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He is a good coach. Hope he ends up somewhere good.
I am expecting a Gamecock win. GO COCKS!
He is a heck of a football player. He definitely deserves to be all conference and Clayton White deserves some honors too for the job he has done. GO COCKS!
Good to hear the love from our SEC brethren. I feel good about the Clemson game - I am expecting to win now (not just hoping). To all my SEC brothers who are playing teams out of conference: Put a whippin' on em!
a very tough SEC-like football game. You guys got a good team - don't get too down
Thanks - this win to get bowl eligible is HUGE for us
The word in Gamecock land is that Kirby verbally accepted the job and Georgia got wind of it and fired Richt immediately and hired Smart. Kirby made the best choice - we were a dumpster fire in 2015
I liked Mike Bobo - he did a great job in his only year. I wish we had done a better job of keeping him
C'mon O-line! Pulling for you guys. Let's get the W against Auburn.
Good article. I was thinking the same thing in that we just turned the corner after the Florida game but came crashing down to earth against Mizzou. Good news: final 2 games are at night in Williams-Brice. Bad news: We will be underdogs in both games.
I am looking for the Gamecocks to get to a bowl this year. We need the extra practice. I know we will be underdogs in both games but the good news is that they are both night games at Williams-Brice.
And another pain: #18 - the good DE from Mizzo - who we couldn't keep put of our backfield - is from Irmo. How can we let a player in our own backyard go six states away to play football?
WOW - what a game. I was there and it was sweet - BUT - let's go take care of business against Missou.
Sorry - I was looking wrong. I was thinking you were saying that the Gamecocks would curb stomp Florida. I can dream right?
That would be BEAUTIFUL if that happened.
Interesting observations. From a Gamecock standpoint: Are we going to make changes to the anemic offense after a bye week? All Gamecock fans sure hope so. GO COCKS!
I am very interested on what (or if) changes we make in our Offense. We cannot keep doing the same thing....
Part of me says the Gamecocks will go 0-4 and part of me says it will go 4-0 in these last 4 games. How 'bout we get some rest during the bye week and come out with a different scheme against Florida? I am looking forward to it.....
We have a much needed open date coming up. I am very curious if Beamer and company will be making changes on Offense for the Florida game.
We have a bye week - let's get some much needed rest - and some changes are definitely in order. I am interested to see what (or if any) scheme and/or personnel changes in our Offense will be for the Florida game. If we come out and we do the same things on Offense to start the game - the boo birds will be chirping.......
in a wierd way - this may be the best thing for him. Let him watch and learn from the sidelines. Hopefully - he will heal up just fine.
I wish we could be a better rivalry to you guys. Those 3-4 years (2010-13) that Spurrier had us really cooking would have been an excellent games with the Aggies
What's he going to say - He sux? He is trying to deflect. Gamecock fans are dealing with the same thing - except it's our Offensive Coordinator. Beamer has taken up for him but....