Played between the hedges 86-90
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Wish Jalen all the best....He handled his role at Alabama with loads of class.
There is a slight ripple in talks that Jalen could be looking at UNC with Coach Brown.
No, as the article stated they were a 10 point dog.
Coach Bmac would be one helluva get for East Carolina. A great school, awesome college town feel with quite an impressive pedigree when it comes to Coaches and the SEC along with the familiar ACC schools...Pat Dye (Auburn), Ed Emory (stint at GT), Sonny Randle (Virginia), Art Baker (first at Clemson then Asst under Coach Bowden @ FSU), Bill Lewis (everywhere Georgia, Pitt, Wake, Notre Dame, GT, Arkansas), Steve Logan (MSU), John Thompson 'very poor at ECU' (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Ole Miss, South Carolina), Skip Holtz (South Carolina, Notre Dame), Ruffin McNeill (Clemson,Virginia, Currently AHC and DC @ Oklahoma). So it would seem to be a great fit for Coach McClendon.
redsox....when it comes to a fan saying they are familiar and a Coach, you are talking 180 degrees difference...just saying
Tell me about it...I had my red-shirt year 86' and then playing 87' and 88' with Coach Dooley then.......Coach Goff for 89' and 90' 5th year...It was bad.
UMass is no longer in the MAC...they are an Independent
I would say that the change has already began..'Georgia is the first SEC East team in 23 years to sweep the division in consecutive years while winning each game by more than two touchdowns.' Where as Coach Saban won a BCS Championship in year 3 the path and trajectory that Coach Smart has Georgia on is eerily similar. As for the rest of the East catching up to Georgia??? One could surmise that the same question has been posed to teams from the West and with the Way Coach Saban recruits alas the same way Coach Smart recruits (top recruiting classes year in and year out) that Georgia has in fact (as National pundits put it) become the very same version of Alabama in the East.
Coach Muschamp IMO is at his best as a DC...I do believe that all the other 'intricacies' involved with the HC position do not suit well to his mind set. It is like he has a hard time being multi-faceted. I am in no way an authority on the subject but do see this as an issue. I wish success for Coach Muschamp as strengthening the SEC East will boost UGA's resume as well.
Redsox...Even while playing Coach Dooley told us that excuses are just another reason for lack of execution, hustle, lost focus etc. I hate excuses and like doubledeuce I want the best at their best.
I hear ya'...I would still like for Coach Smart and The Dawgs to face Coach Saban and Alabama without the QB excuse as a factor.
Regardless of what we hypothesize on this site, it's still just conjecture. I am hoping for a speedy recovery for Tua.
Redsox...Go back and read his previous posts and hopefully you will understand my comment. You can see his digression with his posts as the season progresses and his Gators can't back up his mouth. By the way we didn't 'need' the 4th quarter to win as we were ahead in the 3rd and would've still won without 13 in the 4th.
David...Kirby is referring to the ever so humorous claim that UCF was the National Champion last year AND the fact that they claim that they could 'hang' with Alabama. Kirby wasn't trying to be funny or disrespect Alabama merely stating that it would be great to see them throttle UCF IF they were left out of the mix. You obviously couldn't comprehend the satire in his post.
Haselwood is a strong lean back to UGA. Emery has a couple of "insiders" in his ear and it will be interesting to see how he reaches his final decision. I hope he understands the value of "tailback by committee" IF the NFL is his ultimate end goal.
As a teammate of mine this is quite funny...Set them straight #95 GATA
UK good luck the rest of the way. Coach Stoops and your team have been a class act since the defeat.
I am wondering where UK1970 ran off to???? He had a classic case of Alligator mouth with a Hummingbird ass.
BamaTime it is all in good fun...I was just having fun with the order (team mentioned first) in which each fan base refers to the game. It has been that way ever since I can remember.
Missing the point...For every Georgia fan it is always "Georgia-Florida.. Never the other way around
BamaTime...It's the Georgia-Florida Game. I hope to my Bulldogs come out and play the way we all expected them to play this year. Hard running, control the LOS and use the pass once the run has been established. Lock down defense etc...
TruTroll: I have said it before and I will say it again. Your posts are truly are a funny little troll.