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Many universities lose money on athletics like Rutgers and Southern Miss. would you like to cancel all sports that lose money and regular students not pay a single dollar of athletic fees before a player collects NIL money? If not then your statement is ridiculous.
Yet here you are commenting on an article about something that has nothing to do with your team. 2017 must have been very traumatic to have this many comments about something that has zilch to do with your team. Must be true or you would be commenting on Vandy articles just as much. The first step in a cure is to recognize you have a problem.
Well jealous Negan they have been very good for much of their time in the SEC. So much so that they have nearly beaten the doggies as much as they have lost to the doggies. Try to think about more than just the last 5 years. You know that time frame where your Bama envy began.
He wants fairness. Let me know if you are okay with Auburn picking up Bama, GA and LSU as permanent teams. Sure you are.
Is that what Auburn did when they banned Freeze from having a school paid cell phone? For obvious reasons.
Nobody has LSU and Awbarn playing as permanent teams under the new format. Since Bama has played Miss State more than any other team and they are 60 miles apart it makes sense. I guess you would have no problem with Bama, GA and LSU being your permanent teams right? Sure!
And regular students should not have to pay high athletic fees in tuition to pay for sports programs that lose money.
Must be terrible to be owned by a team Negan. Keep calm and troll on.
Well nobody would be crying if cupcake Vandy was one of the permanent teams. You can bet your coach would be crying if the Vils had to play GA, Bama and LSU. Troll on troll master.
Yet here you are trolling Bama once again and revealing just how much Bama’s own you.
Having the #2 SOS will get you a 5 seed. UCLA is sitting at home after getting a high seed. Don’t hear anybody complaining about that seeding.
Well CO corndog, I don’t troll other teams like many of these others. Thanks for providing evidence to support what I was saying. BTW, I am posting this from Estes Park CO. Beautiful place but way too cold in the winter for me. Rockies beat the Marlins to help my Braves.
Now if I were to spend hours writing long negative comments on TN, GA or LSU articles that had nothing to do with Bama there might be a reason to complain about me but I don’t do that. I just point out trolls when they do that. Seems they don’t like hearing the truth. Must be envy or they would be trolling Vandy and Miss State just as much. Appears they don’t like being confronted with that truth.
Looking forward to your long rants on articles about Vandy or Kentucky. Who would write such a long diatribe on articles that have zilch to do with their team. Trolls is the answer. Thanks for proving my point. When Saban gets his typical revenge win in T-town this year try not to let the pain of another Bama win over the Vils get you so down that you have to live on Bama articles. Looking forward to all your comments on Ole Miss articles since you don’t troll Bama right? Sure!
What is funny is the constant trolling of Bama. Don’t see you guys living on Miss State articles. I don’t live to comment on articles about your teams that have nothing to do with Bama. Now why is that? Could it be because Bama has caused you so much pain. Bama lost to your teams last year but does not make me live on articles about your teams. You will not find me on articles about the QB situation at your teams. I am not obsessed with your teams. How’s the QB situation at Missouri or don’t you live on Missouri articles?
Milroe does not have to be Tua or Bryce Young to win a NC. Coker did it with a great running game. If you saw Haynes in the Spring game you would know that. The defense will be much better. The games lost last year will be at home and we both know Saban’s record in revenge games. Hope your teams are as over-confident as you two are.
I bet you both hoped Jake Coker got the Bama QB job back in 2015 as well.
You do realize no team has ever won 3 in a row right? Think Missouri can miss a FG again in 2023 to lose? Maybe OSU will have a better kicker in 2023. Better hope Bama does not get to own Georgia once again in Mercedes Benz.
Robbed? Nobody was robbed. Please don’t go to that tired blocked punt excuse that should have been blown dead. If Bama had a decent kicker back then the OT 2nd and 26 play never happens and Bama wins it on a FG in regulation.
Well JFT I heard that in 2010 and 2014 as well.
They said the same thing about the Bear Bryant era and look what happened. Satisfaction leads to complacency. Yes, nothing lasts forever but bluebloods do seem to keep sticking around.
The main reason for the TN loss last year was the 17 penalties. A team record for a team that has played football for 130+ years. Golding is gone and Steele will make sure that is fixed.
True. Just like Missouri and OSU nearly doing that to Georgia last year. One other fact to remember is that no team in the modern era has won 3 NCs in a row. EVER!
Unlike you I don’t live on SDS articles about GA. Unlike you, I am not obsessed with the doggies.
Does that mean Missouri has a good shot at nail biter in Athens this year?
Golding is gone so it is likely to be better.
Not every team gets to weasel out of tough games like Georgia does. SEC bailed Ga out of one of the only two tough games on their schedule. Bama didn’t get the same benefit.