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* yawn * call me when you don't struggle with those two powerhouse programs Iowa St and Kansas St
Don't judge us by the comments of a few morons...
We were respectful... except to t.u. where we put up "This is SEC Country" on a billboard in Austin. :)
and brought her crazy girlfriend along for the ride...
I know having a great punter is a HUGE advantage... but being known as "PU" doesn't have the same ring as the others...
I'm not happy with t.u. joining the SEC but that train has left. Just pisses me off when the rich kids get whatever they want... I'm pretty excited to play them again, we're positioned the best we've been since the early 90s. 105,000 Aggies screaming and sawing is something they've never experienced, I bet they enjoy it. It'll take t.u. 3-5 years, maybe longer, to be at SEC level. Until then they'll be dreaming of Maryland and Iowa St. The hate burns hot.
If we're going to go after the "top 2 schools" in the B12 shouldn't we be targeting OU and... Iowa St? Saw 'em Off
And yes, I think moves like this the SEC is making will ultimately destroy college football as we know it. I know the times are changing... but get off my lawn.
Texas is full of blue chip recruits and the population is exploding. Don't underestimate the power of tu to eff things up.
Giphys should really be allowed here... I have the perfect one... oh well.
We're (SEC) rolling in green now... the disfunction tu will bring isn't worth any additional cash flow. Go grab OU and an east school (Va Tech, FSU, Miami) and leave the tsips in the dumpster fire they started. They aren't in a position right now to push their agenda, but when they think they are... snakes in grass. Burnt Orange is fuggly.
ahh crap... the crazy ex is coming back... and bringing her crazy friend.
I can't wait for the shorties to experience Kyle Field with 100K+
I met Tuberville when he was at Texas Tech. I apologized he had to live in Lubbock... he did mention he left Auburn in "pretty good shape".
SwamptownShorty85... There's no Iowa State's in the SEC... Enjoy Kyle Field with 100K+ Aggies.
Hopefully we will have the votes to keep t.u. out. A&M, Mizzou, Arkansas should be a no. SC, Florida and Georgia are potential no's... if not, when FSU, Miami or Clemson are on the table for entry, it's an automatic yes from A&M.