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TV rights is why ND is not in any conference. They have exclusive rights on NBC that pays more $$ than most of the good teams get in their TV contracts. Why would they give that up?
If you read (which I'm sure can be hard for you) I said both ND & A&M are overrated. Outside of the SEC (and probably not even that) ND-v-Wisconsin >>> A&M-v-Arkansas. Not a troll, just speaking the truth that you don't want to admit to.
A&M is overrated just like ND. A good team doesn't squeak out a win against a bad Colorado team in the last 3 minutes and Colorado only scored 7 points lol. Arkansas is good but still needs to prove themself for more than just 3 games. A win over Texas is good but Texas ain't what they used to be and the other wins, Ga Southern & Rice, whoopdedoo. Might as well played another FCS school. The SEC seems to love beating up on useless FCS schools. Wisconsin and ND playing at Soldier field >>> TA&M v Arkansas, not even close.