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Sometimes the SDS staff is beside themselves with a slow news cycle.
Hmm. Even assuming that hype is warranted, hard to imagine Kyler putting up the same numbers against SEC defenses.
Agreed. I am hesitant about him for that very reason. Isn’t he an option QB?
And why would I support the Red Wolves? Is it your belief that anyone who doesn’t jump on board with whatever bone headed move the UA athletic department makes has to “go support the Red Wolves?” The biggest problem with this team and this fan base is that they don’t believe they deserve better. Petrino proved you can win at Arkansas. Yet, several years later the fan base thinks to themselves, meh, if this guy goes to the Liberty Bowl, that’s the best you can do at Arkansas, and at least he has a cool catchphrase. If that’s the case, why are we spending tens of millions in upgrading facilities to lose what is a futile battle?
And how did he not bear the top 25? What teams did we lose to in 2011? LSU and Bama. I.e, the two teams who played for the national title.
I’m not saying Petrino should have been hired but Leach, sure. A splashy hire, not an O line coach with no experience as an HC. For the record, MSU is not a DII program. It is a Division I FCS program. And Petrino most certainly did win with Lamar Jackson. He was fired in actuality based on a single year- his other years in his second stint at UL he went 9-4, 8-5, 9-4, 8-5. If we are being honest about it, his firing likely had more to do with the adidas scandal and being tied to former UL athletic director Tom Jurich than it did his performance.
Springfield is Missouri’s third largest city so what does that make Columbia? “That place people from Jeff City go on the weekends?”
I’d say Springfield is probably about the same distance from Columbia as it is Fayetteville. But yes. Large UA presence. Especially since UA offers in state tuition to neighboring states, it’s becoming a popular option for Springfield kids.
I mean, MSU’s enrollment is over 20,000 students so it’s not really the small school you are describing and makes sense for them to want to enhance their profile to align with their growth. S&T did the same thing no longer wanting to be UMR. To be fair, S&T is the better engineering school so it makes sense that they would want to establish a separate brand identity.
Agreed. Honestly, I think that his undoing at Louisville had less to do with performance (he only had one bad year) and much more to do with UL purging anything and anyone associated with Tom Jurich and the fallout of the Adidas scandal.
I have never understood Mizzou’s animosity toward MSU, even trying to prevent the name change. That just shows that you view MSU not as little brother but as a legitimate threat to Mizzou’s status as the state’s flagship university. That said, I think it’s equally stupid Arkansas won’t schedule other AR schools for what is basically the same reason.
See above comment. I also lived in Springfield until just recently. Plaster Stadium is incredibly dated and the apathy, due to the lack of success and perennial losing, have caused many to question whether the program should be cut, especially given recent budget cuts within the university. The president of the university, Clif Smart, has said he won’t be the president to cut football, given the budget issues and the fact that the team has not been good for about 30 years, it’s a fair question to ask. That said, if the football team were to turn it around, I think the fan support would be there within the community. The administration has tried. The Dave Steckel experiment failed but everyone was pretty upbeat when he was first hired. Hiring Petrino shows the administration is trying to right the ship and still cares about football in Springfield.
Another point to consider- MO State’s athletic department budget has always been tight. It took forever to get rid of Paul Lusk as the men’s basketball coach due to concerns over his buyout, which was effectively only a couple hundred thousand dollars. Similarly, I think the reason Steckel stayed so long was due to buyout concerns despite a complete lack of success and regression on the field. His buyout was also only a few hundred thousand dollars. Like Steckel, Petrino’s salary is only about $250,000 a year.
Congrats, Yurachek. After getting outclassed by Ole Miss, Miss State and Mizzou, now even Missouri State has made a stronger statement than you.
The people making this ignorant comments clearly have no concept of the program’s history. Missouri State has not made the FCS playoffs since 1990. The program is a perennial bottom feeder in the MVFC. There has been consistent talk over the years about cutting the football program and many students, faculty and alumni question why the program exists. In replacing Steckel, there was even discussion of going to the high school ranks in SWMO to find a replacement. The narrative about the young more deserving coaches unfairly being turned away is the opposite of reality. This is a home run hire for MSU.
Can you really say you were surprised?
This is why I would never elect to have a jury of my “peers” determine my fate if ever accused of a crime. Interestingly, I’m going to guess you couldn’t name the other members of Durkin’s staff, wouldn’t say boo if another school hire them, and assume responsibility rests squarely on Durkin because he’s the highest ranking and most visible person on the staff and thus all blame is attributed to him. That is called scapegoating and it is a logical fallacy. Let me ask you this. Do you manage anyone? Let’s say one of your employees embezzles money. If we apply your logic, we should fire you based on no fact other than that you were responsible for that person and were supposed to supervise what they were doing. Maybe Durkin is a terrible person and maybe he is responsible. All I’m saying is that I am tired of the mentality of guilty until proven innocent and the court of public opinion.
No, I am refuting your claim that you are drawing a distinction between “living a normal life” and being a college football coach. Unless of course you think that being a high school coach in the middle of nowhere is a glamorous position. Further, who gets to be the arbiter in determining who is morally virtuous enough to fill the position of college football coach? I don’t get it. The mob mentality has made society absolutely incapable of picturing a world in which people might do something they disagree with. So you wouldn’t hire Durkin. So what? Who cares. You’re free to post about how morally superior your program is because they “would never hire someone like that.”
So your beef is with Durkin being hired as a coordinator, as opposed to, say, bagging groceries down at the piggly wiggly? Sorry but I call B.S. ESPN ran a story last fall about Art Briles coaching a high school team in the middle of nowhere, Texas. Yet the story seemed to elicit the same “how dare they!” reaction.
You do realize that Saban allowed him to be associated with the Alabama football program, in some capacity, last year, right?
Thanks. Probably should stop while I’m ahead but I’ll add that I don’t think that I would label forcing players to watch horror movies while eating to be a form of bullying so much as I would say it’s just really weird and perhaps even a little bit creepy. Regardless of what your stance on what does and what does not constitute bullying, I’m not sure what any of it has to do with the death or Jordan McNair. Unless there’s somehow evidence showing Durkin ignored warning signs or forced McNair to continue practicing (which I assume does not exist or Durkin would have been fired, not placed on leave, and probably named in a couple of civil and possibly criminal lawsuits), it seems like an intellectually lazy way of assigning blame in the court of public opinion.
Leave it to the corrupted liberal media to continue skewing facts. The mob mentality is so compelling that the public is no longer willing to view this from the lens of reality, which is, DJ Durkin did not commit a crime nor was he even fired. However, everyone is willing to accept this report as gospel despite the lack of a trial or forum to determine exactly what the facts are with any certainty. Ironically, the same people rallying with their pitchforks are the same ones who supposedly believe in rehabilitation and reentry when it comes to the criminal justice system. Ever hear of “ban the box” legislation? Liberals came up with that one. So yes, convicted criminals get a second chance, but not DJ Durkin. How interesting. To be fair, I really don’t care about Durkin at all. I’m just sick and tired of sports being turned into political theatre along with just about everything else in life these days.
He’s made some good staff hires so far. Still, I think that it made more sense to get a guy like Leach when you’re this far in the hole.
Correct. Like I said all along- Leach didn’t say no. Idiot Yurachek just wouldn’t pay him. So we have an offensive line coach with no experience. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, Hunter.
I knew it when he only signed a one year extension with no pay increase after talking to Arkansas that it was the product of Yurachek being cheap instead of investing in a real coach. Now he’s in your division and we will just continue to be a joke.
With all due respect to MSU, good for Napier. It’s nice to see some of these guys at smaller programs stay loyal to their programs. In Napier’s case, maybe he has realized he also has a limited resume and didn’t want to take the chance on going to a school in the SEC West that fired the last coach in two years, and was the third in its division to do so in the same season.
What was the other stop that didn’t work out aside from Ole Miss? I recall him having success as the interim coach at USC before being unceremoniously let go in favor of hiring Steve Sarkisian.
This is partially true. At the same time, none of the major SEC programs even made a run at him. Kansas got him with no other competition for his services.
It’s important to remember that before Napier, Hud built the UL program and have several good years before an NCAA rules violation vacated many of those wins and derailed his progress. That fact may make it hard for an SEC program to consider him.
Funny how Finebaum chastises Harbaugh for calling someone a cheater. He’s such a Bama fanboy he must have forgotten that he himself called Harbaugh a cheater long before Harbaugh made any accusations. Guy is a complete asshat.