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I can't imagine who would want to take it. MSU got the HC I thought Arkansas should call. But they're committed to a 5th ugly season says their AD. Content to just be in the conference. Hello Vanderbilt. You got company.
That's a likely possibility if Lebby doesn't try to pull him over to Starkville. One way or the other he's gone. As Pittman put it, he may have had all of Arkansas he wants", or could stand.
“In all honesty if he put it out there, it probably means he’s had all of the college or all of Arkansas he wants.” That doesn't seem like a good idea for a HC to put it that way.
Long term outlook just seems like Pittman will always be at a disadvantage. A successful HC has experience as a coordinator and in the modern era programs like to look for an experienced OC. Pittman has to rely more than most on his coordinators and has little he can add. Even his specialty of O line was nowhere to be seen. Besides, IF he makes a good coordinator pick, they're just going to get offered better positions somewhere else and Pittman has to start all over again without the brand name like Alabama or Georgia that attracts the best candidates. Briles leaving for TCU just seems to shine a light on what the future looks like with a HC that is more a front man than a HC. TCU isn't going bowling but it's not the offense that caused it. 45 points against Oklahoma. Compare the results against mutual opponent BYU. A fifth year and showing improvement is going to be a mountain to climb. Your AD seems to believe in miracles.
A sinking ship can be stable but still inoperable and disabled.
I don't remember that ever happening...anywhere. In this case, based on his age, health and record it would seem a mutual retirement with a buyout and even a position like Associate AD would be something they should talk about...but it won't happen. Pittman may be a nice guy, but he's not nice enough to do the right thing. Not sure any coach ever will be.
In favor of another year. Based on what. Morris got less than two full seasons. Pittman gets 5 seasons? Just putting off the inevitable.
It makes no sense to drag this mess out one more year. None at all, nice guy or not. Your AD seems committed to a fifth year of your misery. Oh well.
Keeping the HC, would you? Not likely. MSU is losing their QB, I would guess he'll look to returning to his home state or maybe Auburn if they are interested.
The Arkansas AD may have just put himself on the hot seat. Pittman isn't going to work for you Hogs. He's more dependent on having great coordinators than most head coaches because of his lack of experience in running a program. Bringing Pittman back for a fifth season is just going to drop poor old Arky further and further back. It's going to be like Kansas was for so many years in their conference. Nice guy or not, it's like this. Every opponent on Arkansas' schedule is just fine with Pittman staying one more year. And one more is all he'll get. Here was two coaches, hired in the same year, and the difference is crystal clear.
Wow, get a speeding ticket passing through Arkansas? Or did your ex move there with the kids? Nothing else would explain that comment.
A three game winning streak over those three is not much to hang a hat on. NMSU would win all three too.
Wow. And NMSU just a couple years ago was kicked out of the Sun Belt and picked up by CUSA only because they needed the numbers to keep the conference going after being raided by the AAC.
Well, his best was year before last. Yeah he did well and had better receivers.
Isn't everyone that Malzahn had a beef with at Arkansas gone? If he could go in and average 7-8 wins a year they'd build a statue of him outside the stadium. Who would he still harbor ill will against from years ago.
That would still come as a surprise if Missouri wins by 50 points. And right now, that doesn't look so impossible. The portal is going to be brutal regardless of the decision. The good news is the Hogs likely already have their QB for 2024 who can't transfer again without sitting out a year. I wonder if Arkansas might not call Lebby if Oklahoma makes a change.
There's already some calling for Briles to be fired after what looks like a losing season following a run to the CFP championship game. Fair or not, Briles may or may not be there for 2024 but it would likely save his job if he could get Jefferson.
I'm sure Hog fans will take comfort in the opinion of a guy famous for being famous. Duh.
Good name. Some have mentioned Traylor as a HC replacement. I bet he won't leave his home state of Texas. Baylor job is likely going to be open as well as the Houston job. Either one with an easier hill to climb than the SEC.
The last part there, if he's still HC. I'm surprised the decision to fire hasn't been made yet. Might have something to do with who's available with numerous other jobs opening up. And I suspect a massive beat down by Missouri to close a two year collapse will be the final straw. If it's as bad as the Auburn destruction, How could the obvious be overlooked. Someone will call Malzahn. Who will it be. Florida, MSU, South Carolina, Arkansas ? He may not answer but he will get calls. UCF going bowling may prolong the wait to call.
What Pittman is saying is Jefferson hasn't admitted yet where he's transferring to. Be interesting to see what he can do with even a decent line and a good coaching staff.
No. And Tennessee will not score 24 points...unless Georgia has all the reserves in at the start of the 4th quarter and leaves them in to sink or swim with a comfortable lead.
Pittman doesn't have to leave. But he shouldn't stay as HC. If they hate it that much, move him to an off field job in administration, associate AD. He may work harder, but that doesn't mean that much if you can't get the job done. 8-4 to 6-6 to 4-8. That's not a hard chart line to see.
Being a troll over and over means your comments are worthless. We get it. You're a Missouri fan with a false flag.
That's not being a reporter at all. Any coach of a team that gets worse by 2 losses each of two years knows it's a trend. 8-4 then 6-6 and 4-8. That's a trend and he should expect tough questions.