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Why does AU 'hate' Meyer? What did Meyer do to AU that FL didn't do to all the SEC schools the Gators defeated when UF won the SEC?
2021? Don't you think Ryan Day is a 'decent coach?'
I have zero beef with this comment. I am 75 years old and I have yet to hear a losing coach or fans of a losing team say that the refs called a great or even a fair game.
Ron, didn't Bama 'hate' Saban after he won a title at LSU?
Thank you my friend. Lots of blame to go around but my guess is that within 18 months the 12 team PO will be agreed upon and put out to bid.
From CFB yes. But back at FOX to replace the Q-less Stoops on the FOX Big Noon show.
When things 'fold up' I can see Kansas because of CBB and being an AAU member school (which means zip to me but is important to the B1G) ending up in the B1G? The B1G = no more Meyer. Kansas as situated today has hired a heck of a new coach who beat TX last season and will have KS CFB competitive in the restructured B12.
The Vandy coach could be the best coach in the conference at developing the talent he has and would anyone know or care? Was James Franklin the best SEC coach when he took Vandy to a low tier bowl game? 'Your record is what you are.' Bill Parcells IMO, this is a 'good faith' attempt by Matt that provides further proof of what we already know: the CFB off season is far too long.
Good take. But KY's OOC schedule with Louisville on it every season is not much different than many SEC OOC schedules for teams that have 'built-in' P5 games. Look at the teams Bama is playing OOC in 2022 in addition to Texas? All 3 are cupcakes. If the SEC 'chickens out' and opts to stay at 8 conference games to appease the bottom half of the conference this type of bad OOC scheduling will continue and likely get worse. How about all P5 champs in a 12 team playoff and every conference plays 10 conference games? All P5 in plus a G5 rep means 6 AL spots are open. The SEC will produce at least 25% of the playoff field year after year and seeding will take into consideration the relative merits of the conferences. (I believe the top 4 ranked teams should and will get a bye and not the top 4 ranked conference champs.) In most seasons I see the SEC with 2 1st round byes, 4 teams in the field with at least one of the SEC non-bye teams hosting a 1st round game. Instead of picking up 4 NY6 bowl checks the SEC will score far more money under a 12 team PO and this is why a 12 team PO with all P5 champs and a G5 champ in will happen. The B1G and Pac-12 will be fine with 12 with the P5 champs in and the ACC's ridiculous 'holistic' concerns will go away or the ACC will go away.
It won't be in the B1G or the Pac-12 or the ACC. What teams in the B12 have the money and name to hire Meyer? I don't think he is coming back but if he did so I think the author nails it with Auburn.
One thing Kiffin has already, IMO, won heading into 2022 is The Tell the Truth Award. Kiffin was spot on calling big time CFB what it is, professional football. He was also spot on noting that CFB is professional football with no one in charge and no ability for players via a union reaching agreement on rules and regulations with 'management.' I do not believe Congress with all of the issues representatives and senators face today, is going to bring uniformity to CFB via federal legislation. These write-ups on whether teams will improve or not have been great. What is not great is all of the crummy games scheduled across the P5. The B1G could add a combination of AAU member schools USC, UCLA, Oregon, UW, CU (mainly for the Denver media #s,) Utah, Kansas, Iowa St, Pitt, UVA and Notre Dame. Any of UNC, NC St, Clemson, FSU, Georgia Tech, Miami and Va Tech would love to join the SEC. Would every game be 'great?' No. But there would be far better games than the body bag games we see today and such expansion would cement the B1G and SEC as the Power 2 and lead to a logical expansion of the post-season. Because of CFB parochialism and current media deals this will not happen but it should happen. If this happened and the Power 2 combined to sell its media rights the money would be off the charts. Conferences could stay as-is for all sports (with the possible exception of CBB) other than CFB. How many 'wasteland weekends' will we have in 2022? Weekends when we are 'fortunate' to see one or two top 25 matchups? CFB is Big Business and should be run as a big business.
Good take. Seems to me that the employer is the group the player assigns his NIL rights to and not the university he or she play for? THIS was the intent of NIL. Individual players would capitalize on the marketing of their NIL. There was no intent at the state level to have the athletes contracting directly with the school. CA was the leader in NIL legislation yet a bill in CA that was recently introduced to make college athletes university employees was shut down in committee.
With all the takes on Pac-12 football being 'irrelevant' I appreciate that it was the respective Pac-12 and SEC commissioners who traveled together to lobby Congress. I think it is refreshing that these 2 can disagree on such matters as playoff expansion and yet agree to work together for the good of the game.
Great points. Time to cut to the chase? The B1G can add 6 AAU member schools and the SEC can add 4 member schools and let's watch college football played by the 2 conferences with the money. Have the players form a union and negotiate reasonable terms and conditions regarding NIL, transfer portal, etc.
EXADTLY! The guy telling the truth is Lane Kiffin. Big time CFB is the NFL with a players union to negotiate reaspnble playing terms and conditions with 'management.' And that's the other problem. Who or what is 'management ' in CFB?
' ... beneath the dignity of the SEC?' Jimbo's response was above the dignity? Meet me in the ladies room.
Great comment. What is Texas W/L record this season that will keep Sark on board? As an HC he has been mediocre at best.
Love it. Jimbo without crab legs is simply not all that. I see at least 3 Ls for the Aggies this season In the inaugural playoff, his team was waxed by Marcus Mariota and the Ducks.
Do you think OK/TX will buy their way out of the B12 bedsore 2024? Road games for the Horns and Sooners in the B12 are the pits. I hope the 2 can negotiate their way out of the B12 Sooner rather than later?
My Maserati goes 185, I lost my license now I can't drive. I have limo I sit in the back, I lock the doors in case I'm attacked. Cars, scmars. If you don't have a limo and a driver your NIL deals stink!
Not sure they agree it is bad for business as much as being on thin ice when it comes to using money to recruit and to recruit guys from the portal. Alabama and Ohio State are not due to NIL going to lose ground to South Carolina and Maryland. Pitt on the other hand?
NIL? Nothing Involving Loyalty. As a greybeard, I feel your pain. But the only constant in the world is change. With the start of more than 1 game a week on TV, the BCS that has morphed into the BCS x 2 and likely will morph into the BCS x 6, CFB has been monetized. Millions of dollars for facilities and millions of dollars being paid to guys to coach football? Inevitably the performers were going to get a piece of the action. All this has changed CFB but I am happy athletes can now in one fashion or another be paid.
Great points. But I'm not certain that booster fanaticism is governed by 'normal' market norms.
Great point but for what it's worth he did look good in the spring game.
However. I'm not sure ROI matters to fanatics with money to burn? These folks are not your 'normal' investors.'
Don't sell Robby Ashford short. Robby is a heck of an athlete.
Great take Matt, thanks. I'm all for NIL, whether used as a recruiting inducement or to reward athletes for their performance. We focus on football but college athletes male and female in many sports are earning money as they should have the right to do. Size goes to size in business. Thus, I think a CFB Super League is coming made up of the schools with the desire and the money to compete at the highest level. A school like Stanford has the money but I very much doubt it has the desire to alter its admissions policy to play CFB at the highest level. I do not see conferences disappearing. I think they will remain intact for all sports other than CFB and possibly CBB. I expect that conference members playing in the CFB Super League will share some of the Super League proceeds with other conference members. I envision a Super League with 32 or so members and that the Super League will conduct its own playoff. Like the NFL all playoff games will be played on the home field of higher ranked teams except for the Super League 'Super Bowl' champ game. The media money will be off the charts. For an old-timer like myself, age 75 and a 70 year old Nick Saban, it is not easy to see money trumping loyalty to one's school but that's the way of today's world. Back in the day you were expected to compete for playing time and if you were not a starter you were expected to stick it out and not quit on your team and teammates. I'm not saying the 'good old days' were better, they were simply different. For example, you would never see a Biletnikoff winner leaving his school for any reason. Today, money rules the roost in everything. If a young man can capitalize on his HS play and earn more money from one school than another based on what boosters are willing to pay so be it. NIL will not ruin CFB but it will lead to a consolidation of teams. I would expect that the vast majority of the SEC will be Super League members.