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Bo Bounds is a state grad and has been an ole miss hater. His dad ran the boosters club forever. He is so moou bias, he is a Freeze hater, PERIOD. He has been bad mouthing THE REBELS forever. Hugh isn't getting fired.
Enjoy while you can. Maybe y'all will get USA in your looser bowl. What a bunch of duds, 5 and 7 soon to be 5 and 8. You should keep you posts to yourself, if all you want to do is low rate Ole Miss. Backed into the looser bowl, way to go MOO U
Just goes to show you that The University of South Alabama is better than Ole Miss and MooU. MooU should now move right on up into the top 125 rankings. What a joke program, beat a beat up team, and thank they are "Top Notched". The only reason the NCAA is taking so long, is because the scum report from Utter U is feeding them info, that he gets from Starkville, what a bunch of "LOOSERS"!
You are about as smart as Hudson. Just what school are you a fan of. As far as Hugh Freeze having a downfall you are full of crap. He still has his job and will continue to coach at Ole Miss. Roll that up and smoke it.
The extra practice days are worth the crappy bowl. Need 3 more wins bad!
Have to spell it that way so people with your iq can understand. you haven't burnt any one DA
If Ole Miss is so bad and not a factor, why do dumb ass bams hate them so much
Karma is getting beat by team that didn't own a football seven years ago