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Aubie, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I am not so sure that Auburn will be lording it over SC this season. Regards your comments about SC losing Horn and Mukuamu, with all due respect to those young men, they, like the entire Gamecock defense, simply did not play to their potential last season….they were riding it out, putting forth minimum effort, protecting themselves, and awaiting draft day…..and still, SC beat Auburn. Regards Shi Smith….again, with all due respect, his dropped passes were as numerous as his miraculous grabs…not my kind of receiver. You might want to think about what a well-coached, maximum effort squad will mean in the next contest….because I believe that is what Auburn will see.
Agreed….but nothing wrong with building a championship culture…building a path to actually competing for, and winning, a national championsip. If Beamer and his team relentlessly chase perfection, they may catch excellence along the way!
Yes….I’ll bet that you and your gaggle of beclowned UGA brethren could not wait to get back to your internet porn marathon!
Whatever….I can live with that just as long as we never become as delusional as UGA fans…you’re a joke, and so is your team of habitual underachievers and choke artists. I mean, come on, basically Matthew Stafford epitomizes UGA football….an over-hyped loser who has done absolutely nothing of consequence, but for some reason is still spoken about as being elite. You’re all delusional, and you all suffer from an all-encompassing, and wholly justified, inferiority complex….enjoy your “dominance” of the (very bad) SEC East while it lasts….because it won’t, and it will end, for as long as it lasts, the moment you run into Alabama.
You can assure that it will be much different, huh? To your point, let’s wait and see what happens….so far, all I’ve seen from Auburn is the hiring of an SEC all-losers club coaching staff…not in the least bit impressive. You should grab the UGA fans who beclown themselves regularly here and form a support group for those habitually slapped around by Alabama.
I would be careful in being overly critical of Horn’s actions regarding this specific recruit….seems like Horn was more praising his ex-coach to a recruit who was not seriously considering SC to even begin with…I got no issue with that, better this kid go to Miami than somewhere else in the SEC (ie: LSU). That said, I strongly disagree with Horn’s praise of “T-Rob”….he was awful at SC…a complete buffoon who couldnt “coordinate” a winning effort against a peewee team; and I agree with those who characterize the “muschamp eara” as a “me first” culture. But the age of “the individual” in football is coming to an end…the writing is on the wall….this “me first” crap cannot produce wins…at any level. So, while I appreciate anything young Mr Horn can do to assist SC in recruiting, ultimately I do not believe anything he does matters all that much….Beamer is building his own thing….a culture based on team and winning as a team, not “getting in to the league”.
That does not sound crazy to me at all, in fact, I totally agree with you. SC’s DC was utterly inept last year; the new coordinator and scheme alone will drastically improve this defense this season. As far as the receivers are concerned, quite honestly receiver is the single easiest position to play....I believe that if SC focuses on playing guys who simply can catch, they will be fine. What we do not want, are more Muschamp-era flashy basketball player wannabe’s who are “too athletic” to worry about going over the middle of the field or taking a hit to make a key reception. Said another way....move the more “playmakers”, please.
Honestly? Who really cares.....the fact is that SC had far, far too many athletes and not nearly enough football players....their record over the previous three seasons speaks for itself. First, they have to fix their culture and implement aggressive schemes.....after that occurs SC should start to focus on building the recruiting profile.....if they follow that formula, not only will a less “talented” team win more games immediately, but the team will significantly improve and be in position to challenge for winning the SEC within three or four seasons.
You make some good points, but I think that Beamer’s success will ultimately depend upon the competence of his coordinators....because until he proves otherwise, I believe Beamer will establish the right culture at SC.....certainly nowhere near the mess, lack of accountability and mental/physical softness which Muschamp fostered. I really like Beamer’s DC and STC....we’ll see about the OC, but nothing could be worse than that idiot McClendon.
With all due respect, the importance of DB’s decreases in direct proportion to QB pressure.....and much of what constitutes QB pressure is manufactured via scheme....hence, my disdain for SC’s previous DC...the much maligned “T-Rob”. Ultimately, DB’s are like receivers....only the media, agents, advertisers and other people who do not know one iota about the game of football over-value these positions.
Yea....not sure what this is all supposed to mean, but ultimately football is a simple game....Beamer and SC will be fine so long as they recruit more pure football players than flashy athletes. Maulers on the interior lines, receivers who can acually catch and defensive players who actually enjoy hitting, tackling and contact....all surrounded by a staff which will not tolerate poor need to over-think it.
Agreed. Everyone is all frothing at the mouth over this guy’s feats of athleticism on various and sundry pieces of gym equipment.....that should be very useful if a decathalon ever breaks out during a football game.....but when it comes to actually playing football? This guy is a mojor disappointment waiting to happen....believe it. Georgia is basically the first place loser.....that’s your “response”? Why do you feel the need to hang around on a S Carolina site anyway? Why not spend your time on a Georgia football site and exchange thoughts on how your crap team can maybe one day get past Alabama and first place loser status? Maybe because you are one of the few GA fans who actually knows how to read and write? Dude, you are a joke....may your uninvited trolling of an SC site bring your team continued bad karma....loser (first place loser, if it makes you feel better)!
Yep....and I’m happy for you. Love watching LSU slap Clemson around.
“Not once has never had”? You really are from GA, aren’t you? What is that even supposed to mean? Regards the D-backfield, in point of fact, SC entered last season with the highest rated defensive backfield in the SEC East....per, granted, they certainly did not play up to that rating, but that’s a whole other issue. Fact is, and the draft will bear this out, SC’s two starting CB’s from last season will be drafted within the first two rounds....can you say the same about GA’s DB’s?
Look at you go!! Coming to the defense of your little GA fan friend! Aren’t you something? Like I said to your buddy....go find a UGA page to talk GA football....SC fans, at least this one, are sick of your trolling around here trying to feel better about yourself and the tragically pathetic program you support.
Yea, OK sweetheart....I’ll do soon as you go back to where you belong...a UGA page where you can talk GA football instead of inciting BS here.
Actually.....occured to me while I was in GA....when I attended the game in Athens and the Cocks whipped Georgia “between the hedges” (what a stupid moniker)....a big, fat, one-toothed GA hillbilly hung around in the can while I was using it....true story.
SC has as much a claim to “DBU” as any power five school....and as you’ve pointed out, this is really a recruiting slogan more than know, kind of like UGA’s recruiting slogan....”If you can’t play at Alabama, please come UGA” God....let’s face facts, the whole SEC, aside from Alabama, is a pile of goo.
Yea? Well, I’m laughing at you....friggin UGA’re all the same...a total joke, all puffy chested until you choke, yet again, against Alabama. Look, you toothless hillbilly wonder, why not go hang out at a UGA site and talk GA football? Why hang out here trolling SC fans? You are the type of creep who hangs around in public restrooms waiting to smell other people’s $hit....
Hahahahahahahahahghhhhhaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha........yea, fv*k you, a$$hole.
Markway could have caught 10 passes against Alabama if that idiot masquerading around as an offensive coordinator would use the middle of the field more. Shi Smith, Brian Edwards and the entire receiving crew would benefit from more slants, square-ins, posts and sluggos...the predictable, soft (over) use of the perimeters has severely hampered this offense, and Joyner needs more reps....would like to see him run RPO's and even some creative option plays more often!
Oh no....Jam is leaving??? Boo-hoo friggin hoo.....I call that addition by less little turd who cannot cover or tackle. He can go be "an athlete" someplace else, because he sure as hell was never a football player at USC.....good riddance.