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Kirby lost the first half assuming he could pressure Young with 4 rushers. It didn’t work and with time Young picked them apart. Once Georgia added additional pressure it slowed him down some. Problem is Bennet had to play from behind taking him out of his comfort zone. Blame it on Kirby and the DC.
Georgia cockiness is amazing even after 4 decades. No Ole Miss was out of it and Bama locked the trip up against Arkansas. Georgia may win or they could lose like the last 6 times. Remember you will be losing most of your defense like Bama did losing 6 first rounders last year. Don’t be a typical GA fan and celebrate prior to winning.
Saban beat Meyer more than the other way around. Meyer ran from the SEC knowing he had to deal with Saban regularly. Meyer runs a team where off field issues are common. A college team would be crazy to want him now.
It does kind of feel like payback for the kick six or Camback game. Feels good just the same after a very incredible finish.
Wow! Imagine what the Golden Domers are thinking when their coach leaves the historic ND high and dry for the land of corn dogs football.
Perhaps you will know what it is like to lose 6 first round picks and try to repeat as NCs. If the Dawgs don’t choke again.
He better recruit better than 33rd place if that is to be true.
You seem to forget Van Tiffin in 85 or the Snake run in the mud.
Bama completely shut Corral down. Connor compare a player who goes to the championship with one that doesn’t. Not fair.
I didn’t know that Scam Newton played college ball this year. So Mac Jones would have beaten Scam using your methodology right?
No way Matt Corral is better than Bryce Young. If Young had an offensive line to block for him his numbers would be off the charts. Young just happens to be the best of a weak list compared to previous years. It happens from time to time.
Remember the 7 OT game between LSU and TX A&M under the old rules? Both defenses were exhausted.
Like missing center, best receiver, backup running back and then best running back? See how that works?
They have not played anybody? The beat the same 4 teams GA played. Just by not as much. Does this mean GA hasn’t played anybody? Just using your logic.
TN coach should finish first or second for SEC coach of the year.
#3 strength of record for Bama. Perhaps GA might try to push #99. Nobody else on the GA offense has the numbers.
I agree. His line at Jax was extremely under performing.
Like when a QB says the refs cheat for the other team while he will not have to be out there with his teammates? Now that would be ridiculous and embarrassing.
Since we are speaking in generalizations have you noticed how many Auburn fans speak about Bama fans in a condescending tone as if there is an intelligence gap they have to deal with. Many Auburn fans blame the refs on a regular basis and never seem to realize the incredible luck their team seems to have. As you say, this does not apply to you if you don’t fit that description. See how that works?
So this is what jealousy looks like. Must be tough living like that
I am sure of that but don’t get your hopes up. Have not seen Saban burned in effigy lately by the corn dogs.
Fat Phil comes to mine when paying players. Also, snitching to the NCAA to keep them away from his own program payments.
It could be 8 years just as likely. You can continue to hope it is 2 years.