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And you sound like the very sensitive troll who gets very upset when someone points out he is a troll. Call it what you want but it is clear this corndog does not like to be confronted with the truth.
Notice how I do not chastise you on your occasional positive comments about Bama? It is only when you troll Bama which is constant. You look ridiculous commenting on every single Bama article. Just confirms the hold Bama has on you. Constantly whining about someone pointing out your trolling shows that you know you have a problem but cannot overcome it. Keep them coming. We both know you must keep trolling Bama.
Simpson seems to want to focus on the long-term. Three years of eligibility and an offensive minded head coach while continuing the same path to a degree are probably very appealing to him. Maybe he sees this as the best long-term business decision. Hope it works out for him.
Too bad you have this compulsion to constantly post about anything you see as bad news for Bama. If only you had the ability to stop it. Did you see that Kadyn Proctor re-entered the semi-annual portal and is coming back to Bama over going to another team? Somebody said it was annual but we both know it is semi-annual. Think there will be more this year?
Nah, you two are owned by Bama and do not have the capacity to stay off of Bama articles. You both prove it on just about every single Bama article. Neither of you even realize how pathetic it is to be owned by a team due to the pain Bama has caused you. Both of you get very upset when someone points it out. Plenty of comments on articles about your teams from fans of your teams that don’t do what you guys do. They are not owned by Bama like you guys who troll to relieve the pain. Really sad guys. Try to overcome it, that is if you can.
Not as special as a bunch of Bama trolls that are controlled by all things Bama. Think about it guys. There are plenty of fans of your teams who never seem to feel the need to live on Bama articles like you two guys do. Negan and Doug have nothing on you guys. At least they are not in denial about their problem. Troll on guys. Everyone knows you have no control over it. Poor LH tried for a couple of days but alas his addiction overcame him once again. Keep trying though. I see I make you uncomfortable by pointing it out. Corndog I was going to disagree about Koolaid making the first round with you but it might get you upset so I didn’t. Try for two articles. I am betting you two can’t.
I can understand why you live on Bama articles desperately trying to relieve the pain Bama gives you. You were all ready to celebrate that 3-peat until it didn’t happen thanks to Bama. Already celebrating the win over Bama this fall? Just remember, I was the one that warned you how difficult it is to 3-peat. Bama has tried it 3 times and failed. Keep trying to focus on your team. You might get there one day. In the meantime, 27-24.
I guess I will have to live with a Bama SEC championship and keeping some other team from a 3-peat that some people said was a lock. Keep trying. Don’t give up on getting cured.
A long to December puppy fan. Ohio St has lots of NIL money to buy players and Bama is 2 spots ahead of Auburn in recruiting so far. Nice try at relieving your Bama jealousy. 27-24.
FYI. Doug, the Buford GA native, Justice Haynes is doing very well for Bama. Guess Kirby didn’t want him either.
Maybe we should ask Doug about Caleb Downs and his business decision to leave Bama. The Georgia native.
I just make fun of your obsession with Bama. You tried to focus on your team and did it for a couple of days. Nice try but the pain it caused brought you back like the alcoholic to liquor. Soothes the pain I guess. 27-24.
Well LH, you tried very hard to stay away from Bama articles. Really thought you might be on your way to overcoming your affliction. Let me throw some gas on that affliction. 27-24 and 2023 SEC champions. If Michigan lit up the Bama defense then Bama really lit up the puppy defense. Welcome back and let’s restart your therapy at square one once again.
If only you had a level of self control to ignore Bama articles. Alas, this corndog has not reached that point. Pretty sad you have to spend so much time trolling Bama. Maybe you will get there one day.
Certainly looked like the offense was superior but I did hear they kept the defense very generic to prevent giving other teams a look at the new defense. One thing looks sure, the two RBs are going to do well.
Thanks again for showing your continued obsession with Bama corndog. Go troll some other team for just a little bit if you can.
I am still taking in the results of the A-Game. I can comment about my team at any time and I carried on conversations with Bama fans. I am amazed at how much that might mean to a corndog troll. I thought Negan had it bad but you seem to get really upset for being called out for trolling. Keep showing up with a comment like the troll you started all this with. I know you have no control over it. Keep em coming. It just confirms what I am saying. Even Negan and Ron don’t have it as bad as this corndog does.
Trolls are free to troll. Calling out trolls is also allowed. Most trolls are in denial that they do it. I see a classic example of it in this corndog. Gets very upset when he is confronted with it. It is very easy to get me to not comment. Stop trolling Bama. Better yet, focus on your team a little more. Either way works for me. Keep trolling and I will be here to let you know about it. Like you said, no one owns this comment section.
Your opinion matters so much to me. Not. I just call out trolls. Too bad they can’t just focus on their own team. I wouldn’t know about that much lack of self control.
Think there will be any SEMI-ANNUAL transfers in the portal on Monday? Or still think it is only annual?
Says the troll that cannot admit he is a troll. Somebody points out a spin that touched a nerve when he trolled Bama and then you try to say I said they were the same thing. Nice try.
Nobody would rejoice in that happening but to feel the need to chastise a college team about it is pretty sick to troll about. You think? I have to remember you jump to conclusions when it comes to Bama. Time will tell but it is quite clear you get joy out of seeing anything that may be bad news for Bama.
But Bama will continue to give you pain even after Saban is gone.
You made a troll comment rejoicing at Bama’s perceived bad news. Please don’t deny that it makes you happy. The difference between you and I is I don’t feel the need to follow every article about your corndogs. We both know you have to follow every article about Bama. Thankfully I do not have that affliction for your corndogs.
It is the only way they know to try and relieve the pain Bama has caused them all these many years. Maybe they should go read the article about Saban’s retirement to cheer them up.
If you didn’t feel the need to constantly troll Bama you wouldn’t have to hear about. It can easily be fixed. Stop trolling Bama. Spin is spin, even if it is different levels.
Reading comprehension problem corndog? I never compared the two incidents as equal. It was quite clear she got caught in a lie trying to cover up for her team by saying she never knows when the anthem is played. Yes they don’t come out for the anthem but to lie about not knowing it was happening is trying to cover up when everybody knows some of them would refuse to come out. Nice spin there corndog. If you didn’t feel the need to troll Bama none of this comment string would exist.
You talked about spin. I gave you an example of LSU spin. You said they were different levels of spin. I never said it wasn’t but there is no question that Bama could spin it and LSU definitely tried to spin it. This is too easy. As usual you take joy in anything that may be perceived as bad for Bama once again. Spin that.
Poor LH, you seemed to be making progress on curing your Bama trolling. Don’t let this relapse get you down.