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* "Crimson ..." * OSU lost bc ESPN wanted Clemson (despite economics to the contrary) * QB faked the pain. (guess you couldn't hear that boom) * CU wanted to get a DL tossed (Wade is a cornerback) Dancer, why did your parents spend so much money bringing a 12 yr old to a CFP final?
Ohio State has/had a phenom team. Their fans need to act like they are accustomed to success. The conspiracy theories, blame everyone else attitudes, and gratuitous profanity degrades the overall program. As much as I loathe UA, their fans acted like they had been there before and would be back again.
When leading with crown of the helmet, does the position of the ball carrier matter? Every "official" statement on the matter says no. If you disagree, educate me with exact references in the book.
Clemson 24 AM 10 LSU. 24 AM 19 "And A&M doesn’t W doesn’t look nearly as nice given they got by A&M and LSU absolutely destroyed A&M." ???? AM lone touchdown against CU was last seconds of 4th quarter against 3rd string. It was first game of season and CU has apparently dramatically improved as they usually do in November.