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Correct…..because the rest of the conference is simply not very good, or, nowhere near as good as Alabama. Fact is this….if the SEC, both east and west, got outside the south for games, they would not be as venerated as they are. I saw LSU play UW a few years ago in Lambeau Field, and UW destroyed them….I watched UCLA crush LSU in LA this year. My point? The SEC, excluding Alabama, is utterly overrated….tonight’s Georgia beat down was proof….a team is not tough, physical or great simply because it plays in the same conference as one team which is.
Agreed. Georgia fans troll SC fans all season long, so as much as it pains me to do so, I just had to come here for a bit of payback. Whatever….Georgia is what it is….a good team, with a very good defense, who have no idea how to get past their daddy….Alabama. They are the perpetual second-place team who can’t quite realize that second place is only the first place loser.
The real story is that defense does not win games….it keeps teams in games. Offense wins games….period. The rules of modern football make defense almost impossible to play, but Georgia ran up a bigreputation for defensive invincibility by dominating the rubbish in the SEC east…and Georgia fans brought into that narrative.
Georgia was utterly violated tonight….but all hardcore SEC fans, whose great-great grandmammy’s were similarly taken to task by Union soldiers, and who, as a result, place their entire sense of self worth in how the “mighty” SEC performs, feel that this ridiculous conference actually deserve at least half of the playoff spots,year after year, by virtue of birthright. Look, the SEC is, at best, a good very conference which is dominated by 1-2 teams. But until they discontinue playing the parade of loser lay-up teams they play for one quarter of the season, and until they actually play a game outside of “dixie” in Nov/Dec, they will always require “commitees” reviewing “resumes”, and other such nonsense, to get multiple teams into what constitutes a playoffi in college football. Its a joke, and so is this opinion that UGA is “better” than the majority of the teams mentioned….especially if UGA would grow a pair and actually play up north this time of year.
Yea…maybe one day SC will earn the right to be serially slapped around by Alabama just like your crew of overrated zeroes….enjoy “the playoffs”, because UGA will not be there for long.
Hey, mouth from the south, how about that beat-down your boys endured tonight? Oh, I know your response…. “At least GA was there”…..haha, they were there alright….taking double-penetration all night long….yet again, Alabama proves to be UGA’s daddy… your advice for someone who will listen to you….your ridiculous team of pretenders is only half a step above SC, and that is not going to last long.
The Gamecocks are not very good, but they beat both Auburn and Florida…both of whom took Alabama to the wire? Face facts…it is the SEC in general, with the possible exception of Georgia, which is not very good….but I actually think “good” us not the right word…I think the word you should use is “consistent”. The Gamecocks need a more diverse, top 20 recruiting class (or 3), a new OC and a new O-Line coach and you will continue to see improvement over what has been a vast improvement over Muschamp’s gaggle of “athletes” and self-centered narcissists who were too busy “building their brands” to ever hit anyone. The Gamecocks are headed in the right direction…give Beamer some time, and in the mean-time, enjoy the fact that SC will be in a bowl game!
Very good posting. Your comments about Satterfield’s “thinking” relative to Venables are very telling (assuming Satterfield actually said that)…and what it tells us is what I’ve been saying all season..this guy over-complicates everything. This is not a complex game…and coordinators like Satterfield cannot be allowed to stick around to try and make it so….this guy needs to get gone yesterday.
This is rich coming from someone with an Army logo….given the way that organization has embarrassed itself recently, you really do not have room to excoriate South Carolina’s performances. Go away….don’t go away mad….just go away.
There is no way Satterfield survives into next season….and when he leves, Adkins needs to accompany him.
This is 100% correct….great posting….we are in complete agreement.
Hahahahahaha….LMAO! OK, so basically your post is that Auburn is somehow superior to South Carolina beacuse of their illustrious history and the fact that a bunch of talking heads picked them to go places weeks ago? Look…..go away….don’t go away angry, just go away. The Gamecocks beat your sorry team…two years in a row now…and get ready for next week sweetheart, because Alabama is going to be your team’s Daddy….hahaha….love it….”war eagle”….how stupid…go away.
And your point….is that SC, while playing awful against ECU and Vandy…still pulled out wins? Not sure what you are on about, and not sure how it applies to some mouthy Auburn fan “guaranteeing” victory this season, but you temper your enthusiasm, if you like…you do you…I’ll do me. Go Cocks!
Agreed…the 4th down call was a firing offense IMO….but I’ll take the win.
Just another example of the SEC’s (and frankly, SEC fans in general) unjustified love for big, strong “athletes” who are mis-cast as QB’s….the list goes on and on, and this obsession is really hurting the sport, and SEC fans in general need to wake up. You are correct, that guy simply is not a QB….end of story.
Agreed re: Nix and Carlson….the rest, not so much.
As if that matters….Auburn was up 14-0….and squandered the lead…the better team tonight won, period. Good luck with your referee whining next week against Alabama….maybe the single most overrated player in the history of football, Cam Newton, can dust off his uniform and help you.
Not sure who it was, but one annoying Auburn fan “guaranteed” me, ala Joe Namath, that this season’s game results would “be different” than last seasons. You know what? Auburn fans should stick to their own page and stay away from here….their team is rubbish…a gaggle of former head coaches losers club….whatever. Go Cocks!! Very happy for the team and the staff…on to a victory over Clemson and then a Bowl game!
RoosterC hit the nail on the head with his response/post….totally accurate.
Good post, and I agree with most of what you say. That said, the one thing which is within the current staff’s control is scheme. Bottom line, this offensive scheme is far too complex for the “talent” on the team. Again, this team/scheme needs to use the middle if the field mire often, and the scheme needs to call for quick, in rhythm passes…and if they are not there, the QB needs to run…quick decisions. SC does not have the receiving talent to win perimeter 50/50 balls, win deep routes or win isolation routes…quick developing combination routes are required, and this OC does not call those most of the time. A basic change in that regard will make the offense at least watchable.
I respect your opinion, but I am sorry….there is no room in my world for an OC who first replaces his QB with a utility player to run RPO, and then follows that up with a gadget play run by, of all people, a defensive lineman on the goal line…that was utter insanity, sheer incompetence and totally indefensible. I agree that SC needs stability on offense….but the person to bring stability is not Satterfield and is not yet part of Beamer’s staff.
Muschamp and his staff of incompetents had nowhere near a football IQ of “100x” Beamer and staff. Over Muschamp’s tenure, at least half a dozen players were selected in the higher rounds of the NFL draft, and are good, solid professional players….yet the best Muschamp could do was the awful program/effort we saw over the past few years?? No, Muschamp was and still is a buffoon…and to make matters worse, the type of player he went on to recruit (lest we forget, Edwards and Deebo were Spurrier recruits) ended up being pure garbage (I’m looking at you, Jordan Burch). If Beamer is what I think he is, you will see him release Satterfield after this season and you will see his recruits spearhead improvement next season.
I hope you are correct, but I highly doubt it. One thing that I do really like, and that is Brown’s escapability and elusiveness…he just seems to play at a higher tempo and speed than Nolan or Doty….and with that garbage OL of SC’s, that could potentially make a major difference in some games. Now let’s hope that Brown’s accuracy can improve as he gets more reps in practices.
The best way to protect Brown, or any QB, is to run plays with on schedule quick releases….slants, short crossers….and that entails using the middle of the field extensively. If SC’s more highly recruited crew of receivers don’t like this, or will not execute it, then sit them down and start some hard-nose walk on’s….guys who actually want to play. Satterfield, and SC in general, need to simplify things….this game is not that complex, and if you watch good teams (ie: Alabama), you will see the types of plays I am talking about.
The Gamecocks have shown me nothing to support the hope that they can win any more games this season. The offense is utterly incompetent, and that falls directly on Marcus Satterfield. I am sure he is a fine man, but barring a complete reversal of fortune, he simply must go at the end of this season. This team drastically needs simplification…executing simple plays designed to move the chains…I want to see more slants, more quick crossing routes and more throws to RB’s out of the backfield. I want to see far less downfield shots, less stretch run plays and less receiver screens. Let’s see rhythm, and play selection which is appropriate to down and distance. Let’s see quick releases….on schedule, 3 step drop passes to mask that garbage OL. Most of all, no…more…trick/gadget….plays….ever again. By keeping it simple, maybe “the offensive genius” Satterfield can keep his job….but continuing the same strange schematic trends must result in his departure.