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Tiger Nation gonna be on lockdown, and I don't mean a Covid lockdown. Lights out at 9 with one hour a day on the exercise yard.
It could be a steep climb back to upper level in the east for the Vols. And more than a year or two. This has got to be a bummer for Tennessee.
Whatever. But referring to P6 in BB is pretty clouded since a lot of conferences can put great teams on a court as we have seen in Gonzaga, Loyola Chicago, Oral Roberts and more. The division between power conferences and others is easily ignored in BB.
So, when he says he will have lifetime memories of teammates he " fought with", since its a game and not combat, was he referring to maybe extra curricular activities off campus? Saluting after a touchdown doesn't make you a soldier, its a game. Yeah I call him out on his use of terminology because its the favorite thing for the woke culture to do so why not.
Something just seems to be missing in this move, this article.
Here's a question to ponder for us peasants. If you take a salary cut, even without a buyout, and you go from say 5 mil a year to 2 mil a year, do you tell your family you'll have to make some cuts? Like, drop some premium channels on your satellite TV, or streaming subscribtions? Do you worry about your future retirement or how to just pay the utility bills? From down here were I am, I wonder. Do you want 7 mil on a constant hot seat or 2+ mil where you can average 8 wins and life is sweet.
Look at the SEC...becoming a BB power conference!!
You mean a power 5. I guess its a typo. Like declaring yourself a national champion. And with all the changes, its only going to make the P5 more powerful.
These kinds of transfers are what I expected. Players with little impact not getting much time on the floor. But the transfers by some of the top contributors is troublesome for getting momentum.
Another stupid shock comment. Laugh it off guy..its all you can do when your programs are being flushed.
We will pretty soon see this same thing in other college sports. There is a new league for high school hot shots looking for a short route to the NBA. Then you have the G league for BB. Why in the world the woke crowd hasn't demanded a minor league for football is odd.
Mentioning a dollar amount doesnt sound like just "smack". Sounds like he is reminding an agent about how much money has been delivered. But I guess some folks can hear a video of someone saying "I did it" and still say yeah, but where is the proof that he did it.
That is beyond just funny. As an LSU fan, all you can do is smile and let it roll off your back..because its a huge institutional mess at LSU. From the administration on down..the perfect storm for a troubled program. Laugh it off.
Gus better hope those "average age 36" folks dont go "woke" and decide that money is evil and everyone should get the same amount. It tends not to work out well with donations when the current political drive is to bring everyone down to the poverty we are all equal whether we work or not.
I will forever associate Malzahn with Chad Morris....and laugh again and again. One season of Morris Mess and he gets tagged with a huge mistake.
Uh, sounds like a false flag by a UCF fan. He has a safe comfy job for sure. Win 8 games a year and he can retire from UCF. But your "UCF is the best thing going in college football" blew your cover...UCF guy. But it did make me laugh.
2.3 million at a G5 ain't bad especially when you got several lifetimes of money already in the bank. Gus is exactly where he needs to be, at a solid upper level of the G5 where he can make a little noise once in a while and make 2+ mil a year. Not a bad life. Watch out for the sink holes.
Its a kid just trying to yank your chain. Ignore him its all nonsense. Upset and trying to ignore all the corruption there.
The most corrupted school in the country. Your stupid shock comments are obvious and boring. Your like the legless black knight telling his opponent to bring it on, you'll kick his arse.(Monty Python)
Pinson will pick that spot. Looks like a pretty good "trade".
I still maintain that with all the players that left after the 2019 season, then all the coaches that left as well, it seemed unprecedented to me. If anyone was expecting LSU to defend that title they were dreaming. And the Wade situation is just hard to in the world did he get reinstated.
"Marijuana use disorder". That's a new one to me. I guess I know some folks who would fit that description.
Same NCAA that just threatened a boycott of championships in any state that tries to save women's athletics for women, women's scholarships for women...all the while adhering to Title IX requirements which would seem to be unnecessary under "woke" pronouncements. The NCAA is choking on their own stupidity.
He'll keep UCF as one of the top G5s until a P5 comes calling.