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They've long since quit on the season. Kentucky hasn't. I saw them push Alabama hard for much of the first half, and be right in the game against Florida for even longer.
Maybe she can hit Rapinoe up for dating tips, since she's such a fan.
Vanderbilt is too good at baseball to consider leaving the SEC. The best starting pitcher for the world series champion LA Dodgers wouldn't like this idea one bit.
Derek Mason is about to become an even bigger favorite of the left in this country. He was already a hero for playing Sarah Fuller. Now he'll be an even bigger hero to them, because he's clearly being fired because of his race, not his record.
Holy Crap, just as I finished reading this section and went back to the starting page on this site, I noticed that Derek Mason has been fired, so I guess his SJW stunt didn't pay off. No word if replacement is from the "Sarah Fuller camp" and plans to design the offense around her unique skill set.
^^ Wish they had thumbs up here. What if Sarah Fuller, who's bigger than most of the kickers in the league anyway, decides she wants to play right guard for Vandy? Can't she have that too, since she'd just be "putting her mind to it"?
Thumbs up for this comment, because I was about to say the same. In what world was that a "well-executed" squib kick? I've heard it called an onside attempt as well. Wright sounds like one of those that thinks that Sarah Fuller should by default be the SEC special teams player of the week, simply because of her gender. Jason Whitlock is one of the very best in the business at speaking the truth about matters that most sports writers simply just march lock and liberal step with. I wasn't aware that Vanderbilt didn't have a male soccer team, but hardly surprised, since Title IX crap forces schools to disband male sports in order to have football and men's basketball foot the bill for all the women's sports that no one cares about.
I hope you aren't still counting 2014 as a win for Freeze and Ole Miss, because the NCAA isn't. Freeze is a cheater, and his hiring will backfire on whichever desperate SEC team hires him as head man.
Cincinnati and BYU would beat the SEC dregs, particularly Vanderbilt.
Anyone that watched Texas A&M play is probably not going to be in the mood to keep them at #5 after that dismal performance.
Could they find any female soccer players to replace Mond at quarterback? I find it hard to believe they could have played any worse.
Certainly, one wouldn't think that LSU would be a threat to finish with a losing record in 2021, but you are delusional if you expect them to flip a switch and return to anything near 2019 standards then. That season was an aberration at a school where 9-4 and 10-3 type seasons are far more common than anything approaching 2019. Particularly when this team is already losing scholarships and will quite possibly be in massive trouble from all of these rape allegations.
Would you be kind enough to start posting all your gambling tips regularly? I always like betting against guys without a clue.
How did that bet work out for you, clown? You were one goal line fumble away from going down by 43 points.
Some class Auburn fans here. Some typical barn scumbags. Embarrassed by LSU is a good laugh. Have you forgotten how bad they are this season?
Bo Nix did play hard, and I didn't see any finger-pointing by him in this game, even though he had real cause to do so. Chad Morris was supposed to be an offensive genius, at least until the last two years. But it sure looked a lot like the same game plan that Auburn trotted out about 5 years ago with Jeremy Johnson to me.
Ole Miss isn't a good case to try to make in Florida's favor, since they didn't blow the Rebels out either.
Thanks for coming to play the game, despite being down so many key guys. We know of *some teams* that would have gotten out of playing entirely!
What a smart business decision, to wave a gun at an Alabama football hero.
Typical barners. Two weeks ago, you lose to horrible South Carolina, and season is over, the usual drum beats to fire Gus. The officials gift wrap you your 2nd undeserved victory of the season against Ole Miss, and you beat the sorriest LSU team in school history. Naturally, you now think you are a match for Alabama. IN Tuscaloosa, where you've lost the last 4 games by an average of 4 touchdowns. Alabama is going to skull drag Auburn. Get it through your thick skulls. You are a terrible offensive team. I would not be shocked to see you lose to Tennessee again.
How in hell are you projecting Clemson as the #1 seed at this point?
Has this clown actually watched the two teams play?
I wonder if this guy could do a good cover of Cherub Rock.
What happened to UT keeping it close, Mike? Even without Waddle, Alabama scored at will. That 38-24 prediction was nonsensical.
Clemson will be given all the credit in the world for beating a typically awful Notre Dame team in a few weeks.
Glad someone else noticed what a joke Notre Dame is. But that doesn't fit the media's pro-Clemson narrative, because they've got to hype Notre Dame in order to keep Clemson at #1.
Notre Dame...best offensive line in college football. LOL. Ask Georgia who the best offensive line is. You score more than 12 points against god awful Louisville if your OL is that dominant.
The running joke that Ohio State deserves to be ranked #1 in anything has gotten really stale, a full month into the football season.