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Recent Comments
I love how he honks Michigan, offering up Michigan State as a "rivalry game" even though MSU won 4 games last year. Ohio State has already disgraced itself and Penn State hasn't played anyone. It is his dream to see the SEC (particularly Alabama) left out, and he just won't be objective about it.
Just horrific news. I realize LB is the deepest unit on the team, but losing two pass rushers in game one is going to be very difficult to overcome. I don't see this team duplicating the 50+ sack totals of the 2015 and 2016 units at this point.
Amazing that you can label Alabama's special team performance "poor" simply because of FG kicking, and perhaps one shanked punt. The "poor" special teams unit blocked a FG and a punt, recovered a fumble, and was simply excellent in kick coverage.
Who could possibly think this was a dirty hit? I haven't read that anywhere.
The only defense on Alabama's schedule that is in Florida State's league is the one in Baton Rouge. There is no need to be alarmed at this point. The defense didn't look like its missed a beat.
(I say “should” simply because we all know Ohio State will have to lose three times to be eliminated from Playoff competition.)Truer words have never been spoken.
And who did? Arkansas? Alabama's offense has been extremely efficient the last 3 seasons, and consistently been among the top scoring units in the SEC. There's a reason the team has won 25 of its last 27 games against SEC competition, and the reason isn't all defense.
If a 10-3 type season is coming, it will be 2018, not 2017. Our secondary in 2018 figures to be rather green, as Averett and Brown are seniors, and Fitzpatrick and Harrison figure to declare for the NFL draft. Factor in offensive departures such as Ridley (He'll go pro regardless of how he plays this season. He will be 23 by the time the draft rolls around) and Bo Scarbrough, and 2018 could be tougher sledding than we are used to.
Last time I watched "DBU" play, they gave up 54 points and definitely didn't do any butt-kicking.
Sumlin has to be the favorite. He's lived off a regular season (2012 over Alabama) win for years now, and his team is always less than the sum of its parts. I'd hate to see Brett Bielema depart the list of SEC coaches, because he always has something funny to say, but Arkansas shouldn't have lost all those late games last year, to inferior teams. Malzahn is possible, if they have a disastrous season and get run out of the stadium by Alabama, but Jones should be safe. Who is going to fire a life champion?
No one is scared of Auburn. Why would Georgia be? 3 straight wins over the barn rats.
He's the 14th best player in college football, according to ESPN. He doesn't struggle.
Big expectations for the Barn? Count on an awful season.
FSU closed last season "playing as well as anyone in the land?"A 1 point win over a Michigan team (that was playing for nothing, after the officials took the OSU game away)?31-13 over the same Florida team that Alabama beat 54-16?This is why people ride you so hard, Crist. You make mindless statements like that that evidence simply doesn't bear out. FSU hasn't won a big game since 2013, and have been embarrassed plenty of times in the last 3 years when it comes to showdowns.
When Alabama wipes the field with FSU, the same way they did with USC this time last year, Crist will be crucified around here.
I don't understand why everyone acts as though Miles is some sort of liability as a coach. He's a better coach than anyone Ole Miss has ever had, and his record speaks for itself.
I don't see how you can possibly leave out Ole Miss over Alabama in 2014. They will be clinging to those two wins for the next 50 years.
Robinson must really be buried on the depth chart to want out already. I was shocked Emmons waited this long. He was clearly odd man out in the RB stable.
Do offenses typically scheme to "stop" a linebacker?No, they scheme to score points. Alabama scored 28 more of them than Kentucky did, even in an off-game for the Tide offense. Please keep deluding yourself into believing that anyone on your defensive roster would see the field in Tuscaloosa.
Yes, feel free to compare the late-round dregs MSU sends to Donta' Hightower and CJ Mosely.Ready for another 50 point whipping this year?
Stop looking at tackle stats as if you are covering baseball and that is the home run total. Linebackers on bad defenses, like Kentucky, are going to have lots more tackle stats than those that play for Alabama, because Alabama doesn't let teams sustain drives ahead of them and gets off the field. RaShaun Evans is easily a better player than anyone Kentucky will line up. Get a clue about how football works and stop whining.
What a great experience he could have had at USC. Problem going backwards. Carroll not sticking around. Program going on probation. Yeah, let's bemoan how "unfair" it is.
Nick Chubb 5.0 YPC Sony Michel 5.5 YPCDamien Harris 7.2 YPC Bo Scarborough 6.5 YPC Joshua Jacobs 6.6 YPCBy all means, show us the highlight video for a couple of average backs, guys that were forced to stick around for their senior season, because the NFL wasn't at all bullish on them.
I love it when fans of a "haven't won jack in decades" school like Georgia think that they match up with Alabama. Alabama has far more talent at the position (and every other position) than Georgia has.
How about how they utterly humiliated the Dawgs in 2015?
LOL, go check the YPC averages for Alabama's running backs: Harris 7.2, Scarborough 6.5, Jacobs 6.6. If you think that is 'crappy', then you are beyond help. Oh, and don't try to equate your status with Ole Miss; they won big games in the conference over the last few years, and played Alabama tougher than anyone. They recruit far better than Missouri ever will.
When that "couple of teams" is comprised of two dregs that routinely bring in recruiting classes rated among the worst in the conference, I'm going to point that out. Neither team has any WR remotely on par with Ridley; check Mel Kiper's draft lists if you need clarification. The incoming class of receivers at Alabama is rated as the best in the nation, and Jerry Jeudy was the A-day player of the game. Missouri and South Carolina could merge their rosters and still not come close to that level of talent. In particular, Missouri's "catch numbers" are inflated, because they were a terrible team in 2016, and were always behind, forced to air it out for 3+ quarters. I don't take issue to other groups being called superior to Alabama when there is a reason for it, such as LSU's DB's last year, or Auburn's kicker either season. But the notion of Missouri and South Carolina having a better receiving corps than Alabama is simply laughable, and any NFL scout would agree.