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That Clemson game is a win-neutral for the dawgs. If they lose and only take one more loss and beat bama in the SECCG, no one cares about the Clemson loss. If they win, then they beat clemson and can ride that wave through the year. It'll help them in a situation where they go 12-1 with a loss in the SECCG. And the only way they get kept out is if there are three undefeated Conference champions (Pac-12, Big-12, Big-10). I could be wrong, but yeah. I think beating Clemson (i know this is obvious) does more good than not.
I'm gonna go out on a limb that you've never played a sport at a higher level than middle school age? You can't say he didn't play bad against bama because of injury, it was obvious it was because of injury. He wasn't able to make the same throws, whether they were the right throw or not. He physically could not make the throws. When you first suffer an injury, it's easier to get through it. That's why you hear a lot of "didn't know he tore his ____" , adrenaline is pumping. Let an injury sit and it'll be worse. All of your other points are accurate though.
Yeap, exactly what I predicted if it had been a hyper extended knee. Good to know! Hope he has a speedy recovery regardless, enjoy your spring young man.
As long as there is no ligament damage, he will be ready by the Clemson game. It takes usually less than a month to recover from a hyperextended knee (aka a knee sprain) so they'll probably just shut him down for the spring and ease him back in at fall camp. Let's just hope it's just a knee sprain and no ligament damage because I was most excited about him for this season and I think we will really need him.
Twice as many go routes because that is almost exclusively the only route he can run. There are far more deep routes than go routes.
Pause. A fight and squirting someone with a bottle, means they should get injured? Get help.
Nash, thank you for the third quote. That was my point earlier. He'll go up and get a ball or box a db out, but Burton is a much better route runner and quicker. He stretches the field.
I aree, but I also don't think he can do some of the things the others could. So it kind of goes both ways. His biggest plus is that he will go get the ball. He often runs himself into coverage though, which I'm sure probably improved in the offseason.
Huge blow, but I don't think it changes offensive production, just maybe the how. Like the point of the article, there's depth there, and Burton was the one I was most excited about this upcoming year - not Pickens. Pickens will get those 50/50 balls, but Kearis and Burton are much more likely to not need to get a 50/50 ball because of their excellent route running. I think with a better qb this year and entire spring, Cook and Burton will probably be the biggest offensive threats.
David Greene, DJ Shockley, Matt Stafford, Aaron Murray. Relax.
It can. A lot of the game is mental/emotional. No it won't make you squat 50 more pounds, or run a 4.2, but playing with your dad's number who just passed, can definitely give you an emotional boost.
I think you're overselling the offensive comparions(maybe not intentionally). I don't think there needs to be a special guy in the receivers room, I think it just needs to be a bunch of really good guys. And...there are. They made Stetson Bennett look good,and had he had any semblance of a deep ball- this would have been obvious. Again, I don't think there needs to be a Najee- there are 3-4 capable backs including one James Cook that can take it to the house. I think the line is a fair question though. As far the Daniels to Mac Jones question. Again, he doesn't need the consistency of Mac Jones. He can be a gunslinger and make bad decisions and he should be fine, even against a team like Clemson. There's too much talent at receiver for it to matter much - see Cincy bowl game. Like you said, they could win by just having the best roster and good coaching. That 2017 team had one "Special" player on defense and "two" on offense (at the same position) and they were fine.
Almost no one with credibility is giving this any attention outside of the due diligence as journalists. A cheater in hot water is trying to deflect the attention from him. The Compliance office is doing a formal investigation because again, due dilligance, but it'll probably be something like. "Kirby, did you cheat?" Kirby: No. "Aight thanks for coming in."
Your facts also ignore that he chose Georgia before Ohio st. It also ignores that he was still in touch with many of his former teammates. It ignores his sister is a dawg, it ignores he's from Georgia. It Ignores blah blah some points I've already made. Like I said, you're sick. Only facts that back up your narrative matter to you, but if it doesn't it become irrelevant. Common sense says, you don't know, so your opinion is about important as mine. Which, they aren't important at all. You are being ridiculous by insinuating that being open to any possibility is delusional when we don't know. Not once have I made a claim about how Fields feels, and somehow I'm delusional for saying I don't know. Lol.
Kirby, that's better comparison to illustrate the difference in ranking. Though still doesn't take in consideration their competition.
I don't care if the dots line up. That's the point. Leave the narrative alone. You're chasing conspiracy theories that at the end of the day don't matter because you can't prove it. That's all I'm saying, let it go.
Bro, you're sick. If you think me being open to what Fields is or isn't thinking, because I don't know him like that, is delusional. I don't need to read the rest. You don't know him, I don't know him. Not a word you say is going to dictate how he does or doesn't feel. Stop being ridiculous.
I think if last year didn't happen, you'd be correct. I think Kirby is smart enough though to listen to Monken. If Monken says 'Put Beck in' , I think Kirby will do just that. Remember, Mathis was the starter at the beginning of the year, who hadn't played a CFB game in his life, and hadn't played football in what, two years? Mathis, from a talent stand point, was the best shot at winning. I think at this point, Kirby rather go with the two unknowns than his known ceiling.
Woo, let me unpack this for you Mister2bits. As an athlete and a competitor, you can compartmentalize things. You can regret leaving a place, and not bringing a title to your home state while still being appreciative you got the chances you got. You can regret not becoming a first round pick developing in the state you grew up in, and still be appreciative that you're a first round pick. I don't know if Field's does or doesn't regret it, I'm not his confidante, but to think that someone can't have regrets because they're successful is ridiculous.
Yeah that ain't the one chief. I don't think Field's was Kirby's fault (more Chaney's) but you barking up the wrong tree with that poaching narrative.
In a normal situation, medium to large in terms of talent. Considering the size of their school's divisions? It's more of an inconsequential question mark.
I don't think that matters for the development of this game. If they can get paid, then they'll get their likeness in the game.
Deshaun was a 247 4 star. He would have been a 5 star in some years.
Also UGA is a megabus, relatively short car ride to Atlanta. That helps significantly.
155 who are 3 star or higher*** My mistake. Also, I don't think we're disagreeing with each other right now. I think we both are making different, but valid points for the same answer.
The Majority of NFL qbs are 3 stars because the majority of Division 1 college football impact starters are 3 stars. in the 2021 recruiting Cycle, there are 155 qb recruits who are 4 star or higher, 125 are 3 stars (according to 247 sports). Still, Matthew Stafford 5 star, Jared Goff (blech) 4 star, Joe Burrow 4 star, Watson 4 star, (and a 5 in most years as the no 1 dual threat) , Kyler Murray 5 star.. I don't need to go past that, because that alone proves my point. Based off pure numbers, you're more likely to be a 3 star than 4 or 5 star ESP if you're at unknown HS, but that doesn't negate that 4-5 stars are important. The qb position is a bad example regardless, because only one qb can play at a time. As far both Bama and UGA making the playoffs, it's less about Oklahoma. Member the year both bama and UGA made the playoffs Oklahoma and Clemson were both in it. It's more about UGA beating Clemson game one. BAMA and UGA could both make the playoffs easy, and Clemson be left out. Or Ohio St could be left out (they tend to drop one when they shouldn't it seems like)
You can say this all you want, and when you get to the top 150 or so players, the stars might not mean as much, but Alabama is a dynasty and has had several number one classes. Clemson has several top 5 classes, Ohio St, UGA and these are ALWAYS the teams being projected for the CFP. The top 5 recruiting classes, based on these 'stars' and 'rankings' are Bama, Ohio St, UGA, LSU, Clemson. UGA, BAMA, Clemson, Ohio St are likely to be the 4 CFP teams if Georgia beats Clemson week 1. Again, you can feel how you want, but the rankings are not just made up.