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You know that embarrassing feeling you get when you're watching a movie with your folks and all of a sudden a hardcore sex scene comes on that you weren't expecting... I get that feeling watching this video.
This is a horrible idea... But I guess it's something to write about in the off season.
Black isn't one of their colors... Why are they doing black jerseys? You can't just make up new colors to put in your school's color scheme. Does anyone else think R-Kansas is a little off their rocker once again? Tennessee did the same thing a while ago and caught backlash from it.
If, with emphasis on "IF", they do it sure as hell wont be Clemtech that wins anything.
I hope the trophy has a better name than the "Hardee's Trophy"
Hahaha thank you! I haven' t laughed that hard in a long time...
Hardly... It won't be as close as you think with Davis or Wilson, I don't see them really making a strong run for the Heisman at all. They might get some talk at some point in the season after a big game but it wont last. One thing we all know about Lattimore is he is consistent.
Good call on Lattimore being number one... He will have a Heisman year this year.
Just so you know you copied the same statement twice in his quote... But I do hate that it went down like that, he did do a lot of good things too that got over shadowed but I felt like a turnover was just a play away with Garcia. I will say he was never afraid to take tacklers head on. He would drill the defenders and make them think twice about hitting him straight up. He did say one thing right "once a Gamecock always a Gamecock.!"
As a gamecock fan I don't like this. We have been playing Arkansas for 20 years now and all of a sudden we are switching to make TAMU our yearly game... why? I can't help but think they are doing this to move Mizzou over to the west and auburn to the east in 2013. Other than that it doesn't make sense.
I hope they realize they are entering the SEC... Not the big east. No one outside of KY really cares about Basketball. The entire video is about Basketball! Come football season they will think differently.
How can you not like this guy?,,, Unless you are a fat ass who smokes, but lets face it no one likes you anyway.
Hmm when teams/fans say they "beat themselves" it means by turn overs. Which means our Defense beat ya'll, which it did. In short South Carolina's defense is better than UGA's. Your "great" defense as you claim to have held us to 21 points on offense. Since you didn't put two and two together that means almost half of our points were scored by our defense with exception of the fake punt we ran for a TD. Our D-line threw Arron Murry around like a rag doll. It's funny you want us to take your word for it, as if you are stating facts when you don't even have the competence to write a simple comment without your Red and black glasses on you homer.
I agree with you, however we had Lattimore when we lost to AU and if he is hurt and not playing there is no reason to write about him. Next year he will bring the Heisman home to us. As much as I want the Heisman to stay in the SEC I think Andrew Luck is probably most deserving. Without him on the Standford team they would be lucky to even make it to a bowl game this year. It's like Peyton Manning is for the Colts. He will probably be the first play to ever receive NFL's MVP while being on the IR list. hahaha.
Good thing they are peaking this week... They are going to need their best performance to take down this top-notch Kentucky team this week.
I hope we do too. Have you guys seen the ACC circle of suck yet?
Hahaha whatever, looks like you are trying to find your own motivation because apparently you are the only one that sees what DJ said as a slam. He didn't say Carolina is going to go in and claim a win as you said in the following paragraph... He said it would be nice to, and it would be nice. You R-Kansas people always get your panties in a wad over the dumbest things. Other than that I can look past your bias and see that it is a nice article.
The point that there is a press release already written up is enough to worry about. They will be in soon enough.
I completely agree with you jethahn! What a disappointment!