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Congratulations you’re the biggest moron on this site. No one at State likes on this site. You make our school looks like idiots. People are finally seeing how much of a loser you are now haha this is great
Coozie you’re literally the biggest moron on this site. People have been telling you how much of an idiot you are because we said this team was trash and you called everyone trolls. Well buddy congratulations you’re an absolute moron
Tried to tell all the “State” fans that this team was trash but all the D riders like Coozie cant get off their knees for JoMo. Welp Coozie you deserve all of this hahaha
The irony hahaha. The uhhhh is for the lack of intelligence your other moronic friend made. You look like an idiot now congratulations haha
This guy is clearly so butthurt ole miss played Bama a close game lol
Not it shows you’re an idiot and if you think that’s blowing the doors off someone then you should probably go look at the national championship game from last year because they absolutely destroyed Bama lol
What bowl game are y’all going to? Oh wait lol
They covered so I wouldn’t call it blowing off the doors
Coozie didn’t even go to State just ignore him
Lol at the tape means nothing. You can view it for your eyes to see
You are honestly an actual inbred. A simple good search could show you they won back to back years in 2006 and 2007. Hahaha what an idiot
Except if you look at the tape Ole Miss has won back to back years in the last five years. Should’ve won three years in a row. UGA on the other hand......ouch
When’s the last time LSU beat Bama I can’t even remember
Idk did anyone on LSU get measured for theirs? Haha I love how butthurt you are
No man it seems like you’re super butthurt