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Yes. It's a road game against an overmatched team. I get it's Beck first road game, but it's 4 games in. Grow a pair or move over for Brock V. (to be clear I'm telling that to Beck and Bobo)
I disagree, I actually think we're elite in the secondary, just banged up.
Going to speak to Georgia-Auburn. I actually expect them to make a point and take a few deep shots and feed Bowers the first quarter. Will they hit on the deep shots? Who knows.
You make a concession you haven't played anyone, so you don't entirely know if he will or won't based off your corners. He might (I doubt it) but he might.
You are correct - but what you said added nothing to the conversation.
On paper, I don't disagree. But history has proven one that it's hard to go undefeated. And two, Tezas is never back lol
Idk if it's playoff elimination day? It's way too early in the season. The Pac 12 has not produced an undefeated champ in...idk...some time. The Big 10 might get two teams in, but FSU and miami might have a loss here or there, and the big 12 hasn't put out a worthy champ in a bit. Sure, if Bama loses again it hurts their aspirations a lot but it's not an elimination if it's still early (say against ole miss). 11-2 Bama with a win over a 12-1 UGA vs a field of 12-2 conf champions or 11-1/10-2 runner ups? I like Bama's chances. Not to say they it's a lock they get in or even likely, but it's not elimination 4 games into the season lol.
In regards to Malaki Starks (and safeties in general)No Gaudy numbers is usually a good sign of both individual and team success. It means they aren't throwing his way (because of good coverage more than likely) and they don't need him in run support because one of the front 7 usually makes the play. So I'm glad he's being recognized here despite the lack of numbers. Also, underrated player has been Tykee Smith.
Your body decaying while being alive is a fate worse than death.
I guess my post didn't post the first time? Ok trying again. 1. It's always weird in power rankings where undefeated teams are ranked below teams with losses. That LSU game was more about where MSU is and less about where LSU is. Moving away from the air raid looks like a mistake with Will Rogers at the helm. Long Live The Pirate King 2. Georgia's offensive issues are personnel at this point. Darnell is being missed greatly. Although I have not enjoyed how Beck has played, as he has rushed through is progressions, some of it is because he coudln't help it. 3. I get why Napier's perceived hot seat has cooled because of this win, but I think it says more about Tenn and Heupel than Napier and Florida. TENN has rode Hendon Hooker and that Bama win to where they are, but without Hooker has not looked good. 4. Georgia has not looked great offensively for a whole game, but Steve Spurrier's South Carolina would have won that game, and I stand on that. 5. EVERY body across America hasn't looked good every game. Which makes sense considering that outside of Oregon, LSU, FSU, Michigan, Washington(?) there hasn't been a lot of continuity especially at QB. I don't see things leveling out until 6-7 games into the season.
This is an editorial, there is nothing wrong with having three points on the same topic.
Edwards might need to be the star back for now and let Milton get healthy. He doesn't look good, and part of that is blocking, but at this point he just doesn't have the escapability to be the feature back. Beck should not be used for more mobility. He can, but that is not his game. He is going through his progressions to quickly and missing open receivers, letting him run when it's already not his game is not a good idea. Kicking has been.....Idk ha.
I don’t know. The offense didn’t look bad, Kendall Milton did, but the offense didn’t. But they didn’t look good ? They looked okay. Like, we won’t lose you the game but we probably won’t win a shootout ? Great defensive adjustments and that’s about the only thing great about this game Idk. I apologize to LSUMC and eat my crow. They’re going to be tested, but because they’re not as confident as I thought they’d be.
I refer back to where I said I can see UGA playing bad. I wouldn't call that Mizzou getting hot. And in that game Georgia scored 26, which was enough, though it had to be come from behind. I still don't know if I'd call that being tested. I'd call Tenn a test, LSU in the SECCG. But that Mizzou game was just Georgia playing bad. I guess it tested if they could play bad and still come from behind?
" gurley was in for something like 75% of the snaps, of which is off-script of a bobo offense." This is kind of my point. But I also remember several checks that Aaron Murray made to put Gurley in the best position for a run. We forget how Murray made protection changes, or killed plays at the line. Bobo prepped him. Bobo gave him those options. There weren't many plays were Gurley was hit behind the line (This game...Remember T. King also had 142 yards receiving on his own thanks in large part to PA and screens taking advantage of the defense loading the box.
I don't think there's a lack of a great RB threat per se. I'm just not sure there's a "Hole and 75 yard td" guy. Milton had a run in game 1 that was big, but I couldn't help thinking that Swift or Michel or Cook or even K Mac would have taken that to the house. That being said, there's been some runs from Milton in the past that I think KMac or Cook go down on. I want to see him healthy and the focus before I say there's not a great threat. The O-line has been disappointing, but I wonder how much of that is scheme. There's been some shuffling along the line early in games, and I'm wondering what's going on. Because even Tate Rateledge and Van Prann haven't looked dominant, but they also seem to be more technically sound? So I wonder if they're worried about their footwork. Ignore me I'm just musing since I refuse to do work in the office today.
I think you might have a point on half of this post. The misses on lineman, speaks to trouble at talent eval. I don't think having multiple 5 stars at one position matters. Georgia does, and rotates them out often and it's half of why there is no talent drop off. That's a scheme issue, not a talent at one spot issue.
I'm going to respond to this because this had some truth in it, but you lost some credit. Georgia didn't break Alabama, that being said, Georgia's win over Bama was not a fluke. 33-18 is not a fluke especially considering they went on to win it all again while Alabama was playing somewhere unimportant I don't remember, don't care. Lack of depth DNE Georgia got lucky. That's Alabama's problem and still is, and it's glaring now. Bobo also didn't lose the 2012 SEC championship, the defense and HBC Mark Richt did. Georgia was only in it because of Bobo making some great calls. I don't know why people forget that. Bobo took over QBs in 2001 and was in charge of them until he left UGA and produced at the time, the SEC's most winningnest QB in David Green, #1 Overall pick in Matthew Stafford, and SEC record breaker Aaron Murray. I'm not sure lack of QB development was a Bobo thing for all of the criticism on him.
Meant to make the note the big brands will still continue to be the big brands. So FSU making a return to the top isn't surprising now that they seem to have a competent coaching staff and administration.
This isn't entirely true. Alabama lost to Texas, which is a school with the #6 talent composite and #5 class last year. Georgia has proven time and time again, depth matters more than having a handful of difference makers. They opted for depth as WR and won two titles because of it. Ohio St and Bama struggled once their 1-2 difference makers left. Meanwhile Georgia's receiving corps limped into the playoffs and maanaged to put 100+ points. Big part thanks to Stetson (a diamond in the rough yeah) The only thing this has shown is a difference maker at QB matters. Bama lacks one, Ohio St lacks one( so far) , Clemson lacks one (and a good offense altogether), so on. At the end of the day. NIL hasn't (yet) changed the landscape of the top of the college football world. It's still Georgia, Bama, Texas, Ohio St, Michigan, Clemson and recruiting still matters more than trying to build a team with the transfer portal. Again, look at Georgia's defense as prime example.
I wasn't really surprised at any of the results this weekend. I think the Bama game would have been closer if Bryce is there, because he likely doesn't make those mistakes, but I'm not sure they win. With double digit leads, it seemed Texas went more conservative. I'm still not sure if the game against South Carolina is going to tell us much. They throttled SC last year and though I'm sure they'll play better than they did against UNC...if UNC can dominate them it's not a stretch a vanilla Georgia can. At this point, I think you have to open the playbook up for the sake of opening it up. The offense hasn't played as bad as it looked. They just haven't been extremely flashy and I'm still concerned about the exterior blocking and RB depth. Milton is obviously playing hurt so he's not breaking as many tackles, but when he has space he has exploded. That's actually the same for every back. They're not breaking tackles but they are exploding in space. Good signs.
I stopped reading when it said that Georgia could have played OU. Yeah, even though the SEC itself came out and announced they told Georgia to not....yeah...alright next article. Congrats you got my click...idiot.
You got that from two blowouts against weak competition. Worry about winning your own conference first champ.
I want to agree with you but evidence isn't proving that to be true at this point. I don't see a team getting hot on UGA's schedule, I Can see UGA playing bad? but even only scoring 24 points could be a blow out the way others have looked.
Beck looked more comfortable. Offensive line looked better, more concerned about the blocking on the edge with tight ends and receivers now. Idk though. Defense looked vanilla and just relied on just being better so can’t take anything from there boring so far …. But winning is winning Mews looks fun though
I'll be honest. After only one week, I don't genuinely care what order these are in. Outside of KJ I wasn't necessarily blown away by anybody, so I do agree the top three are probably right, with Milton and Daniels interchangeable. And the rest don't really matter their order?
I'd keep Beck over Leary easily. I don't know what point you were attempting to make here.
I mean eye test wise Alabama did look better. Georgia couldn't get any push on the offensive line and looked really uninspired. But stat wise, Georgia outgained Alabama offensively by 140 + yards, so I don't know if looks better is enough to move them ahead since both played nobody university. If Alabama looks good against Texas and Georgia looks uninspired next week, then we can revisit that.
It’s one or two bad play calls but overall it’s not the playcalls. The backs are being met at the line of scrimmage almost every play
Thank You JTF. I hate that word avoid as if UGA (or any top ranked team) is actively avoiding teams and it not being two sided.