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Bama has lost the West twice in the last three years, so lose again, would be appropriate. The point is LSU may be closing the gap as evident by Bama losing to them. Whether that's an actual trend will be seen. What does losing the south carolina have to do with anything? Losing to south carolina didn't keep georgia from winning the eat, or playing for a shot at playoff. It was a bad loss, but devastating? Come on. Stop grasping for straws for the straw man you're trying to build
From USA Today, sources from the hospital where Tua had his surgery (Their Chief of Orthopedic surgery) "Especially because, even under ideal circumstances, Tagovailoa isn’t expected to resume normal football activities for another 6-9 months."
You are correct, but they beat the team they lost to. So It's kind of weird to put them ahead. Not to mention the other quality wins Georgia has over Oregon. It's just weird, though it doesn't matter. Still have to beat LSU to get in.
No, but are you sure they would pick 2 loss conf champ Georgia over 1 Loss Conf Champ Oklahoma, One Loss Conf Champ Oregon, Undefeated Ohio State and Undefeated Clemson? I'm not.
Ohio State didn't lose in the championship game, there's no precedent for what was suggested. Had Ohio State loss in that game against Penn State (not possible but it's just to make a point), I'm confident they would have chosen Penn State.
I appreciate this comment. I think he's the deciding factor, he'll need to make some big plays because there will be opportunities. I think this could easily turn into a two score lead going into the fourth in favor of Georgia if he can't. Otherwise it make come down to a hotrod FG, or another potential game winning march for Bo.
I've played D-1 football, worked as an assistant to high school teams, gone through referee training for football in Lee county while attending Auburn for Graduate School, and time and time again I feel like the dumbest person in the room. Auburn is scary, no doubt. We wonder if Georgia will be able to score especially considering how ...uninspired the offense has looked in most games. Fair. But why do we continue gloss over the fact that Bo Nix has looked EXACTLY like a true freshman outside of one drive in big games? Why isn't that being played up more as the deciding factor in this game? I'm so confused.
Agreed. It eliminates the "some conferences are better than others" argument because the champion of every conference gets in. Puts a ton of importance of championships (which rewards teams in tougher divisions), still includes group of 5/independents, and offers a chance for a strong runner up or 'number 2' team in a conference to make it.
I think this will be a deceiving game, I think eye test it's ugly, but when you break down the numbers as you said, it'll look look like an easy win.
All these points just sound like Hot Rod is going to have to be perfect because no one is going to score. Or are we going to overlook how bad Bo has been looking?
I agree with the idea that Georgia matches up badly against Auburn, but what I don't agree with is that gives Auburn the edge. Georgia's defense is elite and Auburn's offense isn't. I can very well see Bo Nix making a bad decision that swings the game to Georgia. I agree with the rest of your assessment though.
It matters more for Bama being ranked in the top 4 post LSU loss, than it does almost any other team that has a legitimate shot. We can make an argument for Georgia being ranked ahead, but WHY? It genuinely does not matter. Win and they're in. Simple. I think ohio st runs the table this year. They have a habit of losing one they shouldn't, but there's just such a huge talent gap between them and the rest of the big 10 (eye test not recruiting numbers) that I can't see them losing. Same with clemson. So Ohio State, Clemson, SEC champ, Oklahoma/SEC Runner up seems like the most likely scenarios. And note, the "sec runner up" is in the case LSU loses to Georgia. I personally think bama is a better team than Oklahoma, but I can't get a bead on the Committee. One year it's "who is the better team" the next it's "who deserves it more".
I find it amusing also and a little bit disrespectful. Numbers wise, Georgia's defense is better than bama's. Numbers wise (total offense) , their offense is better than Auburn's. Both of those teams were within reach. Why is Georgia being looked at as the red headed (funny because their helmets are red) step-child.
Was going to say this, doesn't matter the pecking order as long as they win out. Pecking order only beecomes important when separating one loss teams with later losses.
Disagree heavily. Two of those top ten teams have only loss to top ten teams. I'll concede the Texas point though. Unless I misunderstood what you were implying, then that's on me.
Lecounte is beyond solid. He was only beat once and people forget that safeties are usually safeties because they can't turn their hips like corners, so being one on one in coverage is not the best match up. Probably better than a LB though.
Agreed. Algorithms and number crunching have gotten really good at predicting outcomes of events. The problem with the simulations are there a real-life factors that can not be predicted. I think at the moment, Georgia is the better team even in a hostile environment, and will probably pull away with a win. But they play the game for a reason.
Just chiming in on the catch. It wasn't a catch, I would have called it a non-catch on the field, and if I was the reply official I would have overturned it. BUT this is in defense of the decision of it to remain a catch. It's really hard to see the ball actually touch the grass, which is probably why they stuck with the call on the field.
Outside of the bad throws , you’re not giving enough credit to Florida. The middling running game was a direct result of Florida’s defense, and the dawgs still ran when they needed to the most. The coverage was fine, no one was really “beat” let’s quit acting like Dan Mullen didn’t exploit holes in the Georgia defense because he’s a good offensive coach. It was a good game, the only thing that needs to be cleaned up in all honesty is the penalties.
One thing I’m overreacting about is Coley. There were some absolutely beautifully designed played that allowed him to exploit Florida’s very good secondary. This is the variety bulldog fans wanted to see. He needs to keep this up.
Good game to Florida. Not here to talk trash just here to point out I called Georgia's score if they win. This game went exactly like I thought it would, I'm just glad the dawgs were on the winning side of it. Let's bring this same energy next week and the week after.
Yeah, I never got not counting big runs? Like, I understand the desire to not count that run off the false start that wasn't called, cool. But big runs are often a combination of scheme, execution, and a little luck that the opposing team won't execute. I agree to the merit of your fourth point, but Kirby defensively has done a great job of not being outschemed. It's their two strengths so with that in mind, a big run like that is just as possible as an INT/Fumble returned for a score against you all.
@Nasvhville, I agree with the health of the players you mentioned. I don't think any of them will be 100%, but I think they have to play as if they are and leave it all out on the field. I would love to see Georgia score more than 20, so hopefully I'm wrong. Just from what I've seen from either team, it's hard to believe. @Gatorgrad, I get it. I do, but in that LSU game you all actually dominated TOP and averaged roughly 4 YPC. Yeah, maybe UGA's defense is better than LSU's but if you can duplicate that? I think it's a rout in your favor.
@Mister fair enough, I guess we will see which team executes. Good luck to your gators. @DrPepper Great analysis there/s, but that's a moot point. They've shut down every offense they've played for the most part. This many games in, unless they're playing St. Mary's High School, the trend is more likely to be true than not true.
This was a decent article. It did a good job addressing strengths and weaknesses on both teams, and Neil even managed to get a little more in depth on some of the schematic things. One thing I think is not being addressed enough is if Florida is going to win, they HAVE to get some rushing productivity. As mentioned in the article, Smart is comfortable with dropping 7 in coverage and despite that Georgia's rushing defense has been stout. The difference in that Auburn game was the 88 yard run by Perine that virtually sealed the game. It doesn't have to be huge runs like that, but it does need to be consistent 3-4 yards to keep the defense honest. Another is Tyson Campbell who has played extremely well this year. He has been practicing the last couple of weeks, and looks like he should be a go for this game. Conversely, I think Georgia HAS to have more passing productivity if they're going to beat Florida. Even if it's challenging them downfleld with a play action on a first dance after some tempo. At the end of the day, if Georgia doesn't change that offense up I think Florida wins something like 20-13. If they can get some passing productivity, I think they pull it out something like 24-20. Either way, it'll be a fun game, and I hope both teams just remain healthy.
I think you're VASTLY underrating Georgia's defense. That defense is only allowing roughly 10 points per game, it's ranked 7th in the nation total defense, and has not given up a rushing TD all year. That last stat might change this game, but the point still stands. If Florida wins, I doubt it's more than 24 points. I doubt either team scores more than 24. Statistically speaking, this IS the most complete defensive team Florida will have faced thus far.
You can coach separation, for the reasons you mentioned in your second paragraph. Separation isn’t just about agility and speed, the corners of top teams are just as agile and fast. It’s about knowing when to stop your route short, it’s about running a crisp route that doesn’t take you out of the play. It’s about selling your head fakes when you plant. Those teachable things create separation and what separates the Calvin Ridleys from the Coradelle Pattersons.
I would have kept this one to the chest until after the BAMA-LSU game. I'm sure if they can beat LSU with that defense with a recovering defense, they'll be fine in most games.