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It’s like I said above. There’s not really racism in the traditional sense, anymore. What builds animosity is the never-ending sense of entitlement and constantly drumming up the race card. Of course you can’t say that because only one side of the debate is allowed to be affected by their personal experiences.
Anyone else see the irony in bad Dawg decrying ignorance and racism while also assuming that all whites are “Anglo-saxons.” Dumb@ss.
I know, I should have let him go. He just ran into my pent up anger. Like most people, I have to put up with this crap constantly knowing if I ever say anything, the PC police will come after your livelihood and I’m just sick and tired of letting it go all the time.
Can I bring my grille? Just make sure you bring enough Mad Dog for the both of us. Dumbbacks...really clever. I can tell this rogue company is really going places under your leadership.
Of course not, but that wasn’t my point. You seem hell bent on making whites accountable for the historical injustices that took place hundreds of years ago while ignoring black involvement in the slave trade because it’s inconvenient for your race baiting narrative.
“Public Good Equation of Economics”...translation: you’re a communist who uses race as a tool to galvanize support for your cause. Got it.
And since you feel inclined to single out whites, why don’t we talk about your brothers back in Africa selling each other, hmm?
And how many members of your family or people you know were lynched? Oh, none? Shut the hell up then.
Wow. I guess you must never read the police blotter. But of course I’m sure in your mind they’re all innocent. And the police! Can you believe them! How dare they have the gall enforcing the law...
Hey do you guys know Jamal’s dad? I’m guessing neither does he...
Huh. That’s funny. If you’re supposedly so elite and you have so much money, why do you continue to b*tch about racism and how unfair everything has been for you in America?
Well, I’m sure you prefer purple drank, isn’t that right, Jamal.
It’s funny. Trump gave money to your candidate for years not that you’d know that because all you do is repeat whatever you hear on MSNBC.
Sure ya do, Jamal. I’m glad you live in Texas. No one gives a f*ck what you have to say there either.
I don’t know if my ancestors did or did not face any of those injustices. And quite frankly, I’d be willing to bet that you never traced your family history that far back to confirm that yours did either. Your only research is that your skin is black. Even if they did, get over it, as you say, it’s 2020. What’s your grand plan? To hold us all accountable for wrongs that happened hundreds of years ago? And if so, what knowledge do you have that anyone in my line is culpable other than my skin is white?
Oh look at this, Jamal claims he can read. I guess the education system hasn’t treated you as unfairly as you claim.
I didn’t say that all blacks are unqualified. What I did say is that because of affirmative action and diversity and entitlement programs designed to supposedly redress these supposed past wrongs, people like you have the gall to continue to complain. In your mind, it will never be enough. Given that VP is a pretty overused title, I’m not impressed. I know you think I’m just a dumb redneck but I actually have 3 degrees and I’m comfortable betting I make more money than you have ever made. And in my experience, I have seen first hand, black professors in my program favoring the black students when assigning grades. And it wasn’t just me witnessing this, alumni going decades back report the same thing. And yeah, I’ve seen the coveted jobs go to less qualified candidates so that the company can check their box. But that’s not structurally racist at all, right?
An inferior complex and mindset, let me guess, as determined by you and other liberals like you. Nobody in my family lived to see slavery and neither did anyone in yours. Get over yourself. My ancestors came here on a boat, just the same as yours and also faced persecution. Yet they all figured out how to pull themselves up and rise above it instead of making excuses for themselves. Quite frankly, “racism,” in the ordinary context doesn’t exist anymore. Nobody’s feelings are based upon skin color. Rather, people tire of having to deal with everything being transformed into a race issue and constantly being told they owe somebody something. And let me tell you, that dislike, again, transcends race.
And I don’t ever want to see you eating watermelon or fried chicken.
It’s funny he’s labeled his view as the “prevailing view” despite the fact that the vast majority of posters have expressed that they do not agree the tweet was offensive, including other black posters. So not only does he speak for all black people, but I guess all people in general.
Why don’t you explain to us what “racism” is today, because it seems to me it’s whatever you decide it is. So because you have an irrational sensitivity to things (because you have been conditioned to believe everyone is out there to slight you, mainly by the Democrats who aim to keep you poor, on the government’s tab) the rest of us are supposed to constantly walk around on egg shells out of fear of you pulling the race card on them. You want to believe this country has been unfair to you? I find that truly incredible. You know what’s unfair? People who get scholarships and jobs despite being completely unqualified solely because of their race.
The “prevailing view.” Don’t you have a high opinion of yourself. Don’t you have a million man march to get to? I’m sure there you’ll find thousands of others just like you who want to blame whitey for their sad pathetic lives.
At least none of us will have to hear from your dumb lib @ss.
And you voted for Hill-dawg. Can’t get much more morally bankrupt than the Clintons. But don’t worry, they’re nice and PC for ya.
Agree. It’s censorship at its worst and because of it, we all have to live in constant fear. At some point we have to put up or shut up.
This is absolutely ridiculous. No reason for the AD to get involved here. As usual, everyone is afraid of the PC police and what they might do instead of growing a pair and fighting back. Leach never should have apologized because he didn’t do anything wrong. Now he’s being punished by being forced to sit through leftist indoctrination sessions.