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What is Klatt's prognostication record? Wait... what is he drinking or smoking? That's Ok... it only counts on the field not in some talking head's wet dreams!
"A former newspaper veteran" should know that you need to provide the person's full name at least once and preferably at the beginning of the story.
There has to be some accountability for referees who make egregious calls. I am no fan of South Carolina or Will Muschamp, but he is right when he complains about an official who calls an unsportsmanlike penalty from 40 yards away while the nearby referees did not feel the need to call a penalty. Finally, the NFL and the NBA does comment on lousy officiating. The NFL will put out a statement on controversial calls, and the NBA has its 2-minute report where it comments on calls made in the last two minutes of a game. The leagues recognize that technology emphasizes mistakes and feel that their customers should have a better explanation.
Speaking of weddings on the field, it's been done. We did it when I was in the Redcoat Band in 1978! The couple who got married at our halftime show is still happily married and living in suburban Atlanta!
I don't understand the appeal of Barstool. I've tried to listen on Sirius/XM and could not listen for more than 5 minutes thinking it was a bunch of juveniles trying to act like they know something about sports. I can get this type of talk in any bar or stadium. It's fine for 5 minutes but to base an entire network on this drek is beyond my comprehension. That being said, these social media fights are getting boring. Who gives a f***? This fake outrage is more annoying than the story. IMHO, there are more things to worry about than a pissing contest between two sportscasters!
The SEC did not "pick" TAMU. The Aggies and Mizzou came to the SEC and asked to join the best conference. Why? Why would they ask to join the best conference? Maybe it has to do with all that money being generated for the conference when schools like Georgia and Alabama make it to the championship game. Think about it... all of the payout from that game stays in the SEC. And since football funds that vast majority of the athletic departments around the country, especially in the Power 5 conference, it just makes fiscal sense!
"At least before the trip to Columbia there was some small, irrational notion that the red-and-black machine that effortlessly bludgeoned the division last year might have lost some crucial piece that it wouldn’t be able to easily replace..." Replace? No! Kirby Smart doesn't "replace." He reloads!
Giants' owner John Mara said that he would prefer there was a GM and a coach, not one person together. Saban has made it known through his channels that he wants full control. Since his pro career did not show that much success, the Giants are not going to change that stance. They will hire a GM who will hire a coach. Saban won't be hired for either role. Get over it!
I think that win in South Bend and the Terry Godwin catch set the tone for this season more than anything else. It seemed to not only get the players riled up but the fan base also began to believe.
Quotes from the locker room: "On to bigger and better things." "It all starts next week." It's five days away and I cannot wait! HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS!
It's funny to read these reports after the fact and wonder if they were watching the same team we were!!
ESPN doesn't like Georgia and when they are rolling, ESPN will put Georgia down. Saturday's game will be a tough game for Georgia. The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry always is a tough game when there is something on the line for either school. But given ESPN's track record, I do not take what they say seriously.
Big boys up front to block for the 4- and 5-star quarterbacks and open holes for the stable of running backs. I hope Pittman gets them all!
The purpose of the bonuses is for accomplishments. I hope he continues to earn all of the bonuses his contract calls for!
Not only are you correct, but I think South Carolina is a year away from really competing the SEC East. I hate to say it, but this is going to be a Georgia-South Carolina battled for the next few years!
Hey @Bcreek: Hold your head up. As much as I hate to admit it, Muschamp may have your team on a good path. It was a solid game plan and it looks like he brought his great recruiting skills with him. I am also impressed that Muschamp seems to have learned to overcome some of his emotional mistakes he made at Florida. I have a feeling that the SEC East is going to be a Georgia-South Carolina affair for the next few years. It's not what I want (of course, I'm biased) but I have to be realistic based on what I can see on the field. Now go beat Clem(p)son. Not because I care who Georgia plays down the road, but because I just hate them and their smug attitudes. I also remember when Clem(p)son was a regular on the Georgia schedule. I just hate them!! Now go get them!
Georgia played a good game, but let's not forget there was another team on the field. As much as I hate to do it, you have to give South Carolina a lot of credit for the game. They controlled the ball on offense and showed some stretches of great defense. They are not as deep as Georgia but Muschamp is doing a good job recruiting. And his showing a more steady hand at South Carolina means he learned his lessons from the problems he had a Florida. I initially laughed when South Carolina hired Muschamp. He may have the last laugh on this one.
If it worked everyone would have called it a genius move. However, it shows that you better be on your toes because the Georgia coaches are looking for your weaknesses and will try to exploit them. A gutsy call against a tough opponent on national television.
It's done at night games before the fourth quarter when the Redcoats play the Krypton Fanfare. It is a fairly recent tradition. It was started as a social media blitz by a few members of the Redcoats in 2015. Obviously, it's only for night games or games when the end of the third-quarter occurs after dark.
THIS ARTICLE IS A BIG #FAIL! First, the original story from 247Sports.com is only SINCE 2000! If you're going to put together a list like this and don't include Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson, then you better clarify what you are writing about. Not making this caveat is lazy journalism and downright stupid! BTW: Walker and Jackson should number 1 and 2 on any list concerning SEC greats!
When I was growing up the voice of college football was Keith Jackson!
NO! Because in my day, when we did win a National Championship, we were not ranked because they refused to rank the professionals with the amateurs!