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He came by our tailgate before every game and we gave him cigars. The most unassuming man ever. Truly a class act. Got photos with him then went to one of his signings because I was like you and didn't want him to sign the pic for free. Which is exactly what he told me he would have done at the signing. My son didn't realize what he had until he got to be a teenager and it's his favorite photo now!
Any Auburn fan that says different is questionable in my opinion. Same as any UGA fan saying any player other than Herschel.
I love HotRod as much as the next fan but would bring back experienced O-lineman before him. Gotta get down the field for a kick attempt and we would benefit from one of our big lineman coming back.
Ain't it the truth! Guess it was a slow news day for pretty boy. Happens all the time and everyone knows Saban can and will replace him with someone who will be just as good if not better.