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you're an idiot. We haven't even won a CWS. LSU 6 nattys since 1990......
Our recruits seem to be dropping like flies.....
Your username is speedy noil. Probably one of the worst players that represents what Aggieland is all about lolzzz
NFL.com's Lance Zierlein reports that people he's spoken with believe that Mississippi State DT Jeffery Simmons will fall out of the first round due to his torn ACL.....Yeahhhh so about that hahaha
Yeah you definitely went to ECCC. We can tell by your lack of education.
If he isn't a first rounder than it doesn't really matter because that means he just lost out on $20M+
Doubt it. Team aren't going to waste a pick with a guy that tore his ACL. Look at Jaylon Smith
That’s weird because my team never was? I guess yours was
I don’t ask them but half our fan base doesn’t like them. You must be a closet Ole Miss fan then
Hopefully so cause it’s pretty embarrassing that Mo got out recruitied by a school on probation lol
A lot better than our city honestly. Thanks for making State fans look bad
You missed an SEC team, you moron. These "writers" are pathetic.
How is Auburn ahead of Ole Miss if Ole Miss beat them head to head? And handly I might add.
Wouldn’t expect anything less from these “expert” journalists at SDS. Hahaha this site is trash.
Ole Miss has as many bowl wins as State does this season.....Pretty pathetic how you have to bring them up when this post has nothing to do with them.
Thats weird considering I'm looking at my diploma right now. Facts are tough to deal with I understand. Oh look a fake marine and a pathetic band nerd hahaha. These people have never even played football in their lives. Again our program is pathetic.