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Another Bamer trollin on an Au site You need more than a hug. Look at BAMMER slipping away and no even know it because you are trollin. Sad days ahead for BAMMERS sad days.
Everyone is leaving Saban for and Bama for some reason. I don't see Bamer getting another NC Before Auburn. Suck it up buttercup it's all down hill from here. Watching Bama fans riot, poison trees. Saban has done a good job covering up the NCAA football recruiting violations starting by firing the D line coach. After that they just started leaving. One here on there. All the QBs leave LMAO. It was fun to watch. N
LSU lost with 1 second left, Bamer lost with 1 second left. LSU and Bama need a group hug.
Cam did not do it alone. Remember Fairly sacking the QB, Ingram and the nose guard and recovering the fumble at the AUBURN ten yard line. 30 min to beat Bamer. LMAO
The most recent success is in the house of Clemson. Wait till next year, is that how it goes.
I can see Auburn going undefeated until they get to what used to be called Amen Corner. They will CHOKE against Georgia or Bama. If by chance they get to the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP, I hope that it's not a rematch With Georgia. Just one AUBURN Fan's opinion.
Getting a jersey with a number on it. How special, I bet that Georgia does it next year. Andrew Olson that was the best reporting you have ever done.
I wish AUBURN would take some of the $28 million and buy another Cam, Nick Fairly and build the church for the Bama QB to flip his commitment and just pay someone to slap Mississippi ST. Coach Dan M. Buy some reffs. There is alot they could do with that money to help the Football Team. Just check prospects for recorders and no cell phones when making offers. Also save some to payoff the NCAA like Bama does when a coach on the defense gets cought cheating meeting with recruit's.
I thought Lane Kiffin's best remark was Clemson Tide Rolled.
From the outside looking in as a AUBURN fan I saw a great game. Bama's Defense Left it all on the feild. Foster was a beast. Not putting blame for the staff change last week. Jalen Hurts was a true freshman and got Bama to the game. After 99 plays any defense would be gassed. Great game by both teams. Congrats to making it to the game again Bama. See you there next year. One AUBURN fan's opinion and let the HATERS have their day they don't come offten.
What's the problem, if that's all Adam Spencer can come up with on CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Week, poor report Adam very very sad.
Should not have shown that because all the Bamer players will be face down butt up waiting for their turn.
I hear art briles is looking for a job. He would be a great fit in Arkansas. He would just have to cover up players stealing purses and pantys. Sooooweeeee.
I hope Kiffin makes enough stupid call's before Saban runs him off the sideline that Bama chokes when they bring in there Drunk backup of. LMAO just thinking about it.
From an AUBURN fan. Why wait 10 yrs to blame Coach Saban for being cut. As others have said there is more to the story. I don't think less of Saban for leaving Miami. I bet it SUX coaching overpaid spoiled brats. If given the control at Miami that he has at Bama, the Coach would have been to a Super Bowl. Just one AUBURN fan's opinion. WAR EAGLE!!!
So funny how Kiffin was god jr. Then he starts shopping around. One scholarship QB on campus. Alot more going on with Bama than just Baby Saban leaving the nest. I smell the NCAA crap Rolling back to Bama. Just Sayin
Danny Kanell enough said. Someone needs to duct tape his mouth shut and his Arse so his spewing crap will stop. He reminds me of Jimbo Fisher the mouth of the south of spewing crap. Just saying.
Thanks Bulldawgrock. Miss st, just gave T A&M the loss to help AUBURN move on up. Thanks again. WAR EAGLE
What did they miss. I'm also a AUBURN fan and I understood the rule and he jumped over the center without touching him nor did he have help. Good play good call. WAR EAGLE
It's the other way Bamer doesn't want AUBURN. Will not make it to Atlanta, and will poison or try to burn AUBURN. Come up with something new when AUBURN spanks Saban on the fifty yard line. He needs that asswooppin to get rid off his anger issues,HA HA HATERS, $$$$$$ for the refs
Idiot BAMMERS so scared of AUBURN this year, I love it. HA HA HATERS. Have to troll Auburn articles to find out what teal teams talk about, stay in touch now ya hear, troll BAMMERS troll.
Bamer has two things to their advantage, the refs at the game and the ones in Birmingham. It has been shown all year. I don't like it but so just watch and wait for team justice take a shot at a bamer player every chance you get. It's only half a game. AUBURN will put the hurt on Hurts and if it's a cheap shot call the Birmingham refs office. Every team pays to play one way or another, BAMMERS will always be the haters and trollers of AUBURN articles.
That is why you BAMMERS are here. You can't enjoy your win because AUBURN is the team that will put the ugly stop on your trip to Atlanta. HA HA HATERS.
It was not targeting because that rule does not apply to Bama. They have a special set of rules for them. Holding facemask and targeting are not going to be called.