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There should be some interesting reading below soon.
So says the recruiting champion fan club. College doesn't always translate to pros. Peyton advice is sage advice.
I read the news on another site. Anything that was supposed to happen during the covid restrictions will be rolled to 2021. He cannot pursue the recruit. He cannot recruit from that HS for a year.
Refrigerator Perry was one biscuit from 300 lbs according to Ditka and that was in the 84 time frame. And yes, most linemen now are 300 fast and nimble. Not the most accurate way to look at it. F=M*A 300*10mph=3000 lbs of impact vs 175*10=1750 lbs of impact. Again not the most effective use of the formula but a huge difference in the result.
The schedule which Miz played as well excepting Al, lost to 2 win Tennessee. Desperate lobbying? It is win or go home, simple. Can FL beat AL? or will they? We'll all know in a few weeks. There are huge holes in the defensive scheme. Some are injury some are plain lack of talent at certain positions. But they have won 8 of 10 so far and by a greater margin than others in the division. As for UGA beatng a interim coached SC isn't much of a guage of how much change there has been with Daniels. They have Miz as with the best talent left on the schedule. But here's the thing UF is in Atlanta, six teams(SC, Miz, UGA, Van, UK, Tenn) were beat to get there. Desperation? Desperation would be getting to bowl eligible.
Was reported the day after the game be broke his nose in that hit. I'm guessing when his head slammed forward he hit the grill.
Started to leave this alone, since you brought race into this. Trask and Pitts performance is symbiotic. Trask can put up numbers and has without Pitts, but Pitts cannot without Trask. Trask is killing it and is starting to get noticed nationally beyond us fans. Pitts is a force when he's on the field. Both should be candidates. One taking defenses apart, the other overpowering coverage with crazy route running for a TE. The top candidates are white for the Heisman at qb.
Garbage time. Had backup qb in. Every team out there puts their backups in. Not sure what you're going to get. Ark scored during that time, so did Jones.
Scribe Mullen has put qbs in the NFL. Trask was likely going to be in front of Franks if it weren't for a broken foot. Mullen said he wants qb to be a willing runner not that he likes running qb. He does like dual threat guys but Alex Smith and Dak Prescott are vastly different styles. Mullins strength is maximizing the talent that is there. Like Tailwhip said he'll tailer the offense to the talents the players have.
Only two games were shuffled due to our outbreak. We lost the bye week to no practice. Yes there were five weeks with the Jax game. Don't think there's a conspiracy. Just the way it is in a very crazy year. Honestly,I consider this year lucky we played at all. I want to see all players healthy and all fans healthy. And look forward to games we can attend. By the way. Are you Aussie or SA?
Jumper I usually find you entertaining. Not sure if you're talking this season but the math doesn't compute. If you're talking the past when it happened....let it go. Last year we came in wounded and lost. this year you did. There is never a perfect year.
Where's dow and corch after that beat down we were going to get from the dethroned uga
Waycross look at the last 20 plus years overall between FL and UGA for all the # recruiting classes the record is heavy to FL. Were it not for two terrible coaching hires that set us back things may be different. That's BS with being healthy vs not..that is football. We limped in last year and were beat by 7. Coulda shoulda woulda if things were different. For now Mullen is developing players, something other coaches are missing on. Further the program is turning heads and recruits and others are looking to play for the Gators. Time will tell if this is a real change of power in the east.
Thank you and good game. Corch and his friend are eating crow. Hope all injured players are or will be ok. Until next year UGA, hopefully we can go there and fill the stadium next time.
Corch so what about stomping the Gators! Spent all year mouthing off. Leave the vol fans alone.
Mullen apologized and said he didn't act to the standards expected of him. LET IT GO!
Kiffin had several warnings before the 25k fine. The fine was not just for the tweet, but failing to heed whatever warning the SEC had done. So comparing the two fines is not the same.
Congrats to TAMU, While we have talent on defense some are missing. Not sure why but missing games versus poor execution. Having talent doesn't mean anything if they are not in the game. If they are suspended then they hurt themselves and the team. If they are sick then I am sure they will return when they are clear. Exposed and missing to clear protocols is one thing but if they are sick this this will take some real time to recover and get healthy. No one wants to lose but I am sure they will be there when they are healthy and ready to play.
most of the issues are timing which they didn't get to learn practice in spring training. Grantham schemes are complex and need that time. They should simplify things until the players are ready. Timing is also an issue with players, there is over penetration and over reaction at times that puts the players out of position. Too much cushion in the secondary.
Ask the uncle and aunt of a employee that died from it, Ask the employee and her boyfriend of the office the girlfriends office extremely ill from it. Neither case is related just Floridians. No one wants any of this it does infringe on being normal. I am not raging just most don't want the self-discipline needed to make a difference. China where this came from is draconian in how they treated their citizens. On the news last weekend they showed the government welding the doors shut on citizens to enforce the quarantine. Here people complain about being asked to do something. The lockdown there was two months and while draconian they are mostly clear of it now. Before I am jumped on I do so blame them for not acting sooner to protect this from getting out to the rest of the world. But had we acted faster here and really shut down travel, would giving up two months being self-disciplined of isolation been better than 9 months of some people panicking and some people disregarding the fact that their actions of ignoring the basic protocols are prolonging the issue. How much does it take to keep some distance and wear a mask in public?
What makes Mullen a good coach is maximizing the outcome with the talent you have. Alex Smith was a pocket qb and he was good in the NFL. McElroy was a good college qb and sees Trask developing. While he was recruited by different coaches who saw talent he is developing in a much better coaching environment.
Corch since 1980 UGA has 17 victories over the Gators. I have been to a lot of those games, missed a few while I was in the Army and watched as many as I could if I didn't go. You are correct that there are fans that leave when their team is losing. BUT UGA fans are for worse at leaving if UGA is losing. It is sad when people leave before the game is through. I don't leave my team when we lost. There are a few on here that stir --it on the UGA side of this site. I read and only sometimes comment. It is good to see some UGA fans think you are an idiot. There are guys here that poke fun at the other and that is good humor and supporting their team. But think of this if almost 100% of a group (we'll call them Gator fans) says or views you as an idiot, and at least from what I've read almost 100% of the other group (we'll call them UGA fans) and that totals the whole. There is a strong possibility you are indeed an idiot. Now I know you'll have some reply that makes you feel less so but if that many people view one as such the odds are not their favor.
Nature et al Our system has so polarized through lobbyists and money that there is no one out there that is out there for the "US' they are out there for some personal gain. I should say all but most. While the argument could be that this has always been the case it has risen to the level of the Hatfield's and McCoy's. Either your this or that. As for the argument of rights I am a staunch supporter of freedom I served with a HD in the Army. That rights thing doesn't wash in this pandemic. You are less at risk of death from the virus the younger you are. but what about the millions of young people with Unknown conditions that are likely to have severe bouts of the virus. What if your brother/sister had some undiagnosed condition that would make them susceptible do dying from this? I do engineering which uses science the basic math used there is the same math in determining % of failure think infection (I may not have worded that well) Bottom line science and people in the field use what they have to make determinations from that data. The spread of the virus is exponential in large group events. Politicians are doing what is right for the economy or their re-election. I own a business and the virus has been hard on me. Not pointing fingers here I am saying our politicians are and some here. Instead we should have people working on a solution to stem the spread without or reducing the impact on the economy. As for Gator games, I usually go to the home games or as many as I can. But I will not as I currently may be susceptible to issues and I would not if I didn't because I may bring that thing back to someone that is. Young folks are less at risk though some are dying from this but think of this those that aren't, even if half of the 200k reported deaths are a real number and on was your family member that you brought the virus to because you didn't want your rights violated, would that be ok? beyond the 200k that have died far more have had serious illness from this virus. and many more have had it and been totally asymptomatic. To think that we would open large venues before this has passed or been stemmed is a gamble for the economy not public health.
I'm no FSU fan but FSU was loaded when Fisher stepped in. It also was when Meyer was leaving. Bowden faded in the end tired likely from the grind of decades there. I didn't like him but respected his record. FSU was losing their identity after Fisher took over it was becoming obvious. There were rumors but they were rumors but we'll leave it at that. Offered $ for a new gig and a FSU falling was a great move for him. Parallel Meyer leaving UF.