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Oh you think? I would have never had guessed hitting the ball would win games.
Oh here comes the guy that didn't even go to State haha
At least y’all can beat Arkansas lol. We’ve gotten so lucky playing mediocre teams we are going to get crushed in Omaha
yeah....last time we played them 31-3. We didn't even score a TD.......
And of course he can't give me his Venmo because he knows he's wrong. Pathetic
Starkville is easily the worst college town in the sec and that’s coming from a grad with two degrees from there
Hilarious. I’ll literally pay you $5K if State wins. They won’t. What’s your venmo
Yeah we just lost to a school no one has even heard of no big deal
Thanks for making State fans look bad
You're making our fan base look bad. I bet you've never even been to the junction lol what a pathetic loser hahaha
Everyone knows you didn't go to State you're just an inbred living in his moms trailer. Go back to ECCC
Learn to spell be inbred. You definitely didn’t go to state. I have my diploma from state displayed in my office soooo
Em6126. Thanks for making State fans look bad. Also you have no life and you have a major fetish for Bjork which is stalkerish and creepy in itself
Thanks for making state fans look bad. Also you have no life
Who's talking about OM? But at least they have won something in their program's history unlike us....