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Tennessee is a good team. What four west teams would you have ahead of them?? Alabama and A&M for sure but there aren't another two west teams better than UT
Even if Tennessee loses by like 10 instead of 5 it doesn't mean ole miss is a better team lol, comparing wins doesn't show anything. By that logic, A&M KA better than Bama because we won by 24 instead of 19. Tennessee played with a lot of heart and almost won it despite countless injuries and turnovers. I'm an Aggie and I was at the game, and I was thrilled we won, but I would hate to play a healthy Tennessee that put a whole game together in December
I don't think there was anything really wrong with Tennessee's D. A&M did punt 10 times, so that's something. In a 5 hour game like that teams are going to put up points and yards, fact of football
You can have the SDS power ranking victory and we'll take the one on the stat sheet ;)
Everyone's talking about how Tennessee didn't play their best as if A&M did lol. That was easily one of their two sloppiest games so far this season. And Tennessee fans, good teams don't turn the ball over 7 times. That's not a good excuse at
They started better in this game than previous games. Didn't reflect on the scoreboard, but they were moving the ball well
Tennessee has nothing to be ashamed of, played great with a lot of heart despite many many injuries and turnovers. If they can limit TO's and play a full game they have a pretty good shot at Alabama IMO. Texas A&M played sloppy but got the job done in the end, but needs to play a cleaner game if they want a chance at bama
interesting stat: the Vols haven't beaten a team from the west since 2010
it's too early to rely on stats too much. They're very skewed by schedules, like A&M has played 4 power five schools, and theee of them were talented and above average teams, but Florida played Vandy, UMass and Kentucky so obviously their numbers will be better. Another example would be espns FPI says A&M has a 69% chance to win this game, Vols at 31, and that doesn't seem accurate either
That game was closer than the score looked. Hogs had the ball on the goal line and got stopped/fumbled three different times, I hope they take bama out
Aggierider and Memphis Vol are way off I think. Doubt this game is going to be a blowout unless one of them doesn't show up at all all game
It's comical to pretend history has anything to do with this years games lol. Florida beat Tennessee 11 straight- funnily enough that didn't seem to matter much this year
Tennessee is only undefeated because the east sucks and they've been super lucky. It's about to run out this weekend, but they'll lose to bama twice as well
And you drop A&M to 5th even though they're the only team in the country 4-0 against P5 teams 😂 they didn't dominate SC but they had 5 starters out give me a break
This is a joke lol Tennessee took a miracle to beat a team that's looked mediocre all season except their first game
We've ran the ball way more this season we don't throw nearly as much as we used to
Pretty much exactly what I'm thinking. Tennessee and Georgia have both been unimpressive I don't understand all the hype