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You must be as stupid as whoever wrote this article. Completely misquoted. He said Oregon is one of the best teams in the country. Watch the interview, idiot. Oh yeah, we are talking about a Bama fan here who most likely has never stepped on a college campus before but still says, "we."
This is one reason we barners are so high on Bruce Pearl that Vol fans know first-hand. Besides the obvious results on the court and on the recruiting trail, Pearl actually has approached his program at Au like a family. He has said since say 1 that he wants to be at Auburn for the rest of his career and really build something special. I thought it might be a lot of coachspeak coming off his show cause but ut turned out to be true. Some guys just wanna build up a program and settle That's a huge advantage having that stability to go along with the results.
Impressive, but surely you all know not to trust times from any school's junior or senior days.
He realizes this is for kickoffs and not punts, right? I mean how often do you see a team's kickoffs "pin somebody" deep? And the better question would be: How often do you see Vanderbilt's kickoffs "pin somebody" deep?
This missed call and the phantom offsides call on the blocked punt cost Georgia the game, without a doubt.
So says the guy who's team in the spring is predicting a huge comeback season and win the East every season this millennium. Lemme guess, it's on now that Pruitt is in town? Guaranteed playoff team next season?
If you happen to be a UGA fan and a Falcons fan, I really do feel for you tonight.
Serious question: As an aggie fan, do you like the idea of a 10-year deal for thus guy or any other coach in college football (excluding Saban, of course)? I just don't see that kind of commitment to Jumbo even if he did average 10-3 record in the ACC, there SEC is just a whole different animal with ridiculous expectations/pressure.
Jesus..I've often wish we would change our unis up a little..some more blue maybe. But after seeing this and thinking about that Under Armour think tank...I'm good with tradition.
I wonder how his wife feels about this. "No, honey let's not use any of your traditional family names, I have a couple linebackers I want to name him after."
Pretty sure the prosecutor will drop all charges because while we are at work in the a/c, he has to practice football outdoors and get hot and sweaty at times.
What? A bar full of bammers being unclassy and trashy poor losers? Who else is surprised?
Hmm..a fan of 6-7, 3-5 team saying another 8-5, 5-3 team crashed and burned...that's a bit "hypothetical" don't you think?
^ might as well said, "I know you are but what am I." Jesus man, how old are you? May God have mercy on you douchebag soul.
No spot for a 6'6" 310lb 5-star OT in Calvin Ashley?
Sorry, meant 4th transfer. I get going the JUCO route to get back to D1 and that requires 3 schools. But 4 schools. Come on!
Meant to say 4th transfer decision. As in USC, Ark, Juco, whomever is next. Those scholarships could have gone to a walk-on who would appreciate and stick with the program they love. If you don't find that ridiculous and you also consider that a "1st major decision in life", you must be one of the idiots that think Tennessee is going to be a contender every season. Gtfoh.
I think the 3rd transfer should incur mandatory 1-year ineligibility whether it's from Juco or not..this qb transfer carousel stuff is getting ridiculous.
Lindsey has a very, very bright offensive mind. Keep in mind that Auburn was not ever looking for a OC to come in and implement his own offense. Basically, we were looking for a coach to develop quarterbacks and run Malzahn's offense. So, that coupled with the fact that job security is not guaranteed with Gus's seat heating up pretty much prevents a "home run hire." If CCL can develop a good/great dual-threat QB, sky's the limit for his effectiveness on the plains.
This story is complete fabrication with a side of hearsay. Pretty much what I expect from SDS though.
You are right on point. Being diabetic since the age of 12 (I'm 33 now) I can attest to that. I didn't see any of the show but I'm wondering if he was sweating at all. I get really shaky and start sweating profusely when my blood sugar goes low and I don't make a whole lot of sense until I get it back up a little. Whatever the case may be, I hope he gets to feeling better, which is a hard thing for an Auburn fan to admit. Not really, some things actually are, in fact, bigger than college football in the south. Shhhh, don't tell anyone!
Would not a player on a Nike sponsored SEC school's football team already have all the black Nike socks they could ever want? Just wow...
I was thinking Auburn might be able to flip him until Jarrett Stidham committed. Might not be the best option for him now though.
What the hell was he supposed to be thinking? "Ok, I'm definitely gonna get cut because im not good enough to be qb2/3 on the Patriots, so I'll just play pro baseball instead"? He was thinking what any qb with a playoff season and a win under his belt would have been thinking in that situation.
Pretty sure everyone in prison would like nothing better than to leave.