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We have a lot to work on - but the future is very bright for the Gamecocks and Coach Beamer. GO COCKS!
I (and all of Gamecock Nation) want him to come back. He has one of the best young arms I have seen in a long time.
Which offense shows up against Clemson? The one against Tennessee or the one against Florida? I hope it's closer to the one against Tennessee.
Does the Gamecock offense show up in the Clemson game that beat Tennessee or the one that wet the bed against Florida and Missouri? GO COCKS
The last thing that Tenn. wants is for us to hang around because a Williams-Brice night crowd can will you to a victory. GO COCKS
I would like to see Rattler do another year with a good Offensive Coordinator and different scheme. He does have some issues but has one of the best arms on a QB I have ever seen.
I'm just hopeful that we can keep it a close game in the 4th quarter. (but I am also realistic too) GO COCKS
If he is projected 1st round - then he needs to go. Good luck to him - I wish he would come back for another year but I am also realistic too
I'm just hoping we can keep it a close game in the 4th quarter. GO COCKS
I'm just hoping we can keep it close in the 4th quarter. Our offense is terrible - how in the world can we hang in there with the Vols hi-scoring attack?
Good news for Gamecock fans: 1. We are already bowl eligible (when the "experts said we would win 4 or 5 games max) 2. Satterfield's contract ends in late December 3. Beamer is one heck of a recruiter *just trying to interject some positives here after a very painful game to watch last night
Congrats on the win. Too bad we couldn't give you guys a game. Our Offense is putrid at times and you guys ran amok on our Defense
I think we are all very curious to what this team will be. But starting 2-0 with a victory over Clemson is a good start.
Satterfield (surprisingly) called a creative and interesting game despite Marshawn Lloyd being out. This may have been Spencer Rattler's best game. That touchdown throw to Vann in the corner of the endzone was pure big league. Defense gave up too much rushing yards - BUT - we got the win. GO COCKS
I wish Bobo was still the OC. I wonder if he wishes he had stayed at USC rather than go to Auburn and proceeded to get fired after one year?
If there are any good news from yesterday - it is this. we will be getting a new OC. The question is: When?
How many good and promising Head Coaches get derailed in their career by sticking with their buddies as Coordinators and Assistant Coaches? Let's hope that Beamer makes the tough decision soon.
I knew that the lack of Offense was going to catch up with us soon. We have been living off of Special Teams and turnovers by an opportunistic Defense. At what point does Beamer make a hard decision? Now? End of the season? It is painfully obvious to everyone that there has to be a change.
You Defense played great today. BUT - this has been an ongoing theme with us since Beamer has been here. There has to be change at OC
Let's get the W against Mizzou and keep the good vibes going. We all know we have a lot to work on to get things right. GO COCKS!