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Why is Mississippi State ranked the lowest in academics then..........
Bu bu buuuu you said State would win hahahaha. Your picks are awful per usual
Thanks for making our fan base look like trash like you constantly do
Hahaha I love when our “fans” get brought back to reality.
No wonder the entire SEC makes fun of us for being inbred. Prime example right here ^
I love seeing all these State “fans” saying Moorhead should be fired when just two months ago they were saying I was supporting the team when I said he should have never been head coach in the first place. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the conference lol
Or when you do have a top 5 recruiting class the entire SEC gets butthurt lol
Also Mississippi has the most 5 stars per captia than any state so yeah I agree pretty dumb comment.
Lol that’s all you “fans” care about is memes. Like I told you morons last weekend the game was the worst thing that could happen to us. While our “fans” were just worried about memes Ole Miss was worried about winning and now they have dramatically improved while we still have a moron at the helm but you didn’t even go to State so you don’t represent our school which is a positive
Oh right because Coach O loves the school is the main reason for LSU successful. One of the moronic comments I’ve seen on here in a while now lol
That doesn’t make you a good coach.......
Looks like Ole Miss won in the end lol