War Eagle!

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So, I just don't see what this kid is getting out of saying something like this. Does he just not like foreigners or is he an uneducated undergrad? If you wanna taunt an oposing teams player, then give him a hard time for ending up at Tennessee, not for his home country.
Bama has 2 losses to the only top 25 teams they played. They should be 12th. Beating the brakes off of bottom dwellers does not impress anyone. Would they beat teams #5 - #10? Probably so. But you only have two top 25 teams on your schedule and you lost to both of them. End of discussion. The dynasty is over! The Dubose, Price, Shula eras are about to begin again. Bama sucks and will always suck!
I like everyone else am sick and tired of Bama getting the benefit of the doubt. They have exactly 0 wins over Top 25 teams. Zero! Blowing out extremely sub par opponents does not impress me. They do not deserve to make the playoff in any scenario.