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@dieselnova is correct. In Mississippi no state employee can have a contract longer than the governor, so coaches can only get 4 year contracts
A lot of people wish they graduated with $0.00 instead of -$50,000 from student loans. Not saying it is fair compensation but to say it is worth $0 is not accurate
This has already been proven false. The daily journal posted an article where the head Doctor disputed this and said only 1 player has tested positive. I'm not a "fake news" person but this type of journalism makes it hard to know who to believe.
I understand SDS doesn't like to do research for articles, but the Ole Miss vs Baylor game is in Houston. Don't know where you dreamed up it was a home game
This story is wildly inaccurate. The IHL is a board that runs all colleges in Mississippi, Ole Miss did not hire the IHL. Ole Miss put together a group to find and vet potential candidates and send recommendations. Then IHL said they needed to hire some outside counsel and after reviewing all the candidates that Ole Miss sent them they decided to scrap everything and hire the guy they brought in as outside counsel. They are protesting because the state of Mississippi threw out all the info and hard work that the group did and decided to hire this new person in literally 10 minutes. Ole Miss is pissed because they were lied to flat out by the IHL and then the guy was literally paid $100k to find a candidate and the candidate that won was himself. It's not just students many around Oxford and in the Ole Miss community are angry about this.