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WOW - most watched basketball game (Men's/Women's/NBA) on ESPN in five years? GO COCKS
looking forward to the championship game. We owe Iowa from last year - but Caitlan Clark scares the heck out of me. She cam shot a 3 from anywhere. GO COCKS
I'm so diapointed in the NCAA. They could have had a plan and/or ruling (either way) once that Obannon case left the Supreme Court. Instead - they did absolutely nothing and is trying to play catch-up and the courts are shooting them down. HENCE - The mess we are in now. And - it sounds like it's about to get worse
Sheesh. Cousinard for 40? Really? It seemed like we were off of our game the entire contest. What a year for the Gamecocks but the last 2 games left a bad taste in our mouths. GO COCKS
WOW - these comments from these "educated" Sports podcasters and columnists are pretty harsh. One called Sankey the Devil - really?
Here' to the 8 SEC teams that made the Tourney. Go kick some butt and let's make this an all SEC final 4 GO COCKS and GO SEC
Congrats to Auburn. We obviously don't match up well with the Tigers. We have only 7 losses - and 2 of them are blowout losses to Auburn. Hope we don't get Auburn in the same portion of the bracket in the NCAA tourney! GO COCKS
Congrats to the Vols - they were the better team that night. Now - please do the Gamecocks a favor and beat Kentucky on Saturday so we can get a double-bye in the tourney. GO COCKS
Great article SDS! Lamont Paris is not only the SEC coach of the year but he should be National Coach of the year. This has been a fun (and surprising) team to watch. The one thing that gets me about this team is that there is always someone different step up and be the hero of the game - Meechie Johnson, BJ Mack, CMB, Jacobi Wright, et al. GO COCKS
Stupid penalty - right in front of the referee too. But - I was afraid that the refs were losing control of this game as they were letting too much stuff go. But - I am proud of the Gamecocks kept their cool. GO COCKS
Shocked to hear this as the program is in such good shape. Another good win. Now - let's go get another SEC and National title. GO COCKS
Congrats to Auburn last night as they gave my Gamecocks a good whippin". Auburn statistically shot 60% on their 3 pointers - that seemed low to me - I thought it was more like 75-80%. At least that's what it felt like. Flush and move on. GO COCKS
I hate to lose him as he was a good coach and a phenomenal recruiter. Was he mad because he wasn't coaching Wide Receiver's but Tight Ends? Or was it a money issue? GO COCKS
Hopefully - one day the NCAA will have sweeping NIL parameters nationwide. Instead of each state having to enact their own NIL laws. If the NCAA had been on top of this from the get-go - then we would not have the wild west NIL atmosphere we have now. GO COCKS
I always find it funny for the hate Rattler receives. He has impressed all Gamecock fans (and the NFL coaches and scouts) by playing his best ball with a very suspect O-line this past year. GO COCKS
It's fun to watch this team. I am very impressed that one of our best players (Meechie Johnson) has scored 3 points in the last 2 games and we still won. Total team effort! Let's go beat Georgia on Saturday. GO COCKS
Good pickup. Looking forward to him continuing the Special Teams excellence. GO COCKS
He is going to be a sneaky-good pick for someone. Good luck to him. GO COCKS
What a game! The Lady Gamecocks did not play anywhere near their best and still pulled out the Win. GO COCKS
BIG win! Let's keep it going by getting the W on Saturday. GO COCKS
Gamecock Nation hates to lose him but wish him nothing but the best at his new job. GO COCKS
Good luck to him! I hope he does very well at Murray State. GO COCKS
Hate to lose him but good luck to him. GO COCKS