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But KY and MS State, who SC beat, are “real SEC teams”? What about TN, who SC totally molested last season? Were they “real”? For that matter, how about the GA team in ‘18….you know, the one SC beat in Athens? Not sure how you arrive at your definitions, but bottom line? You’re totally delusional, and once the NCAA gets its act together next season, and puts twelve teams into the playoff, you’ll begin to see just how average, entitled and protected the SEC has been.
Exactly right….of course, that type of “higher order thinking” is something most Alabama fans are not capable of….all these troglodytes can do is parrot the head coach, whose job it is to do/say any and everything to get his team into the playoffs…as if Saban actually believes his own BS.
Quite frankly, Alabama should have lost the game in Auburn….the walk-off TD should have been an offensive PI call…the film does not lie, the receiver pushed off….period.
This is a great point….the “inferior” ACC had a 6-4 record against the (totally overrated) SEC, yet an undefeated ACC champion team, whose defense held every single opponent under 30 points this season, and who beat a ranked opponent with their third string QB, is excluded in favor of an SEC team who played far more “lay-up” games against powder puff opponents than FL State? Sorry….just smells like politics to me. Of course, the easy solution to all this nonsense is to expand the playoffs to at least eight teams….the power five conference winners plus three rando’s.
So basically a non-call on a definite offensive PI call, which should have been called against AL on the last play of the Auburn game, has far-reaching implications to many players, coaches and fans. A shame, really….but until the college football world, at large, comes to terms with the fact that the SEC is simply an average power five conference, or the playoff is expanded to at least eight teams, we can expect more of the same. How ludicrous that the undefeated winner of a conference which owned the SEC this season was kept out of the playoffs but political nonsense.
Hey, speaking of the portal….how about the ex-GA receiver sticking it to “the dawgs” for Alabama? Oh, and nice ranking to end the season…take that cereal, in an irrelevant bowl game, and shove it up your portal!
Where are all the sanctimonious Georgia fans bloviating about the greatness of their program and offering their “wisdom” to all of us poor Gamecock fans? Well, I guess that beating from Alabama was able to shut them up….for a few precious moments at least. Next, they’ll be Finebaum-ing their way into gyrations on how “the dawgs” might politic their way in to playoffs…southerners, just can’t let the civil war go….gotta reclaim some modicum of dignity by attaching a completely inappropriate sense of self-worth to what their state universities produce on the football field. But here’s a newsflash for you….the SEC, writ large, is, at very best, an exceedingly average power five conference this year….and if there is any real interest in any legitimate playoff, no one from the SEC should be involved….period.
Exactly…in fact, they’re behind TX, AL and Washington and (assuming they win tonight) both MI and FL State. Don’t like it? Change conferences….enough with the entitled SEC-first nonsense.
Wrong….they’re both 11-1, and TX beat AL…end of story….TX goes in before AL does.
“The four best teams”….and how do you define “best”, exactly? Are you a disciple of that little know-nothing Finebaum who insists that any playoff must, simply must, include at least one SEC team? That opinion is utterly ludicrous. Here’s the bottom line….GA lost to Alabama, and Alabama lost to Texas….so, at best, Ga is the third “best”team….but that is only if you’re completely oblivious to the fact that Washington is undefeated and Michigan may also go undefeated. Ultimately….sorry….but you lose….assuming MI wins, the playoff should be MI, Wash, TX and one other team (Alabama or FL State or OH State, but no way GA).
Speaking of sucking….how you liking that dressing down your little doggies are getting by Alabama? Takeaway 5: you’re a troglodyte, and what you know about football could not fill a thimble.
Not only has he not managed the roster, but he has allowed two absolute clown coordinators (offense and defense) to continually over-complicate their respective “schemes”, while simultaneously doing their absolute best in refusing to put their players in position to be successful with said ridiculous schemes.
And most Gamecock fans I know could not care less what a loser who habitually dropped key first down passes had to say about anything…..Muse….please.
The abbreviation “imo” being the operative part of your posting.
LaNorris Sellers or Dante Reno….believe me, either will be an upgrade.
LOL! Exactly…..this is not even worth reporting on…
Again….who really cares? At best, this guy was a one-season wonder at SC….not even remotely close to being a “field tilter”….just a guy who had one slightly above average season….nothing to get bent out of shape over.
FBS program…jeez…losing my mind on this posting!
And correction….it was Vann who came over from JMU (only recently made into a FCS program)…
True….if you can call Loggains’ offense a “system”.
I did not hear that Harbor is leaving… this accurate?
Yea….I guess this means we won’t be able to watch “Juice” sit in the training room for three quarters of the season any more. I wish him well, but, frankly….what does it matter that he’s moving on? Next man up…..and hopefully that next man is far more durable.
Not sure I agree with that summary. While it may be true for the entertainer/athlete-first type of players, it is not remotely true for the pure football-first type players. Ultimately, coaching and coordinating is far more important that the difference between three and five stars. The NIL & transfer portal certainly present challenges….but teams like SC have already proven they can compete from an NIL standpoint (isn’t either Vann or Legget the SEC’s leading NIL earner??), and as regards the portal, SC will just have to find the Cody Schrader’s and Mario Anderson’s of the world….and they’ll be fine.
Yes, lots of windging and whining over the loss of players who (a) will be gone in a few short years anyway and (b) are/were not National Championship winning material to begin with. Ultimately, the fans at large need to be reminded of a few uncomfortable facts which might not fit “the narrative” necessarily…and that is, first, that a D3 RB named Cody Schrader led “the mighty SEC” in rushing, and second, the WR who everyone seems to think is an NFL “can’t miss” (Xavier Legget) came over to USC from some rinky-dink FCS program, yet still “thrived”. Finally, look at Mario Anderson…not exactly a five star stud, but more than serviceable. My point?? Enough already about “the players”….players are a dime a dozen…SC fans should be more worried about the complete lack of competence at the OC and DC level.