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Oh right because Coach O loves the school is the main reason for LSU successful. One of the moronic comments I’ve seen on here in a while now lol
That doesn’t make you a good coach.......
Looks like Ole Miss won in the end lol
And you were wrong about your analysis on how Moore should’ve been kicked out of the game for two penalties. Congratulations
Oh look the guy that didn’t go to state that everyone hates lol. You must be an ole miss fan because you love seeing our program tank
Wrong only one ole miss player was flagged after the missed PAT and it wasn’t Moore.
And that’s why you’ll never be successful because you enjoy mediocrity
And he’ll continue to drag our program into the dump. Awesome but of course our “fans” don’t understand that. We are all about making memes
Nothing like keeping Moorehead around and watching our program go even further into the dump but ok
Thank God everyone knows you didn’t go to State now.
Congratulations you’re the biggest moron on this site. No one at State likes on this site. You make our school looks like idiots. People are finally seeing how much of a loser you are now haha this is great
Coozie you’re literally the biggest moron on this site. People have been telling you how much of an idiot you are because we said this team was trash and you called everyone trolls. Well buddy congratulations you’re an absolute moron
Tried to tell all the “State” fans that this team was trash but all the D riders like Coozie cant get off their knees for JoMo. Welp Coozie you deserve all of this hahaha
The irony hahaha. The uhhhh is for the lack of intelligence your other moronic friend made. You look like an idiot now congratulations haha