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What are you talking about, there are 17 recruits on campus this weekend. Do you mean no commits? Most players like to take some or all their OVs before making a commitment.
This shows Gaga is not a Gator fan. Baseball has been doing very well, though they have their off nights. Are you an FSU or Miami fan Gaga?
Norvell, Dabo, and Beamer didn’t have great seasons their first year, norvell had 3 bad seasons and Clemsoning was a thing not that long ago. About the spring game, the defense played well and most of the starting OLs didn’t play due to injuries.
So good to read your insight doc, and I’ll keep praying for healing and improvement. I agree that Phil is a Gator fan though a negative Nelly when it comes to the football team, and I’m guessing that gaga is an FSU or Miami fan. And yes, with better defense the Gators would have won 1-2 more games last season.
Sorry between end of school and moving I haven’t been able to get on here the past week or so. Why wouldn’t players want to play with the coach they know? Plus they get to be in a bigger conference and get a stronger academic degree. Both Johnson and Torrence were great additions that most SEC teams would have loved to have gotten. You’d think Georgia fans would be upset as it’s possible that other schools tampered with some if your players that left.
I’m a big fan of dogs as pets, just not football teams with dogs in the name ;)
He definitely knows how to generate comments by picking topics that will rile up SEC fan bases. I clicked on the article thinking that there would be actual reasons why the SEC would pay dearly, I should have known better.
It’d be better to see how he performs before making judgments. Good for this kid attracting the attention of a power 5 team, I hope he does well and proves wrong the naysayers.
Seems like Torrence and Montrell did all right despite their low rankings. Good for this young man, he’ll get a degree from a great school and get national exposure. The coaching staff must see something they like, and if anything, the Gators are building depth.
It sounds like Nash is hopeful and enjoying his team, whereas others are criticizing something that will benefit military families or the team that they’re supposed to be rooting for. Doesn’t sound to me like Nash is the one who needs anti-depressants…
Afan, I’m pretty sure he was referring to Negan. Thank you for your fun posts btw, I’ll be on the lookout for the shirts ;)
Then why waste your time on here if it’s beneath you Tdow?
You’ll be able to get Junior Mertz mints at all concession stands next season.
He definitely brings excitement to the game!
I miss his witty and knowledgeable posts. I’ll keep praying for him.
This guy has got to be an FSU fan, he sounds like some of the ones I know that have blinders on.
Good assessment Cats. Stoops has done a great job with the Kentucky program. Fortunately he was given time to turn it around, hopefully certain Gator fans will be patient with CBN as well.
As I was reading the article I thought that Arkansas would be #1 on his list.
It’s nice to hear from rational, sensible people, thank you!