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1: SC wins 2:UA wins but doesn't cover 3:UF covers 4:Ole Miss covers 5:State covers 6:A&M wins but doesn't cover 1:Under 2:Over 3:Under 4:Over Tiebreaker:Under
LOL. At least Bama beats their cupcakes! The two that we played.
A Hogs win might also give them a ticket to the national championship game and a rematch against us Of course, we've gotta make it past AU, first!
Swimming is not a sport. Swimming is a way to keep from drowning. That’s just common sense! - George Carlin
ROLL TIDE! and Go Hawgs! Send us to Atlanta
Auburn in a bowl.....hahahaha
That's why they're playing indoors.
Leave it to nike to bring the xfl to college football. If only these uni's actually helped maybe OU would stand a chance.
Nick Saban is "Urban Meyer in his heyday?" Think you got that bass ackards but other than that, good article. I think that as long as we don't have a big letdown somewhere (i.e. oxford or starkville) and Chizik finally runs outta tricks, Alabama should go unbeaten into Atlanta. Then a nice lil rematch with the ole ballcoach. Roll Tide!
BTW Where is Nick Saban on this list? He has already done more in the SEC than Pat Dye!
This is obvious skewed opinion! Just look at the first two. Pat dye over Bobby Dood? Really!? Dye had a 6-6 record against Bama during our lean yrs (Between Bear and Stallings). He also only has three SEC championships! His other is a Southern Conf. championship with East Carolina. The only reason he is on this list is because of it was written by an AU man. So, therfore, I'm shocked that Bear is #2 and Jordan isn't #1.