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Congrats to TAMU, While we have talent on defense some are missing. Not sure why but missing games versus poor execution. Having talent doesn't mean anything if they are not in the game. If they are suspended then they hurt themselves and the team. If they are sick then I am sure they will return when they are clear. Exposed and missing to clear protocols is one thing but if they are sick this this will take some real time to recover and get healthy. No one wants to lose but I am sure they will be there when they are healthy and ready to play.
most of the issues are timing which they didn't get to learn practice in spring training. Grantham schemes are complex and need that time. They should simplify things until the players are ready. Timing is also an issue with players, there is over penetration and over reaction at times that puts the players out of position. Too much cushion in the secondary.
Ask the uncle and aunt of a employee that died from it, Ask the employee and her boyfriend of the office the girlfriends office extremely ill from it. Neither case is related just Floridians. No one wants any of this it does infringe on being normal. I am not raging just most don't want the self-discipline needed to make a difference. China where this came from is draconian in how they treated their citizens. On the news last weekend they showed the government welding the doors shut on citizens to enforce the quarantine. Here people complain about being asked to do something. The lockdown there was two months and while draconian they are mostly clear of it now. Before I am jumped on I do so blame them for not acting sooner to protect this from getting out to the rest of the world. But had we acted faster here and really shut down travel, would giving up two months being self-disciplined of isolation been better than 9 months of some people panicking and some people disregarding the fact that their actions of ignoring the basic protocols are prolonging the issue. How much does it take to keep some distance and wear a mask in public?
What makes Mullen a good coach is maximizing the outcome with the talent you have. Alex Smith was a pocket qb and he was good in the NFL. McElroy was a good college qb and sees Trask developing. While he was recruited by different coaches who saw talent he is developing in a much better coaching environment.
Corch since 1980 UGA has 17 victories over the Gators. I have been to a lot of those games, missed a few while I was in the Army and watched as many as I could if I didn't go. You are correct that there are fans that leave when their team is losing. BUT UGA fans are for worse at leaving if UGA is losing. It is sad when people leave before the game is through. I don't leave my team when we lost. There are a few on here that stir --it on the UGA side of this site. I read and only sometimes comment. It is good to see some UGA fans think you are an idiot. There are guys here that poke fun at the other and that is good humor and supporting their team. But think of this if almost 100% of a group (we'll call them Gator fans) says or views you as an idiot, and at least from what I've read almost 100% of the other group (we'll call them UGA fans) and that totals the whole. There is a strong possibility you are indeed an idiot. Now I know you'll have some reply that makes you feel less so but if that many people view one as such the odds are not their favor.
Nature et al Our system has so polarized through lobbyists and money that there is no one out there that is out there for the "US' they are out there for some personal gain. I should say all but most. While the argument could be that this has always been the case it has risen to the level of the Hatfield's and McCoy's. Either your this or that. As for the argument of rights I am a staunch supporter of freedom I served with a HD in the Army. That rights thing doesn't wash in this pandemic. You are less at risk of death from the virus the younger you are. but what about the millions of young people with Unknown conditions that are likely to have severe bouts of the virus. What if your brother/sister had some undiagnosed condition that would make them susceptible do dying from this? I do engineering which uses science the basic math used there is the same math in determining % of failure think infection (I may not have worded that well) Bottom line science and people in the field use what they have to make determinations from that data. The spread of the virus is exponential in large group events. Politicians are doing what is right for the economy or their re-election. I own a business and the virus has been hard on me. Not pointing fingers here I am saying our politicians are and some here. Instead we should have people working on a solution to stem the spread without or reducing the impact on the economy. As for Gator games, I usually go to the home games or as many as I can. But I will not as I currently may be susceptible to issues and I would not if I didn't because I may bring that thing back to someone that is. Young folks are less at risk though some are dying from this but think of this those that aren't, even if half of the 200k reported deaths are a real number and on was your family member that you brought the virus to because you didn't want your rights violated, would that be ok? beyond the 200k that have died far more have had serious illness from this virus. and many more have had it and been totally asymptomatic. To think that we would open large venues before this has passed or been stemmed is a gamble for the economy not public health.
I'm no FSU fan but FSU was loaded when Fisher stepped in. It also was when Meyer was leaving. Bowden faded in the end tired likely from the grind of decades there. I didn't like him but respected his record. FSU was losing their identity after Fisher took over it was becoming obvious. There were rumors but they were rumors but we'll leave it at that. Offered $ for a new gig and a FSU falling was a great move for him. Parallel Meyer leaving UF.
Jake read the sentence para 4. Now, the Gamecocks will be looking to solidify that spot with a win over the Gamecocks.
I read somewhere that Smarts policy is if you enter the portal there is no coming back. Part of the policy of continuing visits after committing as he has giving his word that he (Smart) will not look for another at that position if a player commits.
Spoken by a member of his brethren or so he (corch) can understand a Georgia fan. Even your own kind think you are an Idiot.
Eventually someone will find a way to defend Pitts. Until that time he will beat defenders or force double teams which will leave someone else open. Either way it is a situation that puts defenses in a bad spot. The Gators have depth at receiver and the OL has a year of maturity. SC is going to be needing all the defensive mojo they can muster tomorrow.
Florida only lost by 7 last time to all the 5*. Depth was the issue last time. Could be like poker I'll see your 5* and throw in a lot of solid developed depth. Mullen has only been in Gainesville 2 years. As for the talent gap UF has beat UGA many times without winning the * wars.
FSU is more than a dumpster fire. Near broke and dysfunctional. It'll take a few years to turn that around.
Fit, Muschamp wasn't a good fit at UF. Wasn't seasoned enough and didnt/doesn't have the flexibility in his coaching at the time to handle the dynamic at UF. At South Carolina things are a little different and he has matured though maybe not as fast as you guys would like. Being able to compete means being able to bring in recruits that can beat the top dogs in the conference with assistant coaches that can train them and get them to the NFL. Holtz and Spurrier had good runs there. Which is the other issue. I am not sure the $ is there to draw the coach and staff. If they gamble on a newer coach and it works is the $ there to keep them?
Conference should have some minimum rule for how to keep players safe from Covid each team should be able to add protections but not take away to insure the players are safe for the season. This year will be unique and there could be some surprises. Talkin season is almost over and it'll be time to show what you have. Not sure where everyone is this year as the run up is different. Since the comparison here is what Florida is predicted and UGA is the only team loss by that metric. The DL of UGA is going to be stout. The new offense may just be finding their feet by that game. Florida is going to have a lot of weapons that should also be hitting their stride by then. Should be the best game in Jax in some time. It'll be the first one in years I may not go to. Depending on what they let in for fans. Here's to no cancellations and not injuries. Here's to the Gators comming out on top.
If he reads the defense and his decision making is correct Florida's offense will be a force in the East.
Spell check got this messed up. Trolls not rules. Hope not how
How he has a healthy season. Let the rules enter the fray
Thanks for the time. Here's to Dan bringing the Gators back to the top. Go Gators!
didn't say any of the schools were were going to be in Atlanta, only the schedule/path may give them an easier route to be there. Don't add to the story read the story. I am a Gator fan and hope to be there in November but we have to play every game, have to go in with the belief we are going to win every game. Will we? Odds are against us. So yes, the schedule favors us with a chance to be there but no were did I read he said we will be there.
UGA fans fighting on the Gator forums.. Got off topic when they're is talk of years before Mullen and Smart. Article was meant to stir people up and it did that. Someone mentioned the climb to success. Smart walked into a great situation. Mullen walked into a fire.
#Grad and all good points even from the non posters that aren't trolls. I would have normally taken the over before the season was covid/ corona virused. There are valid points. UK is making traction without the injuries last year they did lose some good RB's and WR's UT? Looked like they were turning around end of season last year. LSU lost a lot of players and some key coaching staff but O will show if it is real this year. UGA lost some players gained so potentially really good players but lost some coaching. Really that is normal in the SEC what is not is what this time away with the virus and the phycological impact is will have on the individual players and the team dynamics. I don't think any team starts near where they finished last year. I think you could see some historically great teams teams have awful years and vice versa.