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So Okalahomas state little brother in Ohio recruits all those 5 stars to become choke artists?
Now what if this was said about someone that was black. Someone would lose their job
Sark called a pretty good game. Had nothing to do with him. The freshman QB not making things happen and playing efficient cost them the game
I don't get how Sumlin has his team playing so well in September and October but every year it falls apart in November and December. Hate it for you guys. I'm a Razorback fan. So I know what it means to not finish a game or a drive or a season.
Congrats coach O. I'm a Hog fan but always been a fan of yours. It's been a long time coming!
Y'all need to keep this guy.. He's been there and knows what to do and what not to do as a head coach and it's showing! If y'all don't keep him, he's going to make someone a good program
Dixieland is racist? I'm sure you're a liberal reprobate tht is voting for Killary. Quit whining about American History. Dixieland is a heritage. Has nothing to do with race. Quit being a tit.
How bout that Jim Chaney!? Back to his usual play calling lol
Falcon man go watch the Monday presser. One of them was Froholds fault. ONE. Dan Enos took the blame on a bad call on one that was a mismatch. The other 2 they said should have been picked up by the RB's.. The OL isn't as bad as you think.
It would be dumb to change the OL around. They will not grow as a unit of it changes again. The OL wasn't as bad as people say. I saw one missed assignment by Hjalte. The others were supposed to have been picked up by our RB's and one more sack that Dan Enos owned up to by his play that he called. People need to understand the game at a schematic stand point and not just what they think they see. A play calls for different things to happen in pass pro for the play to develop. We will be fine
Y'all better be glad that freshman for App st missed the extra point because that would have gave them the win.
He will be, they're taking it slow coming back from his bad rolled ankle
Man I love seeing a 270 lb. TE on our roster!
I hope y'all enjoy O'l big Jim himself. Worst play calling I've ever seen. Y'all have a good one in Pittman though, but kind of glad he left because we wouldn't have got coach Anderson
Gene Chizik is grinning from ear to ear right now, I gaurantee ya
Y'all Ole Piss boys are blinding your own eyes if you don't think that something wrong is going on inside your program, it's to obvious. You're delusional if you're trying to lie to yourself to say that Tunsil didn't say word for word that he got paid to play because of a noisy media room? Lol y'all are tits. Take it on the chin and be a men about it. It's disgusting to see grown men be pussies.
I'm sure you know he meant, don't be a little tit. Please, it's annoying.
He left because he was getting buried in the depth chart.
Hey Andrew, you feel stupid yet?
He couldn't gain the weight he needed for end and from what I hear wasn't fast enough to play LB. best of luck to the kid