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Lol, I'm for this. I get why y'all aren't, but let it go. Texas isn't going to run anything, and their fans suck just as much as the next.
I feel like this could have easily been researched. Directly from his 2018 evaluation off 247 " Can play attached, split out as a wide receiver or as a 'move' tight end . Adequate hands and ball skills that have improved steadily over HS career" This isn't a square peg into a round hole situation. This is an athletic talent with decent hand skills, who probably can't block as well as Kirby would like and it's mutually beneficial for both sides if they move him out wide (or inside to slot).
This isn’t true. Esp their final season which saw five running backs gain 265 yards and up. Chubb- 1345 Michel - 1227 Swift- 618 Holyfield- 293 Herrien- 265 That’s depth no matter how you try to spin it.
That's getting old. It's not even trolling anymore, it's lazy.
I am so curious how Georgia losing to a bad SC, continually comes up- yet that year they still went to an SECCG. That speaks less about Georgia and more about the state of the SECEast, inclusive of UT. Go back to UGA and UF's record against the East the last few years. Let's focus here. We don't know much about Tenn's upcoming season, but it is reasonable to assume that they're not going to finish higher than UK, Mizzou, Florida, or Georgia. I don't think Heupel is the answer, but I've been wrong before and I genuinely don't care if I'm wrong again as long as Georgia continues to win.
How many snaps did he play for Florida....? Are you upset he left? You wish him the best and then attack his character. Relax.
Where is this 'many, many' times coming from? He's only played at one school as far as I know.
I agree the the playoff has become stale, but expansion isn't going to change that. Even though I am a proponent for expansion. Most years, the top 4 are the ones who should be there, and anyone else would get washed. Some years, the number 4 spot is just a filler spot and they really don't aren't as good as the other three. Expanded it to 6 or more might make a couple of exciting lower seed games, but that team probably would get blown out too.
What the Marine said. Plus, the number of scholarships is not the issue for talent discrepancy. You're just alienating private schools at that point, because a lot of these kids couldn't afford to go to a lot of the private schools.
Lol fair enough. I am not one of the dawg fans who try to forget it. I would hope that Kirby plays that every meeting. Emphasize how ONE mistake can decide a championship. I think if the offense is up to the task, then agreed, Kirby just needs to stay out of the way in the playoffs.
JTF that's where I got the ypg from, though I did mess the years up. Push every year back one, and 2021 is #85, but that still doesn't follow the sentence "has gotten worse every year." Considering it was up in 19 to 19. @hbo I agree- but I couldn't find an advanced statistic that matched up with the sentence, and still can't, so I just went with YPG.
The ceiling is higher, but you seem to forget the floor is higher too. The offense shouldn't be your concern. Also you're lumping a lot on the offense for blowing second half leads. If you're up by 2tds in the second half, even if the offense never scores again I'm still placing fault on the defense. That being said, I would love to ditch the conservative playcalling in second halves, but I think it's a but much to lump all the fault on the offense.
YPG Georgia rank, 2018 #2, 2019 #20, 2020 #19 No idea what metric we're going by but something isn't adding up somewhere.
It is homerish, but it's also not a hot-take - it makes a valid claim. It is what it is though. Articles don't decide the outcomes of games.
So because Clemson looks good..Georgia ..loses? Looks good where? We have not seen either team play this year.
Fromm had great leadership and he didn't depend on a specific receiver when he had actual receivers. In 2017 his top two receivers were about equal stat wise, and in 2018 his top 4 were about equal stat wise. I don't care for Fromm, but I also know he gets a bad rep on the field for some reason.
That's still not a big stage? That's just good television. Georgia didn't fall to SC on a big stage, they faltered in a game that didn't actually matter in the big scheme of things. Had they won out, they would have been in the playoffs. Instead they lost to LSU (the eventual champions I might add) on the big stage. Ultimately, that south carolina game was meaningless. It just proved they lacked the offense to win it all.
Diesel, while I agree with most of what you said. I will say how tough your conference is does matter. Clemson has just proven that they are legit. Also, you can't compare playoffs wins/losses to regular season/SECCG to make a point and ignore the games Georgia has won on the big stage including their own SEC championship. Lol. I'm confused, South Carolina is a big stage? You're unnecessarily watering down your point. Until Georgia wins a natty, they haven't proven they can do it on the big stage. The end.
@ Point 4, I think I'm in between. I think you'll see Nolan winning more one on one's, and Anderson's efficiency will drop, but I think they'll be fine in the run game if they can maintain gap discipline.
Because it's not just about if you're more likely to be injured or make the big money draft slots. Some drafts at your position are stronger than the others, particularly for qb, a team is more likely to reach on you in a weak class. This class was weak, all things considered probably because of the weird season. Lawerence and Fields were the only "sure" commodities and Fields dropped. I'd go on a limb and say Fields gets picked off the board before Herbert if he had been eligible in 2020. So I'm guessing they were gambling on it being a weak class, which, had there been no 2020 season for anyone, I'm willing to bet Zach Wilson doesn't get drafted top ten or even first round, and Newman does.
The amount of opposing fanbases commenting on a spring game article, in a non valid criticism way is a bit weird. But to each is own. It's a spring game, lot of vanilla with some random toppings mixed in here and there. I want to see more of Ringo on man press. The front 7, especially the d-line, looks like they will eat. Wonder how much switching between 3-4, 4-3, they'll do this year to make blitzing from the second (linebacker) level more effective. I don't really see a stud 4-3 OLB, but a couple could eat at OLB in the 3-4. Nolan looks like a better edge rusher in at OLB in the 3-4. (I'm not making comments on what they actually ran , I'm making assumptions off of skill set displayed during the game) JT looked good, receivers and o-line didn't look all that great. Kearis looked really good, and D-Rob looked good late, but I wasn't really impressed with that group despite JT's numbers. HE did well. I'm not as worried about the o-line as others, even though they didn't look great...that D-line is lightyears ahead, and though Clemson reloads, I don't think they'll see a line that tough until ....I guess...Auburn? Idk. I think they have time to gel. The secondary was vanilla. They didn't look particularly great, but they didn't look particularly bad. As a former safety myself, I'm not worried about Cine or the other complementary safeties. I just don't think they're game changers like Lecounte. They'll be solid, and with Tykee coming I think they'll be fine on the back end. I WANT TO SEE MORE RINGO IN MAN PRESS. I have said that already? lol. I think you have to, like Lecounte, let Ringo go out there and take his thumps. All in all, not much you can draw from a spring game. They looked well conditioned, is about the best you can do. Arian got open a lot, but looked a step slow (injuries). Burton will be back. Darnell needs more shallow passes (i.e. a drag) and let him do the YAC work. Beck is clear qb2 to me. I think bennet is qb3, but primarily because of his grasp of the offense.
That Clemson game is a win-neutral for the dawgs. If they lose and only take one more loss and beat bama in the SECCG, no one cares about the Clemson loss. If they win, then they beat clemson and can ride that wave through the year. It'll help them in a situation where they go 12-1 with a loss in the SECCG. And the only way they get kept out is if there are three undefeated Conference champions (Pac-12, Big-12, Big-10). I could be wrong, but yeah. I think beating Clemson (i know this is obvious) does more good than not.
I'm gonna go out on a limb that you've never played a sport at a higher level than middle school age? You can't say he didn't play bad against bama because of injury, it was obvious it was because of injury. He wasn't able to make the same throws, whether they were the right throw or not. He physically could not make the throws. When you first suffer an injury, it's easier to get through it. That's why you hear a lot of "didn't know he tore his ____" , adrenaline is pumping. Let an injury sit and it'll be worse. All of your other points are accurate though.
Yeap, exactly what I predicted if it had been a hyper extended knee. Good to know! Hope he has a speedy recovery regardless, enjoy your spring young man.
As long as there is no ligament damage, he will be ready by the Clemson game. It takes usually less than a month to recover from a hyperextended knee (aka a knee sprain) so they'll probably just shut him down for the spring and ease him back in at fall camp. Let's just hope it's just a knee sprain and no ligament damage because I was most excited about him for this season and I think we will really need him.
Twice as many go routes because that is almost exclusively the only route he can run. There are far more deep routes than go routes.