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This is actually an insane comment. Asking for a PI call on your game tying TD that should have never happened because the player in question had a clear false start.
It is not impossible for UCF to play a playoff-caliber schedule at all. Want to compete for a national championship from a mid major? Load up on the non-conference games to show that you can beat the big boys. UCF scheduled Maine, FIU, and Austin Peay for non-conference games. They scheduled Maryland (a perennially bad big 10 team), and unfortunately their game with Georgia tech was cancelled. Replace those first three horrible teams with solid power five teams, and no doubt UCF goes to the playoff with an undefeated season.
As a Georgia fan, Mel Tucker is the last coach I wanted to go to Tennessee. But yea, Pruitt is a good hire.
Georgia's roughing the passer early on was one of the worst calls I've seen. Close behind that was the PI called on Auburn a short time later.
UGA never lost to iowa state who lost to texas who lost to maryland who lost to... say it... RUTGERS!! Point is, there ARE (a LOT) of weaknesses in OU's defense, and you known Kirby Smart will exploit them... or does the regular season OSU, baylor, iSU, texas, K-state, etc games not count? Offensively, compared to ISU... UGA is better by almost any offensive metric while playing SEC defenses... watch a football game every once in a while. FTFY
Yea that ND game comment got me too. UGA outplayed ND in pretty much every facet of the game except bonehead penalties.
Making fun of someone's rankings after a week of "MSU by 17"... Take a little time off man.
If he didn't already delete his account, probably should
Don't know why this replied to your comment bulldog
The one quarter of this that I did read was actually painful. Keep shouting at the clouds.
Can't believe I'm saying this because some of his play calling made me crazy, but I completely agree.
16 rushes for 284 yards from Fournette in 2016 is absurd
Who has these opening lines? Mississippi State -6 and USC +4.5 are basically arbitrage opportunities
Agreed with everything here. I'm not about to overreact and say definitively that Fromm>>Eason, but the offense flowed well with Fromm in there. After years of abysmal special teams it was refreshing to see that unit have an all around solid performance. Excited for what this season and the near future holds.
What would a college football season be without unreasonable USA hype though?
Watching the offense makes me wish Bobo was calling plays again which I did not think was possible
Totally agree with everything here. Chubb is in a similar situation and you don't see him bailing on his teammates.
Turn the ball over 7 times against A&M... Seeing the best defense in the country at scoring points on turnovers next week... looks like a recipe for disaster
stay off the field, its the guys involved in the game's place to deal with this, not family members and fans. It was a dirty hit, not like his brother was getting the crap kicked out of him on the sideline.
Totally disagree with this. You don't see family members and fans running on the field/court/rink any time during bench clearing brawls in sports, this isn't South American soccer. It's the players', coaches', and refs' place to deal with this, not family members in the stands.
Get Brisco the f*** off the field. We have some depth at corner, wouldn't mine seeing Hardman a bit more.
One good toss was dropped? Did you watch the same game? I mean UGA got absolute embarrassed so I don't understand the need to ignore objective facts about the game
While I definitely agree Georgia is shockingly high at three, ahead of Arkansas and Ole Miss, to think that UT should be higher is equally ridiculous. You've played terrible competition and still managed to look so mediocre. We'll find out a lot about both teams this week.
I was shocked by this, betting the house here. I don't think Tennessee can score 8.5 points against Florida right now
Really? You're going to throw a fit every time your son takes a big hit in FOOTBALL? He didn't go after Hurts' head. Hurts wanted to hang in the pocket and he paid for it, that's football. Wasn't malicious, let the boys play.
Probably the high point of the game for Mizzou, this was an impressive takedown