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When does Plumlee enter the transfer portal.
Opting out when a team is showing some spark. Opting out AFTER entering the transfer portal at Arkansas State to play for his dream team. Yeah...naw....sumpin missin here. Yeah, nawwwww.
I dont know (if I did I might have me a quarter billion dollar yacht like Jerra Jones) but it wont be a surprise if the Vols take it all out on Arky. Got two weeks.
Arkansas could be an illusion standing at 3-1 (yeah I said it), who knows. But the A&M game might get ugly again. All in all, this is a strange Covid kinda year. No one should be quick on the firing trigger.
Naw man, that argument wont fly. Every team that is down has taken their hits in the media. Just get in the gauntlet and take the hits. Tennessee isnt the only team left in a mess..seen much worse at Arkansas and others.
Shut up on the fines and fix the officiating crews. This is a mess.
Headline January '22. "Former 3* safety enters transfer portal at Georgia".
Not such much a need for rule changes....just fire the brain dead crews that are making a media joke out of SEC officiating. Its just ridiculous, and a phone call saying "sorry" aint gonna cut it. There needs to be some firings. Send em back to the high school level for more training.
I am not an LSU fan, but will be this weekend. I might even go out and buy a yellow and purple jersey. Yeah, its that bad for me.
Oh hell man its fun to rag on Auburn. Its like you all keep asking for it. We hope you keep Malzahn and Morris...for years. If the calls hadnt been blown, Auburn would be 1-4 and those two clowns would be gone, replaced with real coaches...and none of us want that to happen.
Arky is a strange opponent for the Aggies. Even in the hogs worst years recently they play a close game. And I agree, looks like if everything stays as its looked so far, Arkansas will present more of a challenge than the others. Auburn has lived on luck and bad calls. LSU may have found a better situation at QB but that doesnt help their defense. Big win over SC, but SC is just too hard to measure, they are a roller coaster and its hard to measure the win.
I think the hog icon is a cover. No one in Arky will ever cover for Texas. Texas is the reason Arky left in the 90's. Same reason everyone has left years later. Most folks think Texas would have been in the SEC years ago, before Arkansas and certainly Missouri, but its not acceptable to Texas to give up control, just like having their own network which most experts believe will not survive for much longer. You are either a part of a conference or not and Texas has never been able to bring itself to be part of a "team" if they arent in control.
Ah man, I think everyone on this site has your bizarre number by now. An non issue as far as your comments.
Sounds like what a ten year says. And if you are ten years old, then ok.
What we want to know is when will the the Karma officiating calls begin.
That list of 10 things should have included "Morris is at Auburn thank goodness". You know, it will be interesting to see where Morris slithers into after the staff is fired this winter.
Dang it, no editing. That's suppose to be "Arky is going to have to FIND more on the offensive side".
It always seems to be a tough game for A&M but Arky is going to have more on the offensive side than just Franks and his receivers. If they find a running game out.
I would say the Arky-Tennessee game will be interesting no matter the records.
Time for schools to get together and find a solution to these ridiculous buyouts. Getting millions for a screw up job is insane. At the very least, contracts should have guaranteed "minimum" buyouts. Just ridiculous. We are out here trying to do our best, keep our positions and jobs and we have to read stories about screwups like this guy, Morris and Malzahn who would already be gone at Auburn if not for that record setting buyout. Auburn without the gifts is 1-4 but he will be back next year because of the money.
They didnt need to gift Auburn with that mess. That's the officials job.
I think the kicker should have known to bootleg. Couldnt have been much worse.
The officiating can be fixed, but Sankey is going to have to find some integrity and a bit of honesty.
1-4 but for ref incompetence. What an embarrassment week after week. Worst officiating in the P5 and all Sankey does is massage a coverup explanation. Moron.
These calls arent judgement calls. They arent even mistakes since most of us try to correct our mistakes, just like the players. This is pure incompetence and their should be some unemployed officiating crews. The SEC is becoming the laughing stock with the refs, from the field up to home office. A fine for telling the truth? Only a Sankey would do it. A fine for a judgement call is one thing, incompetence by the refs is inexcusable. Go fine yourself Sankey. Fix this problem on your side.