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The last real CFB/SEC season (Covid seasons DO NOT count) The UGA Bulldogs were beaten at home by a "Dumpster Fire Program"!! To make matters worse the Fighting DumpsterFires were being coached up by the worst HC in the history of the SEC! After the loss K.Smart was seen throwing buckets of water on a flaming seat. The Fighting DumpsterFires inadvertently started the blaze while trying to leave UGA stadium.
I just hope everyone remembers that it took Spurrier 6-7 years to build a SEC contender. Beamer is NOT Spurrier. This rebuild will take a lot of work and even more patience. As long as he doesn't fall flat on his face we have to give him the time he needs!
Carolina has definitely under performed!! We probably don't have as much total depth as the top 3 or 4 teams in the SEC but I truly believe our 2-deep is as good enough to compete with any team. We have/had enough athletes to win at least 8-9 games the past 2 seasons and the next 2 seasons. Coaching cost us 3 wins minimum