dawg man

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What was lsu record with Bo Pelini before. Just asking?
Bama has won alot in the last 25 years in your stadium lsu. A lot more than you have in Bryant Denny.lmao
Noone will ever be in the shadow of lswho!!@!!! You guys are legends in your own mind. Lets see what happens next year. I can only imagine.
What happened to your Barn basketball team . Bama put a beatdown on them, this week and now they cannot even score 50. By the way what was the barns record. Oy yeah a nother 4 loss season. The barn is good.lmao of course they won over Bama at Aub. so please keep Gus and give him a raise.
Who said the better team won the iron bowl. Your Qb is a friggin wiener arm Buba Nix!!!
And it could be like lsu fifty years and nothing but mediocre. But man lsu still has a legend coach right Coach Zero!!! Who said best season of all time. Was it you or coach zero. What are you guys going to do about the cash given to player after the nc game . Oh but you guys said it was not real but ole Joe said it was. lmao also pay basketball players also.lmao
He sounded lazy, maybe couldn't take the hard work and heat.
I was stationed in New Jersey, hell hole of the world, Alabama would be heaven compared to NJ. Not to mention the crime and all.
Remind me but was not some cash recently paid off to basketball players by fans. All this was in the news about investigation. Maybe ncaa needs to take a closer look , Very intersting throwing cash around the football team after winning . Needs to be resolved.
What defense Ga. Lswho beat you by how many. You sure do have short memory. I guess a dog is just that way! lol
If he played at WAke in the acc, sec better watch out he must be really special. Gosh I just dread next season playing against such a high caliber player. lmao
Georgia how long has it been since you won a natty? You are still known as Choke univ. Even with little Kirby. Ga will never win anything. They are nothing but wannabes. lmao! Bama will kick your butt next year./ Everyonbe will see it come true. lmao!!!!
Hey Cameron Big Blue lb, in the sec we play Big Boy football. Quit whining and make a tackle. Mich. should not have kicked that long Field goal and took a knee in the first half. lmao Go sec.,
Come on sec , Lsu kick dabo butt. Go LSU and sec. Beat the weak acc.,
LSU that is really something to be proud of. Typical lswho. lmao
That is the only thing SC has won in last five years lmao
What is gawja excuses not really any that matter you just keep on choking and being known as choke u lmao No qb
How many has he won over Tennis shoe ? I bet you hope he does not have many more. LMAO Oh Yea al;l runs come to an end and Tenn goes to a bowl I love you Tenn had to come to Bama to get a coach!!!!LMAO
I feel for you Kentucky, Beth Mowins a time to mute tv. I am sure she is a nice lady .
Yes LSWHo after joey Burrow is gone will return to mediocre and You will want to run off Coach Zero after two 7-5 seasons the next two years. And after Ohiuo State kicks your butt and preobably Ok. also lmao
A point noone mentioned is penalties against Bama vs Penalties against Auburn in Auburns stadium the last ten games at Dye Field is some good home cooking lmao!!!
Because Bama has beaten you for the last several gamesa ha
Remind me what was that score of Ga. vs Fl. this year?