, is almost useless under pressure in 3rd and long situations, and Alabama leads the conference in applying pressure. Keep in mind that it was Michael that said the following about Alabama's game against Tennessee "Alabama will get theirs but I think Tennessee will show up and give Alabama the best game they’ve had all season. Alabama 38 Tennessee 24". Alabama had 28 points in the first quarter, just in case you missed it. They could have put 80 points on Tennessee easily.
What time is Orgeron scheduled to go back on the hot seat?
Cody, I hope Alabama slaps LSU down as violently as you just schooled this corndog. ^^
Coach Lock can do a lot better than going back to that dump.
Alabama hasn't had contact with this kids in months and have moved on to brighter prospects.
I can't believe they still have Ohio State in the playoffs.