Arkansas Grad Naval Officer Razorback fan for life

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There is no such thing as Arkansas University lol. It's the University of Arkansas!
He would be perfect for SEC network and game day. Let's make this happen.
Felix is absolutely an SEC Legend. He had incredible stats and big plays all throughout his career while sharing time with the other Legend, Darren McFadden aka Run DMC. Felix ran all over LSU throughout his career as well, tiger fans we happy to see him go to the league. I remember when he torched LSU in death valley back in 2007 I believe when LSU was #1 in the country and Arkansas beat LSU in overtime. Felix was a First round draft pick and lit it up with the cowboys right away. I had the pleasure of meeting Felix during college while I was also attending UofA. He is a humble guy with a great sense of humor. Felix and Darren used to dress up as Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone during Halloween and go around campus making everyone laugh. Those guys were the greatest on and off the fields in Fayetteville. I never knew had blessed I was to be able to pay student ticket prices and watch incredible athletes like Felix and Darren run the ball. Felix was such a dynamic kick returner as well. he had so much speed and balance. I loved how he would set up in a single back formation sometimes 7 to 9 yards deep and build up incredible speed hitting the line of scrimmage. I hope Felix gets a chance to play more in the NFL, younger players need a great role model to look up to and learn from. Thank you SDS for recognizing this great HOG.
I have been witness to some amazing LSU vs. ARKANSAS games. No matter how the teams were performing previously. I am very excited to see them play in Fayett-nam. We have a great game atmosphere there. Hogs are just a couple clutch plays from going bowing this year. Never yield