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Thanks for the time. Here's to Dan bringing the Gators back to the top. Go Gators!
didn't say any of the schools were were going to be in Atlanta, only the schedule/path may give them an easier route to be there. Don't add to the story read the story. I am a Gator fan and hope to be there in November but we have to play every game, have to go in with the belief we are going to win every game. Will we? Odds are against us. So yes, the schedule favors us with a chance to be there but no were did I read he said we will be there.
UGA fans fighting on the Gator forums.. Got off topic when they're is talk of years before Mullen and Smart. Article was meant to stir people up and it did that. Someone mentioned the climb to success. Smart walked into a great situation. Mullen walked into a fire.
#Grad and all good points even from the non posters that aren't trolls. I would have normally taken the over before the season was covid/ corona virused. There are valid points. UK is making traction without the injuries last year they did lose some good RB's and WR's UT? Looked like they were turning around end of season last year. LSU lost a lot of players and some key coaching staff but O will show if it is real this year. UGA lost some players gained so potentially really good players but lost some coaching. Really that is normal in the SEC what is not is what this time away with the virus and the phycological impact is will have on the individual players and the team dynamics. I don't think any team starts near where they finished last year. I think you could see some historically great teams teams have awful years and vice versa.
leg humper you are correct to NC and no DC yet but only two years. Lets step back if the coaches make it ten years (not usual these days) we can compare records then?
Unheard of situation with the virus. I think as far as the SEC if a member or members cannot go the rest of the conference will play and likely have a one time equal division of funds amongst the schools whether they played or not. I am not usually for this kind of thing but this keeps the conference strong for '21 CDM has his opinion and it is a good one based on how he feels and what he knows. # Dogs of War have you thought what this would do to UGA if they for some reason cant play a season? Not the just the fans, but the players the future recruits? The financial cost it would mean on the program near and far term? Likely you are not capable. Tough decisions are having to be made by people well beyond your ability to comprehend. The decisions they make will impact the SEC and college sports for years to come. If they get it right DOW you can continue to amuse and annoy here if they get it wrong there may be no more college sports or it may not be what we have come to enjoy. This applies to any program in the SEC to varying degrees. It would have a larger negative impact on the larger prominent programs and could lead to long term swings. How the SEC handles this as a conference is going to have an impact into the SEC for years to come. What the NCAA does in their transfers rules in gong to be crucial this year as well if the season if altered, cancelled or changed. Young teens making decisions and changing their minds base on being able to play or not because of schools/conferences/states decisions on playing or not playing.
Randy Moss's soon has the same fracture and is out for the combine.
As for records well go back to 1980. What team Fl or Ga has had more losing season? What team has more SEC championships since 1980? What team has a higher % of winning the SEC championship Game? What team had 4 consecutive SEC Championships? Concede that other team has a 9 game advantage in the head to head. And that team is the recruiting champion. But they can't do anything with it when it counts.
Trask did sit for years waiting his chance and has done an excellent job given the opportunity. He also showed he wasn't pouting about his role and continued to learn what the coaches were teaching. Emory seems to have that too. He has flashed a lot of talent and does have the tools to suit Coach Mullens game. I don't think his lack of reps last year had anything to do with talent. It was more that he was still learning the fine details of the game. Expect to see more of him this year assuming the OL has grown up and is ready to let us run a balanced offense. We had the skill tools last year not less a OL. There will be a competition and Jones could win but Trask has a year of operating under his belt. Barring injury we have the QB's to take us the distance.
Best of luck Fromm. While some gators here may disagree wanted to meet you in Jacksonville to not let you sweep your time. Regardless go represent SEC in the NFL.
ugadawg78 Saban did leave for the NFL and failed there after leaving with a NC at LSU. He isn't leaving again for the NFL. Left for Alabama
CO don't see many others trolling he besides UGA. But since 1980 which team has more NTs? Which team has had better recruiting classes? Preseason rankings? Alabama just passed us on conference championships since the division split. SEC game UF 12 times won 7, UGA 8 times won 3. Now is rather not be preseason ranked higher or have better recruiting standings and put wins on the board.
Arrow to true. He had his warts too but he is part of the 2019 team. Think the team needs to acknowledge that as well. No one will ever know where we would be if things were different. Go take the Gator standard with you young man.
Thank you Trevon Grimes. Get that degree. Get that Championship. Go Gators!
Gary and Rob you are right on and here are the two biggest UGA fans join the fray.
The Gators are on the road in the right direction. Meyer had a drop on year three. If CD and Co don't have that drop I will call us back. Glad to be in the direction we are going now. But wait for it there is doom and gloom to be posted here soon.
No one more than this fan likes seeing UF beat the VOLs . A good shot once in awhile is being a fan. What you're doing is trolling, you need to go joint tdow and corch and a few others in the basement on your moms couch. UT dumpster fire was bigger than ours and appears to be getting their s to better m together. For the east to be a powerhouse again we need strong competition. Adding to a better schedule we'll be poised to be top five team. Beating UT will be part of that.
Where's the UGA corch and dow? LSU by 20? Hmm? FL lost 14 to them at LSU. Choked again. Don't start with injuries. We were without two of our best and lost by less. See you next year in the swamp. Merry Christmas. Don't lose the sugar bowl and look bad again.
Leghumper there are those that say they don't want to risk injury. I get it, but doesn't show much regard for team. Good stuff from you. I'm wondering where corch and dow are.
One of the perceived weaknesses in AL and LSU this year was/is defense. Almost appeared and commented on by the networks they looked almost Big12 like. I think it showed especially in AL at Auburn. While flashy offenses are fun to watch a smothering defense has a lot to do with controlling a game. LSU has a bit better defense that AL but it showed they are not the LSU defenses of the past. Could be a changing of style in the overall scene of football. This year the Gators had issues with stopping the run and adding this young man will go a long way to boosting the run defense while still getting after the QB. 2nd to last paragraph really is significant to the strength of the SEC. 6th in conference and 9th overall. That means 6 SEC teams are top ten in the nation. Looks like the troll haven't got out of bed yet.
This is a old thread but I had some time and read some on the UGA side and the LSU side and noticed something about the comments. There are Gator and LSU posters putting up quality comments there without the BS that the two listed as UGA fans post here. Actually one moron that posts here had a educated comment on the UGA site. What off meds when posting here?
Other than stats don't always matter in this rivalry. We are the better team but FSU is always a dangerous team. But this Gator team has played as a team. CDM told them never let go of the rope. They are playing for each other and it shows.
CO that is the funniest post today. If FSU misses on the hire they might move to DII
The trend in scheduling better opponents only has one downside in the number of home games for season ticket holders. On the up side we won't have to watch throw away games. I also think this will make the teams prep for the season a little different as the cupcake warm up games go away. This will be good long term for the Gators.