Bulldawg stuck in Mizzou country

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I agree completely. It's a business decision to not play in a bowl game that doesn't mean crap. Sure it shows that you're there for yourself and not the team but that doesn't matter to some kids.
A > 6ft 4 star WR! Christmas did come early! Now if we could get another 2 WR with some height I might start to believe in this "process".
***River City Showdown...never mind i'd rather call it florida-Georgia than that crap
A raucous crowd? Haha!!! Is that why Misery University had to do a "flash" sale to try to fill about 15k seats? What a joke! I checked today and there were plenty of decent seats for around $15... And for a 6:30pm start time? Embarrassing. Can't wait to see all the empty seats making up the "raucous crowd".
"drew lock hasn't thrown an int yet" Calling 3 picks this week, 2 by Dom Sanders. 1 on pass deflection by WR cause they can't catch. Lock is a good QB, i just think our secondary will feast on him trying to force things since their run game is crap and WR drop balls consistently. Our RB's are going to have video game stats this weekend as well. GA wins by double digits.
I'd take MTSU and SC w/ the points but I'd be curious to see what they both pay straight up cause I don't think they'll need the pts
I'd love to argue with you but I can definitely see your reasoning as much as I hope you're wrong. If we can contain Hood we have a chance but we have a lot of question marks on both sides of the ball. Gunna be interesting year for both our teams. I like Lock a lot just wish y'all had better than a Bama transfer for him to throw to.
It's just part of UGA's prep for the NFL...break bones/tear ligaments so you rehab them and get stronger for the NFL...the Gurshall plan.
Is he really trying to argue that 3 good players make the ACC relevant?
Huge pic me up after hearing the news about Michel.
Good luck to that kid, hope to see him one day lose between the hedges but overcome his battle.
It should read "Mizzou is relieved he made it to campus" after that Nate Strong fiasco...
Surprised Auburn hasn't announced him as their new QB...