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No dog in this fight. But, if the... umm... adult entertainment performer stuff is in any way connected to why he didn't get an invite... well, that's just messed up. The whole thing... uhh... wasn't a great look for Chad. Frankly, he came out looking like an idiot. But, if the league is gonna penalize 22 year old males for attempting to get a little action, then there's something wrong with that. And, if it's the fact that it was with a sex industry worker, then the league needs to explicitly come out and tell prospects that it's not cool to put the moves on an adult movie actress. And, for that matter... the weed thing. There was never any official incident connecting him to the weed in the pictures. They can't say for sure that it was even his. And, it's weed. Not like he was caught mingling with smack dealers. Just a few guys on a college campus with a little weed around. Hardly a condemnable offense.
McGriff is a great coach, & tremendous recruiter, as Reb fans already know. As an Auburn fan, I hate to see him go. But, wish him the best of luck. I think he's gonna be a great DC. Having spoken to him on a couple of occasions, he's an extremely nice & very sharp guy. Nobody I know has anything bad to say about him. Good coach. Good man. Good hire by Freeze.
Smartest thing the Cougs could do at this point is start courting Major Applewhite. He's their OC, & probably the best bet on the staff to carry on the system and success that Herman has had. Court Applewhite & as many of the staff members as is realistic.(perhaps Darrell Wyatt-recruiting coordinator. And, the current DC Todd Orlando seems like a good coach.) Your best bet if you're Houston is to try and keep as much of the band together as you can, & see if they can't keep it rolling. (Just looked it up. Applewhite is a Baton Rouge native. That might complicate things as far as keeping him in Houston.)
I wanna congratulate SDS, and compliment them on their restraint for not typing "***snicker******snicker***Mike Shula***snicker******snicker***"
This is an adult... an adult well into, if not past, middle age. His job is not only to build great football players and football teams, but to help these kids learn how to become great men. Yes, back in your day & mine, we had coaches who weren't afraid to get physical with their players. That doesn't mean they were right. In fact, look at the prevalence of domestic abuse among players and ex-players over the years. You think, maybe, watching their football coaches deal with frustration and anger by getting physical with, not only kids, but kids over whom they were THE BOSS, might have contributed to some of these guys thinking it's ok to be physical with someone weaker than you to express their anger or frustration? If I have to choose between the two extremes, I'm all for raising our kids to be wimps with no balls as opposed to raising them to be woman or child beaters. Rush Probst is a megalomaniac. He happens to be an excellent football coach. No denying that. But, as a decent human being he falls far, far short.
I thought his best one was about my own, beloved Auburn. About the fire in the dorm that burned 20 textbooks: "But the real tragedy was that 15 hadn't been colored yet." That stung. But, it was funny as hell.
Glad y'all could come together in hate. ;)
Classy response by Truman. Very cool of him.
Dear potential draftees. Professional football teams want to pay you a lot of money. But, "character issues" will keep many of them from doing so. They are making decisions as we speak. So... it might be a good idea, just for the next few weeks, to stay home... read a good book. Just imagine piles of cash every time you feel tempted to go party. Seriously... the fun will be there once your future is secure. So, maybe ixnay on the umbasseryday *facepalm* Sincerely, Common Sense
Can't stand to give the devil his due. Not crazy about him as a guy. But, Dan Mullen is a damn good coach. As far as stats go... Starkville ain't an easy place to regularly put a top tier team on the field.
Practice time is so limited by the NCAA, those 15 extra practices are very important for the following season. I bet if Mizzou had a coach in place who was returning next year, he'd accept the bowl bid. Plus, the kids get some cool perks from the bowl organizers. Shoulda accepted the bid.
Lucky's fine. We won. This year is an uphill battle. Nobody thought so coming in. But, here we are. We fought hard. We made enough plays to win. The coaches let our young qb throw down the field and he did well. And, we got a conference win. We'll take "lucky" and build on it.
I don't think UT fans have much room to criticize. Butch Jones(who I think is a good coach, btw) styles himself after the gym teacher from Beavis & Butthead.
Great review, Ty. I'm gonna get this book, definitely. And, Ty or Ty's editor: reread your editor's note. Focus on the verbage. :)
"...getting your qb killed..." that should say. Oops
Pass blocking. That's what kept Roc from playing more last year. It takes a while to pick up all the assignments. Meanwhile, you can't afford getting your QB by an untouched blitzer.
A recently retired, successful FBS head coach told me a couple of weeks ago(and, by "me," I mean I was among a circle of maybe 6 people of which he was a part. I did happen to be the one who brought up the point that he spoke up to respond to, though.)... that the high end, in demand, best in the business agents for coaches tell them up front that it doesn't matter how sure you are that you aren't interested in taking a job that the press is asking you about, do NOT... EVER give an explicit "no" or you'll need to find yourself another agent. Leverage. Ya just don't give it away. Not necessarily about $$$$ either. That leverage can come in handy for something like getting the AD to agree to upgrade facilities, or bump up the recruiting budget, or give one or two key assistants raises, so they'll stick around. Gus ain't going anywhere. But, for his own sake and the sake of the program, he will rarely, if EVER totally shut the door on the possibility of him being lured away.
Brandon actually sits about 6 or 7 rows down from our seats. Seems to be doing well. Very friendly guy. Wife(I guess... maybe GF) is gorgeous.
Apologies in advance for nitpicking. But, Alvarez came back and coached the Badgers in the Rose Bowl after Double B high tailed it for Arkansas. Technically, that was his last game as coach.
These ass backwards half wits. Any inbred, skoal snuffing, backwoods militia member in a Hounds tooth hat can call and report "evidence" now, I guess? And, the NCAA just lends it legitimacy by responding? Chizik and Jay Jacobs are going to have to head this nonsense off. They can't keep taking BS bad press like this just because some gullible fool calls in some baseless(but cleverly delivered) story he read on Tiger Droppings, or wherever, by a disguised Bama fan. Meanwhile, Robinson over at Yahoo has a whole fat file full of legitimate, specific, definitive evidence on dozens of Bama players, yet suddenly he's shy about blowing up a program. The guy could flip back tomorrow. It's a 6 month out commitment. What moron booster hands over cash for a recruit to simply commit? How this works is that, if they had gone ahead and bought him, they'd tell him to stay low, not answer phone calls, and not give any interviews. And, they sure as HELL wouldn't draw everyone's attention by having him transfer to AU HS.