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Looks like most are following the pattern of three wins and one good challenge in the non-con games. And I really dont have a problem with us or anyone else, but I sure would prefer that all non-con games come out of the G5, no FCS.
I guess it may have something to do with how much he already has, his family situation and such. I guess you could look at it as a donation to his former school. I dont know but I know this from some of the comments, what's crazy is some folks complaining or calling him crazy. Maybe we arent use to seeing character and integrity anymore and in that frame we cant figure him out.
Yeah well, that come back year was pretty uneventful. But I miss him at Dallas. Not that he could have made a difference if he had stayed. I dont think Superman can help the Cowboys. Jerra would try to trade him for some 3rd and 4th round picks.
Maybe Chadwll should try to get a hire as the OC at a high profile P5 and work from there.
Wasnt Scott Frost the HC when that happened? And I see that their performance has been on a downward trajectory since. But oh well. That old lightning in a bottle thing. Guess you should have tried to hire Frost instead.
No reason we cant become a BB power school to match our FB. This is a great start.
How is this better than Napier, or Chadwell, or..... But no matter what happens, The Vols can proclaim themselves National Champions!
For a school with such a criminal past, they seem to be attract only the finest types. Guess they looked at the dirty mess and thought WOW what a party school..them crazy Baptists may not allow dancing, but anything else is on the menu.
More moves than National Van Lines...and has been one of their better customers too.
Pretty sure he voted along with Maxine Waters on attacking, harassing, and getting in the face of anyone who disagrees with snowflakes.
Its amazing how a coach can have the overall record that Fleck has can get so much attention, money and expectations. I just dont see this guy as the guy who will walk in and make "Make Tennessee Great Again". MTGA?
I know there is a lot of disappointment around the league with BAMA showing the muscle. I remember before the season all high expectations shown by comments, especially from A&M, Auburn and Arkansas fans. For one reason or another, it sure looks a lot different than fans expected. I'm not sure I would have guessed Kentucky to be struggling like this.
I think the outcome under Steele is no worse than a Fleck situation. Because he has SEC experience, maybe a little better.
Take a peek at the Big10 West and see the competition. Nebraska Purdue Iowa Illinois Northwestern Wisconsin and Minnesota They had one easy-beesy win over Illinois and the rest of their three wins were nail biters. That division was down significantly. I'm not sure that a multi-million dollar buyout and say a five year contract at maybe 7 million @ year is very smart. I dont see a lot of praise and even expectation on this selection. And as bad as Michigan was in 2020, Michigan 49, Minnesota 24. Best game was a loss to Wisconsin 20-17. Be careful, be very careful.
He was planning on a big night, gettin lucky on three bucks. And he has to give up his fun money at the door? No wonder he was upset.
I'm still all worked up for the annual Blue-Gray game.
AW. Nothin like a good college education for a shot at financial independence. When five bucks looks like big money, its hard to accept that maybe actually getting an education while on scholarship wasnt so bad after all. All that effort put into kinesiology, the study of....moving.
So I guess I havent kept up. Is Fleck definitely out? Or are these writers just throwing out names like candy at a Christmas parade. Guess I thought Fleck was the home run hire.
Butt hurt and dumpster fire....when are they going to coin some new cliches.
Its like you're saying they said we wouldnt do well but look at us, we finished 8-4.
I dont know for a fact that Saban is the problem, whatever. But Bama looks at their rivalries and sees so many in the east. Only two in the west. But I think only having three non-conference games and two permanent crossovers for a nine game conference schedule might get the ball rolling on this screwy situation.