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You beat me to the punchline 66. I really wish all the haters would follow the guys transferring and pollute someone else’s bandwagon. I hope they have enough room for londonhawg when they go.
Explain to me what’s “funny” about this? Guess I’m not following your logic.
I’m sure you love it there. Must make you feel right at home. Glad you were able to post your comment here under a totally irrelevant article.
Well there ya have it Hog fans… LSUSMC has declared us a lost cause. It must therefore be so. (This coming from a guy whose head coach can’t count as high as LSU’s most recent point total much less add the combined scores of their most recent loss.) If I’m wrong about ANY of this, amigo, I’d challenge you to make any sensible argument supporting your stance. I’ve read enough of your comments now to be confident that ain’t happening. Go away.
I’m glad he’s holding them to a higher standard. I realize it doesn’t show up in our record, but it may well in time. But looking at this another way, if you’re on the verge of the worst season in school history you need to be focused or hit the bricks. You aren’t helping.
I like how London brought the same stale, cut and pasted comment into this thread from another. It’s just as funny here as it was there. Comedy gold...eye roll... And Razor, I agree with all your thoughts. I think Bert let guys do whatever because he tried to be their friend. I suspect CM runs a far tighter ship and expects a certain level of professionalism for lack of a better term. Hell, just take Bert himself for example. He’d show up to a press conference looking like he was coming off a 3 day bender. If I’m paying someone $4+ million I’d expect them to look like a professional. It all starts from the top down. The guys who can’t carry themselves properly or represent the U of A well need to go. It’s not all about the wins and losses. Oh and I’ve seen Bama play at home and was in the stands for all the pregame routines. No one wearing Crimson got near the opposing team’s people. There was zero fraternization. That Saban guy…kinda good at his job don’t ya think?
Edit: I forgot to give credit for UGA Women’s Gymnastics. I take back everything I said.
This is undoubtedly a frustrating season as a Hog fan. My expectations were low, but not historically low. I still have confidence in CCM, but the fact he hasn’t been able to salvage anything from the players he inherited concerns me. I fully believe Bert left this program worse than he found it (if you completely erase JLS from the annals of time). Bert was a fraud, but I struggle to believe we were left with a totally barren cupboard. Regressing to historical lows doesn’t ease my mind. Morris deserves more time, but another season like this and that may not be an option.
So Nick... Can’t be bothered to go out and, oh I dunno, find some stats to publish? Did I just get clickbaited?!? Surely not. An article totally devoid of any meaningful content stands on its own merits still yet. I guess.
Keep fighting Keon! Razorback nation supports you! You always make us proud!
Hello UGA football fan. I’ve noticed you dropping into our comments lately. I find it curious how your sense of superiority has manifested itself. I’m guessing your team’s recent successes on field have emboldened you. It seems you forget that “The Dawgs” have suffered some less than stellar football seasons of their own. Or perhaps you forget that most all of UGA athletics are less than stellar. I should include a link to the definition of the word “myopic.” It seems you aren’t familiar with it.
So... I can’t help but wonder why non-Hog fans feel it necessary to comment on articles that are Hog specific? Admittedly we’re terrible this year and deserve criticism. I don’t, however, recall Mizzou ever being a powerhouse at anything for instance. I also don’t recall piling on you or anyone for that matter. I guess decorum isn’t a thing any more. Perhaps the fleeting feeling of superiority makes it all worthwhile.
Oh well I am disgusted by this! He’s being far too soft on this young man! Nothing short of having him drawn and quartered on live tv (perhaps pay per view because revenues) should be considered acceptable. Because, from what I hear, CM coddles our players TOO much unlike Nick Saban… (I’m looking at you Bunker Buster. Stay in your lane AND on your side of the river.”
Well I guess we have no shot now. Moark has declared it so with expert analysis and clear explanations. Run away young man! RUN! Just not to Mizzou for all the same reasons. …eye roll…
I’m sorry, but since when did Ole Miss get to be the standard bearer in coaching hires? Furthermore who cares if he’s not Nick Saban? That’s not at issue here. But since you like throwing names about I don’t think Brother Hugh was exactly rough on his players. To the best of my recollection he used alternative methods. Ones not endorsed by Nick Saban oddly enough.
I also like how everyone else here gets referred to as “you folks.” That’s interesting to me because I thought everyone here was a Hog fan. Apparently Mr Walrus has either kicked us out of the club or he really isn’t a fan. Anyone care to take a vote on which it is?
Hey everyone, look! I found the Bert slurper! But I’m guessing you knew that already.
I made an account to make a point: To all the fans out there that think uniform reveals or hype videos are a waste you need to think again. Chad Morris and his staff are trying to not only build a winning team, but they’re also trying to build a brand. Kids (and many adults) are very brand conscious today. It’s about visibility and cementing a place in people’s minds. It’s very important. Take Oregon and all their uni combos. Kids, and fans that buy gear, love it. It’s all tied to revenue and college football is a business more than a sport. Bobby Petrino was doing the same thing during his tenure. Bert did it to a degree though I doubt he understood it. Chad Morris is a smart guy. Most likely he’s even smart enough to delegate those tasks to PR personnel. So if you honestly think something like this detracts from our on field success you need to educate yourself better and support our team. The whole team.