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Agree 100%. Hate that junk, only doing it because of TV ratings. Bust'um up dogs.
Love my Vols but I'm not going to take GA Tech lightly. We should win but it will either be us blowing them out or them running on us all day the the final score very close. UGARMYRet, you should be ashamed of yourself. Support your conf, especially with lots of folks saying the ACC is better than your conf. Heck, I'm even going for FL and Bama. -UTAIRFORCERet
Who are you to talk. You misspelled "World".
If only the NCAA would catch your dopers prior to playing us!
Tired of SEC haters says we're a top-heavy conf. Our mid-level teams would own most of the Power 5. May not win the Big 12, 10 or PAC but would compete every year for their championship.
^Funny. Closet Auburn fan talking about a lack of teeth.
My fav Bielema quote of the bowl season when being ask if the SEC is down, and that it's not the best conference: "What people have to realize is we play each other. If somebody wants to find out, come in and play all seven of us {West}, and see what you think. It blows my mind that people can't wrap around that concept. They just see it as a loss. Well, who'd they lose to? It's really mind-blowing the fact that people can't grasp that simple concept."
Come on man. Don't kick'em while they're down. That's why I never talk trash about Vandy.
Too bad FL couldn't keep up with the B10.
With all the good accomplishments going on in the SEC this season, SDS chooses to focus on more than 100 articles on Alabama’s College Football Playoff game vs. Michigan State this week, including close to 20 in the last 24 hours. Disappointing.
Cheered for State and will cheer for Ole Miss. SEC homer, can't help it.
Agree Rachel. Sometimes they see water sky on the ground plant with potato chips win this season while doing guys stuff.
Hopefully we (SEC) can win all of these. But, if Treon Harris does not win his match-up, I won't lose any sleep.
Saban does not take his players out of the game, no matter the score. I understand but disagree with that strategy. But he's the multi NC winning coach and I'm just me.
Funny because NO ONE likes bama. People who still live in their mama's basement do like bama but they really don't count as people.
@superpoof: If you talk trash on line from your mom's basement, you might be a coward. I have Chrome with ad blocker.
No doubt. An ad covering over every single meme.
The West better hold up their end of the bargain.
He wasn't a starter and did not play much. Guessing you're just a troll.
According to this article, we have the worst SOS against the other four teams. Looking at the stats provided, not sure why we are listed as third...not that I disagree with it.
You're a disgrace to the Tigers and don't deserve the right to pretend to support them. Everything in this world, worth doing, has inherent dangers. Why don't you go live in a cave, hopefully in Eastern Afghan, and stay safe from the boogeyman. People like you enjoy nothing more than destroying cultures. Yes football culture is dangerous but so is many jobs making much less than NFL players.
NYT not liberal? Where do these people come from?
Fight the good fight brother. The Sky is Falling crowd will always try to destroy whatever they can.
Plus TT sucks at stopping the run.
An AR fan talking trash. Thank's funny. Know your place son. You, and I, have not earned the right to talk trash. Ya you beat us but are you in the Top 25 right now? No but we are.