War Damn Eagle!

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All these "losses" to AU have not been really close. i.e. 2017
Imagine being a bammer and having the complete lack of self awareness required to complain about calls not going your way! hahahaha. And feel free to "give" away touchdowns all you want, losers. if you need a tissue, im sure there plenty hanging in a tree near you. War Eagle.
If Burrow throws it quickly to the slot across the middle on every single play, he'll finish with a perfect passer rating. I love the AU tigers and i hope they win, but the pass defense, esp in the middle of the field, has had almost zero success this year. I fear we may be in for a long afternoon this saturday.
What everyone seems to forget is that Gus kinda acknowledged this. That was the motivation behind bringing in Kenny Dillingham. Bo seems to be progressing every week, and that's really all we can hope for. Is our Offense as good as bamas? No. Our defense (the line anyway) looks better, but right now i dont think we'd match up well. But that's why we play the game, bc if you go by chalk, you don't get the epic games. Let the bammers sweat. 90% of them can't find Tuscaloosa on a map anyway.
Thank goodness it's a 3:30 kickoff and not a night game!
The answer is no, they won't. But they won't let y'alls DB's play that way either against Bama. Both teams were super physical in the secondary on Saturday. Just seemed like the TV announcers thought it wasn't as important to dwell on when it was Aggie defenders.
That and Steele had our defense playing prevent. 15 yard cushions to the receivers to keep Mond from throwing it straight in the end zone. I think we honestly didn't care if they walked down the field, as long as it took time off the clock.
Not a fan of UGA but that is a classy move. Sometimes we forget that this thing we love is a game. I award y'all two thumbs up.
Come on Dave, have someone proofread your articles before you hit send.
Love it! Love how the butthurt bammers can't wait to comment on this thread!
Seems like a class act. All the kids seem to love playing for him.
Complete garbage call. Even if i hadn't been pulling for the Vols, that would have made me. Glad y'all overcame.
I think I'd have someone proof read my comments before calling someone an idiot. One of the most frustrating things to me is not losing one point games, it's watching people call for the coaches head after every loss. Nobody likes to lose. Put down the irrational pitchforks and cheer on your team.
I must have been incorrectly using the word "hilariously" my whole damn life.
I think it's funny how Arkansas fans are so up in arms about this. Virtually the same amount of money to leave a program that has 5 years worth of his recruiting, gone to 2 consecutive NY6 bowls, and has a tremendous ceiling. For what? The school that passed on him 5 years ago for a big 10 Fat Albert? And regardless of what any butthurt fans say, they would NOT be okay with 8-5 records. Which is what they'd have. I mean, it's arkansas. lol. They'd be off the bus in two or three years.
I'm just saying theyre not ALL in SoCal. I can think of one that's not right now...
The REST of the douches? Really, Barnerslovesabansdong?
I assure you nobody thinks of football when they think of georgia
So much salt in these comments! I'm glad our football program sparks so much hate. Can't wait until these bandwagon Bama fans get to see their team struggle again. I'm excited to have Stidham join the team and I'm even more excited that his commitment is spawning hate and fear. Continue keeping it classy, updykes. WDE
The last line of the Ark/LSU paragraph made me spit out my drink.
Not trying to be a jerk, but idk if Ole Miss is gonna make a bowl. I see three winnable games on your schedule but you can't slip up. That means Chad Kelley has to show up every week and Bad Kelly has to stay home... All that said, I hope you do