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I'm not even sure Kiffin is a long shot. I think his name is already getting mentioned at LSU. It only makes sense to consider him even if he absolutely refuses to talk with them. Some interest maybe faded on Freeze, got beat by Louisana Monroe for Pete's sake.
What I was wondering. I don't hear a lot about Aranda.
Go back to your momma. Not only are you confused about another blown call, you're are so expecting of getting the favor of blown calls that you want the other guy to get a penalty. Pathetic.
That was another case of a ref not knowing what a fumble is. There is nothing about a player in the air or being picked up that renders the play over. Sure it was another blown call. Come on.
Players upset because someone supports the President. Its all screwed up anyway.
The booth reviewers have proven over and over that they aren't competent. The whole SEC officiating staff should have a serious review after the season. Again like last year they still haven't figured out what a fumble is. And the guy way off the spot has no business making the call. If that was so, then just have one ref on the field at a time.
I can't figure out how I think about this. On one hand he is a freshman but wants minutes. On the other, he has to understand that the ones getting the minutes may have put in their time like he is now. But I'll say if he leaves, fine. But I bet he wishes he hadn't been so public with his attitude so quickly. I think we've all been there at his age. Said or did some things that later you regret.
I was certainly expecting more than three field goals out of MSU. I never doubted we would win, but I thought it would be more like three scores.
Even looks like Missouri could go into that game 5-6, one stays home the other goes on for one game.
I wonder how fans will feel about 6-6? Some high hopes might have been too much too soon. Only the Pine Bluff game seems certain now so you'll need another win. LSU is looking like they are coming around but MSU still a toss up as is Missouri. Sorry but no miracle against Alabama. You could go into that Missouri game needing a win to become bowl eligible.
Ole Miss will be looking for an immediate starter next year.
I'll temper that with the fact that some really good backups will have a better chance to develop with more game time. If professional is a goal, it makes sense to maximize your chances by going somewhere you can start.
The only thing that takes some edge off your comment is the fact that outside of maybe 4 teams, the SEC has its share of some failing DCs. There will be a lot of shopping going on after the season, particularly at Arkansas, Missouri, MSU and even Ole Miss will decide they need to upgrade to match the offense.
That was a huge unexpected win over mighty Syracuse. No one was expecting it. Nice win as an underdog.
Gonna miss the lowered expectations at MSU. Just sayin. No offense.
Yeah just frustration....and Mullen of all people should understand that. If not, I not think Richardson will have a problem finding a new school.
He was complimenting her on the cowboy, er cowgirl, uh cowperson outfit.
Ha, you were doing the same thing I did. Couldn't figure out what I was saying that required "moderation".
This is all woke smoke. I heard it as complimenting her on the cow"person" outfit and nothing else. When do these twitter twits start calling for Dallas to change their name to Cowpeople?
Yeah that Florida thing is not going to be as scary as first thought.
As long as Spankey laughs at it all, it will never change. You can't keep missing calls like that keep getting assignments. But at least it didn't happen at the end of a game with a freebie field goal like last year. That call was not just bad it was criminal. Arky did have chances to overcome but their defense is flopping.
Still, I have to say that the Hog defense has just dissolved away and play calling on offense was...not good.
Yeah I did. Officiating is disgraceful and it won't improve cause Spankey thinks its funny.
Yeah but that's what you were crying about last year in claiming the spike call was correct.
Yeah ok, but the first quarter fumble was so clearly a fumble. Refs are using the "already blew the play dead" to cover their mistakes. Its just pathetic to watch this kind of officiating game after game. Having said that, Arkansas looks to be coming unglued just like they did the last half of last season. They could have used Franks this year.