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Kirby went to the Natty after winning a shootout with Oklahoma....shoot..out........ Kirby lost the SECCG against bama the following year with Fromm throwing for 300 yards and 3 tds. Georgia's offense was down last year and needed to be revamped, true. We're acting like his offense has been the reason he hasn't gotten a natty......and I don't know why.
Joe Tereshinski III is the qb they're talking about. A 4* Athens Product that amounted to a terrible qb who happened to be son of the S&C coach.Or something like that
Ohio St didn't really tweak their system, nor do I think it's a crack on Kirby. I do agree with what you're getting at though.
Eh. I'm not sure Brock bolts for that reason. Assuming the staff is upfront with him, he could start as a RS Sophomore. And be in the NFL after his RS Junior year. Which is almost no difference if he was a three or four year starter. But that being said, I understand in this era it is very possible.
Georgia plays Auburn every year and recently has the advantage in winning percentage.......so...is Auburn a cupcake?
I mean yes Newman is a vet, but he's going to a new school, with a new team, with a new offense and as of now no practices. By the cocktail party, none of that might matter, because he'd have time to get it together. I concede that. Just as of right now, I'm leaning with Trask and continuity vs Newman (though of course I still think my dawgs pull out lol I'm just trying to be objective)
then let it continue to do the talking? I hate the gators too, which is why I don't keep them on my mind
Disclaimer: My tone is not sarcastic. But are you really giving it to Georgia when Florida is a very good team with a veteran qb? Seriously dude. Georgia could be 10-2 on the outside looking in.
I mean...my definition of work is winning a championship. Isn't that the goal? I think if it worked we wouldn't be talking about revamping the offense.
The onus is on you to be clear. Please, do a better job at forming a proper thought. Your intelligence, rather lack thereof, is showing.
I'm trying to give you the benefit of a doubt here, but you're not making a lot of sense to me.
Most elite qbs can move around the pocket, and outside of the pocket. They may not be able to scramble for a lot of yards, but they are NOT statues. Aaron Murray was NOT a statue, Matthew Stafford was NOT a statue. That being said, I agree with you that a scrambling qb is not a necessary component for a high level passing attack.
I wasn't responding to at all corch. I said, I'm ignoring your post as in I didn't read it. Comprehend deez.
Agreed. I think Swift will be used as a Swiss Army Knife in Detroit. Someone who will be on the field more than the other two backs, but who might not run it as much as them.
I'm ignoring corch's post completely, as everyone should. But Mister Baker was definitely coached up. If his talent was super obvious, then he would have gotten a bit higher than a 3 star rating. I am not a naive fan as your ad-hominemn above to corch states. (Again we should all ignore him) He was never physically impressive (check his combine results) but he was definitely a stud when he applied himself. He made all the right plays and could be aggressive without being too aggressive. That's coaching and almost nothing to do with his talent. To your point about 'never being taught to work hard' ...are you just making an argument to be devil's advocate? Because developing a player or not, with what we know about Kirby do we really believe he didn't teach the importance of working hard?
So you prefer teams who are 'arbitrarily' worthy of a playoff over the 4 best teams? That's...a head scratcher...
Oh I don't doubt that, but I tend to go with the experience. I'm sure the sooners win the big 12,just think they drop one.
I would lean Florida and Oklahoma before I lean PSU and Oregon. Though I guess Oklahoma's question is at QB.
As a PhD student at Auburn who has a strong relationship with several of Auburn's admin, I've been afforded to sit and have drinks with several of the boosters and admin. My favorite so far has been talking it up with Coach Pearl. He's actually funny. I've also tutored athletes from several of the sports and have worked side by side with the equestrian team trying to develop a training program for their riders so they could practice without risking injury to themselves or the horses. Just because YOU don't know, don't try to project WHAT YOU think is going on.
Nothing on record from admin or boosters** Fixed it for you. I have heard admin and boosters from their mouth discussing firing Gus.
Not sure why y'all are so combative. CEH made more sense to KC, so they picked him. It doesn't mean he is/isn't the best rb in the draft. Andrew Thomas was the first tackle off the board, and he didn't grade out to be the best tackle in the draft. But teams pick what they like/will fit them. I don't get why LSU fans need to take a shot at Georgia for that, and I don't get why Georgia fans should feel slighted. I also don't get why other fanbases should be involved but go off.
Not here to argue the actual point, because I don't really care.... Just confused as to how you critique someone about their bias and then throw up a bias multi-paragraph response. There was no parity in the NBA in the east during Lebron's time in Cleveland. So while it is impressive still he willed that team to the finals (he did give up on the team for the record..you could visibly see it....) that's not really a great comparison to make to the Bulls. And you're super bias for not minding how he left. A lot of people who still love LeBron acknowledged that was poor taste....Even....LeBron....
Following someone's behavior post injury isn't a good way to go. There's been plenty of times I've taken a hit or involved in a hit, where I couldn't immediately get to my feet. Then ten seconds later shook the pain off and was up and ready to go. Not everyone's body are the same. I don't think sitting out a possession is fair either for that reason. You're going to have players risking further injury trying to avoid having to sit out a possession when they're actually in pain. Maybe reduce it to plays instead? Maybe 4?
You're overstating the speed thing for the defensive backs way too much. Which makes me believe you're not actually talking about their speed, you're talking about she speed of the game. Every power 5 conference has speedsters at the DB. It is not hard to find speed there, just like it isn't hard to find speed at receiver. The difficulty is finding someone who knows how to use that speed with proper technique and the physique to match. Deandre Baker was not fast, but he played fast. Grant Delpit isn't fast, but he played fast. I ran a faster 40 than both of them coming out of high school and at USF, but both of them were bigger, stronger, and more talented than I was (I was a safety at 6'0 180). My point is, there's going to be adjustment but it won't be /speed/ of the defensive backs, it'll be speed of the game and talent of the defense that's the difference. Some passes that wouldn't get picked off versus Boston College, could be a pick 6 versus Alabama. I don't know how he'll perform but I think how he played against /good/ teams is a good barometer of what his success will be. Because it's all perspective. To me it says he excelled against teams with similar talent to him, and failed against teams with superior talent. Which isn't really a knock nor an endorsement, more of an it is what it is.
I know it's impossible to vet people and their credentials on here, so I won't bother mentioning mine. But I promise you that your lack of understanding of epidemiology is very common. It isn't just about protecting the elderly, it's about containing a novel virus which is currently not contained and probably won't be for a while. This is why it's a different response to the Influenza which for the record, elderly people are high risk for too. When working with a virus you don't understand (which they still don't) it's better to overreact than underreact. So you may your opinion but it's in everyone's best interest we listen to the CDC.
Please don't spread misinformation. This virus is more contagious than this year's flu virus. It also has a higher mortality rate than this year's flu virus, which also has a higher mortality rate than usual. It's been a bad year for the typical flu virus too. Also, you may not show any symptoms and have the virus. You also may not know you have an underlying condition. It's not just people with respiratory issues, it's also people with heart problems, blood problems, diabetes, so on and so on. It's not just elderly, but yes those people are more vulnerable. Please don't spread misinformation if you're not an epidemiologist , in the field, or privy to the information being provided.
Ok I'll agree with you there, but I think there would be a second tournament similar to the NIT in basketball. Idk, call it the Loser's Cup.