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We have no room to be really picky. Any of those are a solid hire. ESPECIALLY given our roster, morale, and most importantly, big infractions. We haven’t been good in 15 years. I love the VOLS but this is the absolute truth.
A culture issue? This "reporting" is garbage. It's right up there with the weekly Gary Danielson sucks article. They signed a contract and want their money. Who would take a cut on money that the school has and will be just fine. At this point, let us ask Butch Jones to take a pay cut.
This idiot actually thinks Pruitt will be fired lol
Easy. Butch Jones had a very talented qb in Joshua Dobbs. Dobbs hid the issues of Jones for a long time. Also, Derrick Barnett and AK...
I don’t think any UGA fan is claiming that
What’s Georgia excuse with an entire team of 5 stars? Need a few 6 stars?
Lol, it just isn’t going to happen.
It’s somewhat close. I don’t think Uk will win in either side of the trench not running the ball. It will cum down to our bum ass LB and their crappy over the middle passes they get smoked on
Lol. We are not at all. Watch for this beat down.
I didn’t come here to debate people about all of this defensive talk. I came here to say, not one of you read this entire love story about Georgia
You’re a Vandy fan, go back to your hole.
Will TN lose, very likely. I feel the rain will make it a closer game. Double digit victory by the dawgs? Very possible. My point here? Screw Georgia and all their stupid fans. No one, NO ONE, likes Georgia and their fans. Most jacked up fan base. The only thing they are missing are the new 6 star recruits...
We are touched for sure. Jokes on y’all though. We will be the ones laughing in our orange overalls when we upset UAB! We will be 5 and 0 against this mighty opponent. They better not overlook us.
Yeah, it’s really appropriate to compare someone passing out to football. It’s all good to trash the program and run with that. We deserve that. Should leave this kinda garbage writing out. I’m sure you’re not out of material for our trash play...should stick with that instead.
You will never beat us for last place! We’ve had more than a decade of practice for this moment.
Georgia state V Alabama national to title game, book it....
If the school part was really said, kicked off the team and should have additional charges coming his way. That’s just flat out embarrassing. The young kids part doesn’t apply here, that’s beyond that issue.
Or how bad their offense is...? Just call it, Florida sucked that game.
I see why you are a cat fan, wildcat. Clearly, I’m exaggerating by saying 200 years, but there is a reason you are a Kensucky fan.
We’ve always (as TN fans with our orange tinted glasses) expected to, at least, win East. *yes, I know we are not relevant in 20 years* but we’ve still always had that expectation. The only real change is Pruitt and the teams expectations. Jones put a quitter and weak mentality in those kids. As fuzzy said our expectations need to be met in the win loss column. For now I’m happy with upsetting someone and also beating teams were previously known to go ahead and mark the win on.
Smart was handed a national championship level roster to start. I don’t think the culture has changed a ton, being that Georgia has always been a good team. Unless we are talking from being a good team to competing for champions kind of culture. As much as I hate to admit it, Saban definitely was not handed a solid team nor atmosphere and ran away with it.
Not to mention we beat the best team they supposedly had in 200 years lol.