Non-hateful UA fan, very pro-SEC. AU and LSU and TN and all the others can win 11 games a year with no problem from me.

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We have no real data on Pete Golding as an Alabama DC. All we know is that everywhere he's been the defense has shown improvement, sometimes drastically. And last year was about as good as it could be considering that there were 4 true freshmen starting in the front-7 (including the Mike LB spot, the most important on the defense), which was the first time more than 1 TF started in Saban's Alabama defense ever. Could Pruitt or Smart have done better? Maybe, but not by much, IMO. This year is a contract year for Golding and I think we'll see a lot of improvement.
All respect to UGA, who might have the best defense in the country right now, but you're going to have to look really, really good on offense the first few weeks in order for me to believe you're going to come in to Tuscaloosa and beat this Alabama team. Our defense will be right there with yours, but our offense will be much further ahead. Anything can happen, but I wasn't terribly worried about UGA's offense *before* your best QB took the 1st-team snaps for most of camp then opted out of the season.
I think that Alabama is considered to have an overall weaker schedule this year than in 2017, and to have more questions on defense. Plus this LSU game is at home, and 2017 was at Auburn, and Auburn was probably better than their final record that year (like legit might've had a case as a 2-loss SEC champ getting into the playoffs).
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OJ Howard (1st round) and Irv Smith Jr. (2nd Round) would like to have a word with you.
"besides Ole Miss’ defense, which really is of secondary concern …)" LOL. Well-played.
And Jake had Calvin Ridley, Ar'Darius Stewart, and OJ Howard to catch passes for him. Jake also had a big and fairly-accurate arm, was a good decision-maker, and a tough (though not elite) runner/scrambler when he had to be. Go look at that scramble play in the Iron Bowl that year, or a couple of times where he would lower his head and hit somebody instead of slide. He wasn't a "dual-threat" QB but he wasn't a statue either. And at the end of the day, being a good passer is more important so you can get the ball to the playmakers. All respect and love to Jalen, but we saw how having an elite runner but average (at best) passer at QB worked out for us when it really mattered.
So a 19-year-old, who is probably the best QB to ever play at Alabama, was disappointed in his circumstances and examined his options, and then decided to stick it out. So making a smart business decision to at least examine your options, and then make the right decision to stay at Alabama, where he's since shown exceptional character and leadership, is a character concern? K.
"Harris had a quieter afternoon against New Mexico State," That's because we were in Dime just about the whole day, and Shane Lee was the single LB for that.
Both guys easily exceeded the standard necessary to win a whole regular season. And both of them are championship-level QBs. So in a basic sense, yes, there's no wrong answer there. But Tua is a better QB than Jalen. Jalen is a better runner, but the gap there is not nearly enough to compensate for the difference in how much better Tua is a passer than Jalen. Jalen's not bad, but Tua is top-notch. Could we win a natty with Jalen this year? Sure. But our chances are better with Tua, and Jalen's at a place where the offense is more easily shaped around his talents, and I wish him all the best (unless against Alabama).
This article is fairly accurate, except for the run defense part. Yes, it's hard to replace QW. Counterpoints: 1) We're replacing Mack Wilson, who was inconsistent, with Dylan Moses. I think we'll be a lot better off at ILB with Dylan calling plays and taking on that role, and I think that the other ILB will be pretty solid, whether it's Josh McMillon or someone else. Combine that with the stellar OLBs and the better secondary, and your back-end run defense should definitely improve. 2) Raekwon Davis is back, and LaBryan Ray will be a starter. Those guys have a ton of talent and experience, and while I don't want to take anything away from Buggs, he was also injured in the back part of the season and still occasionally had effort issues. 3) Most importantly: You can't replace Daron Payne. He's a 1st-round draft pick and... oh wait, Quinnen Williams. OK, so it's hard to replace QW, and that's certainly true. But we have an upgrade at DL coach, and it looks like a true freshman named DJ Dale is going to win that job. If that staff thinks a true freshman can do that job, I would bet that he's going to be spectacular. The last time a TF had that job it was Daron Payne in '15, and that worked out pretty well. So I get it. We lost a generational DT in QW, and it's hard to replace a guy like that, plus we lost the signal caller ILB. But if DJ Dale plays at, say, 85% of QW, but we get significant improvement from the rest of the defense (which is super likely IMO), the run defense won't get worse, and it should get a good bit better.
Almost the whole offense is returning, and Clemson just lost an entire NFL-caliber DL, plus some other guys on D. Alabama's defense lost QW, but has a lot coming back, esp. from injury (Lewis, Diggs). Combine that with a coaching upgrade at just about every spot, and yeah, it's not crazy to have UA as a 3-point favorite. The two are just about comparable, so a FG is not really a lot here.
The front 7 for Alabama has a bunch of veteran players (Kwon, Ray, Moses, Jennings, McMillon) and some talented youngsters like Anoma and Dale. And, with a simple playbook, they can basically just "see ball, get ball". The OL, on the other hand, was down a returning starting blindside tackle, the other tackle was back to the position after a year at Guard, the replacement RT has been play Guard and left with an injury, the best Guard on the team is not getting as many 1st-team reps due to a pending suspension, the coaches tried several combinations during the game, and the Center is a new starter (though a veteran in general). Those two sets of circumstances means that the OL was always going to be in some trouble from the start, and I don't think we can read too much into the OL good or bad just yet.
RE: George Pickens From what I understand, he was or is borderline academically, and also seemed to be more of an attention-seeking recruit than Alabama usually grabs. I don't think Alabama has been pushing for Pickens for a long time. Also, Christian Williams wasn't a flip, because that implies that he still had a signable offer. But it seems he lost that when he didn't sign early, and Alabama then signed 5 DBs. He wasn't really a commit after the ESP.
That was an impressive play no matter who you're playing. And Kyler Murray played 60% of his regular season against teams with 6 or fewer wins, and 40% with <6.
It's the same procedure as Jalen, who took longer than normal to heal from it. Contrast with Cam Robinson, who had the same procedure in 2014 after the UT game and was ready to go by the LSU game two weeks later. Note too that CamRob was putting a lot more weight on it, and that was 4 years ago. Tua might take longer than 2 weeks. But, it might be a little shorter too. Hope for the best.
I don't think Coach Gattis' comments are directed at Minshew, but at comparison between Tua and Kyler Murray. Well we sure do see who is on the list and not! No dink and dunk offense here! #DontCompareTheStatsCompareTheFACTS Kyler Murray isn't on the list at all, and there have been a bunch of stats comparisons between him and Tua. I think that's what this is about, not Minshew.
Yep, it's a violent game, but one with rules, rules that prohibit the kinds of hits that Tua's taken two games in a row. I'm not saying we go to the "protect the QB at all costs" model of the NFL, but the refs simply didn't call penalties on multiple low hits. From the rules: "When an offensive player is in a passing posture with one or both feet on the ground, no defensive player rushing unabated shall hit him forcibly at the knee area or below. The defensive player also may not initiate a roll or lunge and forcibly hit this opponent in the knee area or below. [Exceptions: (1) It is not a foul if the offensive player is a runner not in a passing posture, either inside or outside the tackle box. (2) It is not a foul if the defender grabs or wraps this opponent in an attempt to make a conventional tackle without making forcible contact with the head or shoulder. (3) It is not a foul if the defender is not rushing unabated or is blocked or fouled into this opponent.]"
Yes, I'm sure Jimbo Fisher and Gus Malzahn screwing around with the playcalling has had nothing to do with FSU and AU's offensive woes the last couple of years. I mean, with all that talent, there's no way the coach responsible for running the offense would have any effect, right? /s
*ahem* Murray State. That is all.
This was Alabama's 929th win on the field. The 29 are wins vacated by NCAA BS.
"Until we meet again, Nick…" So, next year, when Tua and the WRs and Najee will be juniors, and the young defense will have grown up. LOL. See y'all in Willy B on 9/14/2019. I doubt you'll enjoy it as much as we will though.
The difference: last year's UGA averaged 35.4 points/game. 2018 Alabama is averaging 54.1 points/game, which is about 5 ppg better than 2018 Oklahoma (48.9 ppg). 2017 OU was averaging 45.1 ppg. OU has faced some better defenses on average than Alabama, but we're talking about the #4 scoring offense vs the #10 scoring defense, and the #1 scoring offense vs the #60 scoring defense. That's a significant mismatch. Even in a shootout, Alabama is going to do a better job stopping OU than OU will do in stopping Alabama.
Bulovas is 67% on FGs for the year, and last week the only one he missed was a 50yd+ attempt. He's also only missed one PAT this year, and that was at Arkansas after the rain and I personally think his foot slipped. Great? No, could definitely be better. "Terrible"? Also no. And he's doing a good job on KOs as you say.
I've seen this before where somebody goes back and CFPs the past. And every single time, the 2013 IB result is treated as the fluke that it was, and Alabama still makes the playoffs, as they should.
I'd bet on former OC Dan Enos in the booth as well to provide the same support to Mike Locksley. Saban: New coordinators? OK, I'll just bring in a couple of former coordinators as backup, aight?
1) Michigan State: Went 9-2 in 1999 after 4 years of bowl eligibility (no invite in 1998). This was Saban's 2nd job as a head coach, and only because he had 1 season at Toledo (9-2 also btw). Saban had a winning record there, both overall and in-conference. Not bad for what was his first real HC job. 2) LSU: Won 8+ games every year, won 10+ twice, won 2 SEC championships and tied for another division title, went to 3 BCS bowls and won 2 including a national title, and the other two years were major bowls (Peach pre-NY6, Capital One), finished ranked 4 of 5 years. Still tied for 2nd-best modern-era LSU winning percentage (behind Les Miles) and has a better in-conference record than Les. Essentially built LSU from mediocrity and laid the foundation for Les Miles's success. Dolphins: Two seasons in a different type of organization that was unable to maximize his strengths. Two seasons is not enough of a sample size, plus it's the Dolphins. Also, they were better in '05 and '06 than they were in '04 or '07. Alabama: this dynasty alone qualifies Saban as better than Harbaugh. Otherwise, where are Harbaugh's 5 titles in 9 seasons, with two more playoff berths ('14, '16), a title runner-up ('16) and another division championship ('08)? Cowherd is living, breathing clickbait, and this is absurd.
Every team can beat every other team, if the circumstances are right. But, to Petrino's comments I say this: bless his little philandering heart.
Jalen's had 8 semesters already completed (3 in '16, 3 in '17, and spring + summer in '18), so I don't see how it's ethically questionable for him to be graduating after one more semester. If a normal non-football student graduates in 9 semesters, is that weird? Why then would it be weird if a smart, highly-motivated student with an academic support staff involved to do the same thing?
Part of the situation is his parents' divorce. That's lead a lot of people to think he may be leaving the region, and just about every article I've seen on this has Alabama as a strong contender.