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Here is my comment about this story....why do we see so many photo shopped pictures of celebrities we know are fake? Is there anyone out there actually clicking on that junk. Some of them are even dead so sure, yeah, they might look a little different if we actually saw them now.
That's not even a lateral move. Stepping down is more accurate notwithstanding money or something else. In spite of 2021 and where each school ended up, the upside for Auburn seems like a better spot if Harsin is successful. The biggest difference year to year is and always will be in recruiting, advantage Auburn and its not even close.
Maybe maybe not. Lots of teams have lost a player for a few games and still held it together.
I wonder...can Miami ever be what they once were. Talk about having their own stadium has been ongoing for years. But its still a commuter school in the end. Now with UCF backdooring into a patched up P5 the recruiting pie in Florida is getting smaller if FSU can get back on track. If it had been a Miami HC offer fine, but this wasn't looking like anything more than what he has.
What till he starts trying to use ya'll and fixin.
Man, these titles for staff hires is getting to be hilarious. One of my favorites is "co-defensive coordinator in charge of inside linebackers". Hope to see Patterson get an assistant...Assistant Special Assistant to the Special Assistant to the Head Coach.
Good point. A fan is a fan no matter the land....cept if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan in which case its easy to give up.
That would be a good trade for Foucha, or Brooks. Things may have worked for the better if he lands in Fayetteville.
Aw there's that overused word again. Next up, dumpster fire.
That's just showed your own problems with racism.
I think they may have that replacement with the guy from Oklahoma who has already transferred in. I was wondering if the passing dropped off for Jefferson in the Outback Bowl because of missing Burks, surely part of it, or did the PSU defense make it necessary for his huge rushing day.
I expect Jefferson to get a lot more attention in 2022, especially if he picks up where he left off in 2021. I was a little surprised that the ESPN types didnt pick up on this guy more than they did. But as we all know, by at least 2/3 of the season, ESPN concentrates on their guesses for the CFP. Even being the beneficiary of all the talk/attention, its still not good overall for college football. And to me another reason to expand the playoff.
Condolences to his family. That is way to early to leave and I hope he didn't suffer too much.
Its crazy. I just don't believe the portal will go without some major changes. Swapping players, its worse than the NFL. The Riley deal at USC has convinced a lot of folks that a coach shouldn't be able to sign players from the school he left without sitting a year.
Other sites like Yahoo sports, all the SEC haters were so sure it was the SEC holding up a CFP expansion. 100% convinced it was the SEC. Now the same ones, after finding out it was the weak sisters in the ACC, are saying sure the SEC wants to expand cause they'll get more of their own. The exact same posters.
Thank you 49ers for continuing the agony of defeat for Dallas. Its now 26 years and counting as the Southern version of Detroit.
Not just petty, it damages what little reliance we can put on coach's polls. I guess he will be voting during the fall season. He should lose his privilege.
Tucker's voting privileges need to be cancelled. Its ridiculous when you can't make an intelligent evaluation. We all know that polls are not science, but this is a ridiculous look for Tucker and Michigan State. Just really stupid in fact. Get rid of the loser. LSU you dodged a bullet with this pea brain.
No offense to Arkansas, but with everything you lost in the portal and NFL decisions, there is just no way a top ten spot looks even reasonable. Matching 2021 seems like a tough task. I do think a top 25 spot is not too far fetched if they can manage 8 wins, same with Ole Miss. And the writer is as wrong on Clemson as he is right on Arkansas. Clemson at a 4 spot is laughable.
But if each P5 champion is an AQ, then the highest G5, it would still be a step toward silencing the SEC haters. Take the top two from each P5, make the two at large in some form. If the final four are all from one conference, then they played their way in. If it settles at 8, Each P5 is an AQ unless they fall outside the top ten say. At 12, I don't like the idea of any first round byes.
Funny you mention that. Not an NBA fan but its hard not to understand that the "very" rich are on the court. The rich are in the stands. Joe Blow is relegated to TV, which itself its transitioning more and more to pay per view, streaming. Hasn't been that many years when you paid 25 bucks for a college football ticket. Now look at it.
What will cause an outcry is that 13 of the current SEC members have a solid argument to be one of the 40 or so. Soon 15 of 16. How do you convince members of the other P5s to join in a super league if its dominated by SEC schools? Who other than Vanderbilt would you not invite.
If all the sports writers and talking heads were honest, they'd say that the only reason the Big 12 invited several schools is because the Big 12 was disintegrating. If a couple more schools had bailed there would be no Big 12, not as a P5 conference. The best way to have an expanded CFP is if the P5s agree to cancel conference championship games, expand to 16 each conference division winner getting an auto. No first round byes.
Gonna take a lot of NIL money to outbid those bid time offers.
Looked better in the bowl game. KJ didn't look all that sharp subbing for Franks in 2020 and that turned out pretty well.