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If I'm not mistaken, he was an ILB prospect that was recruited to play safety? Or was a safety recruited as an ILB prospect? It was one of those.
Yeah kicking him off the team is an overreaction. Definitely like TDOW said could be as simple as he had an argument with let's say a girlfriend, and punched a wall. That would explain each of the charges. As long as he didn't anyone, internal punishment should be sufficient.
The SEC is a better conference, unequivocally so. Three different representatives in Playoff Finals. I think no other conference has had more than 1, in a final. That being said, I think the quality of competition for Newman is being overstated. A change in scenery, coaching staff, and team can do a lot for a qb especially someone who has the physical qualities that you want. We don't know what he'll be. I don't get the desire to say "he's going to struggle, he struggled already " apples. oranges.
Hate to side with BamaTime, but you gotta sit this one out Class of 98. You were wrong.
You may have an opinion all you like, you have autonomy. I did not say "you've never been in that position you can't have an opinion." I said you've never been there, so I get why you can't see it. It being the reasons someone rated as low as a fourth round would go. Your non sequitur has no place here.
Really weird yo said this on a Georgia article......Trolling would have actually made more sense.
Mathis is the best bet to be gone. There's no benefit for Bennet to leave. He tried that. Football is probably not his future. Mathis has a high ceiling and will probably be able to find playing time somewhere else if he can't crack the starting position. I doubt he leaves even if he loses the backup competition. He just came off a year of no football activities, and might not really get back into the swing of things for a minute. So no one will probably leave this offseason, but next if Beck beats out Mathis for starter, Mathis is gone. If Mathis beats out Beck and lights it up? Beck is gone, and they have to figure out how to keep brock.
"your Moron trolls on this site make it impossible to root for your team" Don't move the goalposts. Because this is what you said. And I'll repeat, we don't need your support.
Leaving early makes a lot of sense regardless if you're first or second for a lot of reasons. Not everyone's situation is the asme. You've never been in the situation before, so I get why you can't see it. But yikes man.
Going to be honest, if a small sect of the internet ruins an experience for you like that. I think as a fanbase we'll be ok without your support. No disrespect intended, but yikes. I know a lot of great Florida fans, and a lot of Great Georgia fans who have mutual respect. But hey, whatever makes you happy.
I think any loss would upset the fan base, but neither loss would push them start fire mullen calls. To be honest, as a Gator you wouldn't want to lose but I think losing a close game to the eventual SEC Champs And possibly National Champs, would be an easier pill than a close loss to the eventual SEC runner up. At least as a barometer for where your program is. I think next year (2021) is Florida's season to win the east.
Agreed with Matty. The risk outweighed the reward of coming back. He very well could have had a similar season to last year, and dropped his stock even more. Early to mid second round is not a bad place for a qb to go like Fromm. No one doubts his Football IQ or decision making. They doubt if he can make the throws necessary. I think he can, and he will have a chance to prove it since the drills/workouts will be designed to show just that.
I think even if their qb is better, Georgia can win that game. Arguably Trask was the better qb last year, and stats definitely say he was...and they still got a loss. That being said, that game is always weird for Georgia and is rarely a cakewalk, so Florida very well could win that game. I just think your reasoning is a little off.
But to be back on topic, I think it's very possible they won't be in the top 5 by the middle of the season. Maybe even likely pending how the offense pans out. But a loss to bama won't derail the season not even in the slightest. Auburn and Florida are far more important games, though the Auburn one becomes less important if they do win at Bama. But as mentioned already, it doesn't matter where they are in the middle of the season. That being said, if the offense is better than last year I don't think Auburn and Florida are losses. And I'll hope Kirby gets his team to not drop games they should win ( a la SC). Again, on paper, if the offense is better than last year Georgia probably finishes regular season with only 1 loss.
LMAO GatorFan, that was a good retort. Props on the "taxslayer bowl" joke.
I don't see an issue with it being a one time freebie. There are some players who might still choose to sit. Let's take a Jacob Eason. He left Georgia to go to UW, and he wasn't going to uproot the other Jake (Browning). So sitting out a year wouldn't be a problem there. (I know there's a chance the other jake could have gotten hurt but you don't hope or wish for that) And if it had gone bad (like he didn't win the job or the coach left) he would still have a free transfer on his hands. To be honest, I also don't think being a "farm" team for P5 schools is bad. Could you imagine being a 5 star wanting to go to a school, but there are 4-5 non-draft eligible underclassmen ahead of you? Now it is a viable option to forsake that blue blood, dominate at the 'lesser' school, which in turn makes their team better. Then transfer out to where you wanted to go anyway? I think it helps smaller school more than it hurts. I'm darn sure they'd take 1-2 years of a gamechanger than 0. As far as it hurting big schools....how? Outside of QB, there's not a tonne of positions where if you lose the battle you won't see the field so much so much you want to transfer. If you're three years in, meaning have played three (could be three + a RS) and you haven't cracked the starting lineup? Good chance you aren't ever at a big program. A lot of those who were eyeing the NFL in that predicament were going to probably transfer anyways regardless. I admit I could be wrong, but I just don't see an issue for anyone here. Just feels like players have less stress about their decisions on where to attend for the next 4-5 years. I transferred out of USF and never played football again because that whole situation stressed me out so much I rather just not had worry about football anymore. (I never planned to play in the NFL, even if I was good enough.....I would have probably play for a couple years for the money then drop it..but that's another story)
@JTF- doing that makes me skip whole section sometimes, but I try to converse with the good commenters here (it's a few from a couple fanbases, and couple from our's including you). @CFB - I understand where you're coming from....but Burrow threw it almost 600 times and had 368 yards of rushing....It's not about how much they throw the ball, it's about the ability and necessity to do so. You don't need to have designed runs to scurry 15 yards a pop when everyone's covered downfield. Do that 3-4 times a game, that's 45 yards a game, over 12 games that's 540. I doubt he does it every game, but hopefully they end up in at least 14 games. It is VERY possible he runs 500. @JTF (pt 2) - That's very true. If he has to depend heavily on 2-3 receivers, then there's a good chance if he throws..let's go with 3500... that there's a 1k receiver in there (pickens).
If you're going to write for a specific team, please ensure you get the names right. That's all. Once again what should have been a good comments section was ruined, and I've been enjoying this site less and less. I'd suspect that the receiving TDs record will fall, but I'm not sold on the 1000 yards. AJ's best year was Matt's (Stafford) last year and though as a team that was a disappointing year, it was Matt's best year statistically. Granted, different offensive system, but would it be farfetched to say Zamir runs for 1k, HB 2 run for 700ish, Newman run for 500ish, and as a team finish north of 2500 yards rushing? Would it be wild to think that Cook gets more balls in a Percy Harvin kind of role? I just don't see anyone breaking 1k yards as long as there are stout backs and Georgia is winning games. A healthy Cager last year probably had the best shot, but he wasn't healthy.
I'm going with the XFL team. The argument made "there's 10-15 LSU players going to be playing in the NFL" is moot, because we don't know how that'll work out. A lot if not most of these players had a stint in the NFL. Aaron Murray has SEC passing records still. He was terrible in the XFL and AAF. So what's the difference for me? LSU has 18-22 years old with zero professional experience. XFL has grown men who most have NFL experience.
It's easy when the school you dreamed the play at also has a coach you want to play for. Yes, you should pick a school you want to be at, but you're making over simple when it's not. This isn't a what if i get injured scenario, this is a I'm a fully healthy recruit who came to play for this coach because I think he'd develop me the best. That's as big apart of your decision as it is choosing a school because it has a top ranked Engineering program. It's narrow minded to believe that recruits should only choose school based on what YOU think they should.
"Cowboys Ring of Honor member, grandson of Colorado recruit calls Mel Tucker a 'con man' following coach's departure" Y'all need to fix that headline.
Hey Joe, that's a cool straw man. Also, you brought up Fromm as if that wasn't literally Matt's point. "he reminds me of Fromm." But to the topic of Elite. I think Trask is good, but I agree with Matty's point. If yards are what define elite, then we shouldn't have advanced metrics. Truth is, Trask got lucky..a lot. You know the ole adage, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. There were a lot of balls that should have gone the other way, that didn't. He needs to clean that up if he wants to be elite, and that's just a fact. I honestly don't care whether we think he's elite or not. I don't play on Saturdays anymore, so I don't have to gameplan for him. That's up to Kirby (and other opposing coaches) to worry about. At the end of the day, I'll trust Kirby and his D over Trask.
Scrolling through for relevant, intelligible comments gave me a headache. I don't even remember what I wanted to comment. So I'll just say this. Getting top recruits are important. To get top recruits you have to spend. For the good players, you need good coaches. If you aren't LSU, you can't crack national championship jokes. They're the reigning champion. As a former G5 athlete, pay the players. I guess that's all.
Was a little easier considering he went to Arkansas, might have been tougher had he gone to places with either a winning pedigree or in proximity to a nice city.
It's not controversial, I just don't agree. Georgia just has scholarships left over, so at this point they're just picking up bodies. He wasn't offered until January 20. So in this case, context matters.
I don't think this is strange. I think it makes sense. He's legacy (daddy went there), probably doesn't have a future in football. He very well might have a future in coaching though. Stay close to home, learn under kirby, become a grad assistant under Kirby. There you go.