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Clearly it doesn't matter how bad the ACC is. (BTW, are Ole Miss/ Miss St/ SC/ Vandy/ Kent/ Ark/ Tn good teams by ANYONE'S standard????) Clemson will kick Bama in the national championship again. This time they'll go ahead and score on that last drive instead of running out the clock. 52 points just sounds SO much better!
Actually, there is very little difference between Alabama's SOS and Clemson's. I think I saw before the season that Bama's SOS is 43rd and Clemson's is 52nd. Hardly murderer's row for Alabama, despite the hype. Of Clemson's non-ACC games, they play two SEC opponents and 2 Div 2 opponents. Bama plays FOUR Div 2 opponents.
I do think another coach got inside Saban's head. But it wasn't Kirby Smart. It was Brent Venables. Dropping corners back into coverage when others wouldn't; bringing corner blitzes when others wouldn't; etc... Venables was totally unpredictable. You could see it on Saban's face in the 2nd quarter. He didn't know how to stop Lawrence and his frisbee catching dogs at wide receiver; and he didn't know how to counter Venables, the Mad Hatter. Finebaum is an idiot. He just can't accept the idea that Clemson has better player and they were better coached. He just CAN'T give credit, just like Alabama's players can't. I wish Dabo had shown no mercy on the last drive and put 7 more on the board. Maybe then a few more of the homers would have to admit who the better team is.
Actually, every single Bama or SEC website has had articles basically centered on "What went wrong with Bama?" Not a single one- NOT ONE - had an article saying, "Holy crap! Clemson is freaking INCREDIBLE! Lawrence and Ross were UNSTOPPABLE! That D Line couldn't be MOVED in the red zone!" Not a single article. Dabo is right on the money. As he always is.
Ummmm no, one game doesn't. But when Clemson has been on a clear trajectory of improvement for the 10 years of Dabo Swinney's tenure, leading to 4 straight Playoffs and 2 National Championships, the last of which was Alabama's beatdown? Yeah. In fact, one might even ask if Alabama is now on Clemson's level. Your argument about Clemson recruiting proves even more what a job Dabo and the staff are doing. The last 4 recruiting classes have been ranked in the top 6 or 7 in Rivals; but Clemson hasn't had a top 3 class. One of the signs of superior coaching is that you finish HIGHER than your recruit! Thank you very much for your input..
Mr. Debose, when you answer someone who bases their opinion on real-time results of the sport in question, and you answer based on your opinion of a totally different sport; I would say you are avoiding and denying the evidence at hand.
Understand completely. Hey, we have to play South Carolina. We have an even bigger problem with them bringing down our SOS.
Actually, Swinney has said NUMEROUS times now that, as long as the administration at Clemson backs him, he's NOT going to Alabama. Believe me, Swinney will get anything he wants at Clemson. I know it's hard to believe, but Swinney is too smart to go to Alabama. Anyone that follows a legend is stupid. What's more, he's really not an Alabama kind of guy, is he? The very stoic, serious kind of Saban, Stallings, etc kinda guy? That's NOT Dabo!! At all!! And Dabo's NOT going to change! And I don't think he is going to try to battle the culture at Alabama. The culture at Clemson is MUCH different, and it matches Clemson. PLUS_ his whole famity lives in Clemson. He has 2 sons on the team. And one of his matras is "Grow where you're planted." And the money doesn't really mean much to him. It never has. Sorry, boys. Dabo ain't coming.
And the first year the two teams played, Bama got THREE TDs because a Clemson safety blew coverage on a Bama TE. THREE free TDs. And Bama STILL barely won. Clemson should have dominated THAT game too, if the safety had done his job.
There is ZERO data to support your assertion that the ACC is the worst conference in the nation. There IS data that MOST years, the ACC is the second best conference. And just 3 or so years ago, it was the BEST conference! Please GOOGLE "NFL draftees by conference 2017" and each year. Pretty much every year, the ACC is second ONLY to the SEC in NFL draftees. And up until a year or two ago, it was actually the SEC East that had the WORST division in all of college football (offset by the SEC West,which was the BEST division). Get outside of the SEC hype machine, use Google, and learn some facts; not hype.
Ummm Lawrence.... Higgins.....Ross.... ETN......virtually all the OLine are back. Bama has 5* players on defense everywhere this year. So where do they get better at stopping this offense?? Where??
Really??? REALLY?? You realize Clemson showed mercy and didn't score another 7 points on the last drive, rigth? It could have been 51 points!!! And you think it could have been different on a different day??? Haaahaaah haaaa haaaa haaaaaaaahh !!!!
Dude,everything I said was true! ALL YEAR LONG we've heard that this was the BEST BAMA TEAM EVER!!! Now, "What's wrong with Bama???" I know it's hard to admit. Did you actually READ what I wrote? Minus the 14 points in "gimmes" last year, Bama only scored 10 points on Clemson. What was wrong with Bama LAST YEAR???? Clemson held their Offense to TEN POINTS last year!!!! But because they won, NO ONE ASKED THE QUESTION! Clemson was better on Defense LAST year! And THIS year, they were better on offense, too. MUCH better. Nothing wrong with Bama. Clemson is just BETTER.
Look, I'm amazed at the response of Bama and SEC fans at Clemson's domination in this game. The author's (and others) current thinking is: It must be that Dabo's staff is stable, and Saban always has a lot of turnover. IN OTHER WORDS, WHAT'S WRONG WITH BAMA?? Geez, you people. All season, all we've heard is, "This is the best Bama team EVER, so it has to be the best TEAM EVER!!" Now, ALL OF A SUDDEN: "There's something wrong with Bama!" No. This is the best Bama team ever. AND Saban has ALWAYS has a lot of turnover, because, well, he's an ass. I know fans don't want to talk about that, winning excuses almost everything, but it's true. And the turnover has never been enough to cause THIS kind of beatdown, because he always had more than enough talent to cover. Look, there's nothing wrong with Bama. Clemson is just BETTER. PERIOD. Better at WR. Better at QB. Better in the trenches. Better. Clemson's OL gave up ZERO sacks. ZERO. Clemson's D sacked Bama QBs 3 times. Better. Justin Ross. Tee Higgins. Trevor Lawrence. Just better. Unstoppable. How are you going to stop the kind of catches Ross made? Bama has 5* corners. They can't stop that. No one can. Look, last year, Bama scored 24 points. But 7 were scored by the defense on a pick 6. 7 more scored on a turnover in the red zone. So Alabama's offense only scored 10 points that weren't gimmes on this Clemson defense LAST YEAR. And NO ONE was asking, "What's wrong with Bama?" But the result was about the same! The differces? -Trevor Lawrence and Justin Ross -Tee Higgins grew up and Etienne wasn't hurt. - Clemon's OL grew up. That's it. Clemson was just BETTER.