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But he is...... Touchback ratio, doesn't miss PATs....no he didn't have the best accuracy stats last year, but that's misleading. It's not like he went 10/20......
I think your comment on the talent gap is a little off. This Junior class is the first full draft eligible class, that's went under a full recruiting cycle under Kirby. I want to say it's the same for coach O too. This list might change by the end of the year. I will speak on Georgia, because I mostly know Georgia, but I wouldn't be surprised to see JR Reed or Lecounte start to appear on some of thees lists after a good year. To better explain my point, this is the first draft eligible class that's gone under a full cycle of Kirby, Coach O. I don't think this is indicative of a current talent gap, I think we are just now starting to see players develop under these new regimes.
I wish Murf was still here....y'all lists are terrible and he would have put together a much better list because HE ACTUALLY KNOWS FOOTBALL. He has Etienne and Swift 1 and 2, but he seems to favor Swift because not only does Swift have breakaway speed he had top end speed. Etienne gets caught from behind a lot. Not only that, you have true freshman on the list...and that's just...terrible
This list is focusing on those who are full time play callers. That's why it makes note that Pruitt will be giving up duties, and that Wilcoz is one of the few HC who also calls defensive plays. Everyone knows Saban's and Smart's fingerprints are all over that defense, but the reason for having DC/OC is to relieve yourself of some of those responsibilities. The HC gets the final word, but the DCs at bama and Georgia have been calling the plays. The article makes no criteria for the pickings, true, but if you pay attention to the paragraphs about each selection it becomes apparent that the criteria is that they had to have been the primary playcaller in 2018.
This bias right here is ridiculous. You can make the argument he should be top 10, true. But seeing as there's already an RB in the top 10, and i'd take that rb over him.....He's fine right where he is.
Yeah....you're basing it off stats and not actual impact. You all missed the stats of how many touch backs he kicked on kickoffs, or his accuracy on go-ahead field goals. Or his accuracy on clutch time....etc..etc.. I don't know the exact numbers.....but context is everything.
As DSGB already have mentioned, using receivers as an example is a poor comparison. DT at bama is generally stacked with talent and usually more polished than an incoming 4 star. I might be wrong but I don’t think a true freshman has started for Saban at that spot ? At least not recently
I like that pitch. But to focus on the story, I don't think Saban gave the right pitch to Stackhouse. If the kid lives up to his billing, he's likely to be a year one starter at GA and will get to the NFL. I don't know Bama's depth chart projection for the next couple of years, but I don't believe it'll be the same path there. For better or for worse.
I mostly agree with this. This is how we end up with lopsided bowl games. It's late, but one that comes to mind is that 2007(i think) Hawaii team. Finally play someone 'proven' and it's not even close. I think there should be more regulation with Power 5 non-conference games, but I'm not sure how you'd be able to do that.
D-Rob has 837 receiving yards in his career. No he doesn't have any experience at UGA, or in the SEC, but he does have experience. :)
Gotta agree with WDE here. Being a Senior doesn't mean you have a lot of senior either.
There's always a few at every program. Esp top programs. What's your point?
I really really REALLY wish some my fellow Georgia fans WOULD STOP MENTIONING MULLEN EVERY DAGUM POST. But in relation to the actual article... It'll be tough to lose that experience outside. He was really good on 50/50 balls. But- That being said. Almost every last one of those receivers who left made impacts in some form as Freshman. With all of the talent at the position, I don't doubt we will see some playmakers emerge. Just how long is the question. Notre Dame? TAMU? Florida? Auburn? We will have to see.
That doesn't mean it's not loaded. It's loaded with talent, just no experience.
Recruiting is a part of being a college coach though. It is a major factor and part of why some NFL coaches would rather be an assistant than a HC in college.
I think once you filter through the non-sense, a lot of the comments here are spot on. Georgia's receiving corps will work itself out as long as they survive the Vanderbilt game. I say survive because it's any given Saturday especially in SEC country, but on paper it SHOULD be a cakewalk. There's enough talent in that position group to work itself out over the first three games. I'm not sure if that means an uptick in the passing game or not. I'm not sure even if Coley does more downfield if that means a better passing game. The rushing offense is too dominant and I'm not sure there will be a need for 25=30 passes until they face a team that can slow down the run. Everything else seems from a high level, spot on.
Going to be very honest. No one has actually said WHY the Notre Dame game will be close outside of "they were a playoff team". They have a good quarterback and a decent offensive line, but struggle against a team who can cover. They won five, FIVE games by 7 or less points against Michigan, Ball St, Vandy, Pitt, and USC. Outside of Michigan, that's is a TERRIBLE score spread. Not to mention they only beat NW by 10. Georgia will be fielding perhaps their best secondary in years. Georgia will be fielding possibly their best o-line ever. And you lot think because they were a PLAYOFF team that Georgia can't blow out the team who beat Ball st by 7 at home on a night game, four games in? I'm not saying Georgia will blow them out but "they were a playoff team" is the best reasoning you got?
That's false. A regular everyday player would get at MINIMUM 3 at bats. Official ABs slide pending on how many walks, HBP, SACs occur. If he is a lead off, he's more likely to get 4 ABs barring a perfect-game. In today's MLB spots 1-5 average 4+ ABs a game. So....unless he's in the 8 spot and the team isn't getting on base EVERY DAY, the average will sit between .200 -.250 as mentioned. What's worse is in the 8 spot his RBI chances would decrease, and his run scoring opportunities would also decrease. Making him overall an ineffective hitter with a relatively low slugging. So pinch hitting would be the best place to put him even if it's replacing a position player to guarantee some runs.
Some of the stuff my alleged fellow dawg fans spew....is .....mess..... The author was fine in correcting Kirby about not being the only SEC team to do it, but we know Kirby really meant that Alabama, LSU, Auburn, and Tenn don't have to do it. Why not have it as a home and home, and maybe every third year it be in Jacksonville? I don't know if the logistics around that work, but it's a lot of tradition to just give up though I know you have to adjust to the times.
"Easy, you’re gonna trigger some UGA fans lol." triggered.
Say, stop being defensive, he was referring to what the author said not responding to you.
I believe Elijah Holyfield was missed on this lost.
Baker was the most NFL ready corner in the draft, but Greedy as a higher ceiling thanks to his athleticism and size.
If I’m not mistaken, Louisville joined the ACC after Bridgewater was drafted.
The author actually never said that that's why he decommitted. All he did was state the chain of events.
Tua still threw for nearly 300 yards on 64 percent. His two INTs were huge, but you have nothing to provide why he isn't good, or why he won't win the heisman.
To keep Georgia fans from looking dumb, it’s stable. He was talking about all of Florida’s backfield. Context clues were all there.
I guess by logic it’s safe to assume it won’t be forever, but I don’t see a reason to believe it’ll stop any time soon/
I think he means he doesn’t pass 30 times a game. The rushing attack still very much runs the offense. No pun intended.
I looked at the schedule for TAMU. Letting my bias show, just off top TAMU could end up at 9=3. Losses to Alabama and Clemson feel like a forgone conclusion (remember that close game was against Bryant not Lawerence...so my assumption lies there.) Georgia has TAMU at home and figures to be improved next year, so off home-field advantage I'll give Fromm and Co. the nod. So, remove those games ceiling is 9. So where would three more losses come from? After looking at the schedule, I'll have to agree. I can't imagine TAMU losing THREE MORE. LSU and Auburn, ok maybes? But I like TAMU against Auburn.......I don't see anyone else beating them.