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Really??? I only see 2 options stay at Alabama or come to Florida. In all honesty I see him staying but please football lords let this man come to The Gators and Fix our O line and our TE's could use a little help to.
Hold on Florida beats FSU @ Doak Cambell Stadium but lose to Tennessee,Georgia,and Arkansas. FSU is #4 in the nation and that game will be in Tallahassee this year. I hate to say it but I think Tennessee can beat my Gators this year but I can also see The Vols being severely overhyped again this year and Georgia isn't better this year than they were last year. LSU always worries me and Arkansas is a west team so west teams give us troubles but it is a winnable game. I think we lose 3 and win the east again. If Luke Del Rio and the offense is good enough to where the don't hurt the defense The Gators will win the east again.
I throw Shame at my Gators for not finding better opponents to play...Hopefully this changes fast....Shame Gators Shame.
I don't think Saban is the best of all times but to be completely honest there is not 2 guys in front of him so the saying of top 2 or 3 is just silly. But I do think that when Saban retires he will be the best ever.
Atlanta has the SEC championship game it does not need Florida Georgia. Sweet Home Jacksonville,Florida.
The college football season hasn't even been over for 24 hours yet... People need to chill with the predictions for now. Lets get through with NSD and spring ball before we have to see predictions.
The National Championship game hasn't even been played yet and y'all have the 2016 bowl predictions up... And like usual the Tennessee hype machine is losing its damn mind. I got a great idea lets get past NSD and spring ball before giving out predictions.
It might be a step up from Treon but as a Gator fan I don't want no more Georgia trash... Muschamp was bad enough... I'll be alright with Del Rio,Franks,Trask,and the transfer from Purdue Appleby.
Who thought Florida would have been a 10 win team? Even after Grier I didn't think we were gonna be a 10 win team. The fact we lost by 7 at LSU and The Gators were in the FSU and Bama games until the defense just couldn't go no more late in the game tells me that Grier wouldn't have been a night and day difference it would have bee light years difference(compared to Treon Harris) even though we had the worst kicker that ever played.
Better opportunity in Gainesville... Mr. Eason as Jim Morrison once put it.Break on through to the other side.
WHERE IS TREON HARRIS???He needs to be mentioned missing wide open targets and half of those 5 sacks were on him just standing the like he forgets to move his legs when danger is around. Bash the playoff announcement another time.The O Line is not up to Alabama standards yet and we knew that. We can't keep piling on Will Grier when its been plenty of time for Treon to get acclimated to the system but he has gone so far ass backwards I wonder if he has someone else tie his shoes cause he's forgotten damn near everything.
There are things he needs to improve on but those things can be improved on with NFL level coaching. I can't see the future so to say he will be a #1 corner for a team might be hard to tell but he will in my opinion great in the league. ( Hope I didn't just jinx him.)
Is he predicting a Florida win in the SEC championship game? And what the hell happened to Iowa? They haven't lost yet. So Colin is in the business of being a moron... And to think Ladies and Gentlemen this goof does help guide the playoff committee to there final rankings. This College Football Playoff should be 8 conference champions(Merge 4 conferences to be come 2).
I get tired of hearing Colin Cowherd vomit on my TV.Watch your soccer Colin.
As a fan I saw trash last Saturday... But from his stand point and any recruits stand point he should have seen opportunity.Its his decision and I respect it but this is how I would look at it if I was in his shoes.Good luck to the kid.
You mean 2 weeks.He got caught after the Missouri game.
SDS says Kentucky will play in the Independence Bowl against vaunted 4-3 Virginia State Trojans... I guess some people get just to excited to put their piece up the forget to proof read.
I got laid in Gainesville and robbed in Tallahassee.Gainesville > Tallahassee.
I really don't think Lane Kiffin will leave Alabama this year.
The past few years this game has given the gators trouble.Florida had to block a punt and return it for a TD to beat ULL.Then got beat by Georgia Southern.So his message is right on point.These guys wish they were good enough to be Gators and Seminoles so when they get a shot they are gonna give it their best shot...Anything can happen and the Gators need to know that let us idiots go ahead and put this in the win column but the team needs to look at it like this...This game counts so don't let off.
Jessi Lee making up people as He/She goes.(I don't know if this is a guy or girl)...They do put their names up on the tv.
Yeah the system is flawed.But it has nothing to do with Screwing over the Big12 or Pac 12.Its flawed because its still not giving schools outside the power 5 a fair shake.If it was up to me I'd do it like this.Drop from 11 conferences to 8.All of them must have a conference championship game.Independents like Notre Dame must align with a conference.Conference champions will make the college football playoffs.Those who are eligible will go to bowl games.
I don't understand why the hate on Vern and he CBS crew.Beth Mowins.....BOOOOOO.Go call a sun belt game.Just get off of my TV.I'm all for a woman in the booth but not her.
I just want to clear something up I'm not siding with the players or the school but to me just canceling scholarship like arkpaul said would be very stupid.seeing that the ncaa only gives schools 25 scholarships per year and allows 85 scholarships on a team.So alienating your football team(or most of em)and then cancelling the scholarships really would not send a great message to incoming players and all but assure the demise of Missouri football if not Missouri athletics.