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I disagree. The o-line didn't do that great (maybe better than others have faced). I do agree he does run backwards instead of stepping up, but that's by design of other defenses too. They know he's not going to step up and put his legs into it, so they keep containment. (Unless you're LSU then you just let him run around like he's Manziel) If he stepped up, teams would adjust and he'd have more running success elsewhere (on other teams, not Georgia). Now I will say this - Auburn's receivers definitely didn't help with all the drop balls. But even if all 6 were caught, Auburn still loses in the Georgia game.
Lol, I mean I would be satisfied with a 21 point win :). I more so mean, I think if Kentucky can play mistake free, that it's close enough through the first three to make it hard to get the cover.
So again, if you review my posts. Clemson didn't worry me, Auburn didn't worry me, Arkansas didn't worry me. Kentucky? Worries me. I think Georgia wins, but maybe not cover this time.
Georgia may or may not cover. But EVERY week, the opposing fanbase or experts keep picking Georgia to NOT cover. And every week, Georgia has covered. So i don't think that spread is all too ridiculous.
They barely threw the ball because they didn't have to. I don't think that's a good reasoning for you to think THAT'S how you'll be able to limit their offense. lol.
No and Yes. No, that's because it's 32 teams vs 100+ 32 teams vying for 14 spots is a lot different than 130 vying for 4 (or 12 in the future). Now we know realistically, all 130 don't have a chance without auto-bids, but by sheer volume it makes a difference. But Yes, because the Pac-12 is essentially playing for no reason at this point. So I would argue the NFC South's regular season games have more meaning than the PAC-12's at this moment, and they've played similar amount of games so far. Same for the G5's, outside of Cincinatti, most of their games mean absolutely nothing.
The games wouldn't be meaningless. I feel like we go through this vicious cycle every time someone mentions expansion. Let's assume expansion =6 with auto bids going to the P5. Explain to me in that scenario how the regular season or championship game is meaningless? It would actually mean more - because guess what? A win from an 8-4 team means they're in the playoff. Now I know that's not the direction the committee is leaning, but the idea that expansion will make games meaningless is tired. There is a way to add meaning.
The problem with this is, if you want the four best teams then you have to have them in the CFP. You can't punish a team for being in a tougher conference while also rewarding the conference's winner for being in a tougher conference. That's a big reason why I want to see expansion.
Ark was also lined up against an elite front 7 who threw a lot of mixed looks and pre-snap shifts. Outside of weird things happening in Jordan-Hare, it's not like Georgia struggles to beat Auburn there overall. I still remember an unranked Georgia going into Jordan Hare and blowing out a #5 Auburn. Like I said, this game MIGHT be close. I just don't see a reason based on how either team has been playing why it will be close. Just like I thought with Arkansas.
Auburn very well may make this a game with Georgia. It's why they play the game. That being said. A weaker Georgia blew out Auburn last year with Stetson. Not sure what either team has done this year to make this game any different.
I’d relax on this. The better they’re perceived the better Kentucky looks
Nash, overall your commentary is solid even when I disagree but it never fails that it seems to be some bias against Georgia. You mention the difference is the bama offense as if Georgia’s defense doesn’t exist in that match up. Idk who would win that game but if I had to bet on it- I’d say the Georgia offense would be the difference in that game. For better or for worse
Much respect to Arkansas, but as I mentioned under a couple articles, I had a gut feeling it could be a blow out. And it was. One game at a time, next is auburn. Good luck to Arkansas the rest of the way !
I keep seeing everyone say the Georgia- Arkansas game is going to be closer than the experts say. My gut is it'll be a Georgia loss close, or a blowout in favor of Georgia.
I don't know. I just visually don't see #3. I don't think Arkansas has passed the eye test to say that yet. A great team though, and I'm really excited for Pittman. I could be wrong because that's why they play the game, but I don't see it being as close as the scoreboard may indicate.
A&M's d is not Georgia's though. Everyone is fine until Jordan Davis is baring down on you. I'm not making a comment on how he play, just think that's a weak justification on if he'll be fine.
Because he did something Seals won't do this weekend....
DJ probably has a higher ceiling than Emory, and has had better games in his time as a D-1 QB than Emory. But if Emory was playing in that Clemson game...idk Clemson might have won. Emory (And esp AR 15) aren't afraid to run, and that changes the entire outlook of the game when you can scramble for a first down or even a long TD.
No one is having a heart attack about Nessler doubting the bulldogs. It's weird you try to call out Georgia trolls on a ....Georgia....article. The issue I have with Nessler is two pieces. He's more impressed with the Gators who....lost......I guess it comes form the perception of Alabama? But ..who has Bama played outside of Florida, to deserve that perception THIS year. To be clear, I think Bama is the best team in the nation atm. You got to beat the king to be the king, but I'm still picking Clemson to beat Miami. And he says JT Daniels hasn't played anyone though he has beat a Cincinnati team and he beat Clemson. And while Clemson isn't looking good offensively, that defense has been playing lights out, so yeah that Clemson win as a whole is being downgraded by the media, but I don't know why they're acting as if the Clemson defense has been struggling. It hasn't.
I didn't mean to reply to. Sorry
I think the CFP race is straight forward at this point. Oregon has to win out. It's between Penn St and Iowa, but and though it'll resolve itself in a couple weeks, whoever wins still has to win the Big10 Championship. And no matter what we think about tOSU this year. To be the king you have to beat the king, and if they end up in it then well... Clemson isn't getting in without a lot of help. If there's more than two undefeated conf champions, Oklahoma won't get in. I think the SEC is a little more complicated. What to do if Georgia loses a close one at WLOCP, and then Florida wins the rematch in the SECCG and it's Florida, Georgia, Bama with 1 loss each? I think Florida is guaranteed of course, but what about bama or Georgia?
No need to rush him back. A healthy Burton, Washington, Jackson, Bowers, Mitchell and with Cook and McIntosh catching passes, I think that's plenty to hold us over until SECCG. I think Florida is a good team and so is Arkansas, but the strengths matchup right for the bulldogs.
He said the defense is meh, and considering that they're T-68 in scoring defense, and 48th in Total Defense. Considering the competition thus far? Yes..That's meh.
Going to go out on the limb and predict the Bama Florida game to be 35-17 in favor of Bama. But something feels funny about this game. I have no reason to believe it to be, but my gut tells me Florida might make this interesting and perhaps pull it off.... IDK if that makes Florida more scary or Alabama less scary, but eh.
Literally says... "ranking the SEC starters 1-14 according to highly scientific processes and/or pure gut-level instinct." It's like y'all want to make yourselves mad.
Y'all really get on SDS and get in your feelings when the articles say things like "ranking the SEC starters 1-14 according to highly scientific processes and/or pure gut-level instinct."