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Trust me ... I'm admin for a Mizzou fan site and there is a LOT of bad blood over admitting Texas in the SEC. I can't speak for the administration, though. Money generally talks. What I can say that Texas has been the root cause for the break-up of three conferences (SWAC; original Big 12; Current Big I-Can't-Count Conference) and untold heartburn as they demand special status and coddling (horns down, anyone?). They are a cancer and would be best left out of the deal and SEC
LynnBobTX - I've lived in Austin for the last 20 years ... if this is true I can hardly wait for Texas to get slobberknocked by the SEC teams ...
You're trying to talk reason with an asshat ... and, BTW, I like your response
@ bayou tiger. The schools too. There is a power load of bad blood between the Mizzou, Arkansas, and Texas / OU. First around the way the SWAC was handled, then around the BS seven years ago with Texas and OU demanding preferential treatment and much, much larger revenue splits (not to mention the Longhorn Network). Can't see A&M; Mizzou; or Arkansas voting 'yes' Also - don't forget conferences would have to be realigned, meaning LSU likely loses Alabama and Auburn as conference games ... you think the Bayou Bengals are going to vote 'yes' to that?
I think so too. It could be that most coaches are control freaks and he wants to do it HIS way.
Agree with most of the above points, but really Adam, not a lot of offenses had "tremendous success" against Alabama last year running their entire playbook. Given it was Coach Drink's first game and Shawn Robinson was the starting QB at the time I thought the Offense evolved just fine. A bigger concern is the overall lack of speed at WR. Mookie Cooper is a welcome addition, but a speedy long-strider on the outside is lacking.
For those thinking this is good news, last year Walters’ Defense was ranked #15 nationally; he and the staff were responsible for landing the bulk of the #20 ranked 2021 recruiting class (15 out of 22). This year, between COVID; opt-outs; transfer; and injury Mizzou’s defense was very, very thin. By the end of the season we were so thin we had a center playing DT; a WR playing CB; and our former starting QB playing safety just to have enough players on that side of the ball. For those thinking it’s bad news, I was never a fan of his system, lining up a yard off the line of scrimmage and playing hit-and-read. So - did he leave or was he pushed. Given the recruiting class and the fact the program is on the rise, I’d say he was pushed and Coach Drink already has a someone in mind to replace him.
Typical brain-dead analysis. Mizzou ranked below two teams they beat AND have a better W-L record than. Yet another reason to tune out and sign off from ESPN.
The Steck-led defense with D-line Zou for Mizzou is long gone. Ryan Walters remained the D-Coordinator for Mizzou from last year and he will be running the same 4-2-5 defense. That said, it's about the DE's and DT's we recruit and coach up at this point.
Keeping Haley, Gibbs, and Walters gives some continuity on recruiting and defense, but not sure where Walters fits back in. I hope he didn't hire Harbison to co-coordinate with Walters ... Either way, they're going to have to generate a pass rush next year
Honestly, after watching the Alabama game, I expected a better contest from the Gamecocks. Like all USC-Mizzou games, there were a couple of weird plays but overall "Curb-stomped" is a pretty good summary. However, for all the statistical dominance from Mizzou, it took a 100-yard interception return to seal the deal. A couple of points to think about. 1. Hilinski was hurt and never should have played. What's worse is I think Hilinski got the needle at halftime - he came out in the 3rd quarter firing missile's and making throws he didn't (and couldn't) make early in the game, but as the half wore on and the shot wore off, he became more and more limited. Something to consider ... 2. Mizzou had the better team across the board ... except for D-Line vs. O-Line. You've got a good group out there, and they can keep you in games. 3. I can see three, probably four more wins for you in the next few games. Kentucky, Vandy, Tennessee and App. State are all winnable contests. 4. Not sure what you can do about Muschamp ... the buyout on him after January 1 is still $18.6M. That pretty much means one more year.
'Riots' might be a touch too strong, but it was a pretty disruptive demonstration and really trashed the school's rep for the next couple of years. I have a lot of respect for the job Odom's done rebuilding the program. We need to take the next step, however, to getting more and better recruits to CoMo and moving this program forward.
It’s the preseason and his first pro game. He’ll get better.
TigerTD - not a "worthless school" ... in fact, they have values, morals, and a student body with one hell of a work ethic. I wish my alma mater had had half the backbone of their chancellor and president. What happened at Mizzou a few years back was a flipping embarrassment. Take your own advice and do some research and dial down the heat.
I love it when idiots talk smack ... Don't let Volman rile you up. His pride, the Vols, are coming off one of the worst seasons (if not the worst) in Tennessee history. Looking at the schedule, they may be lucky to win four games ... At QB, they have an erratic RS Soph. and nothing behind him. Chandler's a decent RB, but no depth behind him - you need at least two stud RBs in the SEC to win. WR/TEs? Deep squads thin on talent and experience. On defense they're moving from a 4-3 to a 3-4 alignment ... look for mis-matched skills and growing pains. In short, ol' Volman wrote a pretty good prediction piece ... for Tennessee.
Thinking out loud, this seems to favor schools like 'Bama, Ohio State, and Clemson. In the recruiting wars, kids want to go to schools where they can get playing time and exposure. Many do not want to sit out their freshman years on a redshirt - almost a guarantee at the afore-mentioned top Power 5 schools (unless you are truly a phenom). This proposed rule change would allow programs deep in recruits to effectively stockpile by promising playing time during redshirt ... the rich keep getting richer, in this scenario.
LSUSMC - Even if he wins three, he needs to move on. I was a big supporter of Odom last year and earlier this year ... until the team quit on him during the Purdue game. I don't expect perfect, but you want to see improvement against chronically poor play in critical areas - defensive assignments; tackling; secondary coverage; special teams; WR play. Instead, we've either stayed the same or regressed in each of these areas. Time to get someone more experienced in ... unless Odom goes 5-1 in the back half ... unlikely
To SDS, ANYTHING negative about Mizzou is news ... even an insignificant 2-star benchwarmer leaving the team.
No real argument from me, LSUSMC. I thought the same when I went there, and after seeing the piss-poor handling of the whole situation in 2015 I think so now. It seems sometimes my alma mater succeeds in spite of, not because of, the Administration and BOTs.
LSUSMC - Sometimes you're right (bad loss to Indiana - much like losing to an unranked Wisconsin) and sometimes you're wrong. Mizzou was the #5 in the nation program in 2013, went 11-1 in the regular season and whipped Ok. State in the Cotton Bowl. The following year we went 11-3 overall, 7-1 in the SEC, and finished with the #11 rank in the nation. Getting sick and tired of hearing about how the East was 'down' the two years we won. No one cut us any slack in 2012 when we lost 4 out of 5 starting linemen before the season started and two DL and one LB after the season was underway ... You have to play the games and win the games.
Just more crack writing, editing, and proof-reading at SDS ... geez, I was a better reporter than these guys my freshman year in high school ...
Don't fret too much about the snub, shawnfenn ... pretty clear ol' Tyrone Duffy is just another SDS horse's ass. BTW, Ty old buddy old pal, just a few thoughts here 1. A&M didn't do any better than middle of the pack in the Big 12 either. 2. You keep doormat Purdue and hapless Illinois in the Big 10. 3. You proclaim the SEC the dominant new superconference, yet you keep perennial doormat Vanderbilt in the conference. Since it escaped your notice, Mizzou's turned in a better overall conference record than Vandy four of the five years we've been in the conference, including two SEC East titles, you putz. Man, I HATE most of the writers on this site.
And to say we have the same defense that you hung 63 on last year ... ditto. As for who beat whom ... we were 3-0 against you prior to going 0-2 ... there are lies; damn lies; and then there are statistics. History means nothing - this is college ball and things change every year. Here's your reality. Dobbs is gone; you're replacing your starting backfield; Maybin, Sutton, and Vereen are gone from your defense. You have a murderous first six games. If you are 2-4, or even 3-3 coming into road games against Kentucky and Mizzou the alumni will be howling for Butch's blood - hell, you go 0-6 and he will likely be fired - all of which adds to the distraction. And you play LSU the following week. This year will be interesting. Peace VolMaster
Don't want to sound like a 'homer' here. I have a pretty realistic expectation for my Missouri squad. That said, Mizzou's SEC record against Tennessee is 3-2; for whatever reason, we always play you tough. You're breaking in a new QB this year and you've got the distraction of LSU the following week. Classic trap game. Not saying it happens, but there are good reasons to circle the date.
Hey !! What happened?!?! An SDS article that's thought out, well-written, and balanced. Congrats Mr. McFadden ...
If you want realignment, then let's geographically realign ... West Missouri Texas A&M Arkansas Ol' Miss Miss. State LSU Kentucky East Alabama Auburn Georgia Tennessee Florida USC Vandy Makes more sense this way. Then, when Oklahoma and Okie St. join the SEC, slide the two Mississippi teams to the East
Every team in the East has a chance ... That said: - Offenses are built on the O-line. Last year's line was a sieve. Hamburger does not transform into filet mignon as it ages. - Pass rush and pass defense was suspect. They lost their top pass rusher (English) and no one is waiting in the wings. - Coaching. This is the same Muschamp that led Florida to a forgettable 28-21 record over four years with recruiting classes that regularly ranked in the top 10 and lost to that powerhouse the South Florida Bulls in their bowl game. I see a higher likelihood of 5-7 than an SEC East title. the knock against USC is the man in charge. Muschamp had a far more talented roster in Florida and couldn't get it done
It's yet another clickbait "prediction" by another so-called "expert" (and one obviously biased towards Auburn) How's this look instead: Week 1: FSU over Alabama. Pre-season #5 over #1. Alternate: BYU over LSU Week 2: TCU over Arkansas. Horned Frogs take one on the road early. Alternate: Missouri over South Carolina. Week 3: Miss. St. over LSU. Bulldogs steal one at home. Alternate: K-State over Vandy. Week 4: Arkansas over A&M. Hogs go to College Station and run wild. Alternate: Miss. State over Georgia. Week 5: Vandy over Florida. Florida looks ahead to LSU and pays the price. Alternate: South Carolina over A&M. Week 6: A&M over Alabama. The Aggies know how to play Saban. Alternate: Ole Miss over Auburn Week 7: Missouri over Georgia. Last two games vs. Bulldogs have come down the last play. Mizzou finally tilts one their way. Alternate: Auburn over LSU. Week 8: Tennessee over Alabama. Bama gets caught napping. Alternate: Ole Miss over LSU Week 9: Vandy over South Carolina. Musgrave starts looking over his shoulder. Alternate: Miss. State over A&M Week 10: Ole Miss over Kentucky. Alternate: Missouri over Florida Week 11: Georgia over Auburn. Bulldogs put a whipping on the Tigers. Alternate: South Carolina over Florida Week 12: Kentucky over Georgia. Bulldogs peak too soon. Alternate: Miss. State over Arkansas. Week 13: Georgia Tech over Georgia. Ground and pound. Alternate: Vandy over Tennessee.