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Nah Marine. You can clearly read between the lines what he was getting at and I completely understand why Sweep responded the way he did with hostility towards you. “The racism is all in your head” do you know how awful that sounds?
He has a point in demanding loyalty from players but not holding coaches to the same standard but ....he decomitted before Chaney left and also committed to Oklahoma before Chaney left so...So I’m sure he’s just backtracking. Good luck young fella, but just stand by what you said next time.
Perennial bottom dweller is such an exaggeration and has to be coming from hate. The Falcons have struggled to put back to back seasons together, but they are tied with the most super bowl appearances in the division in the last twenty or so years, which is two. (Carolina 2, Atlanta 2, TB 1, NO 1.) That and I think they are tied with the most NFC South "championships" too I'll have to fact check that, so if you challenge that I will. I agree with the other parts of the post though, but cut the other nonsense out.
It might be the better fit scheme wise, but I think he'll benefit more going to a 'win now' team with established weapons in a conference where they play zero defense. Except clearly when it's time to play the bulldogs....
Not going to lie both sides of the he said she said argument are annoying the heck out of me. These are the facts that are indisputable. Coley was promoted to co-offensive coordinator and QB coach. Fromm had a better year this year. Coley is now the OC and even if they did offer the Kentucky OC for OC it’s a moot point because they gave it to Coley not long after Chaney left. Meaning it was a short list and Coley was at the very least 2 on that list. So this argument about whether or not he was offered is only for some narrative or agenda either side is trying to push and it literally has zero baring on what’s going to happen on the field. Pretty sure Kirby isn’t going to think “man that guy turned me down let me run my team badly “
I don’t think they got it right with that word and it has zero to do with coley or his ability. He was promoted to co offensive coordinator for one reason or another so Georgia wanted him around. So whether anyone else thinks coley is the right guy, Georgia did. So I’m not sure how that amounts to settle.
Man gator fans came out the woodworks for this one.
Patrick manhomes and Baker mayfield hurts is not. I don’t necessarily agree with the OP but this applies to oranges
It’s odd we have two defensive players win “the best ____ award” in back to back seasons but the wins are on the offense. Chaney was also offensive coordinator, but the primary play caller, so yes he deserves blame as much as he deserves credit. I enjoyed mike Bobo as our coordinator and was sad to see him go. But while this IS a good hire for Tennessee it’s not a bad loss on Georgia. I wouldn’t be surprised to see James Coley receive the promotion to OV in the next couple of months since he was co OC. Mel tucker is obviously the biggest loss on the staff. And the only reason this is being made as a big deal from my perspective is because it was to a rival in the division . Good luck to him though
Outside of rankings how do you know definitively Georgia was not a top four team? You don’t. But Georgia is still probably closer to Clemson than they are to South Carolina. I’m just going by scoreboard.
The difference is Clemson’s d-line showed up on the plays it needed to. That and Georgia’s offense becoming conservative. Add to the fact that Jalens mobility help extend blown up plays, and that’s why Georgia loss. They simply were out coached by Bama.
Perhaps, but I think he was close enough to Saban to see that maybe that’s not the best path to go. We will have to see over the years but I don’t think it’s a move he makes now.
He was saying he has coached in the NFL......
0-2 is the only number that matters. Stop cherry picking.(!4 game is decided on the field and Bama has bested us.
It wouldn’t because the whole comparison was to show a high profile qb with playing time concerns has a statement coming out about them transferring. Literally had zero to do with whether he started or not. And you can disagree or agree all day. It adds nor detracts nothing. But you have a propensity for wanting to be right so if that pleases you by all means bamatime, you’re right. There nothing left to argue about. You’re right.
It is similar. Just because it’s not the exact same doesn’t mean it isn’t similar, that’s not how similarities work. Apples and oranges are similar in many ways . But this is more so an apple to a pear. But I appreciate your input. Though I’d like to point out whether your point was true or not didn’t detract or add anything to my statement. So it feels like you said it just to be right.
Remember the last time a high profile qb in a similar situation had a story like this come out where it didn't come out of his or the University's mouth? He just won the SEC championship. Fields very well may be leaving, but there are conflicting stories. Just read one from CBS that said that someone said he hasn't said anything about transferring and is still practicing. Maybe he is transferring, but I think he's going to be classy and wait until after the bowl game to announce whether he is or isn't.
Their family was there first. Their commitment is to them. But also you calling them high character values based on your definition is a form of romanticism. Which is fine, it’s your right. But that doesn’t make it right.
Actually I have thought about this, and I say why not? Whose to say that 5 loss team isn’t the best team and injuries or bad matchups gave them early losses? The NFL is longer so it’s not directly comparable, but the Texans were 0-3 at one point and then rattled off 8 straight and look like they can compete with anyone. Georgia has two losses but I’d argue they’re better than Oklahoma and Notre Dame. I might be wrong, but I’d make the argument. Fact is, no matter what system is decided upon no system will be perfect. At least in an expanded playoffs we do get the best 4. If they are the best four than a top seed should have no problem disposing of the worst conference champions , right ?
You can redshirt naturally any year if you haven’t already red shirted and it won’t count against your eligibility. Medical redshirts were used for people who burned their redshirts (by playing or otherwise) but suffered significant injuries (I think it is intended for the first four games like someone mentioned) but with NCAA exceptions you can get multiple medical redshirts. Interesting tidbit, you use up eligibility whether you’re on a team or not if you’re enrolled full time.
When Bama nearly gets beat it just so happens to be the worst game and that’s in a total vacuum of anything Georgia did. Got ya
Stop blaming the refs, y’all have to be trolling. There were no awful calls that really affected the game so move on. Georgia’s linebackers inability to get Jalen down and some bad play calls are what’s to blame for letting Alabama capitalize. Congratulations to Hurts I’m happy for him.
And Georgia has 33 more wins over South Carolina...no jokes there. Your football program is one.
Geoegia dominated the Florida game. “Mentally giving up” would only be an indicator of that and not the other way around. But you’re going off score and it the actual game so do what you want. Doesn’t matter. This article and no one opinion matters because Georgia has to still play football
Boise st beat Eventual SEC champions UGA too. So it wasn’t one off. Also TCU was apart of that no respect, they always tied them to Boise st, but TCU moved to the big 12 and almost made the playoffs.
I don't doubt it after watching Maryland run all over them. Sheesh.