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I did not realize that winning in the last few minutes equals beating the heck out of someone, interesting.
1 loss to each after a decade plus of dominance, yep, Saban is done for. I remember reading about this after the 2019 season when Alabama didn’t make the playoffs for the first time…
The people I know that follow sports that are fans of different teams are for the most part in agreement with Saban, as well as quite a few media personalities.
Saban cares so much about social media that he has no social media accounts…
Why then is he just accusing Jimbo and not Kirby?
On a Georgia page: Top247 CB Ja'Keem Jackson will check out UGA this weekend
This author is not a Gator, so I wouldn’t consider this article an article by a Gator site. Plus, as many like to remind us, this is an SEC site, not a Gator site.
Such great memories, especially the ones against FSU! I will miss Hubert’s calls.
Actually, if you Google it there are several articles about him getting an offer from Georgia.
I’d go with the coach who has the better history of developing players and putting a lot more kids in the NFL, as well as having more national championships than any other coach even when having to replace key assistant coaches every year.
Saban said TAMU got every player through NIL deals, Jimbo attacked Saban’s character, I’d say Jimbo crossed the line. If I had his history I wouldn’t be telling people to look at someone else’s history.
I am going to miss his calls, whoever becomes the new voice of the Gators has big shoes to fill! I hope he has a wonderful retirement.
If Saban can turn TG into a successful defensive coordinator then that would cement his status as GOAT. I don’t think anyone could surpass that. :)
Kirkm, your analysis makes sense. Either way, the defense should be better without TG.
TDOW, there’s plenty of good and bad fans for every team. It seems like when people are behind a screen they can be more obnoxious and rude, but the fans I know personally of other teams are great people. We may rib and tease each other periodically but it’s just for fun and never insulting. I’m sorry you have had such a bad experience with Gator fans, I hope you have a chance to meet some good ones, there are many out there.
That could make for some interesting moments! :)
It’s always great to beat FSU!! What an edge of your seat game!
Leghumper, didn’t they play in the same tournament recently?
He was a great offensive coordinator his first time at Florida, and when he left for MSU the offense became a big disappointment that following year (Tebow basically carried the offense in 2009) as well as for most years afterwards till he was hired as head coach in 2018 and significantly revitalized the offense. That, plus the success he had at MSU, gave hope to Gator fans. Unfortunately, Mullen’s recruiting skills, media awkwardness, and lack of CEO skills ended up being a downfall for the team. I think he can be a successful mid-tier coach with less pressure, spotlight, and expectation. I personally appreciate him bringing back an exciting offense his first 3 years and wish him the best of luck in the future.
He’s probably referring to Jawaan Taylor, a 3 star o-line man who was drafted early 2nd round in the 2019 draft. He was predicted to go in the 1st round till rumors of an injury, I believe, which were unfounded.
This kid is excited to come to Florida, he’s going to have good coaches to develop him and I bet he’ll be a hard worker. Welcome to Gator nation young man!
This was my thought, it takes time to develop chemistry and figure out rhythm and timing. If they can get it figured out, the Dolphin offense will be fun to watch with 2 speedy and talented receivers.
I would put the Gators at about 30 at the moment, I don’t think they need the expectations/pressure associated with a top 25, much less top 15 team, until we can see how things are progressing once the season begins.