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No potential CFP championship might alter teams approaches. I can definitely see a team like Georgia, being in a tough spot. It means that they'll lose Newman. So no matter where he ends up in reality (whether he's a heisman contender or just another joe) it'd be his last year, and how does that really benefit Georgia? In that case, you'd probably see way more of JT Daniels than you would have initially (or Dwan Mathis) and if Newman ends up being a heisman contender and Georgia makes it through 10-1 with an SEC title, it'll always be the "what if there was a playoff" season. I don't know if that sits well with me.....
I hate...hate when y'all talk politics on here. Especially because when y'all read an article, all of the sudden you are immunologist, epidemiologist, etc. JFC.
Bama has lost to Georgia this millennium >.>
I don't care you picked Florida ahead of Georgia. I just detest your logic behind it. Georgia questions abound......you mean questions at OL and QB. BUT Florida, if they can locate a running game. Ok, what if Georgia locates an answer to your so called 'questions abound'......
Did some research, and as far as overall prospects, most places I see have him behind the 5th best OL prospect in the SEC at best (these lists shuffle drake and him around after some other players). Because of his position, I can see him get picked up before some of these guys on the list but.... He's not top 50 overall on a lot of big boards atm, so I'm not sure where to put him here? Costello, when healthy, has looked amazing and he has the Frame. Corrects his mechanics and have a good year, I'm willing to be a month of mortgage he goes ahead of a lot of people on this list. I'm not saying Kinnard isn't a top 25 prospect in the SEC i just don't know who I'd honestly put him ahead, if we ignore needs/importance of positions.
I can agree with you, I also think while Tyson has deep ball recovery speed, he doesn't have that agility (at least on the field) to recover on his slow reactions. Which I think is what gets him in trouble a lot. There's just something about Stoke's presence that makes me like lean towards him being a better DB at least at the moment.
I don't disagree with you, because I don't have any idea who Darian Kinnard is, but who would you put out in place of him? Who is better than him? You said first or SECOND, so who would he be ahead of on someone's overall prospect board.
I too echo the sentiment that Tyson Campbell is not a lockdown cb, and was often a liability (though he was better when healthy his sophomore year) That being said, I do agree with his position on this chart because he has the physical attributes and if he had the skill/IQ of stokes, he could potentially be the first DB off the board. But..he doesn't...so..he won't
This is the first time i'm rewatching that play, but rewatching it confirms what I thought the first time I saw it. The facemask actually helped him. lol
I don't think you can say a buyout is the reason Vandy hasn't fired Derek Mason.........
There's really not a deliberately fair way to do this. Someone will get an easier schedule, but I don't really think that matters too much. Just, as it has been stated, add the rotating teams and go about the day.
Less bias and more...it's called BOLD PREDICTIONS...I'm glad they're kind of out there.
You're correct. It was a soft zone designed to keep everything in front of them, while a prevent is super soft zone designed to prevent a big play. For the 40th time, you lost. You don't get to nitpick what was or wasn't happening.
I am not knocking Tua on that play, let's be clear. Oklahoma ran a few similar plays the game before, the safety didn't budge in the face of look off of a more elite qb (at the time). So, for me, because I know the personnel, I know Kirby's scheme (assignment football) that was blown coverage. It was an elite play, yes, but it was still at the end of the day..blown coverage. If the safety plays his assignment....he's not WIDE open. That's the definition of blown coverage. lol.
Nash, I agree with you here. I don't see the air raid philosophy coming to Athens, more so than an more open offense. I can see them spreading out (maybe why Darnell Washington was a huge get?) I can see them lining up in a compact formation with three receivers, and motioning the TE or TBs out to receiving spot. I don't see them not running the ball about half of the time, and I don't see them throwing it in place of running unless there is a strategic advantage to that on that series.
I said all that to say, I think Mac Jones is more likely to put up 30+ points and not Bryce.
If Bryce Young starts early? I can see this point, but it's not a 1:1 to comparison and I think you're remembering Tua as more as a hero versus what he actually did. He was 14/24 passing (58%) , for 166 3 TDs and an INT. The last TD was a blown coverage, though it is impressive Tua had the composure to make that throw despite the lack of experience. Take that throw out and tua is 13/23 (56%) 125 yards, 2 TDs 1 INT. which spread out across two halves is Jake Fromm true freshman year numbers. (he was 16/32 50%, 1 td 2 int 232 yards in that head to head as a true freshman though more experience than Tua) The QB play was lackluster that game because the two defenses were stout, but Tua did play much better than Jalen.
Decent work Sydney, but I need to point out I think you made a bit of a chimera out of two schools for Mel Tucker. He was the head coach at the University of Colorado and is now the Head coach at Michigan state. (You put colorado state at the time of posting this). Bobo was the one at CSU.
We usually agree a lot here, so I'm not surprised I'm agreeing with you again. I think particularly on third down you're going to see more exotic blitz packages that confuses the o-line. You'll have the luxury to do that if you have a good offense, because you know you can mitigate 3 points (or at worse 7) with your offense. So the reward begins to outweigh the risk. See the second half of the rose bowl a few years ago.
I think the defense did well against LSU until they fatigued out. Only so much you can do when you're on the field every 45 seconds. If there was a game where the offense won, I'd go with Florida. Yeah the defense showed up, but it the success on third down that won that game.
I think not being prepared for it has to do with hotrod booming it through the back of the endzone so much, so they didn't really get a lot of in-game practice on it. Remember, there were times where Kirby intentionally told Hotrod NOT to kick it through the endzone because they needed reps. I agree, there's not much to coordinate. You tell them where to try and put the ball for the punters, and the rest is just getting the gunners to buy in, the kickoff team to buy in and so on. Kirby will usually make the decision for fakes or not (though...i'd like him to stop lol)
My knee jerk is that you have Tenn too high, but then again. I don't really see anyone outside of the top 10 with the exception of Auburn, contending for a playoff spot.
But they have been contenders. The SECCG is a defacto play-in game, which for the last three years they have participated in. Contenders and champions are not the same thing.
Also I want to be clear I didn't include Jacob Eason because that was Richt's recruit. Kirby just had to make sure he stayed.
Kirby has really successfully recruited 5 QBs. Two are 5 star DT (Justin Fields, Brock Vandagriff) and three are 4 star PRO (Jake Fromm, Carson Beck, Dwan Mathis*). If we throw in transfers (excluding stetson.....), it's +1 for DT and +1 for Pro. It's been a balanced QB room, so I think kirby just wants whoever will get him the win. Though he has preferred a Pro style offense vs a spread. But a DT can run a pro style offense. *Dwan Mathis flipped because Fields transferred to his destination school. I tend to believe he would prefer Fields (a DT) over Dwan Mathis (PRO)
There should probably be a flood limit on these comment sections......for some posters.... Anyways. I don't think this changes anything this upcoming year, but giving Kirby a veteran who has been there and done that, to turn to in case Newman goes down. I think at worst this gives us Brock a year earlier.
Hi, this is my field. 8% of COVID cases in the US end in death. That is much, much, much, much, much, much, much higher than the common cold. The global death rate is assumed to be somewhere between 3% and 4%, which the global death rate for the flu is usually somewhere below 1% in an average year, and I think this last year it was somewhere around 1.4% which is still much less than the COVID 19 death rate. There are 3.4 million CONFIRMED <-- big important distinction here, cases of the virus in the US of which about half are reported, 'closed'. This does not include the numbers for other complications caused by the virus. "Only at risk people die", yes the mortality rate is much much higher for those at risk (I don't have the number in front of me), but not at-risk people are getting other complications from the virus which can lead to long term health effects and indirect deaths caused by the complication. Which, for the record, doesn't count as a COVID death. We, as in experts, also don't know much about the virus because it is a novel virus and it's a reason why symptoms continue to be added. You're welcome to your opinion about pandering to fear, but I want you to at least have the actual facts. If you're in the Atlanta area and would like to meet up at the CDC and discuss this further, I can schedule you in as long as you follow social distancing and mask requirements. Disclaimer: I don't work for the CDC, we work closely together. I will NOT reveal my employer on this site.
I'm not sure that's how that works. Fitting a ball into a tight window is a skill, not a luck based thing. I do understand what you're trying to say though, because you're equating it with taking a risk. So for sake of argument, if he also leads the nation in 'risky' throws then I'd concede the point. But a tight window and a risky throw are not always the same thing.
I tend to agree with Bo not being Top 5 this year, and it's more to do with everyone else and less to do with Bo. I'm not sold Bo will have that much of a better year than last year total numbers wise. I DO think he has a more efficient year. Problem with that is, if everyone stays par for course from last year, then he becomes odd man out of the top 5.