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I'm well aware of that, but you cannot possibly be drinking the purple koolaid and believe that is even remotely resembles an accurate passer. When LSU needed crucial yards against Auburn, they were running him into the teeth of the Auburn DL and getting stuffed. That was very telling to me. They didn't trust him to throw short passes to pick up third and 4-6.
LSU is 4-0, and Joe Burrow has rightly received praise for his leadership, decision-making and accuracy. His...accuracy? Who's offering this praise? The national association for the blind? Burrow is a dreadful quarterback, who's big play this year, a 70 yard pass against Auburn, was thrown into triple coverage. If that pass is intercepted, the narrative about him is completely different.
You're selling ATM short if you see 3 more losses on their schedule. They scored 23 against Alabama. 23 at home against LSU, for example, wins that game. Auburn looks like a train wreck on offense, and suddenly Miss State looks more one dimensional than ever before.
Do people not realize that was Andy Pappanasotos making his return to BDS?
I was thinking the very same thing the other night, watching them lap Lane's team. The ultimate nightmare for me would be Alabama dominating all season long, then losing a tight SECCG to fellow undefeated Georgia. The committee would probably still chose 1 loss Alabama over UCF, but they'd instantly become the most hated persons in the country for doing so.
He forgot to give Auburn their well-deserved dismal grade.
How about that "respect now"? Beaten by 3 touchdowns by an SEC East team not named Georgia. At the end of the day, you're still just Miss State, whether you like or not. How is that prediction of Mess State winning the west feeling right now?
Texas A&M's issues look a lot less significant than those at LSU, Miss State or Auburn.
They are just losers. Remember that they went 0-12 just 3 years ago.
If the NCAA is now recognizing those chumps from Orlando as National champions, simply because of the Colley Matrix, then Alabama in fact just picked up another National championship, because that same group recognized them as 2016 National champions, despite the playoff loss to Clemson.
Take Jarrett Stidham away from Auburn and replace him with Hurts, and Auburn might not score against Alabama's defense. Anyone that saw the Iron bowl last year can see why.
Did you at any time see me mention Kevin Sumlin? No. Sumlin is quite simply a loser, and was justifiably fired. Les Miles is not a loser, and would still be at LSU if Alabama had not turned the rivalry with LSU into a completely one-sided affair ever since that 2011 National championship game.
Najee Harris 30 carries 6.8 ypc Damien Harris 24 carries 7.4 ypc Josh Jacobs 17 carries 4.5 ypc Brian Robinson 22 carries 90 ypc Damien Harris did not return to school to get 8 carries per game. He remains the most criminally under-utilized player in college football. Robinson only gets carries with the 2nd unit (when the game is out of hand and it is time to work clock).
That 5.5 ypc is very misleading, as it includes 3 second halves of runs by 4th-6th string backs against 8 man fronts that know Alabama is just killing clock. Damien Harris is 7.4 ypc and Najee Harris is 6.8. Problem is that they've combined for only 54 carries in 3 games. The simple truth is that Tua and the WR's have been so unstoppable that there isn't a need to run at this point, particularly when teams are still loading the box against Alabama out of habit.
What league have you been watching for the last decade? Do you think programs fire coaches that consistently win 9 or 10 games in any other conference? No, they don't. Not unless the see very clearly that SOMEONE else in the league is winning at a 90% clip and a threat go 15-0 each and every season. If Miles at LSU had simply traded SEC West championships with Saban and Malzahn since 2012, he'd still be around. If Alabama hadn't won 5 national championships since Mile's championship season, he'd look a hell of a lot better in comparison. Take away Alabama's last decade (the best in college football history) and there is simply zero reason to fire Miles, because he's as effective as any coach in the conference that is hands-down best in country. Saban raised the bar, and those that considered LSU the SEC program's #1a to Alabama's #1 have watched LSU fall back into the pack and underachieve every season since 2012. It is nearly as cut and dried with Richt and Georgia. The Georgia decision makers realized that they had all the assets at hand to do better than 9 wins a season, took Saban's top lieutenant, and are now among the nation's very best programs.
I agree with you. There's been no reason so far to ding Georgia in any way. They have already manhandled the team that most pegged to finish second in the division. What's not to love?
I'll never forget the big catch for a TD against Auburn (for Jake Coker), or all the Jalen Hurts Jet sweeps he turned up field for big gains.
If Alabama and Georgia both roll into Atlanta at 12-0 ranked #1 and #2, and play a competitive game, there should be no question that the loser belongs in the field, ahead of suspects from weak conferences.
"This will be a game where Alabama’s lack of elite coaches around Nick Saban this season first rears its ugly head, I have the Aggies with a big coaching advantage at both coordinator spots and Jimbo Fisher may prove to be the SEC’s second-best coach by the end of the season. Alabama will win but the Aggies cover." This is an insult. Also, the notion of Jimbo Fisher (destroyer of FSU's program) might surpass Smart by year's end is worse than absurd. Other coaches survive the loss of a starting QB without falling from #3 in the nation to 6-6. Fisher couldn't, didn't want to stick around to clean up own mess, and bolted. HE is responsible for the wretched team that Taggart is trying to handle right now.
Yours is first and foremost on the list. Do you honestly think Les Miles would be out if Alabama had not dominated the head to head series and been so successful since that November, 2011 matchup? Miles could have retired in Baton Rouge otherwise.
I'm shocked Brian Jones isn't making picks out of his rear end, like he usually does. This is the guy that picked Florida as a playoff team.
I don't know who he's kidding. Jimbo wasn't anything special without Jameis Winston at FSU, and left that program in horrid shape. The rivalry for the next 4+ years is obviously Alabama vs Georgia.
And there is your evidence, genius. The words of Mel Kiper, who has been working on the NFL draft more than any one person in the history of the NFL ever has. He talks about Tua as the #1 pick next season, which sort of trumps the myopic opinion of a couple of fans that seem to spend all day wondering why their .500 program doesn't get more props.
Here's the proof in the pudding: Yes. Tagovailoa has all the tools to be the No. 1 overall pick ... eventually. He's a pinpoint passer who throws with great anticipation and touch. He has good velocity on throws to the boundary. And he has some swagger; his teammates love him, and people around the program rave about his ability as a leader. Tagovailoa, a true sophomore who has at least another year in Tuscaloosa, has 19 touchdown passes and just two interceptions in his career, and he has taken the Crimson Tide offense to a whole new level. His 98.3 Total QBR leads the country. Now, he's only 6-foot-1 and 218 pounds, but Baker Mayfield broke the mold in the 2018 draft, and Tagovailoa is bigger than Mayfield. Why can't Tagovailoa be the top pick? He is that talented. The lefty is a lights-out player with an extremely high ceiling. I'm keeping my eye on the Nov. 3 game in Baton Rouge; LSU won't be a cakewalk. Let's see how Tagovailoa does against some NFL-caliber defensive backs. -- Kiper
I wasn't going to say one word about Lock, until I saw a couple of imbeciles/fans of an eternally mediocre Missouri program bashing Tua Tagovailoa, and deriding his NFL prospects. You are just butt-hurt that no one is bowing down to worship at the altar of Lock, a guy who hasn't won a big game in his life, and hangs around games against feebs like Purdue and Wyoming long enough to toss 45 passes. Tua's numbers would be right off your local Xbox if he ever came close to so many attempts against such horrid opponents.
Dreadful news, not only for Robinson, but for a team that might be the best in the NFL right now.
It must really bother you that no one cares about Lock or your team.
Are all Missouri fans really this stupid? Tua would breeze into that dumpster fire you call a team and take Lock's job in a week. Lock loses every showdown game, so he wouldn't have the Jalen Hurts 26-2 mark on his side.