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It would be good for Franks to get live game experience against Iowa then for his first game to be in Dallas against Michigan
I agree. I would actually prefer they burn whichever redshirt they think has the better chance of starting game 1. It would be go
THIS "scared" talk is ridiculous, but LSU would only play UF it was at LSU..... I don't think any team is scared of playing anyone, but 🤔
I'm not a fan of redshirting when there is such a lack of talent at positions. If you're ok with a 2 deep at a position, then redshirting 3 and below is perfectly acceptable.
Fully agree with you on this. there is literally no point in red-shirting two freshmen. Not in our current state anyway. Plus, we're hurting in recruiting and we've already heard tons of recruits mention that seeing Mac willing to play freshmen is very intriguing.
Not firing Cameron was Les's downfall. The offense has continually faltered with Cameron leading it. If he would have fired Cameron at the end of last season and even tried replacing him, I think he still has his job.
Hopefully we're just pounding the rock and Callaway doesn't have to do as much. We need him throughout the season
It sure is starting to feel like that..smh. Coach needs to get his mind right before the season kicks off
Agreed. Id be interested in hearing a replacement, but a tie is not an acceptable outcome to a game. There are winners and there are losers. No more national championship either, instead we'll just hand out participation trophies at the end of the season.