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Say, stop being defensive, he was referring to what the author said not responding to you.
I believe Elijah Holyfield was missed on this lost.
Baker was the most NFL ready corner in the draft, but Greedy as a higher ceiling thanks to his athleticism and size.
If I’m not mistaken, Louisville joined the ACC after Bridgewater was drafted.
The author actually never said that that's why he decommitted. All he did was state the chain of events.
Tua still threw for nearly 300 yards on 64 percent. His two INTs were huge, but you have nothing to provide why he isn't good, or why he won't win the heisman.
To keep Georgia fans from looking dumb, it’s stable. He was talking about all of Florida’s backfield. Context clues were all there.
I guess by logic it’s safe to assume it won’t be forever, but I don’t see a reason to believe it’ll stop any time soon/
I think he means he doesn’t pass 30 times a game. The rushing attack still very much runs the offense. No pun intended.
I looked at the schedule for TAMU. Letting my bias show, just off top TAMU could end up at 9=3. Losses to Alabama and Clemson feel like a forgone conclusion (remember that close game was against Bryant not Lawerence...so my assumption lies there.) Georgia has TAMU at home and figures to be improved next year, so off home-field advantage I'll give Fromm and Co. the nod. So, remove those games ceiling is 9. So where would three more losses come from? After looking at the schedule, I'll have to agree. I can't imagine TAMU losing THREE MORE. LSU and Auburn, ok maybes? But I like TAMU against Auburn.......I don't see anyone else beating them.
Didn't Georgia JUST compete in a National Championship? I'm confused here.
Preface: I'm pro student-athletes transferring though I wish there was a different system for it. That being said, comparing how coaches move around and student-athletes move around isn't really comparable. It isn't hypocritical for Saban to be anti-transfers because he's moved around as a coach. I won't make any comparisons, because again these two situations aren't comparable, but I will say coaches should be able to move around as they please (maybe except within the first year of their contract) and players should be able to move around. I do wish underclassmen were kept from transferring. You've been at a school for a year? Maybe give it some time.......but it is what it is.
I at first wrote a post that debunked that false claim about usually looking up at LSU. But it doesn’t matter. LSU won so you can talk all the trash you feel like. Go for it. Y’all got bragging rights. Hope that fact satisfies you as you’re on the outside looking in of another SECCG.
Florida, Texas, and Cali have a larger population than Georgia. They produce more prospects by default. Georgia is ranked third in prospect ratings, and ranked number one in top recruit per capita (either that or Atlanta is .)
I'd take this more seriously had he actually beat out Fromm at some point. As mentioned in the article, just seems like sour grapes. At the same time, what is he supposed to say? "Georgia is the better place to play, I'm only here because I want to start? " It's a non-story realistically, but might be used for recruiting.
Let me add, the assumption is that after Georgia lost the SECCG there was no way they were getting in the playoffs.*****
I'm happy we both agree that the polls, not the CFP rankings, matter more. Sarcasm aside, I think you have to compare where the expectations lay before we talk about where teams finished. Sure. Florida finished ahead of Georgia in the polls, but (not using excuses because an L is an L) we should be able to agree that after the loss in the SECCG, nothing else was going to make it seem like a successful season based on expectations. Meanwhile, even if Florida lost their bowl game it would still have been a successful season. That being said, I agree with your final paragraph. (Side note i chose you to comment with because even though I loathe your subjective takes on fanbases, I do appreciate your football commentary most of the time)
Georgia played more teams ranked at the end of the season? That's an important stat. The comparison is moot, regardless because Georgia won the East and Florida didn't
Going take a shot in the dark and say he meant four would be the most from any school. If that’s not what he intended , your response was unnecessarily sassy.
The Tennessee fans on this article have to be trolls? It’s the 2020 cycle, we haven’t each reached the official signing day of the 2019 cycle. There were several decommitments in 2019 including a 5 star, still the second ranked class. Relax.
Nah Marine. You can clearly read between the lines what he was getting at and I completely understand why Sweep responded the way he did with hostility towards you. “The racism is all in your head” do you know how awful that sounds?
He has a point in demanding loyalty from players but not holding coaches to the same standard but ....he decomitted before Chaney left and also committed to Oklahoma before Chaney left so...So I’m sure he’s just backtracking. Good luck young fella, but just stand by what you said next time.
Perennial bottom dweller is such an exaggeration and has to be coming from hate. The Falcons have struggled to put back to back seasons together, but they are tied with the most super bowl appearances in the division in the last twenty or so years, which is two. (Carolina 2, Atlanta 2, TB 1, NO 1.) That and I think they are tied with the most NFC South "championships" too I'll have to fact check that, so if you challenge that I will. I agree with the other parts of the post though, but cut the other nonsense out.
It might be the better fit scheme wise, but I think he'll benefit more going to a 'win now' team with established weapons in a conference where they play zero defense. Except clearly when it's time to play the bulldogs....
Not going to lie both sides of the he said she said argument are annoying the heck out of me. These are the facts that are indisputable. Coley was promoted to co-offensive coordinator and QB coach. Fromm had a better year this year. Coley is now the OC and even if they did offer the Kentucky OC for OC it’s a moot point because they gave it to Coley not long after Chaney left. Meaning it was a short list and Coley was at the very least 2 on that list. So this argument about whether or not he was offered is only for some narrative or agenda either side is trying to push and it literally has zero baring on what’s going to happen on the field. Pretty sure Kirby isn’t going to think “man that guy turned me down let me run my team badly “
I don’t think they got it right with that word and it has zero to do with coley or his ability. He was promoted to co offensive coordinator for one reason or another so Georgia wanted him around. So whether anyone else thinks coley is the right guy, Georgia did. So I’m not sure how that amounts to settle.
Man gator fans came out the woodworks for this one.
Patrick manhomes and Baker mayfield hurts is not. I don’t necessarily agree with the OP but this applies to oranges