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Yeah sugar bowl 2 years ago. Thanks again for showing how pathetic our fan base is
As an actual State grad it’s hilarious and also extremely pathetic how much I live in yalls head hahahahahahahahaha
Mainly exposing our moronic fans. You have a full off-season to reflect on that. Good luck
And unlike our school they have made it to multiple NY6 bowl games lollllll
No Coozie everyone is tired of you. It’s hilarious you call people who are calling you out “ole miss trolls”. Inferiority complex much?
The “actual” fans are tired of you being a poser. Everyone is starting to see how much of a joke you are and how much of a clown you look like every year. Hahaha I love how you think it’s one person when reality multiple people are catching on hahahaha
Didn’t even graduate from State haha I love how people are starting to realize how much of a clown this guy is hahahaha
Exactly everyone sees how moronic Coozie looks every year and it’s hilarious hahahahaha
Can’t wait to hear this moron talk about how Rogers will win the heisman and how they’ll beat Bama etc hahahahaha it’s every year with this moron and he ends up looking so dumb every single time. I love it hahaha
I’m looking at my diploma from State right now haha it’s hilarious because you didn’t even graduate from there
Inferiority complex at its finest hahaha
I love how inferior our fan base is because we all post on ole miss posts hahahaha
Hahahahahaha we aren’t the same person. Imagine living in someone head this much and your program have such an inferiority complex that’s all you think about hahahahaha