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Huh. They were more willing to put up hands after the game than the were during the game. Explains why this is the worst team in their school's history. Getting a guy who has never coached at the college level and has been out of coaching for almost 10 years is DUMB. Follow Gary Patterson's advice: Get a guy who wins on the field, not one who wins at the podium.
Personally, I actually know one of the commits. He says that he, and many others in the class, actually committed BECAUSE of Butch Jones. They've bought into his vision, as crappy as it may be, and want to play for him. I also know that this guy, who is one of the players who reaffirmed his commitment after the first round of decommitments, is now also looking at other schools bc of Jones job security. It's really a lose-lose situation for UT. Either stick with this bad coach and recruit well (and continue to do nothing bc Jones is really bad at his coaching duties) or possibly lose out on guys who truly bought his vision. UT will need a home run hire to keep a lot of those guys and they should probably follow Gary Patterson's advice when doing so. PS: No way in hell Alontae Taylor ends up at UT, no matter who the head coach is.
He's obviously throwing it hard as he can out of bounds so that the clock ran out. I mean there was only one wr on the field. C'mon.
lol no. Vandy hasn't had SEC Nation since 2015
Also.....that is the Alabama A&M side. The reason why there are SO few is bc that is the visiting crowd of a FCS team. If you get the opposite angle of our side of the bowl, you can see that there are way more Vandy fans
If you look at later photos, my point was proven. It was much more full just 10 minutes after kickoff. Seriously though, when you have 6000 students, an alumni base where maybe 5% of them stay in town, and you'e playing a FCS team: you tend to have a low turnout.
Look, we already have a much smaller fanbase at games (private school with national alumni base) and this is against a FCS team. Also, in games like this, Vandy fans tend to come in throughout the first quarter. I wish they would come early, but that's just how it is. So, it's bad, but not that bad.
Okay sorry that's my bad, Mizzou actually does have a really good case for best rb tandem. UT still makes no sense though (especially since in another article they listed RB as a weakness for them).
How can you say that Vandy finishes behind Mizzou and UT in rushing. That makes almost no sense. Vandy returns over 1700+ yards rushing (with one of the best rbs in the league), has another rb that they're really excited about. You put them behind a team that loses two starting rbs and a team that has two rbs that are both worse than Ralph Webb.
He would have done it last year until he got hurt against UK. Even though he played, it still really slowed him down and his production dipped for a few games.
Well...he's already done it twice so not really.
Oh welcome to the Alontae Taylor show UT fans. God I'm so happy I don't have to worry about him committing and decommitting any more.
ppppffffffttttttttt..... I mean, I just don't get some of the ideas that our athletic department has.
Josh Smith ha she actually played well in love limited snaps he's go gotten. With Cunningham leaving he should have much bigger role
Okay, so Cam Robinson at 7, Derek Barnett at 31, and Zach Cunningham not being there at all. Something tells me that this isn't that good of a mock
Why? He wouldn't win at Cal. They went 5-7 in the PAC 12 this year and could only win 7 games with the freaking number one pick. This would be a lateral move at best.
He's probably graduating in the spring semester, so they wouldn't give him the badge for it.
How can you not have Zach Cunningham on either team?
He could be the greatest Vol lineman ever....or he could be the next Big Tiny. Hopefully injuries don't kill him like they did with Richardson.
"Webb is a junior, but it’s almost a sure bet that he’ll skip his senior season and declare for the NFL Draft, so expect him to end his career in Nashville with a big performance Saturday." According to who? There's literally zero evidence to support that, and I haven't seen any other stories that come anywhere close to agreeing with what you just said.
Okay, so 1000 yards and a 100+ yard performance with 3 tds (against an SEC opponent) isn't good enough, but 47 yards against the worst team in all of football is?
Garrett is when healthy. The fact that he's missed as much time as he has and still put up those numbers is impressive. Plus, he's more versatile and seems to be more than just a pass rush specialist.
Tfw you're already essentially bowl eligible due to your academics. Seriously, who'd thought that would actually come in handy?
The same guy actually made a mannequin challenge video with the same footage like 5 minutes later. lol
Technically 100% legal. Do you even know the rules. He jumped over the top as the ball was being snapped, which means its not offsides. And as long as you don't land on anybody, which he didn't, leaping is okay.
Exactly! That's what I was thinking when I see every body pulling up early and cramping up, like the safety against Bama and Jalen Hurd. At some point, it has to go back to the S&C coach.
To be fair, Vandy SHOULD have won, we just choked on some (game)cocks. Credit to SC though, they are much further along than I thought possible.