Get ready for Beamer ball 2.0!

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I kinda think its Kitchens as well but I wouldn't be surprised to see K.Briles from Arkansas. Briles and WR coach Justin Stepp have a good working relationship. Plus Sam Pitman may be pushed into making some changes after a disappointing season.
Lots of great candidates out there but I bet we end up with Kitchens or Stepp being promoted to OC. Whats everybody's opinion on that?
I actually think Satterfield had a pretty good offensive mind. Some of the misdirection plays and passing route tree's/ concepts were very creative, unique and effective. He was pretty good at drawing up ball plays. But he had no clue how to use them. His play calling was atrocious the entire season. I was thinking and maybe even hoping a little that we'd end with a Co-coordinator type situation. Or maybe demote Satterfield to QB coach. Basically I'm very conflicted when it comes to Satt. At this point I want to go after a very aggressive OC.
He definitely deserves it. Not to mention Beamer actually wants to and enjoys being the Head Coach at South Carolina. That means a lot! If the University is committed to bettering the program and spends the money to do so, I truly believe Beamer is here to stay. I just don't see him jumping ship for another job. I'm not sure yet if Beamer can or will win a natty here but I do think he keeps us competitive for many years, and averages about 8 wins a season. I'll take it!!! Pay the man then lets go find an OC to pay! (Satterfield is going to Nebraska)
It's better than good it's GRRRREAT!!! Carolina tried to give the game away in the first half, but played great football in the 2nd half to pull the upset. Honestly I think the Gamecocks should've won by double digits!! I'm really happy to have back to back upsets against top 10 teams, but it also makes me think about what could have been. The Gamecocks had the talent to win every game on their schedule this season except maybe Georgia. To make matters worse Marcus Satterfield probably saved his job with the past two wins.
FuzzyVol thanks for giving credit where credit is do. A lot of people aren't. The saddest thing about this game is it shows just how talented this South Carolina team is. Now that's not to say we would have or could have played at that level all season but we certainly should've and could've been better this season. I truly believe we've always had the talent to be a very good offensive team and for one reason or another just couldn't get it together. Congratulations on a great season Tennessee! Tennessee has been one of the most exciting teams to watch in recent memory. I almost feel bad about this victory. I hate that we knocked Tennessee and a possible second SEC team out of playoff contention. Hopefully South Carolina can do something with this win and change their trajectory. Also really sorry about Hendon Hooker he's a Class Act.
In my opinion Stoops is exactly what a football coach should be. Thats why his original remarks at SEC media days were so surprising and uncharacteristic. Don't get me wrong I love Beamer and what he's doing at South Carolina. Part of me loved what he did with the sunglasses after the game and part of me wishes he'd just left it alone.
Bama,UGA,Tenn and maybe the two Mississippi teams seem to be playing at a higher level than the rest of the SEC. Still all 5 of those teams have struggled in and/or played A bad game. The rest of the SEC is playing average football at best. All of the bottom nine teams could easily win or lose to one another any given Saturday. So far no team looks unbeatable this season,and every SEC team has shown a weakness and looks capable of losing a game or two. The point I'm trying to make is Carolina is completely capable of winning the next four but just as likely to lose them. There is more parody this season than any other season in recent memory.The only two games left on the schedule that truly scare me are @ Clemson and home vs Tenn. I'm not saying Carolina wil win the next 4 but they are winnable!!!
I actually believe we have the talent on offense to make this a competitive game (No a win). I defended Marcus Satterfield all last season and all off season. After two games I've completely changed my mind and can't help but think he's holding us back. His offense seems to be way too complicated and he has too many different Personnel packages. At this point of the season your best guys should be on the field period. There should not be and "or" on the depth chart. I really think Satterfield believes that he is some kind of Guru but in reality he is just a Goober. I'm just as concerned about our defense. The Carolina defense flash last year and has flashed this year but there's been absolutely no consistency.
HEY Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch! I see what you did there!! Cause Ma ma ma Mookie Wilson use to play for the Gamecocks!!! Wait he played baseball so maybe I don't see what you did there!
Its going to be a long season if the O-line doesn't get fixed!! Anyone criticizing Rattlers performance obviously didn't watch the game. He was pressured from the first snap to his last. There was no pocket the entire game! Literally the entire game! I didn't see any holes opened up in the run game either! I think all of the successful runs were bounced outside and were only successful because of the RBs effort. Maybe it's time to give some of the younger O-linemen a chance I truly don't believe they'd be any worse. The play calling was average at best. It felt like the RBs were never given a chance to get into a rythm. Maybe thats due to the poor line play but with our size advantage we should've been able to wear them down eventually. I defended Satt the entire off season and blamed everything on the O-line. I'm still doing that right now but I'm beginning to question Satt's ability to be effective at this level. Should there be some sort of swap?? Kitchens may need to stop analyzing and start coaching. At least let him take over the O-line.
To everyone talking about financial situation and education it's ok to stop!! There is no need to post a states ranking in education or anyone's class!! Everyone already knows the quality of your educations and class by reading your post!
You're a little high on some groups and a little low on others. Overall not very accurate in my opinion.
AFan is absolutely correct. For every great play Clowney made there were 2 plays he took off. I truly believe he played his entire college career at 50-75%. During his final season there were games he refused to play in. At least that was the rumor and seemed true from my perspective. I think there are a handful of other players that deserve this honor more than Clowney.
Cocky is a guy wearing a mascot outfit and yes he is still around. Carolina also has a privately owned live rooster mascot. Sometime in the early 2000's a fan brought the rooster to a football game and it just kinda stuck. I'm not sure if the university approved it or if the bird was smuggled in. Obviously at some point it was approved. If we are going to have a live mascot it should be owned/controlled by the university to avoid this type of situation. The current situation is very embarrassing.
Most people on here think South Carolina will just be out talented this year. Personally I think that's ridiculous. Everyone seems to forget that Muschamp was actually a pretty good recruiter. We didn't lose all those games because we didn't have talent we lost them because Muschamp was a horrible coach. Take away Bama,UGA,Vandy and the rest of the SEC is pretty evenly matched in talent.
In all the offseason reading I've done it kinda seems like Doty is the better leader for the offense. Obviously Rattler has the better physical tools but I believe there is a very slim chance for Doty to be the starter by seasons end.
I keep hearing about how great Beamer is recruiting and I agree but Muschamp was recruiting at about the same clip!! To me the difference has been player development and Beamers ability to identify lower level and overlooked prospects. You just have to look at all the players that contributed last season that didn't even sniff the field during Muschamps tenure.
I can't believe that all the media guys are leaving Rattler off list of top SEC QBs. I know he lost his starting job last season but his stats from the last couple seasons not to mention the eye test make him one of the best QBs in the country. He's saying and apparently doing all the right things. I think and hope he has a great season.
TideFan I didnt realize how many times you posted on this thread. I meant your take on the media's involvement in everything
Hey TideFan that could be the greatest most accurate post I've ever read!!
Rattler and the Gamecocks will be as good as the O-line allows them to be.
Virginia Tech & NC State are the teams most likely to leave the ACC and join the SEC. They are both little brothers to larger State schools and are more interested in football than basketball. Kind of like the Texas A&M / Texas situation. Plus the other North Carolina schools will never leave the ACC unless they have no choice.
My Gamecocks have to be considered 4 toughest schedule in the SEC this year! If Kentucky and Arkansas live up to the preseason hype the Gamecocks could possibly face five teams ranked in the top 15!!! Not to mention Tennessee! UT could very easily be a top 25 team. Georgia (Top 5) Clemson (Top 10 or higher) Texas A&M (Top 10 or higher) Arkansas (Top 15) Kentucky (Top 15-20) Tennessee (Top 25 or higher?) Florida (Anything possible) South Carolina will plays at least 3 maybe 4 playoff contenders. The only reason the Gamecocks shouldn't or wouldn't be consider the toughest schedule is due to their 3 cupcake non-conference games. But doesn't everyone in the SEC have two or three cupcakes on their schedule.
Vive I remember!!! It seems like a lifetime ago. I'm 44 and a product of the 90's. The thing I miss most is the fact that we were ALL able to laugh at and with each other. Of course there were lines that you shouldn't and didn't cross but we all knew what those lines were. Today there are no lines you have to be careful with every step you take regardless of situation or context. The one good thing about it is that these new rules seem to apply to everyone regardless of race and gender. Still when I think I'm being funny now I'm actually offending my two teenage Sons. I'm not sure humor exists anymore.
I'm thinking it's more about the O-line coach than it is the players. Remember K.Harris lead the league in rushing in 2020 behind very solid run blocking from the O-line. Last season (2021) we had almost the exact same players on the line and an even better backfield but couldn't run the ball consistently or at all in most games! The only major change for the O-line between 2020 and 2021 was the coach. I guess we will find out this season. I believe we have enough experience and talent to do very well or at least drastically improve. If we don't I have to put it on the coach.
Perfectly said AFan! The Gamecocks are in a great position to grow the program. I just hope the fans understand what growing/building a program means. Expectations here are sky high and I think reality may be a bit diffrent. If you look at our schedule another 7 win season could be very hard to come by. I'm hoping for 8 wins including a bowl but wouldn't be to disappointed with 6. I'm even more hopeful that the Gamecock community will be patient patient patient regardless of this seasons record. Beamer WILL grow our program if we allow him to!!