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It would be great to be able to have a courteous discussion on here, it’s nice to be able to chat with fellow fans and rivals in a civilized way. I don’t understand all the name calling and insults from both sides.
If Tebow performs well in training camp, he’ll make the 53 man roster. If he doesn’t, he won’t. In the meantime, his name recognition is bringing money and attention to a franchise that has been disregarded for a while. I don’t see why it’s a joke, I think the pros outweigh the cons and the person Tebow is supposedly taking an opportunity away from probably would not bring the Jags as many benefits as Tebow brings.
As a parent of a special needs child, with all that Tebow has done with the special needs community, I am rooting for him and hoping that he does make the team and can be a positive influence not only in his team but the nfl and future players. I want high school and college football players to see that you can be good and still be popular and well liked.
Technically he said decades, not their entire football history, which refers to more than one decade and the Gators did have at least 2 decades where they performed much better than the Bulldogs.
I don’t understand all the hate. The Jags have the right to sign anyone they want; Tebow might not even make the team, they are just giving him a chance to try the position and see if he can make the roster. In the meantime, he will be doing Trevor Lawrence a favor taking attention away from him so Trevor can focus on what he needs to do without the media scrutinizing every step. Also, Tebow will be a positive influence in the locker room and motivate and encourage the other players during his time there. In addition, Tebow is beloved in Jacksonville with all the charity work he does and the good person he is that the Jags will probably sell enough tickets and merchandise to make signing Tebow worth their while.
McElwain had some decent recruiting classes but overall he and his coaches did not develop the players well. Mullen and his staff develop much better than the previous regime, especially at offense. I'm not sure about defense, they seem to be more even. I think Mullen is a much better coach than McElwain. There were only 5 players drafted right after McElwain got fired and the year after, most of them being Muschamp's defensive players. After 2 years plus of developing under Mullen, the number of players drafted increased to 7 and 8 with a good balance of offensive and defensive players. If McElwain were still coaching, I believe the number of players drafted would be half those numbers or less. I think this year will tell us a lot about Mullen's coaching and development with more of these players being his recruits and/or having 3 years of development under him and his coaches. I do agree that Mullen should keep quiet with a lot of the Spurrier type comments he makes, whether he is winning or not. That is something I respect about Saban, he doesn't talk trash about other teams in the public eye, and he takes every opponent seriously.
I apologize, I meant to say that the Gators are 1 of 3 teams (with Michigan and USC) that have had at least one player selected each draft since 1967. Georgia had no players drafted in 1992.
I don’t understand why having a number one draft pick is so important, Alabama has not had one since 1948 and I would take their NFL draft record any day. 1906 doesn’t seem to be a great rebuttal.
A good chunk of the McElwain players drafted were Muschamp’s defensive guys, Mullen having just finished his third year is doing well developing the overall lower ranked players McElwain brought in.
So awesome him giving back! Talented young man with a good heart.
Trask was injured most of 2017, Mac’s last year, so he lost a year of experience and tape, then in 2018 when Mullen was ready to switch to Trask he broke his leg. Franks ended the 2018 season very well and he had a leg up Trask in 2019 at the beginning of the season.
Interesting fact I just learned, the Gators are the only SEC team to have at least 1 player selected in the NFL draft common era.
I disagree Tdow, Nashville Gator makes good and well informed points, he’s knowledgeable about the game, and while he understandably favors the Gators he acknowledges when other teams are better/stronger in certain areas.
I agree and very interesting information, I need to up my Gator football history.
A lot of that money goes to support the Tebow foundation which does a lot of good for many different people around the world. And in the Bible it does say we are to support those who are spreading God’s Word.
Impressive that a Georgia fan has so much interest in the Gators to know that the Gators had a #1 draft pick in 1906. I’m a pretty big Gator fan but I didn’t know that fact.
It’s funny, UGA only scored 28 points on the worst Gator defense in over 30 years, & only 4 more points than USC scored on the Gators.
Tebow would be an amazing coach, I believe similar to Tony Dungy, but Mullen thinks it’s not likely to happen because he’s making a difference in people’s lives around the world in many different ways. As a parent of a son with special needs, I really appreciate the dignity, respect, and recognition he brings to those whom society often ignores, forgets about, or ridicules.
Something else that I like about Saban is that he respects the teams he plays and he doesn’t take them for granted. He prepares and practices hard for every game.
Mullen’s game plan got the Gators a lot closer to possibly win the game.
GA’s ooc schedule next few years: 2021 09/04 - vs Clemson (in Charlotte, NC) 09/11 - UAB 11/20 - Charleston Southern 11/27 - at Georgia Tech 2022 09/03 - vs Oregon (in Atlanta, GA) 09/10 - Samford 09/24 - Kent State 11/26 - Georgia Tech 2023 09/02 - UT Martin 09/09 - at Oklahoma 09/23 - UAB 11/25 - at Georgia Tech 2024 08/31 - vs Clemson (in Atlanta, GA) 09/07 - Tennessee Tech 11/23 - UMass 11/30 - Georgia Tech 2025 08/30 - at UCLA 09/06 - Austin Peay 11/22 - Charlotte 11/29 - at Georgia Tech 2026 09/05 - UCLA 09/12 - WKU 11/28 - Georgia Tech 2027 09/04 - at Florida State 11/27 - at Georgia Tech
Praying he gets the help he needs and I hope this helps others who are struggling with mental health to reach out for help.
Praying for a full recovery for this young man.
Playing Georgia twice would be a lot better than playing an FCS team!
Funny enough, Towson has a much better record that Charleston Southern ‍♀️
Well said from another female football nerd :) And I have to say Najee is a very talented RB and an amazing hurdler.
That’s hard to answer without knowing who is available to play in 2023. Each team needs needs 12 games and there may have only been FCS options. I think this may be on Foley, quality opponents are usually scheduled many years in advance. Do I wish the Gators were playing a better team? Yes. Hopefully with a new AD and Malzahn as coach the Gators will get to play UCF in the near future.
I personally have limited time to browse the internet so I specifically just read articles related to the Gators or a big college football story. I have no interest in reading about Kirby’s or any other coach’s press conferences unless they’re going to be playing the Gators.