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No Coach Mullen...As a former player I was recruited by several Coaches that I obviously did not play for, but the respect for obtaining that level in their chosen profession does not deserve disrespect from "fans" on a sports site. Just my opinion. You can disagree and wonder about calls on the field or why or why not said Coach tried or tried not to land a recruit or how they handled a certain situation but some of the people who post on this site really need to get a life. There are...however; some on here, supporting other schools who I enjoy reading their posts and insight on not only their team but other opposing teams as well.
Seriously...Corch/Matt you have to stop with the relentless sometimes childish bashing of Florida and Coach Mullen. You have made yourself/comments a laughing stock. Just support the Dawgs and go from there.
A lot of hype around someone as divisive as Fields is concerning. OSU is a good place for him and hopefully he matures.
Right BamaTime...I meant to put CB but got caught up in the DB position group thought. Teague could really move and hit.
My only experience "first hand" with this list is George Teague. When I was finishing up @ UGA he was coming in at Alabama. He didn't really shine till I believe '91/'92 but it was evident that he could play. If I'm not mistaken he started as a DB. He should be up there on the safety/DB list for Alabama greats at that position group.
BullGator: Yes you cannot "technically" have an official visit off campus, not to mention what are you going to show a potential recruit during a travel game where time is already limited with preparation for the upcoming game. If it is still the same as when I played travel/away games are pretty hectic for the staff with set-up and break-down, game plans, player adjustments and pre-game routines such as warm-up, trainer prep and "final game plans".
From a fan's perspective I can understand your point of view..but from what I know about Demetris R. is that he has taken a leadership role in the locker room and has the work effort along with the skill set plus playing for 2 1/2 years now to offer that stability and guidance. Is it a guarantee that he will be the "man" with-in that position group? We shall see...there are a lot of cogs in the wheel of any football program.
The key piece would be the player mentioned in my original response...D. Robertson. Good freshman season out west...A full year and a half learning and developing into an UGA/SEC receiver, that is who I see as the leader of that position group given the current situation.
BT...In the past 2 seasons who has returned with 100 receptions? I am curious? You had Amari Cooper back in 2012-2014 with 228 "career catches" and then it goes back to Julio Jones 2008-2010 with 179 "career catches"...I'm truly curious as to who you are saying came back with 100 the past 2 seasons.
So to wrap it up for you... I stated facts that have occurred at Alabama...see previous response, and then formed an opinion based off of those facts and compared it to the situation referenced at Georgia. Never once said it was a fact for Georgia just an opinion based off of what has taken place at a similar football program.
Let me make it easy for you...the comparison was that Freshman receivers made an impact for Alabama the past 2 seasons..(you still with me?) I commented to CO Jones that we have some talented freshman receivers coming in that can contribute (see how a comparison is made?) Then in reference to TruTroll mentioning Coach Chaney leaving as our OC...I then compared it to Alabama and the turnover/head coach opportunities previous OC's for said Alabama have had and how it would affect us the same way...Understand now or do I need to elaborate more?
Correction I did comment on the Wingo article about the impact Freshman receivers can have when I said ala Alabama the past 2 years. I stand corrected. Still the question is are you just trying to troll? I posted an opinion based on facts.
If I am not mistaken it is only this article where the comparison was made, NOT "going around comparing Georgia to Alabama on multiple articles" I referenced freshman receivers and their impact i.e. (DeVonta Smith & Jalen Waddle) and then the answer to TruTroll about the OC leaving. Pretty good comparison if youre being open minded and not trying to troll like aforementioned TruTroll. So which is it BT?
Doesn't make what so? Just curious to your thought pattern here.
Perhaps you should be happy/or not that Chaney is @ UT....
The Duke game has multiple facets involved... One Coach Cutcliffe is an Alabama Alumni and has been a big part of the SEC not only with UT but with Ole Miss. Those facts alone make the scheduling reasons (mind you this game was scheduled I believe 3/4 years ago). Plus it helps with Duke's and Coach Cutcliffe's recruiting "resume". This will be a testing game right out of the chute for Alabama simply because of Coach Cutcliffe's coaching prowess. I am not saying that the game will be close but it will be an interesting game to watch.
My understanding from coaches was that conditioning along with the physical nature of the SEC and what is demanded of receivers i.e blocking down field @ UGA was a learning curve for D. Robertson. He came in with the look what I did as a prima donna Freshman out west and it was a wake up call. His speed was shown on the TD jet sweep against Austin Peay but other than that he needed to learn how to "work". By the way nice flip with Wingo from PSU...he is a player with huge upside.
CO...without wide receivers?? Look at Alabama the past two seasons and the freshman receivers were big impact players. Plus D. Robertson has had a year and a half to develop into a high caliber SEC receiver (5* great hands and a speedster). With UGA's running game the tight ends along with the receiver's on board the only concern is from a "media" and/or rival team perception of weakness; but, I can assure you from an on the field and talent/coaches view it is far from a weakness.
Best "returning"...certainly not the best.. D. Robertson has learned and grown into an SEC receiver this past year and a half and will be a big threat with great hands plus speed. UGA has a "media" perception of weakness at receiver...not a player and development weakness. Along with the freshmen coming in (ala Alabama past 2 seasons) we have some hungry play-makers.
Mountain & Boxster: Nicely done and thank you...Go Dawgs!
Great news! This young man, by simply being an athlete, had this instance thrust into the media spotlight. If only the ones at fault now could face the same scrutiny. Hope to see Lamical have a great year, but get stuffed by the Dawgs in Jacksonville.
DaGeherk and Dawgs of War: Show a little class and respect this young man's situation has nothing to do with The University of Florida or their coach/fans or players. Just adding my 2 cents...focus on the road ahead.
SevenT...Coach Dooley recruited me and was my coach when I arrived at UGA. Thanks for your post as it is spot on.