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Coming from the guy who was bragging about his QB's deal last year...
RonMexico... so unless you win a SB you're not any good? Ok, go crawl back under your rock.
Impressive win by Georgia. Glad to see them get it done. Impressive show of class by Saban, just another reason he's the GOAT. I'm ready for next season, Gig 'em!
Auburn has themselves a QB that beat Bama. Good luck to this kid. Except for one game.
I’m really looking forward to the next SEC Shorts with Hope.
Ya'll were impressive that day. I think we did things that hurt ourselves, but the pigs whooped up on us. Happy to see ya'll bouncing back from some rough seasons. Stronger competition makes the league stronger.
if our D line can get to him, I think we'll be ok
or show's you've never one a meaningful game you weren't supposed to.
People were saying that about Calzada too... 21-31, 285 yds, 3TD, 1 INT
This is crazy. It's a game. I was at the game Sat night. I saw nothing but handshakes and slaps on the back from fans. Pretty impressed with the Bama folks who made the trip.
Volman talking to you: We're you there? Do you know if coaching happened? No. No you don't. Instead of jumping on the guilty until proven innocent bandwagon, why don't you stop and breath. It sounds like you went through this drill and got your rear handed to you with no coaching. That's a poor coach. When I went through the drill there was coaching before and after. My coach taught a lot of life lessons through football and this drill was a part of that. Instead of calling people weak-minded and cowardly on an internet sports forum why don't you go cuddle with all your participation ribbons.
Good luck tonight Tide. I’m enjoying chatting with the fans in CS. Here’s to a good game with no injuries.
And another thing Herbie, you aren’t that good at your job.
Woke Herbie. No idea what coaching went on before or after the drill. What does it teach? Get low, stay low. Leverage. Toughness. Tenacity. Perseverance. There’s some pretty important life skills there. Go put your hunter orange, don’t touch me I’m a pretty boy jersey back on. The real men are playing now.
Maybe the future of Ross Bjork needs to be looked at...
That stupid bird crossed the end zone more time than us tonight
well... we barely beat Vandy last year and still managed to beat ya'll...
Exposed again? Two words... Sissy Blue. Talk about being exposed...