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Love the new lids. But, don't NCAA rules state that the uniforms must be, well, UNIFORM? Perhaps they are similar enough for the NCAA. I mean, each Alabama player has a unique number on his helmet. Just curious.
Sumlin and Strong are both history if they lose more than 3 games apiece. The universities are paying waaaaay too much money to settle for mediocrity.
Never gonna happen. The Crimson Nation would storm the Bastille! RTR!!!
Coach Scott Cochran has re-invented the job of Strength and Conditioning Coach. Coaches all over America are mimicking his approach. As good as he is, even HE can be replaced at Bama. RTR!!!
Jake needs to work on his passing accuracy. He's missing too many easy throws, and the big plays are usually the result of the receivers making a terrific catch. We will need more accuracy from him if we expect to take the whole pie.
Amari is going to out-Biletnikoff Biletnikoff.
"Steps down", huh? Like the toothpaste steps out of the tube. You'll be sorry, UGA.
That's the only kind of quarterback y'all have.
Coach Nick Saban's furious rant was a warning shot to this year's defense. You'd BETTER NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!. Expect our guys, even the second and third-teamers to play with a vengeance. RTR!!!
C'mon, rumor mill... what's going on?? Inquiring minds wanna know.
With all the quality coaching vacancies this year, (and it's not even December yet), them Cajuns would be bat-sh*t crazy to fire Les. Who they gonna get to replace him? With SoCal, Miami, SoCar and several others wide open, good coaches will have their picks this year. It's a seller's market. Keep him or they'll be damm sorry.
And all the times the Tide pasted the Tigers 49-0, 36-0, 35-0, 28-0... are unremarkable. Just another game in Tide history. RTR!!!
Three years ago, as our struggles against the hurry-up offenses became apparent, I predicted that when Saban and Smart figured out how to defend against the read-option, it would go by the way of the Wishbone and the Veer. We're starting to see that happen. Defense still wins championships. RTR!!!
Not so sure about that. Auburn fans are just as rabid as we are. RTR!!!
I Attended Alabama in the early '70s. We've been through thick and thin together. While there ARE fair-weather fans out there, most of us bleed Crimson. Your assertion is invalid.
If, and I mean IF, Alabama wins the NC, and IF Henry wins the Heisman, and IF Henry goes #1 in the draft, every 5-star RB in the country will be clamoring to get to Tuscaloosa. The Tide rolls and just keeps on rolling. RTR!!!
Not at this point. The team is too focused. We'll rest our starters, give our reserve guys some more experience, especially RBs. 2 games away from Atlanta and a reunion with McElwain and Nussmeier. What a freakin' fun football season! RTR!!!
Quite literally, a "game-saving tackle." Good job, dude... BTW does anyone besides me HATE that damned blue rug? I think it presents BSU with an unfair advantage in 2 ways. Number one, their players are practically invisible against it. And, number two, it must be nauseating for the visiting team to play on such a hideous surface. What if Tennessee had an orange carpet? Or, if Oregon had a chrome rug? Doesn't the NCAA have anything to say about this?
It don't matter, Bro. Yards ain't points. 38-10 is a smackdown in anybody's book. RTR!!!
Haaaaa!!! Good catch, G-man! It seems one has to aim one's snark a little more carefully!
We're over the hump. Steamroll time! Roll Tide Roll!!!
Please, don't bring shame to the Crimson Nation by being tacky.
Good point. But still, the red-zone touchdown statistic will be the key here. The O line has to get some push on first down to keep out of third and long. Kelly and Co. will get 'er done. 28-17 Bama. RTR!!!
"Eviscerate your adversary, having no regard for the casualties he suffers." Sun Tsu, the Art of War.