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I agree on all points except the SC game. There was clearly some drama. You don't leave your best defensive player at home for nothing. I can appreciate CJH being quiet about it. A rift in the program won't help recruiting, or anything else, but no way SC hangs 63 on Tennessee if Banks is in the lineup, and the rest of the defense shows up. Anyway, stuff happens. Hell, LSU got beat by A&M! It was an amazing season. Go Vols!!
What are the Vegas odds we make Mike Wright look like another Heisman candidate? I sure hope the Vols defense shows up.
No-one thought this was going to be a nail-biter two weeks ago. Vols were a top 5 team. Hopefully, the TN defense can be bothered enough to show up and play. Go Vols.
Not sure what the actually offer would be, but I can imagine he would literally be offered a 100% raise for doing the same job. Not sure I would pass it up either. His hubris knows no bounds.
One of the best to ever put on a Vols jersey. Godspeed on his recovery. Needless to say, whatever NFL team he ends up playing for will be my new favorite. Please let it be the Titans.
Class comment, unlike most of the trolls on here. Georgia is the legit #1 team. I can't see anyone in the playoffs hanging more than 13 on that elite defense.
It reminded me of Varsity Blues where half the team went to a strip club and stayed until dawn, but since it was a complete team failure, it can't have been that? Right? ??????
You need to cut us a little slack. We've sucked for so many years its hard not to talk smack after some success. That was as decisive a win on Saturday as it gets. The scoreboard doesn't reflect how dominated the Vols were. I didn't think we would win, but I also could not have imagined the Georgia D holding the nation's #1 offense to 13 points. Nothing but respect here. I certainly hope the Vols win out and make it to the playoffs. Minus the GA game they are a fun team to watch.
I've been feeling nauseous since Wednesday. It's getting worse. Only cure is seeing Hyatt bust another 40+ yard TD. Going to be an epic game of two of college football's best teams. Biggest stage there is. Go Vols!!!
As if the Bama/TN wasn't big enough, here come the Dawgs! This is going to be one for the ages. 24 and 25 year old QBs at the top of their game, both teams loaded to the gills with NFL quality talent. Saturday can't come soon enough. Go Vols!
While I don't want to lose to GA, it wouldn't be the end of the road. Bama would be insanely hard to beat twice. It wouldn't bother me if GA made it to the SEC championship, loses to Bama and TN slides into the playoffs having played one less game.
Game of the century this Saturday. I don't think the playoff could possibly be a bigger stage. Scary how good both Georgia and TN are this year. Vols by fiddy! ;)
Levis is going to have to win it for UK. With our depleted secondary, it's certainly possible, but I don't see UK's defense slowing down TN for more than 1/2 qtr. TN 48 KY 24
The guy has clearly put in the work. When UT starts handing out raises Kelsey Pope should get his share. He has done a phenomenal job with the receiving corps.
Kentucky will be a tough test. Top 20 matchup. Glad its at Neyland, and a night game. Sold out crowd is going to be insane.