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Rice is a complete, total, waste of a phone call. No name, no fans, tiny budget, can't win in the worst G5 conference, CUSA. When all the dust settles after CUSA disbands, Rice will be looking for the same home as Sam Houston State and Stephen F. Austin...and they will still not win.
Well, the Big 12 will have one more year at least.
Its all temporary and when the Super League is formed, it will be interesting to see who joins the Big 8 in being rudderless. I hate it for so many programs but its coming and not all of the 64 or so P5s will be in which is the reason to even form a Super league. 32 sounds like most probable. I am not looking forward to it.
Was a good coach. Big mistake hooking up with Jerra Jones though.
Well its going to happen. Does all the time without the money. It will be interesting to see if NIL contracts get renewed if a recruit doesn't hit the high marks he was suppose to. a great idea. And maybe a word editor with a timeout of at least a few minutes to coret my mistooks.
Kansas feels the same. Now, there's a school that must feel like they're in a whirlwind. Jeff Long, Miles, football program is as bad as you'll find and now they are facing life in the AAC. Only consolation I can give em is, in a few short years, they will have lots and lots of company as the Super League pares down to 40 or so schools, maybe just 32. There will be the League, then there will be new conferences for the 80-90 on the outside. I really dont like where its going, but its a train going downhill fast. Real college football is on a ventilator.
Oh O'Gara. When I read the headline, I knew you were running through a gauntlet.
Well, first is, Left Lane Morris is gone. A wasted year under a fake OC. Everyone says Nix regressed in his second year. Anyone wonder why??
Other than Oklahoma State, Baylor has got to be taking this "not well". Going from a P5 to a G5 looks like the writing on the wall. They are going to suffer the same fate as Rice and SMU, both former major conference members. Hey, Baylor, TCU and SMU back together again in the AAC. Rice needs to hang it up and drop football.
Guess he can enroll early if he has enough to graduate high school. I don't like it one bit, but if the money is being thrown around, whatareyagonnado.
Well, in all fairness, they did have Oklahoma and Texas guiding the ship at the time.
Short, sweet and to the point. Its like a slap in the face and they may be right.
I think they'd be better served with a merger or taking the best from the AAC into a new Big 12 and figure a way to stay a P5, maybe by not fighting what's happening. Just thinking out loud. I could see an argument to keep the designation with the addition of UCF, Cincinnati, Memphis. Houston's problem is lack of community support. Their home games averaged around 25k in 2019 (think Sun Belt) and probably one of the reasons they didn't get a Big 12 invite over the years along with not wanting another Texas school. Maybe Boise and BYU.
Its a threat of a lawsuit, communication between lawyers. Not a lawsuit, yet.
Hadn't thought about that, but he may be right. And Arkansas/Texas had some great games back in the day. Wouldn't surprise me to hear that Arkansas fans are looking forward to an annual game.
I favor bringing back Suwanee and Oglethorpe. They'd have to upgrade those wooden bleachers I guess and give up the leather helmets and the single wing shift out of the T formation. Hut Hut.
You know, I was all ready to jump on this at the name Vandy, then finished reading your comment and realized I just wasted a couple minutes of my life.
Read where some are thinking a merger with the AAC. There is a lot of history with whats left in Okie State, Tech, Baylor and the rest to make that a bitter pill to swallow.
Not a chance. And I still think soon we'll find out that its only 7, or as few as 5, left in that conference. But even with getting say UCF and say Cincinnati or Memphis and holding it together, compared to the remaining Power conferences, no way.
Well, we are all having fun guessing anyway. It was getting stale waiting for the season. All this just juiced it up for the summer.
Laws and rules have substance and form. The form is to have guidelines that players and schools are suppose to follow to keep things equal and let the talent/coaching determine outcomes. The substance was the idea, at a time in place, that required players and schools to want to enforce the rules as agreed upon by all member schools. The fact that it's legal now has little to do with his intent to disobey and snub his nose at rules. I remember in the Navy, particularly in recruit training, they had some of the dumbest rules and regulations you could imagine. That was the form. The substance was to see if we could follow orders in spite of our opinions, can we be trusted. It was just part of training which is physical and mental. No Bush, you knew the rules and decided you were smarter.
Even his wife is wishing he'd just shut up. At least it would shed "some" doubt about his lack of intelligence.
I got all this as giving the PAC a better chance. If the P5 drops to a P4, and the top of one conference moving over to the top conference, why does that not increase the chances of a PAC team seeing a 12 team field? What did I miss.
Quick, get a quote from Kanell before his meds wear off! Its not expansion that has damaged college sports, its the NIL and free agency.
Some of the writers up Nawth have some disconnect problems. While predicting the future of a Super League of 30 teams, the Michigan writer included Michigan State?, BYU?, "Boise State?", Cincinnati, Virginia Tech?, UCF, Nebraska???, well I was too busy laughing to remember the rest. The real problem with the Big 10 and that writer is they are delusional, still thinking that real football is confined to the North. By the time they figure it out they might only have two or three schools that you would consider worthy of a "super" league.