Gamecock alumna cheerfully fighting the barbecue war with her favorite Aggie.

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Doesn't the SEC have enough drama without inviting in a man who literally sheltered rapists? LSU would be lucky to get Herman That first-weekend win over Oklahoma was a joy to watch.
So proud to see so much love from our SEC friends and family. Any thanks we could express would never be enough.
"Only in the SEC can a head coach do his coaching show completely hammered." Sounds like jealous to me...
Seriously, guys, it's hard enough being a fan out here in the East without the rest of our conference getting their digs in. It doesn't seem to be so much better out West either with Alabama barely making the win against Florida, A&M's lackluster wins over Lamar and Rice, and LSU's home loss last weekend. Just because you're part of the media doesn't mean y'all get out of thinking independently. --Also I like the idea of a Twitter feature video, but c'mon, little prep work goes a long way. I can sit around in front of a computer and bore my friends too; I lean on you to bring some intrigue to the table.