Get ready for Beamer ball 2.0!

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State is getting a good one and IMO he'll only get better. Blanton started slow out the gates but improved every week and finished as a solid LB. Thanks and Good luck Stone
Forgot to mention that Connor Shaw is the GOAT QB at South Carolina! All he did was win!
Im super grateful for Spencer Rattler and what he's done for the Gamecocks. Especially this season, in today's college game a lot of guys with Rattlers talent and future would have mailed it in after an 2-6 start. And maybe rightfully so, but Rattler kept playing hard, and risking everything for his team. All the Rattler haters need to think about that!
Completely ridiculous that X. Leggette isn't on this list! Top 2-3 WR in the SEC!! Probably the only reason South Carolina has won 4 games! Even on a bad team, especially on a bad team he deserves Top 10 recognition!
Don’t right Loggains off! I know he had a bad rep from his time in the NFL, but apparently thats all it was, just a bad rep. He’s done an outstanding job with Rattler and a great job overall! Especially when you consider that 12 O-lineman have been or are currently injured. Our starting LT & RT have been out every game this season and We’ve literally started 9 different combinations at O-line. Our #1 WR has probably played 25 snaps all season and our #’s 2-3 WR’s have missed significant time as well.Not to mention T.Knox our TE has missed time as well!! Still Loggains has us near the middle of the SEC in offense and Rattler is breaking records. If you guys don’t want him back we will definitely keep him! I think everyone in Columbia is really excited to see what Loggains can do next season with a healthy O-line and offense!
Lanning would be a fool to leave Oregon. There's just as much available Nike money at Oregon as there is available oil money at A&M. Facilities are already as good or better than every SEC program. Not to mention the competition will be much easier to compete and recruit against in The Big 10, meaning a much much easier path to the 12 team playoffs. If Lanning is smart he'll stay at Oregon as long as they will have him.
Its been a horrible season so far and Beamer certainly doesn't deserve nor is he getting an extension. That said injuries destroyed any chance at a successful season, hard to put that on Beamer. 12 O-lineman have been or are currently injured. A couple weeks ago we didn't have enough healthy O-lineman to practice, barely had enough to play the game. Not to mention numerous injuries at other key positions! Honestly we were probably a 7-8 win team with an outside shot at 9 wins without all the injuries. Obviously not great but certainly on the right track considering we were a 2 win team when Beamer took over. He absolutely deserves another year to prove himself but he'll need to win 7-8 in 2024 to continue as our HC.
Even if we were 100% healthy it would be very difficult to win 4 outa 5. With the current injuries to the O-line we can't even put a 2-deep together. Plus our top 2 WR are injured and its looking like RB Mario Anderson will at least be playing while hobbled. No Chance at 6 wins without several honest to God miracles.
I know it wasn't the all-blacks, but wasn't the last time UT wore alternate uniforms against S.Carolina last season? Might not be the best idea to try something like that again. On a serious note this game could go a lot of different ways. SC has had a different group play poorly every week, the O-line, D-line, RBs,secondary! We haven't played a complete game yet! If that ever happens SC could be very dangerous!But I wouldn't bet on it! UT has had a similar season, correct? Probably gonna be a lot of points scored but playing a night game in Knoxville may be the difference.
I think it is Bama from the west. Bama still has all that Bama talent. Which is more than everyone in the west, except maybe A&M, but who's gonna trust Jimbo? Not me. LSU & Daniels are very good but also overrated. Last year was as much about luck as anything. I 100% believe LSU will get to Atlanta w/ Kelly but they are still a year maybe 2 away. Arkansas won't make it but will spoil it for a team or 2! Since we're doing predictions here's a big one! Missouri finishes 2nd in the east! They are the most complete team. Maybe they even challenge UGA. My Gamecocks unfortunately finish 3rd.
The Gamecocks are a very young team. Several true freshmen are playing meaningful snaps every game. Like last season this team will get better as the season continues. UT will be a tall task at Knoxville this early in the season. Rattler and XL will have to be at their very best to win,still that might not be enough for the victory.
I honestly think the "Fumble" was 50/50. It looked as much like a push as pass. But you're 100% correct on the bad officiating. IMO the Gamecocks were on the wrong side of a few bad calls, particularly the "No Call" on the back shoulder end zone play. Blatant P.I. that cost us a TD. Honestly I think the Gamecocks have been on the wrong side of things more than their fair share this season. I'm sure MSU has as well, neither team is considered SEC royalty.
Its literally the first game of year 3 under Beamer. Thats way too early to judge! It typically takes 4-6 years for a complete rebuild! Beamer took over a 2 win team this is a complete rebuild. We are very young in the secondary and very bad on the O-line. I expect things to be mych better in year 4 or 5. 10 out of 14 SEC teams would have also struggled with UNC. All that said we will be lucky to win 6 this season if the O-line doesn't improve drastically. For the UK poster you guys aren't that far ahead of us if at all. Plus it took Stoops 10 years to get UK there.
Is this a joke??! Half the freshmen he mentioned aren't even on the team!!! They are commits for the 24 class and wont arrive for a year!! WTF!@?? AT LEAST DO A LITTLE BIT OF RESEARCH BEFORE POSTING AN article IF YOU WANNA CALL IT THAT.
I could easily see that exact scenario playing out!! But I could also see the opposite happening and a 6-6 type season. Its been a strange off-season for me. I've gone from concerned to very optimistic to very concerned and back to very excited and optimistic! I am praying that these predictions are correct though.
Outstanding journalism! J/k! But I do like a couple of the predictions!
I admit that I'm not watching or even looking for media/ videos from other programs. That said part of the reason is that no other program has received national attention for their media!!! The Gamecock Media department IS the best in the country!!! Another Great video!
Its almost impossible to read anything from SDS much less comment with all the pop up adds that have started to appear lately. To be clear this is only happening with SDS
Schools are definitely reducing stadium capacity. I know South Carolina was at about 83-85,000 a few years ago and are now at about 78,000 because of adding luxury boxes and there is talk of more boxes to come. A lot of other schools are in the process of doing the same. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Average fans around the country are being priced out and can't see their favorite teams play live. Especially in the SEC!! Also its really obvious that crowd numbers are being manipulated, all you have to do is watch/attend any game in the SEC and you'll notice empty seats at the "sellout" game you are viewing.
Really curious about Freezes 103 wins. Does that include all of the vacated victories?
If you completely ignore the rankings this isn't a bad list. IMO 18-20 of the coaches mentioned deserve to be in the top 25 conversation. Actually assigning a number ranking or specific order is very debatable. For my money Gundy may be the most overlooked underrated coach on the list. I realize that OKST has the facilities to compete but when you look at actual class rankings no one has done more with less. Not to mention the overall consistency of the program. I'd be thrilled to see Beamer take a similar path with similar results.
TcFlint you guys have been working on it for several years now, hows that been going for ya? Not too good! ACC will will eventually be divided up between the Big12, BIGGER10 and the SEC. If this happens I really wish they'd create a third championship for the G5. It would probably be more competitive than the big boys.
The SEC may be in trouble in a couple years. Beamer has brought in arguably the best combined(23+24) O-line class in the country. Des U and Stewart should be NFL caliber bookend DEs and we already have a few really talented young DTs if we can keep them out of the portal. You know what they say, the SEC is won on the line of scrimmage. I realize we have a long way to go but we are definitely starting to put the pieces together! BTW really appreciate all the UGA fans giving credit when due. Hopefully we can catch up with you guys in the next few years!
Once a flipper always a flipper! Last season several guys committed to one team then flipped to another only to end up on a third team by signing day! Don't count your chickens before they hatch!!! Anything can happen in the age of the Great NIL!
Hungover or not I was up by 9am to watch Gameday every Saturday of the season. At least in my younger days. Now that I'm older I find myself caring less about the national scene and more about the SEC. So recently I've been watching more SEC Nation, and with the exception of Finebaum I like it better. The actual game against UNC terrifies me! I'm not worried at all about Rattler and the offense, I'm worried about stopping Maye! This could be a 56-49 type of game. I do expect USC's defense to be much improved this year, but we have a lot of new faces and this is the first game. Too bad the Furman game and UNC game aren't reversed. A tune-up game would've been nice.
First of all Clemson had a very good defense last season. Maybe not elite or as good as previous years but still top 20. The Vols D had a lot of pieces but were not as consistent as need be. But I definitely wouldn't call them bad. Rattlers success in the final 3 games was due to a change in play calling not poor competition. After the Florida fiasco Beamer had to make a change! Satterfield was a flat out horrible OC and an even worse play caller. Also 3-4 of Rattlers early interceptions were from dropped/tipped passes & 1-2 more from incorrect routes by the WR. All that said I'd have Rattler right where he is, maybe 4th until proven otherwise. He needs to be consistent for an entire year before I can move him up. Which may be hard to do with a gunslinger mentality and potentially poor O-line. I do think Rattler is as physically gifted as any QB on this list. If the O-line can be average Rattler has enough recievers around him to have a very big year. Although it may not show up in the win column.
There is more parody in the SEC than ever before. With the exception of Bama and UGA all teams are pretty close. Any team in the league could be a 10 game winner or 6 game loser this season.
Miami got a great player in Cam Smith. He won't be a day 1 starter due to the CB's already on the roster. But he will make an impact on passing downs as a nick or extra cover guy. Also the Eagles remind me of a UGA fans franchise roster on Madden!