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He does not say he will control the collective. He is telling you hen that Bama will have to keep with teams like A&M.
He never said Jimbo broke the rules and we both know that team everywhere let the collective know what is needed. Far from controlling as you state but it is what it is now with paying players. Agents will be making deals soon. We tried to tell people paying players and free agency was a bad idea. We see now what it has done. Texas teams will pay very well in the future. Looks like they are off to a good start.
I don’t think talking personally about NIL is allowed but we all know that intentions can be communicated easily.
Sorry but you are stretching to met a conclusion. He did not say he would run it. He just said Bama need to compete with other teams on NIL. When I hear A&M players deny they got deals I will believe Jimbo. Go look at the interview of Jimbo following the Bama win over Georgia in 2018. Jimbo had nothing but good things to say about Saban. We all know what is going on with NIL and Texas teams have way more money than other teams. Like Spurrier said, Saban just told the truth. Thanks for the bulletin board material for Jimbo’s visit to T-town. Never once did Saban say Jimbo cheated but Jimbo sure made it sound like he did.
Other pitcher was hurt. Young pitchers were never going to compete when Bama players can’t hit. Time for a new hitting coach.
Thanks to Jimbo Bama will be fired up for his visit to T-town.
Everybody knows Finebaum is waiting for the day that Saban has a bad year so he can pounce.
Wow! Those Miami people sure hold a grudge for a long time.
Well, a little over half of Alabama loves Nick Saban. The rest, not so much.
You do realize Gator fans say the same thing about GA fans. Also, how many times did Bulldogs whine about a blocked punt called offsides that should have been blown dead due to a RB moving. I guess 41 years of frustration will do that.
Tuscaloosa or LA? I have been to both many times. Give me T-town any day. The weather in LA does not offset the $6 gas, homeless and accompanying smells, traffic and the area around USC which is not the best.
Everybody knows GA has major professional sports. Except they can’t seem to keep a hockey team. GA has a lot more people. Appears you want to bring that up in order to compensate for Georgia’s failures long-term in college football. I have homes in both states and Braves fans like me are from several states not just GA. Condescension to compensate for less success is not pretty.
We will enjoy the GA receiver that was run out of Athens.
That clean blocked punt should have been blown dead due to illegal motion by the RB. 5 yard penalty and re-kick. Nice try.
Then a bunch of those 15 Bulldogs drafted by the NFL would have played somewhere else after being drafted by schools like Boise St that does not have a lot of NIL money. You guys that wanted to pay players got what you wanted. So a draft and an NIL cap would help get parity like the NFL has. Hope you like what you pushed for.
Very talented guy who wants to follow his own set of rules. Looks like he has found a place to do that.
So you are advocating for a draft since they are professionals right?
Staples is a GA homer. Blue bloods will always be attractive to coaches. Bama is in the middle of recruiting hotbeds in LA MS AL FL and GA. Recruiting is nationwide now. GA does not come close in history. With NIL and free agency I am more worried about competing with Texas and A&M than GA. The have deep pockets.
Must be a young Bamafan as no old Bama fan would ever be a GT fan given the history. Even says it in the fight song.
The refs failed to call motion on the Bama RB which is a dead ball penalty. Five yards back and the block never happens. Next excuse please.
Well PopTiger Title9 inquires along with unexpected losses say you are wrong. Just because LSU fired him it does not mean the lawsuits are going away.
How about Orgeron then? Shouldn’t the same thing have happened to him rather than just losing games? Cancel culture is very popular these days.
Tell Kelly he needs to go ahead and make his reservation for the Nick Saban coaching rehabilitation clinic now. Slots are filling up fast.