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That's fair, I'll give you that. Good chat though as usual.
I don't disagree with the sentiment that they're better pro prospects. I'm not even disagreeing with you saying that he's going to need a huge season. I just think your assessment is unfair with his limited reps. He may not have made much highlight impacts i.e. sacks, TFL, but he was constantly in QB's faces (17 hurries). He was constantly a run deterrent when he was on the field. I was impressed with him and wondering why he can't get more reps...then Azeez, or Anderson, would get the runner behind the line, or get the qb on the ground next play and I'll remember that's why.
The article is a bit hyperbolic saying Tenn will never be elite again. I don't think as long as Dabo, Kirby, and Saban are coaching they will get the same elite talents from the south east like they used to, but they can be elite. All it takes is one generational coach, one run, and you can start competing for recruits in the hotbeds. I do think it's weird how reactive Tenn fans are. The program is a mess, y'all can see that right? Y'all can accept that and not lash out at other programs. I don't know what they can do for the next couple years besides win with what they have, but a culture change is definitely in order. Not just on the field/in the locker room, but through the administration.
I think you're a bit unfair to Nolan. There was depth at his position, and as you mentioned he is a little small to where he can out physical everyone else like he did in HS. So it's hard for him to learn at game speed because he's not getting the reps to develop into that skilled player. I think this article is right - I think he is poised to have a big year if he can be on the field consistently.
Rich coached at UGA for 15 years...and some how he only was able to pull 10 games. This site is becoming a bit much.
The average proves his point in this case. The difference in his ranking as the next closest is 4.
Can't really argue with this. I think LSU takes a step forward, but I'm not sure if that's a preseason top 10 step. Also looking at the teams ahead of Florida, and looking at Florida schedule, I see at max two losses (Bama, Georgia) with a possibility of going 11-1. I get they're replacing a lot of production on offense, but Mullen hasn't had a slide yet while at Florida so I'll bet on another NY6 bowl. I have them at 10.
I am not disagreeing nor agreeing, just curious. Why do you hold JT's competition against him, when Corral has played 0 top 25 teams in total defense, and 1 top 25 team in scoring defense? Comparatively, JT has played 1 top 15 team in scoring defense, and 1 top 15 team total defense. (same team cincy) I'm asking because I'm not sure that's fair in your analysis. Though I think Corral is the better qb.
Bro..he had a game of 6 interceptions and a game of 5 interceptions. That is not a fluke. I am not knocking him as a qb, I am saying that questioning his ball security is reasonable when you have two games like that.
" However, if you look at individual games, you see that his “ball security” was exceptional most of the year. It was really just two games where it was an issue. " This is excusing his two games. And I can promise you, you have never been in a film session/gameplan meeting if you think that defenses don't alter their schemes WEEKLY to fit who they are playing. I read your comments, I don't agree with them. You also used moot wrong. But go off.
This honestly goes both ways. It's annoying, but both fanbases do it on here.
You can't excuse a game with 6 interceptions. It's inexcusable, and that's a ball security issue. It's not to say he won't/can't improve with a full offseason of spring ball + some starting experience, but several qb's went through what he went through and did not throw 6 interceptions in one game.
Also have to give lee way that he's still rehabbing that knee. Who knows if that's why he can't get his legs into it or not. He's definitely under throwing a lot of balls.
Y'all have to please let the transitive property go. It does NOT work in football.
Red shirting him to let his knee heal seems like the right thing to do. No need to rush him back.
I think JT is the answer at QB, I fear our secondary isn't going to be up to par. I would like to think so since there hasn't been a really really down year in the secondary yet.
Keep the politics off man...
Yeah..politics..on a non political article... Let it go Elsa.
How am...I...living in the leather helmet...era...when he brought up...30 years ...but not....recent... Woo. That's a lot to unpack. If I respond on topic, I'm delusional. Mullen is 1-2 against the dawgs. Only stat that matters in this conversation. Not 22-9, not the series number.
Justin Fields was more talented than Fromm. Was he the better qb? No. Why do y'all keep barking up that tree? Fromm has 1 national title appearance, and a playoff win, Fields has.....the exact same thing at the moment. Newman opted out, Daniels was hurt. I swear to God y'all are making things up.
Isn't it weird you can throw for nearly 70%, almost 400 yards, and still be told you looked mediocre at best? I can't wait to see what he does when he becomes a good qb. Seriously, he missed some throws that he should have hit, but he was also being harassed all day because Cincy did a fantastic job of mixing up their blitzes like they haven't all year. They almost literally threw the kitchen sink at Georgia to win the game.
Red herring? We're talking about Mullen, stay on task. He's 1-2 vs Georgia.
Oh yeah, because Mullen is 22-9 against the dawgs. LMFAO. Dude, I hate the annoying Georgia posts too but Florida is 22-9 and still trails the series. Revisionist history is wild.
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut...but for fun October 28, 2017 #3 Georgia 42 Florida 7 October 27, 2018 #7 Georgia 36 #9 Florida 17 November 2, 2019 #8 Georgia 24 #6 Florida 17
I don't disagree with this? But I Don't think Trask at bama would be as efficient as Mac Jones, so it's kind of moot.
A quick google search says Bouches is right.... lmao.
Excuse me. The Florida football team lost. *