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seasonal flu is not more of a threat, but your sentiment overall, is correct. The vast majority of players who contract COVID will be fine and the coaches are far more of a concern.
There was absolutely nothing wrong with this article.
I agree the number is misleading, but I don't think it's blown out of proportion. 21 opportunities is still 21 opportunities. That's a huge volume regardless of the situation, especially considering Smart being close twice. So if we want to reel it in..0-2.
Georgia can get in the CFP with or without this game. This game is about mentality. You beat Bama, you are now in a different air of success.
Conversely, Georgia has been in the backfield often this year..that will be Alabama's ultimate challenge.
This! Our inability to score at will is what concerns me. Yeah, so what if we slow down that Alabama offense if we can't take advantage of their defense's inefficiencies. Hopefully it's a great game and we can stop Mac in his tracks.
This is exactly it. If Bama plays a clean game (wins the turnover battle) I can't see the dawgs slowing their offense enough to keep up. I think 28+ points is enough to beat the dawgs. Though I am confident Georgia keeps them to their lowest point total.
Let me be clear, I know why you're saying 10, I'm just pointing out that that's the official number on the books at this moment since this is intended to be a journalism article.
Didn't mean to post that on your comment, but it's not entirely irrelevant to your OP so it's fine.
I don't think Georgia beats bama with Stetson. I just don't think he has the arm talent to really take advantage of that Bama secondary. He seems to always make the right decision on the long ball, just never has the arm strength. There were several balls, a couple that were bailed out by penalties, that should have been long gains or touchdowns, that ended up being neither because of under throws. He has been playing excellent, but I worry that we get too far behind and need those plays. We left way too many points on the field yesterday. I wonder if we're behind if we see Dwan Or JT, or maybe even see Mathis earlier to mix it up. I'm not as worried about the WLOCP as much as I was, not that because I think it is suddenly an easy win for Georgia, but because I think Georgia's defense can make the stops necessary, and play keep away from Florida.
Those aren't credits to how Georgia has been playing on the field. You're saying "Georgia only wins because they have depth." You didn't talk about the adjustments made at half that made the secondary stick to the corners like glue. You didn't mention anything about how Georgia's defense always seems to make the right play and stick to their assignments. You never spoke once about how physical the front 7 was, just that they're conditioned and have depth. Say it with me...that Georgia defense is nasty...that's all you have to say.
Man, even when your team loses, Georgia wins in dominating fashion (albeit the second half) you still refuse to give credit to Georgia. Christ.
I'm assuming he meant in the playoff picture. I don't think chasing SEC Championship appearances is what Mullen is trying to do.
I don't think the going for the TD with the clock expiring as boneheaded...field goals aren't going to beat Bama...
You're insinuating that UT's front 7 is far ahead of the Georgia's. THE O LINES DO NOT PLAY EACH OTHER.
"Making dumb decisions" Hasn't made any dumb decisions against UT so....
That's my point, if UT was a more spread them out and pass em team, I'd feel confident about a 14+ win. But they're a smack em in the mouth and drag it out type of team, I'm not sure Georgia has the offense to score fast enough to make it happen.
I'm not sure. This was the same narrative last week before Auburn, but now that they smacked them, it's conveniently Auburn isn't good. I don't think it will be a 14+ win either, but I'm not sure there's any evidence to actually indicate that it won't be. Mine is just a feeling because of the type of football UT plays.
Falcons benching him had more to do with his off the field behavior than on the field performance...but you know..whatever.. And the comparison wasn't there stats, it was that when you believe your cupboard is bare, you live with the most talented guy even if he makes his mistakes.
That's not true. Most coaches are not benching KJ Costello. Like Most coaches didn't bench Brett Favre
So...one game....determines how good a player is? Is this what you're insinuating? Lol. And you're stuck in last season? It's ok to respect Pitts, he's scary.
Pitts scares me, because there's absolutely no one you can put on him esp when Florida get to their opponent's 40.
I'm really interested with where the idea that the QB has the edge? Is this based on physical talent? Does it matter if UT's O-line is better than UGA's? They don't match up against each other. I'll take UGA O-line vs the UT front 7 over the other way around. And UT's defense is not far behind Georgia's? Are we looking at the same stats? One is a top 5 team in scoring defense, passing defense, rushing defense, total defense, etc.....and the other isn't.... Man it's going to be a close game in my book, but i don't know where y'all pulling your information from.
If they fire him, they have to buyout the contract. IT's still a buyout. Buyouts tend to be lower than the actual remainder on most contracts, but in this case he gets the remainder of his contract regardless....it's still a buyout though.
To your point fuzzy..the same thing was said about the Auburn game.... But I agree as I mentioned above, I'd take Tenn and the points, but I took Auburn and the points......
I know there's no SUPERSTAR on this defense, but It's definitely not a no-name defense. People GAMEPLAN for Lecounte, people gameplan for Jordan Davis. I think calling them a no-name sells them short, when there are household names.
This was a good comment despite devolving at the end. I don't think Tennessee has the offensive firepower to keep up with Georgia, and that's more to do with Georgia's defense and less to do with UT's. I just think if UT was a passing heavy team, they'd have a better shot, but they're a great running team and even with that good offensive line (which should give y'all more success than auburn running the ball)it's an uphill battle. I can see tenn covering late, so I won't say it won't be close score wise, but I don't think this will feel as close as the score indicates.
Ok the comment was asinine. But stop lumping dawg fans together.
Doesn't matter if Georgia lose to Bama by 55 in that game, if they go on to the SECCG and beat Bama