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shame to see a mighty program with so much potential fall so far, so quickly. Mullen... he had a great potential going with Trask. Now, the Bull Gator Club will rid themselves of him. this is just the beginning of turmoil in Gainesville. UGA fans will be cackling as Smart's dogs pound the gators for the next decade. Dark times for Florida fans...
i love how all the commenters in here can protest the writers opinions, but are unable to articulate a reasonable response to any of his claims. typical keyboard warriors.
pathetic that they kick a program while their down. cringe article.
every program with half a brain is begging to get into SEC with the upcoming playoff changes and the media rights deal.
Aggies are scared. scared of LSU getting a coach worth a !#$!... just sayin'
#!$#, honestly i say at this point throw Pruitt's name in the hat.
he would be a good choice, better than jimbum for sure.
whats going on in Austin is a restructuring ground up which will move the program back to its rightful place in the totem pole.
he got caught red-handed. lock him up and throw away the key.
USC and Texas are some of the most coveted spots in college football.
people literally go to jail to get their children in that school. not happening at JAWJA
USC has a much greater pedigree than your school ever will, academically and in athletics.
UF boosters aren't exactly the brain trust. they'll let him slip out of their grasp to go to Sunny Socal.
sark is circling the drain, mark my words. the loss at home to Kansas is unforgivable. this isn't NCAA bball.
putting Kirby on Saban's level is laughable.
our program's in a slump, obviously. first year with a new HC. we'll see you Mizzou in the SEC, you'll be eating crow in no time.
texas is the kind of program he would be interested in. similar situation to BAMA when he first arrived in tuscaloosa. i.e a prestigious program down who had been tarnished from years of mismanagement. the rumors of his move to Texas were credible, at least from that POV. --
see my comment above, if anything the location is a negative (unless your referring to things like nightlife to draw players)
your vastly overstating miami's position creating top talent. citing sidelines for the following data. Among states with SEC schools, the per capita numbers are: Mississippi (first, 26.6), Louisiana (fourth, 21.2), Alabama (fifth, 17), Arkansas (12th, 13.4), Tennessee (13th, 13.3), South Carolina (14th, 11.5), Kentucky (16th, 9.9), Texas (23rd, 8.5), Florida (34th, 6), Georgia (35th, 6) and Missouri (38th, 5.3). so actually, he has better access to top talent where he is because ole miss is in Mississippi. theres a common bias towards large urban areas when it comes to stats like this.