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Yeah I don't get that. Right out of the gate it's insults. Just reflects on the insulter. (is that a word?)
Why would he want to change to Missouri??? Unless he's not high on the charts at Arky.
Half a heart beat. If ND goes to the B1G, Clemson best be thinking about a landing spot. The Big 12 is once again cooked. All the television money will be spent on the B1G and SEC.
This is going to end badly in a few years for lower tier P5 schools.
Nope, don't believe that for a second. They may not like to move, but move they will if invited. And I don't see Duke getting invited because of BB.
Aw well now you're just gonna get pinched for that. Haha, no one cares what you think because your think involves no thought.
Kiffin wants it but he's got to start making nice with the Bama folks. You know, good people, great coach, owe him a lot, great man. Gotta make nice and pave the way. Will it work? Who knows.
HEY.....when did we get a team rooster?? Nobody told me!
The Pac 12 is on life support. If Oregon leaves you can pull the plug and turn out the lights.
Hahahaha. Open mouth, insert foot. OMG that is hilarious. Kicking in the teeth of several who agreed to invite you to their party. UCLA has been in financial distress for years now and their facilities are not good. As someone else has mentioned, a $62.5 million dollar LOSS for the year in 2021. Holy Cow and he thinks his school can "carry the load"? Idiot.
If there were any doubts about a Super League of 48 or so schools and leaving the NCAA, this sure looks like it should end those doubts. Some schools right now in the SEC, B1G and ACC may be set adrift. You may say they can't be kicked out? It's not kicked out, its the ones that will get an invite and leave all of the P5s, mostly from the three I mentioned. I dont' see a single one from the Big 12 if it's solely for the benefit of football. Here it comes and I actually don't like it.
Yep. I think that happened very soon after joining the Big Whatever in 2011.
I've read the same thing about UCLA, in fact the whole California state university system.
Sure seems like they are a better fit in the Big Sixteen.
You really think the ACC can survive in their current setup even with ND? I don't see it.
By now, two of the last three teams left in the CWS, it's been a great year no matter what.
Almost shades of the loss to Oregon State a few years ago in the CWS.
Leach too high, move Heupel and Beamer up. It's all opinion anyway. I could see Auburn calling Meyer and Meyer going. Hayes hit the nail about the Auburn hire of a BB coach with more luggage than a Greyhound bus. Myer's luggage in carryon compared.
If you didn't see this coming, you don't know Arkansas' habit of following a huge win with a huge loss. Congrats to Ole Miss, big turn around from the regular season. Will be in the championship round, sneaky sneaky.
Seen it happen that may several times. I figure your coach is already pointing that out. I won't even mention that dropped foul ball a couple years ago or so. Would have won the CWS but no one seemed to call it, Karma showed up and poof.
Well one thing is for sure. If you go into a tournament, conference or regional or super, even the CWS, being #1 ain't all it's cracked up to be. North Carolina also knows this.
It was giving the finger to the crowd that finally made me stop pulling for an SEC win in that Tennessee-ND matchup. Wearing shirts to brag about being classless? Come on.
You could kinda see that late fade with Coach Bryant, those last couple years. With pockets full of cash, I'd see more family time, world traveling before you ring that final bell.
You dread the day, but I could see retiring in the near while the program is on top. Got the money, got the rings, maybe tired of recruiting and now with the worries of player pay.
When your recruit class is somewhere within the top five, even the top ten, is there any reason why it should be seen as falling off? Sure, if you're talking about Alabama dropping all the way down, some day, to #5. But still, ya gotta pause and laugh if this gives opponents some hope that our end is near.
When did Missouri get a very good baseball program?
Reminds me of a nickname from years ago. They should call him Suitcase Abraham. He's moved so much, never in one spot long, that he shouldn't bother unpacking his suitcase.
Wow...sounds like a guy trying to cover for missing out on a championship ring. Otherwise, he would be admitting he regrets going to Oregon. There is nothing that makes Oregon the greatest org in the world. Hilarious.