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And State should definitely be below both of them. Can’t wait for a another terrible year lol
Notice how none of them can dispute my facts hahahaha
Hahaha again doesn’t disprove my facts. I love it
Like y’all wore Alabama down? Hahaha. Any normal LSU and Auburn team would destroy A&M like they have in the past. It’s hilarious how pathetic your fan base is
Hahaha I love how none of them could dispute my facts. Goes to show how they don’t belong haha I love it
HAHAHAHA this is hilarious. A&M wins a New Years Six bowl against a watered down SEC West and somehow they think they are Bama. You know why Bama, UGA, FL don't get hyped up like this after winning a bowl game? Because they've been there countless times and won these games. It's hilarious how A&M has never done this before ahahahaha
Haha this guy thinks A&M is good now
Newspaper? Hahahah you have to be at least over 60 years old
Hahah I love how none of you could go against my facts
We beat Missouri ahahahhahaha. Also literally every sports writer before the game said UNC would win this game if they had all of their staters hahaha you people don't know anything about football. Big 12 conference though what do you expect.
Someone's upset they know they would've lost to UNC hahaha
After 4 minutes you idiot. Did you even watch the game
Hahaha from reading your comments you clearly don’t understand football. Also you must not know what garbage time is. It was tied with less than 4 minutes to go. You’re a moron haha
Yeah man a below par LSU and Auburn is considered down. Hahaha you have no clue what you’re talking about
Oh look another person that doesn’t know a thing about football. Hahaha y’all aren’t even in the SEC
Literally every sports writer agrees with me sooooo try harder
Hahahahahahha I can tell you don’t know anything about football. A&M barely won and that’s without UNC best players. UNC would’ve easily won