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Feinbaum has no credible credentials as a college football analyst. His only claim to fame is as a redneck radio talk show host who cut his chops on redneck fans from the SEC footprint. He happened to be in the right place at the right time when the SEC Network needed afternoon filler material for the network. He's a TN grad that also likes Alabama. He doesn't like The Gators at all. This article is just his lame way of back pedaling from his "Auburn will win this game [vs Gators] statement
Maybe, maybe not, but I do know one thing, they are ranked by both polls in the top ten, so I guess I'll have to accept that for now.
I think Mullen needs to take a page out of Spurrier's playbook and start using the pass to set up the run. Overall his total yards running vs passing were very close, but he wasn't married to the 'run setting up the pass' adage that was dominant during his Gator coaching career.
It wasn't the throw that prevented Copeland from catching that pass, but was Copeland slowing down rather taking it in stride. Even Trask's pass to Grimes in the endzone wouldn't have been intercepted if Grimes had 'high-pointed' the ball preventing the db behind him from tipping the ball to his teammate.
Yes you should have been right, but you chose to be an UGA fan instead!!
And of course Finebaum would know this from his long expertise handling redneck football call-ins!
More UGA math...14019 and still counting!!
But we did beat them to earn a trip to the Natty and won that too. When (or if) you do that then you can talk about Ga being better than the Gators!
When the Gators start kicking your arses, you'll need to change your login name!!
You mean the offense that had 2 75-yard drives to retake the lead. The 2nd drive taking the lead for good. Our offense is as good as it needed to be and getting better each week. Much the same can't be said about LSU's