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SevenT...Coach Dooley recruited me and was my coach when I arrived at UGA. Thanks for your post as it is spot on.
Yes fuzzy...most of the fans who post on this site are very vacuous in their posts which I guess in a way adds to the humor.
Georgian in simply means that draft grades and needs in the NFL differ far far more than what fans see or understand when it comes to what those NFL teams are looking for. Example: un-drafted free agent David Andrews (starting center for the Patriots) and their 199th pick in the 6th round quarterback Tom Brady, or Nick Chubb 2nd round pick by Cleveland....I could list more but you get the drift I hope.
Netori "Snowcone" Johnson, Chris Barnes and Warren Ericson have made the switch lineman wise with Ericson seeing some snaps on that side of the ball.
Kirby...In a sense I would agree but I do know that some of the high profile offensive line recruits have made or are getting serious reps on that side of the line. The issue with moving from offense to defense is speed plain and simple.It would appear that 2 or possibly 3 will see time on the defensive side as our O-Line is stacked.
Joe Marks: Be very careful generalizing one fan base based off of a limited few from a sports site. Using your generalization stance I could simply group you and everyone from the State of Florida as inbred, crack addict (insert) anything crazy and absurd. Example; enter your birthday followed by Florida news and see what ridiculous arrest was made on that day. It is a very popular trend to see what the idiots in Florida are up to.
Fuzzy...I understand, it does get old.
ladonvol67.... actually I do follow UT Football as one of the guys I played with @ UGA is involved with UT Athletics. Get back in your lane
Fuzzy..Please explain "what" UGA Fans have to be jealous of UT for? Also you stated that those mentioned "never say anything with any merit or thought" Well....FACT: Coach Chaney was not happy with Co-OC duties while @ UGA and he DID leave for a lot more money to which UT DOES have to pay UGA....AND according to VolsWire "Martin has since updated his coaching duties at UT on Facebook to wide receivers coach, co-offensive coordinator and assistant head coach." So just to be clear....what part of what was posted was without thought or merit?
bluntforce...and not so long ago 2013 UF lost to FCS Ga. Southern. #facts #mostembarrassingloss
No idiot (un-Trudawg) the intentional misspelling stands for North Avenue Trade School....jeez what a clown
CO... Kind of like your last conference Championship (2008)
BallSoHard...cut him some slack...looking at his previous posts he only knows how to "parrot" or talk the usual "gator jorts talk" Great points by the way.
Blitzer13...I too know a couple of guys I played with as well as one from Clemson who occasionally, like myself gets on here. I would guess you have a National Championship ring? If you do that's pretty dang cool. I of course never made it one of the big bowls (Liberty, Gator and Peach were my bowls) as I played with Coach Dooley my first two years then I finished with Coach Goff. One of the guys I played with called me and we laughed about the Herschel Walker comment...pretty funny..
Yes Legacy it will be an interesting next few years. I would love to see the SEC East as strong as it once was.
Kirby: Dwan Mathis can truly be a diamond in the rough. I believe he runs a 4.6 40 and from what most "scouts" say is very talented and has the potential to be a breakout star. Of course all recruits have that potential...I guess. Dwan is said to have a strong enough arm to make the classic throws, he’s tall (6’5) with the ability to add good weight, which he’ll need to do to play in the SEC. But he’s elusive enough in the open field that he has to be accounted for as a runner. Lastly, he makes good decisions and has a nice touch on the ball when he knows where he’s going with it. Can't wait to follow his development.
LegacyGator88; just wondering...I wonder if in 2008 it was more Coach Meyer or Tebow who beat Alabama and Coach Saban /DC Coach Smart? It appears that Coach Smart has somewhat struggled with true dual threat QB's (A&M Manziel 2012, Clemson Deshaun Watson 2017, Tua 2018/19, Jalen 2018/19). Same can be said for Coach Saban. Thoughts??
LegacyGator88: I stand corrected. 2008
UrbanLiar: "if you seriously are trying to make yourselves believe that Gray isn’t a significant upgrade from Warren you’re delusional" Don't know what you are referring to... if that was addressed to me? Since you referred to me then referred to "yourselves" ??? By your past posts and general jargon I would definitely bet that you have never played a single down of college football and IF you played in high school you probably sat the bench. I do not believe you even remotely know what is involved in coaching on the college level. In the end it's fans like you that keep that "school spirit" alive. As you so like to bring up our loss to Texas...let me remind you of Nov. 23, 2013: Georgia Southern 26, Florida 20 the worst loss in school history. The Gators had never lost a game to a lower division school and had beaten their previous FCS opponents by an average of 45 points. Last time I checked Texas wasn't in the FCS.
Recruiting??? look at my previous post. Also Coach Gray will still be answering to Coach Grantham. I’m not trying to beat up on Coach Grantham, but this recent delusion about him being some defensive genius is laughable. He’s a decent defensive coordinator and he’s super aggressive which works well against some teams. However, when facing better offenses with lots of weapons, (which Georgia is loaded) he’s traditionally struggled because his calls leave his secondary exposed. Not to mention Georgia OWNS Coach Grantham and his defensive "schemes" one needs to look no further than when he was at Louisville (lost by 37), Mississippi State (lost by 28) and at Florida (lost by 19) facing Georgia. Until that monkey is off his back (much like the Coach Spurrier monkey on Georgia's back) until that actually happens, I’m pretty sure that Georgia fans will be saying ‘3rd and Grantham’ a lot. Side Note: Coach Mullen is win-less against either a Coach Smart coached defense or Head Coach Smart coached team.
3x's better...In what fashion? Do explain.....
mudragon: Warren was ranked as UF's #1 Recruiter per 24/ 7. Georgia now has 7 Recruiters ranked ahead of Fla's top Guy. Gray is not known as a Recruiter...or wasn't when he was at UF before. Still think Coach Smart doesn't know what he is doing??
Wish Jalen all the best....He handled his role at Alabama with loads of class.
There is a slight ripple in talks that Jalen could be looking at UNC with Coach Brown.
No, as the article stated they were a 10 point dog.