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Considering that there will be a clear number 2 this go around, I agree. Bennett is the starter, for better or for worse. This means that either Beck or Vandagriff should get some meaningful snaps this year as this situation is a little clear than last year's and the year before.
It may be head scratching for those of us not sitting in the practices, but when it comes to the actual field, Kirby hasn't made a misstep so far. He just won a Natty. Remember last year, Daniels was injured and maybe it was a head scratcher to us why he didn't go back in but.....he won a natty.
If the Falcons are number one, they'll probably take a QB. This means that neither Ridder or Mariota worked out. Same for the Panthers (Darnold bleh), Lions, and pretty much any other bottom feeder team with the only exception being the Jags. If the Jags and maybe the Jets are number one, then Will Anderson will go.
WR? I don't think so. TE? Potentially.
Atlanta's is one of the best managed airports. A little confused on where that's coming from. I fly out of it regularly and tend to always get frustrated with other airports. In my 30 years of life, flying in and out of Atlanta, this past week's flight to Dallas was the only flight delayed I've been on.
You know you can attack her politics with out making ad hominem remarks.
You can, by definition, predict the season. Doesn't mean you're going to be right.
I'm not surprised Dean fell. Undersized. He will be a steal for sure, but the way teams were picking a lot of them went off measurables and not tape.
No doubt, even when I disagree with him they're generally well thought out points. I just thought this one was a little ridiculous and bias, so I held on to it.
No, and I hate to agree with Ron, but having an opinion doesn't mean it's a quality one.
I don't know if he ever changed his tune afterwards, about a month or so ago Nashvillegator confidently said Jordan Davis wouldn't go in the first two rounds? He was No. 13.
I actually think that's why he DOES get those numbers again. He has experienced help so teams shouldn't be able to just gameplan solely around him.
Yes, because anything we say to trolls will get them to stop trolling. That was sarcastic by the by. Like LSUSMC ignoring their existence is the best thing to do.
I'm not sure Georgia NOT winning a title this year negates dynasty claims (made by others, not by me. They have to actually be a dynasty before I claim they are.) Dynasties don't win championships every year. That's hard to do for anybody, including Alabama. Though they did do it during the BCS era.
I think his point was that Badie getting 1600 yards didn't end in a national championship season, while a team with not a single 1000 yard rusher did. Anyways, I think the point missed here is that one. It was running back by committee, as almost it always is. White got the bulk, but as long as they were healthy, Milton and McInstosh got a lot of meaningful snaps, in important situations. Two, Georgia was up big a lot of games and often turned to 5th, 6th string running backs to kill the clock. Hard to get 1000 yards when you're not getting the rock any more after a 30 yard game on three carries because you're up big. And lastly, if White was a bigger homerun threat he'd probably would have been an thousand yard rusher. But, Michel, Chubb, Swift, Gurley, Moreno, he is not.
Long winded, but correct. Which I guess is the only important piece here. And lol yes, if 75% meant they'd win every time, it would have been 100%.
Is gwhite a troll? He keeps posting the same thing over and over. And much of it is dribble.
This was my thought process too. I don't think you can grade a historically bad Georgia team making a higher that's going to improve the team as D+
Is two seasons of high school football not...the norm?
I think he means somewhere he's pretty much guaranteed to win the job. AR is an athletic guy with enough skill to push for the starting spot. Even if JT would win, he also is one injury away from never seeing the field again. At least at Mizzou I don't see a situation where if JT misses a game or two with an injury, he wouldn't get the job back once healthy. While at UF I see AR taking the spot and running with it given the opportunity
I think if he wasn't essentially missing spring ball (wherever he ends up) he probably would. He's behind the 8-ball.
I don't know if this is a sleeper pick, but it is a good a choice.
Jalen might be the defensive MVP. But I think it has to be Nolan Smith or someone of the secondary (Hello Kelee) I don't think the defensive line is going anywhere (pun intended) anytime soon. They're extremely deep. They're also circled on everyone's board. I think Nolan is going to have plenty of opportunities to run free and I think he has to get home on them.
Subject to change kind of goes against the meaning of ...commitment...
He is charged, meaning there was enough evidence for a DA to put to file it. It is not simply an accusation. Innocent until proven guilty is intended for the specific charge, not from a morality stand point. That being said, I agree with you.
OP ignores the fact JT is a grad transfer and has a different timeline for transferring than underclassmen using their one time transfer for free card. Also conveniently ignore Justin Fields nor Jason Eason had any troubles finding a school to land at. Terrible troll job.